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A new Day Dawning

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Summary: Months after Early's visit, things start to change. Will the crew of Serenity be able to handle a grown up River?

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Firefly > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)sevangelFR1822121,019162445,4627 Nov 056 May 06No


Title: Caught
Series: 13th part A new day dawning
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Not mine
Rating: R (there is smut. I swear those two just take my brain to smut land; there’s not a gorram thing I can to stop them.


“Where ya goin kitten?” Jayne mumbles when he feels her moving off his chest.

“Talk with Kaylee.” River answers, standing up. Bending over, she kisses him on the lips before whispering, “Go back to sleep.”

Jayne grunts at her before rolling over on the couch, instantly asleep again.

River moves over to help Kaylee make breakfast.

“Did ya sleep okay?” Kaylee asks River.

“Yes, very peaceful.” River answers, moving over to make a pot of coffee.

“Jayne’s snorin don’t bother you?” Kaylee questions.

“No, it’s comforting, like rumbling.” River says. “Besides, Simon snores louder.”

“He does?” Kaylee questions with a giggle.

“Like an untuned engine.” River answers giggling.

“Thought you tuned the engine?” Mal says, walking into the mess.

“She did.” River answers. She walks over to Mal and hands him a cup of coffee. “Was talking about Simon’s snoring.”

“Thanks little witch.” Mal says talking the cup gratefully. He sits down at the head of the table and watches the girls cook. “Guess you two like the cookin?”

“Yeah, it’s shiny cap’n.” Kaylee says. “It’s so different from engine stuff. Nice to do something else every once in while.”

“It’s nice to do something at all.” River replies. “Well, besides Jayne anyway.”

“Gorramit River.” Mal growls.

River just looks at Kaylee and the two start giggling.

“What are we laughing about?” Wash questions as he walks into the mess, Zoe right behind.

“Doing Jayne.” River answers.

“Mei-mei!” Simon squeaks, coming into the mess with Book and Inara right behind him.

“He asked.” River answers. Grabbing a large bowl of protein and some plates, River moves over to the table and sets it down.

“Wash, go wake up Jayne.” Mal orders.

“Hell no.” Wash answers. “Last time I did that, I got tossed across the room. Kaylee you go.”

“Hey, I don’t wanna get thrown cross the room neither.” Kaylee protests. “Or have a gun pointed at me. Bout gave me a heart attack last time.”

River moves around the table and walks towards the couch Jayne is still sleeping on. “Little witch, that may not be the best idea.” Mal cautions. He knows the merc’s habit to wake up swinging.

River ignores him, stopping a foot from the couch. With a huge giggle, River turns around and bounces her butt on Jayne’s back a few times before lying down on top of him. “Time to wake up.” She whispers in his ear before lightly biting it.

The watching crew hold their breaths, waiting for Jayne to toss her small body across the room. Instead, Jayne grunts a bit before rolling onto his back, pulling her with him to settle her on his chest.

“Waz goin on kitten?” Jayne grumbles.

“Breakfast.” River answers. “Nobody wanted to wake you up, afraid to go flying.”

“Yeah, that happens sometimes.” Jayne grunts, sitting up and stretching his arms above his head, yawning widely. Jayne stands up, kisses her on the forehead, and then moves over to the table. Sitting down, he takes the coffee cup River holds out to him. “Thanks, kitten.”

“Your welcome.” River says sitting down next to him. He reaches out and takes the bowl of protein and dumps some onto his plate before passing the bowl to River.

“Whadda ya guys waitin for?” Jayne asks before shoveling some protein into his mouth.

The crew comes out of their stupor and move to sit down at the table. “Sorry, just a little shocked you didn’t toss River across the room or pull a gun out on her.” Wash says.

“Why the gorram hell would I do that?” Jayne grumbles.

“It’s what ya always do.” Kaylee says.

“Yeah Jayne, ya was the one who told us when ya signed on with this crew to never try wakin ya up by touching ya.” Mal points out. “Said ya tended to act violently, hell most of us found that out personally. But she started jumping on ya and ya didn’t do a damn thing.”

“Knew it was me.” River answers for Jayne.

“Yeah, I felt her walkin up beside me.” Jayne agrees.

“He can feel ya too?” Kaylee questions River. “Is it like when ya feel him?”

“What do you mean feel him?” Simon questions.

“She can feel when he’s round.” Kaylee answers. “How we found ya guys at Niska’s.”

“I still don’t understand what you mean by feel.” Simon says. “How do you feel him?”

“With my hands.” River replies. “Among other things.”

“Gorramit, River!” Mal yells. Kaylee and River start giggling.

“You know what I meant mei-mei.” Simon mutters.

“Yeah, but it was funnier that way.” River smirks.

“I think I’m rubbin off on ya kitten.” Jayne drawls.

“I know you are.” River says with a grin. “And I’m enjoying the process immensely.”

“So am I kitten.” Jayne replies, reaching over to pull her into his lap. “So am I.”

River smiles sweetly at him before reaching up to kiss him. Jayne drops his fork and winds his hand into her hair, tilting her head to deepen the kiss. Sliding his tongue between her lips, he circles the roof of her mouth with the tip of his tongue before finding hers and starting a duel with it. River lets out little mewl and wraps her arms around his neck. Then she turns in his embrace until she is straddling his lap. He moves his hands out of her hair and moves them down her back to slide under her shirt.

“JAYNE!!” Mal yells. “Gorramit, stop!!”

“Damn, they’re just gonna keep going, ain’t they?” Kaylee says, watching the two with wide eyes.

“Maybe we should throw some water on em.” Wash suggests when Jayne starts moving her shirt up her back.

“Why don’t we just separate them?” Simon suggests, looking away from them.

“Saw Jayne break a man’s hand once for taking his drink.” Zoe comments. “What do you think he would do for taking his woman?”

Inara rolls her eyes at them before replying, “Jayne, you do realize that four men are about to see River half naked, don’t you?”

Jayne pauses his removal of River’s shirt and looks up at the crew. Pulling her shirt back down, he glares at the crew. “Ya couldn’t of said nothin?”

“We’ve been tryin to get ya to stop.” Mal growls. “River, get in your own chair.”

“Why?” River questions, playing with Jayne’s hair.

“Cause you two don’t seem to have a bit of control round each other.” Mal answers. “Dinner table ain’t made for that.”

“Technically it can be.” River argues. “It’s a flat surface that is large enough for numerous actives and sturdy enough to engage in them.”

“Now.” Mal growls. River rolls her eyes but obediently moves into her own chair. “Why don’t you explain this feeling thing, little witch?”

“I just know when he’s around.” River says. “I get butterflies in my tummy and shivers up my spine. Warm, Jayne makes me feel warm. The closer he is, the stronger the feelings. I just followed it until I found him.”

“Is it the same for you, Jayne?” Inara questions, curious.

“Never really thought bout it.” Jayne answers. “I just know when she’s round.”

“I’m curious.” Wash says. “If you two could climb through the ducts, why didn’t you escape earlier?”

“Couldn’t.” River says. “Numbers didn’t add up.”

“Huh?” Mal grunts.

“She’s sayin we wouldn’t have gotten out.” Kaylee answers. “But she means I wouldn’t of gotten out. I tried to make her but she wouldn’t leave me.”

“Can’t ever leave you Kaylee.” River says. “You’re my friend.”

“I know.” Kaylee replies. “Don’t mean I like what ya went through for me.”

“And now’s the time for ya two to come clean bout what happened back on Niska’s.” Mal says. Kaylee looks quickly at River. “Little Kaylee, we done talked bout this. I said we could wait until River was awake. I let it slide last night but I ain’t now.”

“It’s okay Kaylee.” River whispers. “You can tell them.”

“If you’re sure.” Kaylee says. At River’s quick nod, she turns to look at the rest of the crew. “When River woke me up, we was in the engine room. They’d tied us up, our hand behind our backs. River did some kinda flip and got her hands in front of her. She untied me and then I untied her. I asked if we was gonna escape but she said we had to wait for you guys. A few minutes after we woke, Niska came in with a couple of guards. He talked for a second then sent one of the guards into get us. He was a big guy, probably bigger than Jayne. He tried to grab her but she……she snapped his neck with the rope they tied us up with.”

River doesn’t look at them, instead looks down at her hands. “Didn’t want to.” She whispers. “He was going to hurt Kaylee.”

Jayne watches her for a second before pulling her back into his lap despite Mal’s glare. She curls up on his lap, her head tucked into the hollow of his shoulder. He wraps his arms around her before looking back up at the crew. “Finish it Kaylee.” Jayne mutters.

“He seemed kinda impressed bout it but said he’d keep sending guards in after us and she couldn’t kill em all.” Kaylee begins. “She said he was right and then made a deal with him.”

“Deal?” Mal questions. “What kinda deal?”

“They were to leave me alone, not come near me or touch me in anyway.” Kaylee says. “In return, she wouldn’t fight him in anyway.”

Jayne tightens his arms around River before growling out, “Why?”

“He was going to torture us.” River whispers against him. “Kaylee couldn’t have handled it.”

“But you could?” Mal questions.

“I’ve been tortured before.” River answers. “There was nothing Niska could do that the academy hadn’t already done.”

Jayne growls loudly making River jump. “Sorry kitten.”

“It’s okay.” River says. “You don’t like hearing about me being hurt.”

“No, I really don’t.” Jayne agrees, kissing the top of her head. “What’d he do to ya?”

“Same thing as Mal and Wash.” River answers, deciding to get the story out all at once. “Various voltages of electricity pushed through my body at different intervals for about an hour. I don’t remember how much, I lost count. He got mad because I wouldn’t scream for him. We talked about how his wife hates him and then he brought out his pet. I passed out after that. When I woke up, I was lying on a table with him and a guard surrounding me. He told me I was pretty and then touched my face and the side of my breast before saying he would take great pleasure in me, once I recovered somewhat. He didn’t want me passing out halfway through, it’s not as much fun that way. The guard took me back to Kaylee and I passed out again. I woke up when I felt Jayne coming and we crawled through the ducts until I found him. The rest you know.”

Everybody stares at her openmouthed. Mal lets out a few choice words and gets ready to ask her something when Jayne stands up suddenly, setting River gently to the side. He stomps away from the table, his body tense with fury. He paces across the room a couple times, his hands clenched before walking over to a cabinet and slamming his fist through it.

The crew jumps at the loud noise.

River stands up to walk over to him despite Mal telling her not too. She can feel the rage pouring off Jayne’s body and knew if it was anybody but him, she would have passed out from the intensity. As it is, her head is already throbbing, partly from him but the majority from the crew behind her. The worry and anger are too much for her to push out on her own; she needs Jayne.

Jayne is facing away from the crew, his hands braced on the countertop with his head bowed down. River walks up behind him, wraps her arms around his waist, and lays her head against his back. “It’s okay.” She whispers. “I’m okay.”

“I don’t……can’t… got hurt and I couldn’t do nothin to stop it.” Jayne growls out.

“But I’m okay now.” River assures him. “You found me.”

Jayne turns around and pulls her against his chest. River listens to his heartbeat for a few moments before looking up at him. “I am okay, Jayne. This wasn’t your fault.”

“I shouldn’ta let ya go.” Jayne argues. “I knew somethin was gonna happen.”

“No, you have to stop blaming yourself.” River tells him, before turning around and looking at the rest of the crew. “You all have to stop blaming yourselves. This wasn’t your fault.”

“Now, little witch, I have to disagree on that one.” Mal says.

“No, you have to stop.” River pleads. “You’re hurting me.”

Jayne spins her around to look at him. “Whadda mean hurtin ya?”

“All of you are feeling too much; I can’t push it out.” River whispers. “It makes my head throb.”

“Thought ya said I don’t hurt ya.” Jayne points out.

“Normally you don’t.” River answers him. “But it’s too strong. If anybody else were feeling with the same intensity that you are, I would have passed out. That added with what every one else is feeling is making my head throb.”

“I’m sorry kitten.” Jayne whispers. “Don’t mean to hurt ya; I just can’t help bein mad.”

“I know.” River whispers back. “You guys need time to get absorb all this.” River turns back around and looks at Inara. “Inara, can I go sit in you shuttle?”

“Of course you can, sweetie.” Inara answers. “Do you want me to go with you?”

“No, I’m just going to sit maybe try to meditate.” River answers. “Your shuttle is far enough away that I won’t be able feel as much.”

“Ya sure ya don’t want someone to go with ya?” Jayne questions. “Maybe Kaylee?”

“No, I just want to sit in the quiet.” River answers. Jayne nods at her before bending down and giving her a small kiss. River smiles at him and then turns and leaves the mess.

Jayne watches her leave and once she’s gone he moves over to flop back down in his chair.

“Jayne, you okay?” Mal questions.

“Not one bit.” Jayne answers. “She shoulda never had to go through that; neither should Kaylee.”

“I can’t agree more.” Mal says.

“I can’t……she’s mine.” Jayne growls “And I will kill anyone who tries to hurt her.”

Everyone is silent for the next few moments until Simon looks at Jayne. “Good.” Simon replies. “I’m not going to pretend that I can really protect her; we all know I can’t. But Jayne, look at him; he’s like a brick wall. Nobody’s getting past him unless he wants them too.”

“Damn straight.” Jayne agrees. “Doc, next moon we park on, we’re goin out.”

“Aww, isn’t that sweet.” Wash says. “Jayne wants to play nice with his girl’s brother.”

“Shut it little man.” Jayne growls. “It ain’t like that.”

“What are we supposed to be doing?” Simon asks.

“Something that shoulda been done a long damn time ago, when ya first got on this gorram boat.” Jayne answers. “It’s time ya learned how to use a gun.”

“What?” Simon squeaks out. “I don’t…..why do I need to learn? I don’t go on jobs.”

“For someone supposed to be ‘gifted’ ya ain’t that bright.” Jayne mutters. “Just cause ya don’t go on jobs don’t mean ya’re safe, which I’m thinkin ya’ve noticed. Ya need to learn to protect yourself, we ain’t gonna always be round to do it for ya.”

“Why are you so concerned with my safety?” Simon questions.

“For some damn reason, my girl loves ya.” Jayne answers. “Somethin happens to ya and it’ll tear her up inside. So, ya get to do some learnin.”

“Can I learn too?” Kaylee questions.

“Now, little Kaylee, I don’t feel right bout ya learnin to use a gun.” Jayne protests.

“Neither do I, but like ya said, we all need to learn to protect ourselves.” Kaylee argues. “That includes me.”

“Ask Mal.” Jayne replies. “That’s up to him.”

“Why?” Kaylee says. “Ya just done told Simon he was doin it; why do I need the captain’s permission?”

“I don’t know, ya just do.” Jayne answers.

Kaylee rolls her eyes at him before turning to look at Mal. “So, cap’n, can I learn too?”

“I suppose.” Mal replies. “But just so ya know how to use a gun; I don’t want ya using one.”

“Xse-xse, cap’n.” Kaylee beams.

Jayne stands up and moves away from the table. “I’m gonna go get my girls; I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“We can’t learn to shoot in here, can we?” Simon questions.

“No.” Jayne answers. “Ya wouldn’t operate on a person without knowing and understandin their parts, would ya?”

“Of course not.” Simon answers.

“Same thing with guns.” Jayne answers. “Ya gotta understand their parts before ya try usin em.”

“Damn, Jayne, that’s kinda deep.” Wash says, a little shocked.

Jayne just grunts at him before leaving the mess. The remaining crew quickly cleans up breakfast. They finish the dishes just as Jayne comes back into the mess, covered in weapons.

“Plannin an ambush Jayne?” Zoe questions.

“Couldn’t decide which one’s to bring.” Jayne answers.

He sets the weapons on the table. “Now, sit down doc, it’s time to start the lesson.”

With a sigh, Simon drops down in the chair next to Jayne. He takes the gun Jayne hands him.

“Rest of ya gonna watch?” Jayne asks when everybody else sits back down.

“I’m not missing this.” Wash says. “Jayne trying to teach the doc something; I have a feeling this is going to end with violence.”


“Gorrammit, doc.” Jayne growls. “That piece don’t even go with that gun. If ya can’t keep the parts separate don’t take more than one girl apart.”

Kaylee giggles at the frustrated looks both Jayne and Simon are wearing. Jayne has been trying to show Simon how to correctly take a gun apart and put it back together for the past 2 hours. So far, Simon isn’t getting it. Kaylee looks down at the small gun in front of her called Anna; she had managed to get the gun apart and mostly back together, though she does have an extra part or two left over.

“Jayne, I don’t think I did this right.” Kaylee says holding the gun up.

Jayne sighs deeply before taking the gun from Kaylee. He quickly breaks the gun back down and then reassemblies it correctly. Handing it back to Kaylee he says, “Here, try again.”

“Thanks.” Kaylee says, trying to disassemble the gun again.

“Feel better kitten?” Jayne asks, still watching Simon. “Gorrammit doc, ya break Missy and I might just have to break ya.”

“Yes, I feel much better.” River answers, walking up behind Jayne.

“That’s good.” Jayne replies, pushing his chair back some so she can crawl into his lap. River moves onto his lap, leaning her head back against his chest.

“How’s the lesson going?” River questions.

“Not good little witch.” Mal says. “I thought doc tryin to teach Jayne bout medical stuff was hard; that ain’t nothin compared to Simon tryin to learn guns.”

“Doc, that part don’t go with Missy, it goes with Jill.” Jayne orders.

Simon drops the gun parts with a frustrated growl. “You know, there’s a theory that when a man gives his weapons or vehicles girls names it’s because he trying to make up for areas he’s lacking in.”

Mal and Wash both start laughing, followed by everybody but Jayne and River. Jayne opens his mouth to yell something at Simon when River’s voice cuts him off.

“Jayne has nothing to compensate for.” River replies. “He’s well above average.”

Simon drops his head onto the table, muttering under his breath. Mal kinda sputters, no real words coming out. The rest of the crew just starts laughing.

“What’s average?” Kaylee asks curiously. “How much above average?”

River opens her mouth to answer when Jayne puts his hand over it. “Don’t even think bout it kitten.” Jayne drawls down at her. “Ya can just wait until ya two go to bed to give her the details.”

River just looks up at him innocently.

“Don’t even try that innocent look.” Jayne replies. “I know ya tell Kaylee everything that we do or do ya think I didn’t notice the way she started giggling when she seen Vera?”

“What does Vera have to do with anything?” Wash questions, confused.

“Wasn’t laughing at Vera.” Kaylee replies. “Just her scope.”

“Oh.” Wash replies, realization flaring through his eyes. “I don’t think I wanted to know that.”

Simon’s mouth opens and closes a few times before he finally squeaks out, “Please don’t tell me you put part of your gun into……..” He can’t finish his sentence so he just waves his hand in the air.

“Don’t fret Simon.” River assures him. “He cleaned it first.”

Mal stares at them for a second before replying, “What would posses you to……use that?”

“I’m too small to comfortally fit…..” River is cut off when Jayne puts his hand back over her mouth.

“Don’t think they need the details, kitten.” Jayne growls. He stands up, one hand over her mouth and the other wrapped around her waist, holding her against his body. “We’ll be in the bay.” Without another word, Jayne leaves the mess, River still held against his body.

“I’m starting to wonder if we aren’t worried bout the wrong person.” Wash comments. “Seems River is the one doing the pushing.”

Simon glares at Wash before returning to trying to reassemble the gun in front of him.


Jayne and River return 25 minutes later, both looking disheveled. Jayne’s shirt is untucked and River’s dress is completely wrinkled. Jayne has another hickey on his neck and River’s face is flushed to a healthy pink.

“Feel better?” Kaylee questions.

“Much.” River answers happily, dropping down into the seat on the other side of Jayne.

Jayne moves the guns around and picks up a large knife and starts sharpening it. River watches him for a few seconds before picking up a knife and sharpening it herself.

“Be careful, kitten.” Jayne tells her after watching her pick it up. “It’s pretty damn sharp.”

River just looks him straight into the eyes before bringing the knife up towards her face. Still looking him in the eye, she licks the knife from hilt to tip. “Hmm, it is sharp.” River practically purrs.

Jayne growls and drops his knife. Pushing his chair back, he pulls the knife out of her hand before dragging her out of the mess again.

“Yep, we’re worrying after the wrong person.” Wash comments.


“It’s starting to make sense.” Wash comments to Mal and Zoe that night when they’re on the bridge.

“What husband?” Zoe questions.

“Jayne and River.” Wash answers. “They kinda go together.”

“Why’s that?” Mal asks.

“Jayne is a weapon expert and River is probably the world’s best weapon.” Wash answers. “They’re both scary as hell when they want to be and neither seems to have a bit of control over their hormones.”

Mal gets ready to respond when something starts beeping. “What the gorram hell is that?”

“I don’t know.” Wash answers, looking over the helm. “Oh, wait a second, isn’t it that silent alarm of Kaylee’s?”

“Rutting hell, you’re right.” Mal responds, standing up and moving out of the bridge, Zoe and Wash right behind him. He walks quickly down the hall then stops suddenly when he sees Kaylee and Simon leaning against the wall, whispering quietly to each other. “What are ya two doin?”

“Talking.” Kaylee answers. “Why?”

“Ya ain’t been in the engine room?” Mal questions.

“No.” Kaylee answers. “Something wrong with her?”

“Not that I know of.” Mal answers. “But that alarm thing is going off.” Mal starts walking towards the engine room, the rest of the crew behind him. The almost make it to the engine room when they hear River scream. Mal pulls out his gun and runs to the engine room with the crew on his heels.

Mal turns the corner and runs into the engine room. Looking at the scene in front of him, he comes to a complete stop, the rest of the crew running into his back, almost knocking him over.

“What’s going on?” Simon questions. “Why did you stop?” Simon moves around the rest of the crew, his mouth dropping open at the sight in front of him.

Jayne is kneeling on the ground, almost completely bent over. River’s legs are thrown over his shoulder, her heels digging into his back. They can’t see Jayne’s head; it’s somewhere nobody wants to think about.

“Every gorram time.” Jayne mutters. Pulling out from under her skirt, he removes her legs, and wipes his face off before turning to face the rest of the crew. “What’s goin on?” Jayne questions seeing the gun hanging from Mal’s hand.

Mal opens his mouth but nothing comes out.

Kaylee cheerfully pushes past the crew to walk over to the engine. Reaching down, she quickly puts in the code. “Ya guys musta bumped the alarm.” Kaylee replies. She glances down River with a huge smile. “I’m guessin Jayne knows how to use his wrench.”

“Very well.” River answers, still slightly panting.

“I don’t even want to know what that means.” Mal groans. “We’re just gonna go.” Mal leaves the engine room, the rest of the crew quickly following him.

“I’m startin to think Mal’s got some kinda fun radar.” Jayne groans, sitting down. “Guess we best go up to the mess.”

River just sits and crawls over to him. Pushing on his shoulders, she forces him to lie down. “Whatcha doin, kitten? They’re probably wonderin where we are.”

“Don’t care.” River answers. She crawls up his legs until she’s straddling his upper thighs. Reaching down, she quickly unbuttons his fly and pulls his rock hard cock out. “My Jayney is all tense.” River whispers.

“Seems like I’m always that way round you.” Jayne groans out when he feels her small hands wrap around him.

“Good.” River replies. She rubs her hands up and down him for a few seconds before suddenly stopping. Using the tips of her fingers, she gently plays her fingers all around his cock making him groan.

“Kitten, stop playin.” Jayne growls.

“Why?” River questions, still lightly touching him.

“Need more.” Jayne groans. “Need you.”

“Shiny.” River says before bending over and wrapping her mouth around him. Jayne lets out a loud groan and arches into her mouth.

She’s gonna drive him insane. The feel of her warm mouth surrounding him is unlike anything he’s ever felt before. She moves her mouth off of him to lap at his cock. He’s knows she’s just playing with him, trying to torture him like he did her; it’s working. “Kitten.” He growls at her.

River drops her mouth back around him before humming out, “hmmmm.”

The vibrations combined with her warm mouth make him buck into her mouth. He can hear her gag slightly at the invasion and immediately pulls back. “I’m sorry kitten.”

“I’s okay.” River assures him before moving her mouth back on him. She sucks him deeper until she has all of him in her mouth.

“Made, kitten, ya’re gonna choke yourself.” Jayne moans out.

River just hums again, working him further down her throat. She swallows a couple of times, making him growl out her name as he cums. River swallows his cum before removing her mouth from him to crawl up his body. Jayne fists his hands into her hair, forcing her mouth down to his. River mewls into his mouth, finding his tongue with hers. Jayne snakes one hand between their bodies to burrow back under her skirt. “Kitten, ya’re all wet again.”

“I know.” River moans, rocking her hips against his hand. “Please Jayne, inside.”

With a growl, Jayne sits up and pulls her dress off over her head. Throwing it down, he lays her on top of it. “Ya’re so gorram gorgeous.” Jayne mutters, taking the time to really look at her. Her skin is smooth and pale, especially compared to his. Her breasts are perfect; little mounds topped with perfect pink nipples that are hardening under his gaze. His eyes move down her body past her smooth, flat stomach to the slight flare of her hips. He runs his hands up her legs, loving the feel of them under his hands. He takes in the apex of her thighs and growls at her glistening folds. She got herself all worked up with her little game.

“Time to touch.” River groans, wiggling her body at him. Jayne spreads his legs to surround her body. He pulls her legs towards him until she’s between his thighs, her legs thrown over the tops of his, her lower body slightly arched towards him.

Reaching between her folds, he gently spreads them to rub at her clit a couple of times. “Awww…more Jayne.” River moans, arching her body at him more.

Jayne just chuckles slightly before slipping one finger inside of her, making her moan loudly and buck against his hand. He moves his finger in and out of her until she’s moaning loudly and writhing on the ground. Bringing his other hand up, he uses his thumb to rub against her clit.

“Awww….made Jayne…oh…Jaaaayne.” River screams as she bucks against his hands.

Jayne eases her through her orgasm, loving the sound of his name leaving her lips. Once he feels the aftershocks leave her body, he moves another finger to join the first.

River’s eyes slam open and she squeals at the invasion.

Jayne pushes both fingers deep inside of her and then lets them rest there, giving her body time to adjust. After a few moments, River starts to rock her hips against his hand, indicating that she was ready. He moves his fingers with her, trying to be as gentle as he can.

“Harder Jayne.” River growls. “It’s not enough, need it harder.”

Jayne feels himself harden instantly at her demands and with a groan he slams his fingers inside of her, making her scream. “Aww…it feels so good….more Jayne.” River pants out.

Jayne brings his thumb up to ride her clit as he thrusts his fingers inside of her. She screams his name as she cums, her body milking his fingers.

River sits up suddenly, his fingers still inside of her. She reaches between them to grab his cock and starts pumping it again as she slams her mouth on his.

Jayne pushes his tongue into her mouth and starts thrusting his fingers in time with her hand. It doesn’t take long; they’re both on the edge. After a few moments they both cum again, Jayne growling into her mouth while she screams into his.

A few minutes later, Jayne’s breathing is normal enough for him to move. He grabs her dress and puts it back on her uncooperative body. She doesn’t do anything, just leans against his chest. He buttons his pants back up and slowly stands up, River still cradled to his chest. Reaching over, he flips off the light before leaving the engine room.


“Simon, whadda ya doin?” Kaylee asks when she sees him with a bottle of the wine in front of him.

Simon opens his mouth to answer when Jayne walks into the mess, River cradled to his chest. He sets her down in a chair before walking over to the sink. Filling a glass with water, he downs the entire glass before refilling and downing it again. Filling it once more, he walks back over to the table. Setting it on the table, he picks River up again and sits down to cradle her against his chest. “Here kitten, have some water.”

River lazily grabs the glass and gulps it down. Putting the glass back on the table, she closes her eyes and leans back against his chest.

“You okay shorty?” Wash questions.

“Just tired.” River answers.

“What the gorram hell did ya call her?” Jayne questions.

“Shorty.” Wash answers.

“Why?” Jayne growls.

“Cause she’s short.” Wash answers. “Why, does it bother you?”

“No.” Jayne growls.

“Yes it does.” Wash says with a huge grin. “It bothers you a lot.”

“Just don’t think it’s fair.” Jayne says. “I coulda came up with all kinds of nicknames for Zoe but I never did.”

“That’s because I can hurt you.” Zoe answers.

“He’s just doing it to harass you.” River replies, her eyes still closed. “Besides, shorty is a nice nickname. I am short. Yours wouldn’t have been so…..acceptable.”

“Fine, I guess it’s okay then.” Jayne replies. “Doc, didn’t ya learn your lesson last time? Ya ruin another shirt I’m just gonna leave ya lyin in your own puke.”

“Simon, why are you attempting to drink?” River questions.

“I’m hoping to get myself drunk enough to forget seeing……..what we saw.” Simon answers.

“I think you’re being a little dramatic.” River says. “This isn’t a big deal.”

“How would you feel if the situation was reversed?” Simon questions. “If you had walked in on me?”

“Happy that Kaylee finally has a reason to stop using her batteries.” River answers.

“RIVER!” Mal and Simon both yell.

“Little witch, I don’t want to be hearin bout that.” Mal groans.

“Captain, you’re being a prude.” River says.

“Yep, she’s right cap’n.” Kaylee agrees. “Ain’t no big deal, everyone does it.”

“Nough sex talk.” Mal growls. “I always thought Jayne was the dirty minded one, but now I’m starting to think you two are worse.”

“Zoe, I almost forgot.” Inara says. Reaching into a pocket of her dress, she pulls out some money and hands it to the soldier.

“What’s the money for?” Mal questions.

“Zoe won the bet.” River replies.

“Bet?” Wash questions. “What bet?”

“Oh, yeah, the one they made bout how long it’d be till you and Jayne was caught in some scandalous situation.” Kaylee answers.

“How did you know?” Inara questions.

“River told me.” Kaylee answers.

“You two made a bet?” Mal questions. “When?”

“After that kissing thing a couple weeks back.” Zoe answers. “Where you all thought she was just mimicking Kaylee.”

“How long did ya say, Zoe?” Jayne questions.

“I had 2 weeks and Inara gave you a month.” Zoe answers.

“Nara, ya thought I’d hold out for a month?” Jayne questions.

“Yes, I didn’t count on River being so…..” Inara starts.

“Horny.” River supplies.

“River.” Mal groans. “Just don’t. What made ya make a bet?”

“Unlike you four,” Inara says, indicating to all the males except for Jayne, “we knew she was just covering her slip up. It was only a question of when Jayne would give in.”

“Now see, this is my boat.” Mal says. “I want to know what’s going on, not matter what.”

“Simon kissed Kaylee.” River replies. “Well, actually, Kaylee kissed Simon. Simon was afraid to make the first move.”

“River.” Simon growls at her.

“What?” River asks. “Captain wanted to know. We must not keep secrets from him.”

“Yep, no secrets from me.” Mal agrees. River opens her mouth to say something else when Mal cuts her off. “If you’re bout to say something bout what took you two so long to get down here or something to do with Kaylee kissing the doc, I don’t wanna know.”

River closes her mouth and snuggles back into Jayne’s chest. Within a few minutes, she’s fast asleep.

Jayne stands up and moves over to lay her on the couch. Kicking his boots off and unbuttoning his pants, he picks her back up and lies down on the couch, River curled on his chest. Grabbing the pillow and blanket from last night, he pulls the pillow under his head and covers them with the blanket.

The remaining crew watches as River cuddles into his chest, making herself more comfortable. Jayne wraps his arms around her before closing his eyes and letting her lull him to sleep.

“They look so cute together.” Kaylee comments as they leave the mess.

Simon just takes on last look at his sister sleeping on the large merc’s chest before flipping the light off and leaving them alone.

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