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A new Day Dawning

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Summary: Months after Early's visit, things start to change. Will the crew of Serenity be able to handle a grown up River?

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Firefly > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)sevangelFR1822121,019162445,4697 Nov 056 May 06No


Title: Shots
Series: A new day Dawning (14th)
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Not mine
Rating: R


River slowly opens her eyes when she feels something warm and wet touch her breast. Looking down her body, she can make out Jayne’s form under the blanket. She pulls the blanket up just as he bites down on her nipple.

“Aww…” River moans, arching towards him. “This is a lovely way to wake up.”

“Sure is.” Jayne growls against her skin. He switches his attention to her other breast, nibbling and sucking until she’s writhing under him. She puts her hands on his head, trying to push him down her body. He ignores her and continues lapping at her breasts. Eventually, he slides one hand down her body to burrow under her dress. She parts her legs eagerly and moans deeply when he slides two fingers into her.

River rotates her hips against his fingers, loving the feel of his fingers deep inside her. She doesn’t understand how her body can feel this much without exploding. It doesn’t make sense. She’s read books and even felt pleasure through other people, mostly when she couldn’t push Zoe and Wash out, but neither of those things ever prepared her for what it really feels like. At first she tried to process the pleasure, understand why Jayne’s hands and mouth feel so good on her body, but after the first couple times, she gave up. There is no explanation for why Jayne’s body seems to set hers on fire; it is what it is.

“Kitten, ya payin attention?” Jayne growls.

“Mmm hmm, just basking.” River moans. “Why does it feel so good?”

“Hell, kitten, I don’t know.” Jayne answers, moving away from her breasts to kiss his way to her mouth. “I’ve been with more women than I can remember but none of em compare to bein with ya.”

River growls against his mouth. “I don’t want to hear about your whores.”

“Jealous, kitten?” Jayne smirks against her lips. “I can’t change my past, ya ain’t got no reason to be jealous.”

“It doesn’t bother you to think about Robert?” River asks, sliding her tongue into his mouth.

Jayne pulls back quickly and growls down at her. “Who the gorram hell is Robert?”

“The first boy to kiss me.” River answers.

“Robert who?” Jayne growls.

“Jayne Cobb, I am not telling you his last name.” River replies, pushing on his chest until he rolls over so she’s on top.

“Why the gorram hell not?” Jayne growls, thinking of several inventive ways to kill this Robert hundan.

“Because you’ll try to talk the captain into flying you across the verse so you can kill him.” River answers. She pecks him on the nose before moving to slide down his body. “I like that you don’t want anybody else to touch me, but it was along time ago and it never met anything.”

“I still don’t like it.” Jayne mutters.

She just hums at him before burrowing under the covers to crawl down his legs. She unbuttons his pants and pulls them apart enough for his cock to spring free. She drops her mouth down him, wrapping her tongue around him. Jayne groans loudly and then grabs her legs to pull her towards his face. River spreads her legs, allowing him access to her most private area. He uses his hands to pull her lips apart and then runs his tongue between them to find her clit. Using the tip of his tongue, he plays with it, making her moan around his cock. He groans at the vibration and starts sucking harder. In return, she takes him deeper into her mouth. Within a few minutes, they’re both sucking and licking at each greedily.

“Jaaanye.” River moans around him. She knows she’s about to cum, she can feel it building up. Bucking her hips at his face, she takes him a little deeper into her mouth. He gently bites down on her clit and it pushes her over the edge. She moans deeply around his cock. The warmth of her mouth combined with the rush of her release pushes him into his own climax; he growls out her name as he empties himself into her mouth.

“Tai-kong suo-yo duh shing-chiou sai-jin wuh duh pee-goo.” Mal yells after stepping into the mess.

“Hello, captain Mal.” River moans from under the blanket.

“Gorramit, kitten, don’t be sayin his name like that.” Jayne growls.

“Every gorram time.” Mal yells. “It’s the middle of the ruttin day, what the ruttin hell are ya doin?”

“Whadda ya think?” Jayne mutters. “Ya couldn’t knock first?”

“This is my gorram ship and my gorram mess.” Mal growls. “I don’t gotta knock.”

“Can you please turn around?” River asks.

“Why?” Mal growls.

“So I can find my panties.” River answers.

Mal turns around instantly, cursing under his breath.

River reaches towards the ground, fishing for her panties. “Jayne, what did you do with them?”

“Hell, kitten I don’t know.” Jayne answers. “Let me up and I’ll find em.”

River moves to the back of the couch, allowing Jayne so slide out from under her. He stands up and quickly buttons his pants before searching for the pink, lace panties he’d taken off her earlier. He don’t right remember what he did with em. She’d been nappin on the couch in the mess when he walked in. She was mumblin his name and moanin in her sleep and it got him all hot. He couldn’t help himself; he had to touch her. Sometime between crawlin under the blanket with her and pullin her breast into his mouth, he musta taken her panties off; but now he can’t remember where he’d thrown em.

Out of the corner of his eye, he catches a flash of pink, right by Mal’s foot. With a groan, he walks over to the captain and bends down to pick them up.

“What the hell?” Mal mutters when Jayne walks over to bend down next to him. “Ya threw her gorram undergarments across the room?”

“A’pears so.” Jayne mutters. He walks back over to the couch and puts them into River’s outstretched hand. She quickly pulls her hand back under the covers and he can see her squirmin back into them, which gets him all hot again.

“What’s all the yelling about?” Wash questions as he walks into the room with the rest of the crew behind him. He glances over at the couch and sees Jayne standing by the couch while a small bump wiggled around under a blanket. “Again?”

“Yes.” Mal growls. “She dressed yet, Jayne?”

“Yeah.” Jayne answers.

“Good.” Mal says, spinning back around. “All the gorram time. This is getting ruttin old. I can’t count the number of times I’ve walked in on ya two in the past 2 weeks. And, no River, I don’t want ya to tell me how many it actually is. I don’t think there’s a place on this boat that someone ain’t walked in on ya two; hell Kaylee walked in on ya when ya was supposed to be emptyin the septic tank.”

“I don’t ruttin know what ya me to say, Mal.” Jayne growls. “We ain’t breakin your gorram rules; we’ve stayed out of all the bunks and the shuttles.”

“Hell, I know that Jayne.” Mal replies. “And I know ya ain’t doin this on purpose but somethin needs to be done.”

“I ain’t gonna stop bein with her.” Jayne growls.

“I never said that.” Mal assures him.

“Mei-mei, why don’t you come with me?” Simon says, wanting his sister away fom the pissed off men.

“Alright.” River replies. She moves to follow her brother when Jayne grabs her hand.

“Where ya goin, kitten?” Jayne questions.

“Infirmary.” River answers. “Simon feels the need to poke and prod at me.”

“Just a check up.” Simon corrects when Jayne growls at him.

“Alright then.” Jayne replies, letting go of her hand. She sends Jayne a small smile before following Simon out of the mess.


“What?” River questions her brother when he won’t stop looking at her. He already checked her heart, pulse, vitals, and asked her a bunch of questions regarding her sleeping and eating habits.

“Nothing.” Simon replies. “I just don’t remember ever seeing you this happy. It’s because of Jayne, isn’t it?”

“Mostly.” River answers. “He makes me happy. Being on Serenity makes me happy too. Everyone here accepts me without trying to change me, especially Jayne. Mother and father were never like that.”

“No, they weren’t.” Simon agrees. He moves over to put on a pair of gloves before grabbing the needle he already prepped. With the needle in one hand and an alcohol swab in the other, he moves back to his sister.

River eyes the needle for a few seconds before dutifully putting out her arm.

“Not there, mei-mei.” Simon replies. “I need you to roll over onto your stomach and pull up the side of your dress.” River obediently rolls over and pulls up the side of her dress. Simon swabs the side of her buttock before injecting her. “Do you want me to put a band-aide on it?”

“No, Simon.” River answers. She moves off the sickbed and kisses her brother on the cheek. “Thank you, Simon.”

“Your welcome, mei-mei.” Simon replies, pulling her in for a hug. “You’re old enough and smart enough to make your own decisions.”

“Simon, you’ll always be my brother.” River assures him. “Just because I’m with Jayne now, it doesn’t change that.”

“I know.” Simon replies.

“When are you going to stop being a boob and kiss Kaylee again?” River questions.

“Why, you little brat.” Simon fake growls. River giggles before running out of the infirmary, Simon right on her heels. “When I catch you.” Simon threatens.

“Not gonna happen.” River yells back at him. She turns into the mess and runs straight to Jayne, jumping on his lap.

“What’s goin on?” Jayne asks when River comes running full blast into the room and jumps on his lap. Before she can answer, Simon runs into the room, panting heavily.

“Now that’s just cheating.” Simon pants.

“It’s not cheating.” River replies. “You can still try to get me.”

“And have Jayne toss me across the room?” Simon questions. “No thanks, I’ll pass.”

“Simon, what happened?” Kaylee questions.

“My sister was being her normal, nosy, bratty self.” Simon answers. River just sticks her tongue out at him.

“Kitten, was ya bein mean to your brother?” Jayne questions.

“Yes.” She answers.

“Good.” Jayne smirks. “So, doc, she okay? Everything check out?”

“She’s fine.” Simon assures him.

“Ya sure, kitten?” Jayne looks down at her. “Everything go okay?”

“Simon gave me a shot.” River answers.

“WHAT?” Jayne yells. “Gorramit, doc, we done agreed, no more ruttin shots.”

“Actually you said, I never agreed.” Simon replies.

“Simon, you might want to shut up now.” Wash says. “Jayne looks like he’s going to rip your head off.”

Jayne takes River’s arms and starts looking carefully at them. “Where? I wanna see the mark.”

“Are you sure?” River questions.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Jayne answers.

River stands up and starts to pull the side of her dress up when Jayne grabs her hand. “What the gorram hell are ya doin?” Jayne questions.

“Showing you the mark.” River answers.

“It’s on your ass?” Jayne asks. River nods. “Ya gave her a shot on her ass? Why?” Jayne growls.

“I had to give it to her in a fleshy part of her body.” Simon answers.

“What was it?” Kaylee questions curiously.

“A long acting form of the hormone progesterone that prevents the ovaries from releasing an egg and thickens cervical mucus to prevent sperm from joining with the egg.” River answers.

The crew looks at her confusedly, excluding Simon and Inara.

“It’s a form of birth control.” Simon explains.

“Oh.” Jayne says a few moments later. “Thanks for thinkin of it, but I do have my own protection.”

“3 out of every 100 condoms used ends in pregnancy.” River states.

“What?” Mal, Jayne, and Wash all yell.

“She’s right.” Simon agrees. “Condoms are only 97 percent effective and that’s only when used correctly. You’d actually be surprised many people misuse them.”

“Let’s get back to that whole 3 out of 100 thing.” Wash says. “How is that possible?”

“Most of the time it’s because of improper use.” Simon explains. “Sometimes it’s because the condom itself is faulty.”

“It’s on the box.” River replies.

“It is?” Mal questions.

“Yes.” Simon answers. “You’ve never read the instructions?”

“Why the gorram hell would ya need to read the instructions?” Jayne asks. “If’n ya don’t know how to use it ya probably shouldn’t be sexin.”

“3 out of 100?” Wash questions. “How effective is this shot?”

“99.3 percent.” River answers.

“Plus it only needs to be given once every 3 months.” Simon replies.

“Also, most women don’t have their menstrual cycle while on the shot.” River adds.

“Ya don’t?” Kaylee questions.

“Nope.” River answers.

“Wifey, I’m thinking you should go on this shot thing.” Wash replies.

Zoe just raises an eyebrow.

“I do have extra, Zoe, if you want me to give you one.” Simon replies.

“I’ll get back to you on that.” Zoe says.

“When did ya even get some of it?” Mal questions.

“Last week, when we stopped off on Bellasphere.” Simon answers. “I contacted the local doctor and bought some.”

“What happened to the whole ‘virgin until married’ thing?” Wash asks.

“As it was pointed out to me, River is an adult and her intimate dealings are not my business.” Simon answers. “She’s also smart enough to know when she is ready.”

“I’m glad you finally realized that.” Inara replies.

“Yes, well it took me a while.” Simon replies.

“It’s okay Simon.” River says, wiggling around on Jayne’s lap to get comfortable. “I’m just glad that you did.”

“Yeah.” Jayne agrees, his hands kneading the soft skin of River’s belly through her dress. She purrs quietly and arches into his hands. Jayne growls at the sound of her purring and pulls her around to drop a hungry kiss on her mouth. She twists around on his lap to deepen the kiss.

“GORRAMIT!” Mal yells. “Jayne, I just got done sayin I’m tired of seeing this. Ya got a ruttin bunk, use it.”

Jayne pulls away from River’s mouth to stare at Mal in shock. “Huh?” Jayne mutters.

“Ya heard me.” Mal growls.

“What bout that rule?” Jayne asks, still shocked.

“I can’t believe you’re questioning this.” Mal states. “Just go.”

Jayne stares at him for another moment before quickly jumping up and moving towards the exit, River being pulled behind him.

“Don’t forget we’re landing on Haven in bout 30 minutes.” Mal tells him with a grin. “Want ya both there to great Book’s folk.”

“30 minutes?” Jayne groans. “That’s just all kinds of cruel, Mal.”

“Come on, Jayne.” River orders, pulling on Jayne’s hand impatiently. “Don’t have much time and I still have to find my boots.”

“Ya left em by the weight bench.” Jayne replies, letting River pull him out of the room.

“It’s really 3 out of 100?” Wash questions Simon a few moments later.

“Yes.” Simon replies.

“Doc.” Zoe says.


“I think I’ll take that shot.” Zoe replies.

“Alright.” Simon says. “If you’ll follow me to the infirmary, I can give it to you now.”

“Shepard, I want ya goin with em.” Mal orders.

“I’m grateful for the concern.” Book replies. “But I don’t think I’m in need of birth control.”

“Very funny.” Mal replies. “Doc’s gonna check you out before we leave ya on Haven. Don’t even try arguing bout this, it’s done been decided.”

“Alright.” Book agrees.

“Go on, doc, ya got a bit of doctorin to do.” Mal orders.

“Zoe, we’ll do you first, since it won’t take but a minute.” Simon explains as they follow him towards the door. “Although you will have to remove your pants.”

“What?” Wash yells, jumping up and following them down the hall. “You never said anything about pants.”

“How did you think I gave it to River?” Simon questions. “I can’t administer it through her clothing.”

“Fine.” Wash grumbles. “But don’t look.”


“Kitten, we gotta get dressed and head to the bay.” Jayne says.

“Don’t wanna.” River mutters.

“Don’t wanna neither but we still gotta.” Jayne replies, moving out from under her. She collapses face-first against the bed, still slightly panting from her previous orgasm.

Jayne pulls his pants and shirt back on before grabbing her dress off the floor and moving back to his bed. Bending down, he drops a kiss on her ass, right where Simon had injected her. “Get dressed and don’t forget your panties.”

River turns over onto her back to stare up at him. “We could lock the door and test out my new shot.” River lustfully says.

“Wuo du ma.” Jayne mutters, wanting nothing more than to take her offer. Turning away from her, he manages to growl out, “there ain’t nothin I wanna do more than that, kitten, but Mal’ll shoot us both if’n we ain’t up there. I’m gonna head on up; ya get dressed.”

“Okay.” River agrees.

Jayne leaves his bunk quickly; otherwise he wouldn’t be able to fight her very tempting plan.


“Book, ya know ya don’t have to leave.” Mal says.

“Yes, I do.” Book replies. “I am no longer of use here. Haven needs me more.”

“Finally gave up on savin us?” Mal questions as he moves aside for Simon to finish examining him. “And can I ask, what’s with the hair?”

“It’s a part of my order; I’m not allowed to cut it.” Book replies. He had taken his hair down to wash his face while Simon was giving Zoe her shot and had yet to put it back up. “And I haven’t given up on saving you; there’s nothing that needs to be saved. You might do things that aren’t considered right compared to the Bible but I’ve come to realize that doesn’t mean much out here. You protect your crew regardless of situation and by any means necessary. It’s actually an admirable trait.”

“Thanks.” Mal says. “Now, if ya ever get tired of Haven, ya know ya got a place here, dong ma?”

“Yes.” Book replies.

Simon finishes examining him and removes his gloves. “He’s in perfect health, especially for a man his age.”

“That’s good.” Mal says. He starts to say more when he hears River scream, loudly. He runs out of the infirmary just in time to see River jump onto Jayne.

“Kitten, what’s wrong?” Jayne questions worriedly. He starts running his eyes over her body, looking for wounds.

“It’s back.” River whispers against his neck. “I said it would come back; that the solution was only temporary, but nobody listened.”

“Calm down and tell me what’s wrong.” Jayne orders as he notices the rest of the crew walking towards them.

“Chaos has returned.” River whispers.

“Kitten, I don’t understand.” Jayne growls, frustrated.

“I think I get it.” Zoe says.

“What?” Jayne questions.

“Shepard, put your hair up.” Zoe orders. Book’s eyes widen with realization and he quickly pulls his hair back. “There River, the hair’s all gone.”

River keeps her head tucked into Jayne’s neck but opens her eyes to look towards Book. “It’ll be back.” She whispers.

Jayne stares down at her a few moments before replying, “wait one gorram second, ya done beat the crap out of entire bar of men but ya’re scared of Book’s hair?”

River glares at him before pinching his chest, hard.

“Gorramit, what was that for?” Jayne growls.

“It’s not nice to make fun of someone’s fear.” River replies. “I don’t make fun of you for being scared of reavers, do I?”

“Reavers is a natural fear.” Jayne explains. “Everybody’s fraid of em, ain’t ya?”

“No.” River replies.

“What?” Mal questions. “Ya’re afraid of hair but ya ain’t afraid of reavers? Ya do know what they do, don’t’ ya?”

“Yes.” River answers. “Rape, eat, and kill. They live for this reason; it may be evil but it’s still a reason. Preacherman’s hair has no reason; it’s pure chaos with no point behind it.”

Jayne sets River on her feet and looks down at her. “Don’t worry kitten, I’ll protect ya from the hair.”

“And I’ll protect you from reavers.” River replies and starts to skip past when Jayne grabs her arm.

“Whadda ya just say?” Jayne growls.

“That I’ll protect you from reavers.” River restates.

“Hell no.” Jayne growls. “We run into reavers, ya’re gonna be hidin behind me and Vera, dong ma?”

River just looks at him.

“Kitten, wanna hear ya say okay.” Jayne growls. “Reavers ain’t nothin to be playin round with, they ain’t like those men ya beat up before.”

“They're just men, Jayne.” River argues. “Evil, monster-like men, but men nonetheless. They die just as easily.”

“Ya sound like ya know that from personal experience.” Mal comments. River just stares at him. “Ho-tze de pigu, ya do, don’t ya?”

“Kitten, Mal speakin the truth?” Jayne growls when she won’t answer.

“Part of the training.” River answers.

“Da-shiong bao-jah-shr duh la doo-tze!” Jayne yells. “What kinda training involves reavers?”

“Endurance.” River answers.

“They brought in reavers for you guys to fight?” Zoe questions.

“No.” River replies. “Took us to the middle of nothing and waited for them to find us. If we survived the fight, we moved to the next level.”

“How many went?” Simon questions.

“14.” River answers.

“How many survived?” Book asks.


“You’re the only one that survived?” Zoe whispers.

“Yes.” River answers. “Almost didn’t. Got to close and one grabbed me. Broke his neck with a twist of my thighs.”

“Don’t care if ya’ve fought em before; we get boarded, ya ain’t fightin em again.” Jayne growls. He can’t imagine havin to fight Reavers, even armed to the teeth. She didn’t say but he’s guessin she didn’t have no weapons.

“No, ya ain’t.” Mal agrees. “That’s an order; we get boarded, ya stay behind us with Kaylee, dong ma?”

River rolls her eyes but nods her head. She’ll tell them what they want to hear; doesn’t mean she actually means it.

“Good.” Mal replies. “Wash, shouldn’t ya be landing my boat?”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot.” Wash agrees. He takes off towards the bridge, Zoe right behind him.

“Book’s people have offered us a place to stay for the night.” Mal says. “I agreed, though we’re gonna help out with some things for the food and board. Doc, want ya checkin out some of the people, healin who needs it. Kaylee, need ya to repair some of their stuff, Wash’ll help ya. Zoe and Jayne, we’ll be doin some building fixin and helping em move some cattle. After that, nights yours.”

“What am I supposed to be doing?” River questions.

“Help out where ya can.” Mal answers.

“Okay, cap’n.” River agrees.

“We’ll be landing in a few minutes so let’s get headed to the bay.” Mal orders.

Mal walks down the hallway towards the bay, the rest of the crew behind him.


“Gorramit, Mal, even I ain’t that tall.” Jayne grumbles. They were tryin to repair the archway that marked the entrance to the Haven property. The sign was broken on one side and barely hanging on. It’s the last bit of repair work they have left before movin the small herd of cattle. But the top of the archway is at least 12 feet off the ground and they can’t reach it. “Think they got a ladder or somethin round here?”

“Don’t know, perhaps.” Zoe answers.

“Don’t need a ladder.” River comments, moving up behind them.

“Hey, kitten, ya stayin out of trouble?” Jayne asks, pulling her sweaty body towards his. She’d been movin between helping him and Kaylee for most of the day.

“Of course.” River answers. “Don’t I always?”

“No.” Jayne and Mal reply.

“What’s this bout us not needing a ladder?” Zoe asks.

“Don’t need one.” River restates. She takes the hammer out of Jayne’s hand and sticks down the side of her boot. Grabbing some nails from Mal, she moves over to stand in front of one of the posts of the archway.

“Kitten, whadda ya….” Jayne stops talking as he watches her shimmy up the post like a gorram monkey or something. When she reaches the top, she uses her hands to move across it towards the broken part of the sign. Once she reaches it, she swings her legs up to hold her up as she grabs the hammer out of her boot and starts repairing the broken sign, hanging upside down by her legs. “Gorramit, ya’re gonna fall.” Jayne yells up at her.

“Yeah, that’ll help, break her concentration.” Mal mutters, watching her with wide eyes.

She ignores them all and finishes repairing the sign before sticking the hammer back into her boot and moving back towards the ground the same way she came up. She barely gets on foot on the ground when Jayne grabs her and pulls her against his chest, slamming his mouth onto hers roughly. He pulls back after a few minutes, both of them panting heavily. “Gorramit kitten, ya’re gonna give me a ruttin heart attack with your death-defying antics.” Jayne growls down at her.

“I like to climb.” River replies.

“Alright, little witch, why don’t ya go back and help Kaylee and Wash finish repearin that mule while we move the cattle.” Mal suggests.

“Okay.” River agrees. She kisses Jayne before skipping off to join Kaylee and Wash.

“Gotta say Jayne, I don’t envy ya in the least.” Mal says a few moments after River’s gone. “That girl’s nerve scares the shit outa me and I ain’t in love with her.”

“Tell me bout it.” Jayne groans. “She’s so ruttin smart but it’s like she don’t even think fore doin somethin dangerous, she just does it.”

“And you do?” Zoe questions.

“When it comes to reactin to someone tryin to kill me, no I don’t, I just do what I gotta.” Jayne answers. “But I do think bout stuff fore I do somethin too dangerous.”

“Let’s go help them get those cows moved fore your girl decides to climb something else.” Mal suggests.

“Yeah.” Jayne agrees.


Jayne sets his guitar on the ground and reaches over to pull River onto his lap. “Tired kitten?” Jayne questions.

“No.” River answer cuddling against his chest. “I like watching you play; it relaxes me.”

“Oh.” Jayne grunts. “Ya want more food?”

“No, I’m full.” River answers. The folk from Haven had made quite a feast. They roasted a hog, steamed various vegetables, made some pies, and Book had made his famous rabbit stew.

“That’s good.” Jayne replies.

River hears Kaylee laugh and looks across the fire at her brother and Kaylee. Kaylee was leaning her head on Simon’s shoulder and Simon had one arm wrapped around her waist. River can’t help it; a huge grin crosses her face.

“Whatcha smiling bout?” Jayne questions.

“Simon and Kaylee.” River answers.

“Looks like your brother’s done bein a boob.” Jayne comments.

“Simon will always be a boob.” River replies. “But he’s learning to relax a little.”

River stands up and then holds her hand out for Jayne to grab. He looks at her weirdly for a second but takes her hand. “Where we goin?”

“To bed.” River answers. She waves to her brother and Kaylee before pulling Jayne with her. He grabs his guitar before following River away from fire. They don’t talk; just walk to the room that had been given to Jayne. When they get to the room, River drops down on the bed while Jayne locks the door.

“Kitten, we ain’t gotta do nothin.” Jayne says as he drops down next to her. “Just cause ya got that shot, it don’t mean we hafta use it.”

“I know.” River replies. “It’s up to me to decide when I’m ready.”

“Yeah.” Jayne agrees.


“What kitten?”

“I’m ready.” River says.

“Uhh.” Jayne grunts, staring at her with wide eye. “Ya sure kitten?”

“Yes.” River replies. “I want to feel you inside me.”

Jayne stares at her again before pulling her onto his lap. She wraps her arms around his neck and reaches down to kiss him deeply. Jayne tangles one hand into her hair while the other rubs up and down her back. River pulls back after a few minutes, panting heavily. Jayne stands up and then sets her down gently on the bed. He quickly strips down until he’s down to his boxers. Moving back to the bed, he drops down next to her and pulls her against his chest. River moves her hands to his chest and runs her fingers through the hair there.

“Kitten, this ain’t gonna last long if’n ya’re doin that.” Jayne growls. “Ya need to keep your hands to yourself, at least for the first time.”

“But I want to touch you.” River argues.

“Ya will, promise.” Jayne assures her. “But not yet.”

Jayne grabs the hem of her dress and pulls it up and over her head. Like normal, she isn’t wearing a bra. He drops his hands down to cup her breasts and she moans happily at the action. Jayne pushes her onto her back and starts to kiss his way down her body. He makes a stop at each breast to suck and nibble before moving down her stomach. She giggles when he licks her belly button. He licks around the waist of her barely there panties before pulling back to stare down at them.

“You like them?” River questions.

“Yeah.” Jayne mutters. He reaches down to trace the letters that spell out ‘kitten’. With a growl, he bends down to do it again, only this time he uses his tongue. River arches into him, spreading her legs in invitation. Jayne grabs the small strings holding her panties against her hips and gently pulls them down, trying not to break them. Once they’re off, he grabs his pants off the ground and puts them into one of the pockets.

He moves back to her and slides between her legs to throw her legs over his shoulders. Diving in, he quickly finds her clit and sucks on it, wanting to bring her to a quick orgasm. He figures if’n he can get her so overwhelmed with pleasure, she might not feel as much when he takes her.

She cums after a few moments, bucking her hips against his face. He lets her ride through it before sucking her clit back into his mouth to start the process all over again. He brings one hand up and slides two fingers inside of her.

“Oh….more..Jayne.” River moans, thrashing on the bed.

He continues to pump his fingers while sucking on her clit for the next few minutes. She cums again, this time screaming his name. He pulls back for a few moments before returning to once again start the process all over again.

“I can’t…….Jayne, it’s too much.” River gasps, her body still not completely recovered from her last orgasm.

Jayne ignores her and continues to lap at her. She’s soaking wet by this point so it’s easy enough for him to slip a 3rd finger inside her. She moans heavily and starts riding his hand. He continues to pump until she’s at the edge again. Pulling his fingers out, he quickly moves up her body to push inside of her while bending down to kiss her at the same time.

Jayne’s quick thrust breaks her maidenhead while at the same time pushes her over the edge. She screams his name, partly in pain but mostly in pleasure. Jayne slips his hands under her hip and thrusts into her a few times before growling out her name as he cums himself.

Jayne collapses down on the bed and quickly flips over so he doesn’t squish her. “Ya okay kitten?” Jayne questions as he pulls her against his chest.

“Sleepy.” River answers, cuddling into his chest.

“Go to sleep.” Jayne orders. River yawns before closing her eyes. Jayne waits until he knows she’s asleep before moving out of his room towards the bathroom. Turning on the sink, he washes his face before bracing his hands on the sink. He was right; he knew once he had her he wasn’t ever gonna be able to let her go. Bein inside of her, feelin her completely surrounding him felt like bein home. Just the thought gets him all hard again. But he knows he can’t; for one she’s sleepin and she’s gotta be sore as hell. He grabs a small towel and rinses it off with warm water before leaving the bathroom.

“Did you make a mess, Jayne?” Inara questions when she seems him leaving the bathroom with a wet towel.

“Um..yes.” Jayne answers, feeling like a 13-year bein caught by his mother jackin off.

“Then I guess I’ll let you get back to cleaning it up.” Inara says with a smirk. Jayne stares at her weirdly before walking past her to his room.

“Jayne.” Inara calls out.

“Yeah.” Jayne says, stopping to turn around and look at her.

“Here.” Inara walks up to him and hands him a small vial of some kinda oil. “Put a few drops on your fingertips and rub it onto her flesh. It will help with the soreness and help her heal faster. Do it every couple hours and she’ll be fine in a day.”

“Thanks Nara.” Jayne says gratefully taking to vial.

“Your welcome.” Inara replies as Jayne’s moving into his room and shutting the door.

Jayne shuts and locks the door before turning around. “What’s the matter?” Jayne questions when he sees River sitting up on the bed instead of sleeping.

“You left.” River answers. “I got cold.”

“Had to hit the head.” Jayne explains. He sits down next to her on the bed and pushes on her chest until she lies down. Pulling the blanket down, he cleans the blood off her before using his fingers to gently rub some of the oil into her flesh.

“Oh.” River mutters. “It feels weird.”

“Does it hurt?” Jayne questions.

“No, not at all.” River assures him. “It just feels weird.”

Jayne finishes rubbing the oil in before standing up to remove his clothes again. He drops down on the bed and pulls River’s naked body against his own. She lays her head against his chest and throws one leg over the top of his.

“Love you Jayne.” River whispers.

Jayne stops breathing for a second before bending down to kiss her gently on the lips. “Love ya too, kitten.”


FYI: The condom and shot stuff I got off planned parenthood's website. Don't know if it's right or not, so no freaking out.
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