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A new Day Dawning

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Summary: Months after Early's visit, things start to change. Will the crew of Serenity be able to handle a grown up River?

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Firefly > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)sevangelFR1822121,019162445,4737 Nov 056 May 06No

Paired off

Title: Paired off
Series: A new day dawning
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Not mine
Rating: Heavy R
FYI: This story is not going to include the big movie. The only reason I sent Book to Haven is because I started noticing he was becoming obsolete in this story. Most of the time I forgot to write him in, so it seemed pointless to still have him on the boat.


Jayne props his head up on his hand and stares down at the woman sleeping next to him. He’s been with loads of women in his life, some of em more beautiful than her and all of em more experienced. But he’s never experienced anything close to what he did last night. She was warmer, tighter, wetter, and smoother than anybody’s he’s ever been in. He reaches down to comb the hair out of her face when somebody knocks on the door.

“Yeah.” Jayne grunts.

“Jayne, it’s Simon.” Simon replies. “Is River with you?”

“Yeah.” Jayne answers.

“Thank Buddah.” Simon mutters. “I couldn’t find her. I was worried.”

“She’s fine doc.” Jayne assures him as he gets out of bed and pulls on his pants.

“Mal wants to leave in an hour or so.” Simon says, jumping back when Jayne opens the door. He takes in the merc’s lack of shirt and unbuttoned pants for a second before looking at Jayne’s face. “If you guys want breakfast before we go you better hurry.”

“Thanks, doc.” Jayne drawls, patting Simon on the back. He shuts the bedroom door and moves down the hall to the bathroom. After takin a leak, he washes his hands and face, and brushes his teeth before walkin back to his room.

“Hey, Jayne.” Kaylee says as he walks by.

“Hey, little Kaylee.” Jayne replies. “What’re ya up to?”

“Nothin.” Kaylee answers. “Just lookin for Simon.”

“Saw him bout 5 minutes ago, he was headin to his room.” Jayne tells her.

“Thanks.” Kaylee says as she walks down the hall towards the room Simon was using.

Jayne opens the door to his room and moves inside. River is still sleepin so he grabs his shirt and puts it back on. After tuckin it into his pants, he slips his belt on before putting on his socks and boots. He grabs River’s dress, pulls her kitten panties out of his pocket, and sits down on the bed next to her.

“Kitten, it’s time to wake up.” Jayne says, runnin his hands through her hair.

“No.” River growls. “Still sleepy.”

“Ya can go back to sleep after we’re back on Serenity.” Jayne replies. “But ya gotta get up now.”

She just ignores him and pulls the blanket over her head.

Jayne sighs deeply and then grabs the blanket and rips it off her. She curls up into a ball and opens her eyes to glare at him. Not that he notices it; he’s too busy takin in her naked body.

“Damn, kitten.” Jayne mutters. “How’d we live on the same boat for a year without sexin?”

“You thought I was crazy.” River answers as she stretches like a cat.

“Still are.” Jayne mutters, his body growing hard from watchin her stretch. “Have to be to be sleepin with me.”

“True.” River agrees with a grin. She crawls over to him and pushes on his chest until he lies down.

“Whadda ya doin, kitten?” Jayne drawls as he reaches up to cup her ass.

“Want a kiss.” River answers. She bends down and presses her mouth against his. Jayne slips his tongue into her mouth as he slides on hand up from her ass to bury into her hair.

“Jayne, ya up yet?” Mal yells from outside the door. “We gotta go in a bit. Need your help loadin some stuff.”

“Don’t open that ruttin door!” Jayne yells when he hears the knob turning. “I’ll be out in a second.”

“Fine.” Mal growls. “See ya in the kitchen.”

Jayne sits up and sets River to the side. “Lay down, kitten.” Jayne orders. She obeys, laying on her back and spreading her legs slightly. Jayne grabs the bottle of oil that Inara gave him and applies some more to her folds. “Ya still sore?”

“A little.” River answers.

“We ain’t doin it again till you’re better, dong ma?” Jayne says.

“Fine.” River mutters, rolling her eyes at him.

“Ya gotta get dressed.” Jayne replies. He grabs her panties and dress and hands them to her. She slips the panties on, making him groan when she arches her hips, and then pulls the dress over her head. Then she pushes her hand through her hair, trying to bring some kind of order to the wild tresses.

“Stupid hair.” River mutters. “Should just cut it.”

“No.” Jayne growls. “Ya ain’t cuttin it.” He pulls her towards him and starts runnin his own hands through her hair. Separating it into 3 sections, he quickly braids her hair. She hands him a hair band out of the pocket of her dress and he secures the braid. “There.” Jayne says, kissing the top of her head. “Get your shoes on and let’s go.”

He grabs his stuff off the dresser while she puts her boots on. She grabs his hand after she’s done and pulls him out of the room.

“What’s your hurry, kitten?” Jayne questions as she drags him down the hall towards the kitchen.

“My tummy is empty.” River answers. “Must fill it.”

“Yeah, mine is too.” Jayne agrees. They walk into the kitchen and see the rest of the crew and some of the haven people sitting around the table eating breakfast.

“Glad you two could join us.” Wash says with a grin.

“Yeah.” Jayne grunts. He sits down in the only empty chair and pulls River onto his lap. She stands back up, grabs a plate, and fills it with eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, and toast and then sits back down on Jayne’s lap.

“Kaylee, will ya hand me a cup of coffee?” Jayne asks as he grabs a fork and digs into the food in front of him. River grabs her own fork and starts eating off his plate.

“Here ya go, Jayne.” Kaylee sets a cup of coffee in front of the merc.

“Thanks.” Jayne replies as takes a drink of the coffee.

“Your welcome.” Kaylee says cheerfully as she sits back down.

“There’s a couple crates of food and clothes that we’re gonna drop off at an orphanage for Book’s people before meeting with Fanty and Mingo.” Mal says as he watches Jayne and River eat off the same plate. Weird. “Need ya to help me load em, Jayne.”

“A’right, Mal.” Jayne grunts as he grabs a piece of toast. River reaches past him and grabs his coffee. She takes a sip and then makes a face.

“Somethin wrong, kitten?” Jayne asks with a grin.

“It’s gross.” River answers. “Can’t you add some sugar?”

“Naw, I like it black.” Jayne replies. “Sides, doc said ya shouldn’t be drinkin coffee, makes ya jumpy.”

“It’s because of the caffeine.” River says. She starts to explain the various effects of caffeine when Jayne cuts her off with a kiss.

“We don’t need to know, kitten.” Jayne says after breaking the kiss.

“Jayne, ya bout done?” Mal asks, wantin to get his merc away from River before they start goin at it.

“Yeah.” Jayne answers, popping a piece of bacon into his mouth. “We can go load them crates.”

Jayne stands up and then places River back down on his chair before following Mal out of the kitchen.

“I like your hair, River.” Kaylee says. “Jayne do it?”

“Yes.” River answers. “I was getting annoyed at it and threatened to cut it. He didn’t like that idea so he braided it to keep it from bugging me.”

The girls stand up to help the Haven people clean up the kitchen but they just shoo them away.

“The captain is almost ready to go.” Zoe says. “We best get down there.”

The remaining crew follows Zoe out of the kitchen to where Mal and Jayne are loading cargo into Serenity.

“Book, ya wanna come back, just send us a wave.” Mal says as he shakes Book’s hand. “You’re welcome here anytime.”

“Yes, I know.” Book replies. “Thank you for delivering that cargo.”

“Don’t worry bout it.” Mal says. “Nice to do something good once and a while.”

“As long as you don’t make a habit of it.” Book jokes.

“Ya know us.” Mal smirks.

“Zoe, you keep him in line.” Book orders.

“Always do.” Zoe replies as she hugs the Shepard.

“It was fun having you around.” Wash says.

“It was fun being around.” Book replies. “Keep them laughing.”

“Always do.” Wash says. He shakes Book’s hand before running into Serenity to start her up.

“I’ll miss having you to talk to.” Simon says as he shakes Book’s hand.

“Yes me too. I would like it if you kept me updated.” Book says.

“I’ll do that.” Simon assures him. “I’m sure Kaylee and River will help me write to you.”

“Yeah.” Kaylee agrees. She hugs Book tightly, barely holding back tears. “It’s gonna be so weird without ya. I’m gonna miss ya.”

“I’ll miss you to Kaylee.” Book says, as he kisses her forehead. Kaylee gives him one last hug before walking over to hold Simon’s hand.

“Remember what we talked about.” Book tells Inara. “It has to be something you are sure you can give up.”

“I know.” Inara replies. She hugs him and then kisses his check. “Thank you for your help.”

“You're welcome.” Book says. “You can write me anytime.”

“Okay.” Inara replies as she walks into Serenity.

“Well, preacher, it was interesting.” Jayne says as he shakes Book’s hand.

“Yes it was.” Book agrees. He glances at River before look back at Jayne. “Keep her safe.”

“I will.” Jayne replies firmly.

River moves in front of Jayne to hug Book. “I’ll miss you and your book that doesn’t make sense.” River says. “But I won’t miss your hair.”

Book laughs and kisses her forehead. “Make sure they stay safe.”

“Always do.” River replies. Jayne takes her hand and they walk into Serenity.

“See ya round, preacher.” Mal yells as the loading door closes.

Book watches as Serenity lifts off and flies away before turning around and heading back inside. He’s going to miss them all but they gave him his path back and now he had to walk it.


“Ya goin back to bed, kitten?” Jayne asks about an hour after they left Haven.

“Maybe.” River answers. “You going to come with me?”

Jayne groans and closes his eyes. “Gorramit, kitten, we done talked bout this. We ain’t doin nothin till you’re healed.”

“But…” River protests.

“Ya still sore?” Jayne asks.

“Some.” River whispers.

“Then not yet.” Jayne says. He gives her a kiss and then gently pushes her towards Kaylee. “Take her to your bunk for a while.” Jayne orders Kaylee.

Kaylee looks at him weirdly but follows River down the hall.

Once they’re out of the mess, Jayne drops onto the couch and cradles his head in his hands.

“Jayne, ya okay?” Mal asks, watching the merc carefully.

“Yeah.” Jayne answers. “Just need some space between us.”

“Why?” Simon growls, thinking Jayne might be growing tired of River already.

“Cause the little bit of self control I had around her is gone.” Jayne answers. “She needs some time to heal fore we do anything else.”

“Oh.” Simon mutters. He doesn’t know what to say. He knew River and Jayne would have sex but it still freaks him out a bit. “Does she need anything?”

“Naw, Nara gave me somethin for it.” Jayne answers.

“She did?” Simon asks. “What is it?”

“It’s an oil that I sometimes order through the Guild.” Inara answers. “It helps heal torn vaginal flesh.”

“Ya use it?” Mal questions.

“I have.” Inara answers. “And no, I won’t tell you why.”

“Fine.” Mal mutters. “We gotta drop that cargo off in bout half in hour, after that, ya wanna play some shoes?”

“Half hour?” Jayne questions.

“Yeah, the orphanage ain’t that far from Haven.” Mal answers. “After that we’re headed to Beaumonde; should be there in four or five days.”

“What are we doing on Beaumonde?” Simon questions.

“Meeting with some folk that I know.” Mal answers. “They’re gonna shove some work our way.”

“What kind of work?” Simon answers.

“Our normal.” Mal says with a grin.

“Shiny.” Jayne drawls. “Been wantin a good bit of violence.”

“Me too.” Mal agrees. “Me too.”


“What’s with Jayne?” Kaylee asks River as they sit in their bunk. “Ya guys ain’t fightin, are ya?”

“No, he just can’t control himself when I’m around.” River answers. “And he doesn’t want me to hurt me anymore than he already did.”

“He hurt ya?” Kaylee asks, shocked. “How?”

River just gives her a look.

“Aww…ya guys finally did it?” Kaylee asks.

“Yes.” River answers with a smile.

“That is so shiny.” Kaylee squeals, moving over to hug River tightly. “I am so happy for ya and kinda jealous.”

“Was Simon a boob again?” River asks.

“No, not really.” Kaylee answers. “He walked me to my room last night and we kissed for a few minutes. Then Book came down the hall and Simon went all proper and kissed my forehead and hurried off to his room.”

River giggles a little. “He’s so very proper.”

“I know.” Kaylee agrees. “And it’s cute and all but I just wish he would go after what he wants instead of worryin bout whether it’s proper or not.”

“Me too.” River replies. “You’ll have to teach him how.”

“How do I do that?” Kaylee questions.

“Seduce him.” River answers.

“River!” Kaylee squeals, turning bright red.

“What?” River questions. “It’s the easiest way. Simon thinks through every situation before acting. If you wait for him to make a move, it could be months.”

“I can’t wait months.” Kaylee groans. “I’m bout to go broke buyin batteries.”

River starts to giggle again which gets Kaylee giggling. After a few minutes, they’re both laughing so hard they can’t breathe.

“When should I seduce him?” Kaylee asks through her giggles.

“When we land on Beaumonde.” River answers. “We’re staying the night there.”

“We are?” Kaylee asks. She hasn’t heard anything. “How do ya know?”

“Just do.” River answers. “Jayne and I will be staying on Serenity and Zoe and Wash are getting a room with a bath tub. You will be alone with Simon.”

“What bout Nara and the cap’n?” Kaylee asks.

“They’ll both be otherwise occupied.” River answers.

“Oh.” Kaylee says. “OH.”

“Yeah.” River agrees.

“This is so shiny, everybody’s hooking up.” Kaylee replies. “It’s like a love boat.”

“Yes.” River agrees. “But we’ll be hitting some rough waters soon.”

“What’s that mean?” Kaylee questions.

“You’ll see.” River replies. “Only time can show.”


“We’ll be landing on Beaumonde in bout 20 minutes.” Mal tells the crew. “Me, Zoe, and Jayne will go meet with Fanty and Mingo and get the job. Then I’ve decided we’re stayin the night, though somebody’s gonna have to stay with the boat.”

“We will.” River volunteers.

“We will?” Jayne questions River.

“Yes, we will.” River answers, give Jayne a look.

“Yeah, been long time since I’ve stayed with the boat.” Jayne replies. “Guess it’s my turn.”

“Please, like you’re volunteering so’s ya can watch the ship.” Kaylee says with a grin. “We ain’t that dumb, Jayne.”

“Ya got a dirty mind Kaylee.” Jayne drawls.

“Don’t make me wrong.” Kaylee replies.

“Alright, Jayne and River are stayin with the boat tonight which means the rest of us can stay in town, if ya wanna.” Mal interrupts. “There's rooms to rent at the bar we’re meetin them at, if they’re wanted. Doc, ya can go into the bar and get a room but I don’t want ya wanderin round town. Too much of a chance ya’ll get spotted.”

“Okay.” Simon agrees.

“So, Nara, ya gonna join us for a night out on the town?” Mal questions.

“As lovely as that sounds, I can’t.” Inara answers. “I have an appointment.”

“Ya’re servicin again?” Mal questions.

“Yes, I have a client.” Inara answers.

“Thought ya was on a sab…vacation or something like that.” Mal comments.

“I was.” Inara answers. “But that time has came to an end.”

“Huh.” Mal mutters. “Nice to see ya jumpin back into the work place.”

Inara looks at him and then quietly stands up and leaves the mess.

“I’m gonna go sit on the bridge till we land.” Mal tells the crew. “Jayne, be ready. I don’t wanna have to drag ya out of your bunk.”

“You won’t.” River replies. “I’m going to help Kaylee.”

“Help Kaylee what?” Mal questions.

“Now that would be telling.” River smirks. “It’s a surprise.”

“Kitten, whatcha plottin?” Jayne questions.

“I’ll tell you later.” River assures him. “Come on, Kaylee, we have lots to do.” She grabs Kaylee’s hand and pulls her out of the

“Doc, I’m thinking ya got a surprise comin.” Jayne says after watching the two girls leave.

“Why me?” Simon questions.

“Cause I know the surprise ain’t for me and since it’s got somethin to do with Kaylee, that knocks everyone else outa the runnin.” Jayne answers. “Just leaves ya.”

“Should I be worried?” Simon questions.

“Your sister and Kaylee joining forces?” Zoe puts in. “Remember what happened last time? They got in a bar fight.”

“That can’t happen again, since River’s staying on the boat.” Simon replies. “Wonder what it is?”


River brushes Kaylee’s wet hair, getting all the tangles out of it. “What are you going to wear?” River questions.

“I’m not sure.” Kaylee answers. Inara had loaned her some body wash, body glitter, and makeup. Kaylee had taken a shower, scrubbing all the grease off her body before rinsing herself with the rose-scented body wash. She was sitting on the floor in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt while River helped her get ready. “How much time till they’re back?”

“Not much.” River answers. “You took a long shower.”

“I know.” Kaylee replies. “I just wanted to get all the grease off. Think I almost rubbed my skin raw.”

“You have a hair dryer, right?” River questions.

“Yeah, it’s in the top drawer.” Kaylee answers.

River moves over to the dresser and opens the top drawer. She takes out the hair dryer and the curling iron next to it. Digging around, she finds some hair spray and a couple small hair clips with butterflies on them.

“Nara got em for me on my last birthday.” Kaylee says when River looks at the hair clips before putting them back. “Ya know what ya’re doin?”

“Yes.” River answers. “I used to get my hair done for parties and dinners. It’s very easy to learn.”

River warms the iron up and turns on the hair dryer and quickly dries Kaylee’s hair. She stops once it’s only slightly damp and picks up the brush to smooth it out again. Once it’s brushed, she uses the curling iron to turn Kaylee’s hair into a mass of curls. Grabbing the hairspray, she uses it to keep the curls in place.

“Can I look?” Kaylee questions.

“Not yet.” River answers. “Now for makeup.”

“Have ya ever done this?” Kaylee asks.

“No, but I watched Inara do it before and seen the makeup she wears.” River answers. “It should be like drawing.”

“A’right.” Kaylee says nervously.

River decides to start with Kaylee’s eyes first and she outlines them with black eyeliner. She makes it a little darker than normal to give Kaylee a sexy look. She applies some eye shadow that makes Kaylee’s eyes seem brighter than normal. She puts some red lip-gloss on Kaylee’s lips and adds some blush to her cheeks.

“Can I look now?” Kaylee questions, feeling a bit nervous. The only person who’s ever done her makeup and hair is Nara and she’s been taught to do it.

“Nope, you have to get dressed first.” River answers. “Use the body glitter while I find you something to wear.”

River searches through Kaylee’s clothes and almost gives up when she comes across a little black dress with spaghetti straps. “I found it.” River says, handing the dress to Kaylee.

“I can’t wear this.” Kaylee gasps. “A friend back home gave it to me as a joke; it’s much to fancy for me.”

“It’s perfect.” River replies. “Put it on and then I’ll let you look.”

Kaylee grabs the dress and slips her feet into it before pulling it up her body. “I can’t wear a bra.” Kaylee says.

“It’s tight enough that you won’t need one.” River replies. “You can look now.”

Kaylee nervously walks over to mirror and gasps when she sees her reflection. Her hair is a mass of curls that look organized while at the same time messy. Her eyes look huge and bright and her lips look all juicy and plump. “Is this really me?” Kaylee whispers.

“Yes.” River answers. “You like it?”

“Love it.” Kaylee says. She spins around and hugs River tightly. “Thank ya. Now I feel like I can somewhat measure up to all them fancy girls he used to date.”

“Trust me, you have nothing to measure up to.” River assures her. “They don’t compare to you at all.”

“Thanks, but no more or I’m gonna cry.” Kaylee says gratefully. “Don’t wanna ruin my makeup.”

“Do you have sandals?” River asks. “Cause your boots aren’t going to go with that.”

“Yeah, I have a pair.” Kaylee says, pulling them out. “Don’t wear em much; gets too dirty round here.”

“Now, lets go give my brother a heart attack.” River says with a grin. “Be careful not to mess up your dress on the way up.”

“I won’t.” Kaylee responds as she follows River up the ladder and out of their bunk. She can’t wait to see Simon’s face; should be shiny.


“Nara left a few minutes ago.” Wash tells Mal. “She said she’d be back in the morning.”

“Oh. Where are the girls?” Mal questions. They had just gotten back from getting the job and were waiting on Kaylee so they could head back into town. “They still working on that surprise?”

“Guess so.” Wash answers. “What surprise?”

“Don’t know.” Jayne answers. “That’s why it’s a surprise.”

“Jayne, ya sure ya wanna stay on the boat?” Mal questions.

“Yeah.” Jayne answers. “Got us some food; we’ll be fine. Ya guys have some fun but no bar fights, since I won’t be there to help ya.”

“Don’t need your help.” Mal mutters. “Ain’t got no plans to be fightin anyways. Just wanna drink some.”

“Doc, ya best prepare yourself.” Jayne warns. “They’re comin.”

The crew turns around to look at the door entering the bay and within a few seconds, River walks through.

“It’s kinda scary how you know that.” Wash tells Jayne.

“Ya get used to it.” Jayne replies.

River walks towards them and then turns around to walk back through the door.

“What the hell?” Mal mutters. “Jayne, what’s your girl doin?”

“Hell, I don’t know.” Jayne answers. “Kitten whadda ya doin?”

“Come on, Kaylee.” River says. “They’re ready to go.”

“Changed my mind.” Kaylee says. “They’re gonna laugh. This ain’t me.”

“You look beautiful.” River assures her. “Don’t make me get Jayne to carry you in here.”

“Fine.” Kaylee mutters. “Ya go first though.”

River walks back through the door, Kaylee holding on to her back, trying to hide behind the smaller girl.

“Little Kaylee, what’s up with ya?” Mal questions and then gasps when River moves to the side.

“I’m guessing this is the surprise?” Wash comments when nobody else does.

Simon stares at Kaylee, his mouth hanging open. He tries to speak but nothing coherent comes out.

“That’s Simon’s way of saying you look very pretty.” River tells Kaylee, smiling at her brother’s reaction.

“Ya ain’t goin out like that.” Mal orders.

“And that’s the captain’s way of saying you look too sexy.” River says.

Simon walks over to Kaylee, not taking his eyes off her once. “You look very beautiful.” Simon eventually manages to say.

“Xse-xse.” Kaylee replies, blushing. “We ready to go?”

“Sure.” Simon answers. He holds out his arm and she slips hers through it.

“Ya comin, cap’n?” Kaylee asks when he doesn’t follow them out Serenity.

“Yeah.” Mal mutters, still shocked by seein his little Kaylee all dressed up. He follows them out of Serenity, Zoe and Wash at his side.

“Ya did all that, kitten?” Jayne asks as they watch them leave.

“Yep.” River answers. “It was fun. I’ll have to do it to myself sometime.”

“Now that sounds like a plan.” Jayne drawls. “But ya ain’t leavin the boat all sexified.”

River smiles at him and watches as he walks over to shut and lock the door. Once his back is to her, she pulls her dress off, leaving her completely naked behind him.

“I got us some food.” Jayne says as he locks the door. “We can eat…..” His sentence drags off as he turns around and finds her naked in front of him.

“You still want to eat?” River questions, tilting her head.

“Hell, no.” Jayne growls, moving over to her. “That can wait till later.”

He wraps his arms around her and picks her up. She wraps her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips. Bending her head down, she kisses him deeply while rocking her body against his. He starts to walk them out of the bay when she stops him.

“Wanna do it on the weight bench.” River moans against his mouth.

He doesn’t question her, just moves over and sets her on it. He kicks his boots off and pulls his shirt off over his head. She sits up, unbuttons his pants, and pushes them down enough for him to spring free. She bends over and sucks him deep into her mouth.

“Damn, kitten, ya’re gonna kill me.” Jayne growls, digging his hands into her hair. She moves her mouth up and down his shaft, sometimes sucking, sometimes grazing him with her teeth.

After a few minutes of her ministrations, Jayne steps back from her mouth, needing to be deep inside her. She stares up at him with lust-filled eyes and then lays down, her feet planted firmly on the ground, straddling the weight bench.

Jayne drops his pants and stares down at her, his mouth dry. He lies down on top of her, his hands braced on the ground to keep most of his weight off of her. He finds her mouth with his while at the same time thrusting deeply into her wet heat.

“Oh, god.” River moans. “Harder, Jayne.” She moves her feet up to plant them between his spread thighs on the weight bench.

“Gorram, kitten, ya feel so good.” Jayne moans against her mouth. He pounds into her, knowing it’s what she wants. In the week they’ve been sleepin together, he’s learned she can take it as hard as he can.

“Jaaaayne.” River screams and digs her nails into his back.

He moves his mouth off hers to drag it down her chest. He pulls one of her nipples into his mouth and bites down as he thrusts deeper into her. She screams again and her muscles clench tightly around him. His eyes cross at the sensation and he groans her name against her breasts as he cums himself.

“Now I’m hungry.” River pants a few minutes later, her legs still planted between his and his head still between her breasts.

Jayne laughs and moves his head up to kiss her. “Love ya kitten.” Jayne growls against her mouth.

“Love you too, Jayne.” River growls back.

He stands up with a groan and stretches before reaching for his pants. She stands up gracefully and grabs his shirt off the floor and slips it over her head. It’s too big for her small frame; it hits her right above her knees and hangs off one shoulder.

“How do ya know I wasn’t wantin to wear that?” Jayne asks, liking her in his clothes.

“Cause you’ve always wanted to see me in your clothes.” River answers. She smiles at him before grabbing the food he’d set down on a crate and walking to the mess.

He stares at for a second before following. Gorram girl knew him better than he knew himself; and he knows it ain’t cause of the mind reading thing. She just somehow does.

“Thanks, kitten.” Jayne drawls as she hands him a plate of food.

“You’re welcome.” River replies. She grabs a bottle of whiskey and pours him a glass before sitting down next to him. They eat in silence, with her stealing a sip out of his whiskey every once in while. She finishes first and moves out of her chair to sit on the table in front of him.

“Ya just gonna watch me eat?” Jayne asks.

“Maybe, does it bother you?” River responds.

“Naw.” Jayne answers. “There ain’t nothin ya can do that’ll distract me from eatin.”

“Really?” River questions with a smirk.

“Uh, yeah.” Jayne answers, unsure. She may just prove him wrong.

She stands up on the table and starts to sway slightly, her eyes closed.

“Whadda ya doin?” Jayne questions, his eyes completely focused on her while still forcing himself to keep eating.

“Wanna dance.” River answers.

She starts to move her hips, side to side while moving her hands above her head. She turns in a circle and runs her hands down her body before opening her eyes to look at him. She licks her lips and then starts doing some complicated dance steps, her legs moving faster than he’s ever seen. She kicks her feet above her head, giving him a glimpse of what lies beneath his shirt. Then she drops down into the splits, an action that makes Jayne drop his fork, his mouth hanging open.

“You stopped eating.” River says as she stands up.

“Uh huh.” Jayne grunts.

She starts dancing again, spinning around the table. She runs her hands down her body again, this time stopping to cup her breasts. She then arches her back before grabbing the hem of his shirt, pulling it over her head, and throwing it at him.

Jayne pushes his food aside and moves onto the table to crawl after her. She’s still moving slightly when he reaches her and she opens her eyes to look down at him.

“Joining the dance?” River purrs down.

“Makin up one of our own.” Jayne growls. He runs his hands up her naked legs before grabbing one and throwing it over his shoulder. Leaning forward, he nips her thigh before running his tongue between her folds. Her leg holding her up tenses up and he moves his hands to her ass to support her. He pushes his tongue inside of her before pulling out to suck at her clit.

“Awww….more…” River moans, bucking against his face.

He nips at her clit and then pumps his tongue back inside of her, pushing it in as far as it’ll go. He can hear her moanin and it makes him harder. He continues to play with her, switching between nibbling at her clit and thrusting his tongue inside of her.

“Jaaaayne, I’m gonna fall.” River moans, her leg about to give out. He grabs her leg and places it over his other shoulder. Placing his hands under her ass, he supports her body as he continues to eat at her.

River moans loudly, arching her back until her body is at a 90 degree angle with his face. Her heels dig into his back and he bites her clit again, pushing her over the edge. She screams loudly, her body arching until her head’s touching the table.

He moves off his knees to sit down, her legs still wrapped around his neck as she pants heavily. He kisses the inside of her thigh, deciding to give her time to rest. But she has a different idea. Before he can stop her, she sits up, moves her legs from around his neck and drops down onto his outstretched thighs. Reaching between them, she unbuttons his fly and then moves up to drop herself on him.

“Jesus, kitten.” Jayne growls at her warmth.

“Wanted you inside me.” River explains, riding him at a slow gallop.

Jayne fists his hands into her hair and tilts her head to kiss her savagely. Their teeth click and tongues battle as they kiss deeply.

She starts to ride her harder, her hips slamming against his. He reaches down to cup her ass, making each thrust harder. She moves her hands to his chest, her nails digging in at each thrust.

“Aww….oh, Buddah, I can’t…too much…not hard enough…” River mumbles as she nears her climax.

“Need somethin, kitten?” Jayne pants.

“Clit…..touch…please…” River moans.

Jayne reaches between them to roll her clit between his fingers. She cums instantly, screaming into his mouth.

Jayne moves her onto her back with out separating them and starts pounding into her. She wraps her legs around his hips and digs her nails into his ass.

“Don’t think I can again.” River manages to moan out.

“Yeah, ya can.” Jayne smirks down. He reaches between them to once again find her clit. Pinching it and moving his head down to suck at her throat, he hurls her into another orgasm.

“JAYNE!” River screams, white spots appearing behind her closed eyes.

Jayne pumps into her one more time and shouts with his own release. He manages to roll of her before collapsing on his back, his body spent.

“Jayne.” River whispers a few minutes later.

“Yeah, kitten.” Jayne grunts, starting to doze off.

“I’m sleepy.” River says.

“Me too.” Jayne reaches over and pulls her against his chest. “Go to sleep.”

“We’re on the kitchen table.” River replies. “Anybody could walk in here.”

“Uh huh.” Jayne mutters, almost asleep.

“And see me naked.” River finishes.

Jayne’s eyes shoot open and he looks widely around the room. “Put my shirt back on and we’ll go to my bunk.” Jayne says as he hands her his shirt.

She slips the shirt on and moves off the table. “We have to clean up this mess.” River says, looking at the food they must of kicked off the table.

“We can do it later, fore they come back.” Jayne replies. “I’m too gorram tired to care bout it now.”

“Me too.” River agrees. She takes his hand and lets him lead her out of the mess, her head on his shoulder.

“Wonder what the crew's up too?” Jayne questions.

“Same thing we are.” River answers.

“Huh, ya think?” Jayne asks as he pushes open his hatch. He lets her climb down first and follows her down. She pulls off his shirt and crawls onto his bed watching as he drops his pants and moves to lie down next to her.

“Night kitten.” Jayne grumbles as he wraps his body around hers.

“Night Jayne.” River replies as she snuggles into his chest. “Love you.”

“Love ya too kitten.”

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