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A new Day Dawning

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Summary: Months after Early's visit, things start to change. Will the crew of Serenity be able to handle a grown up River?

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Firefly > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)sevangelFR1822121,019162445,4697 Nov 056 May 06No


Title: Sex
Series: A New Day Dawning
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Not mine
Rating: Heavy R
FYI: This contains some f/f, the first I’ve ever written. Was actually kind of confusing to write but it fit.


“Sir, would you put the gun away, please?” Zoe questions.

“No.” Mal growls. “Gotta make sure nobody gets fresh with little Kaylee.”

“I doubt they can even see her with Simon draped over her back.” Wash comments.

“Do ya folks need anything else?” A small, dark-haired waitress questions as she walks up to the table.

“Naw, we’re good.” Mal replies as he tosses her some coin. “We’ll just keep the bottle.”

“Xse-xse.” She replies as she walks away.

Simon watches as Kaylee looks towards the couples dancing in the center of the room. She has a vaguely wishful look on her face as she watches.

“Kaylee, do you want to dance?” Simon questions.

“I don’t…I ain’t ever really slow-danced before.” Kaylee whispers.

“It’s not that hard.” Simon replies. “I can teach you if you want to.”

“Doc, I ain’t never seen you as a dancer.” Mal comments.

“It’s nothing something I usually enjoy.” Simon says. “But there’s an exception to every rule.” He glances at Kaylee as he says this, making her blush.

“How’d ya learn to dance?” Kaylee questions.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have this little sister.” Simon replies. “She’s short, with dark hair. Smarter than anybody should be and she’s currently sleeping with a crazy mercenary. And she can get me to do pretty much anything she wants.”

“River made ya dance with her, didn’t she?” Mal asks with a smirk.

“Yes.” Simon replies. “She loves to dance and would make me join her. It’s easier just to give in to her than argue.”

“She does seem to have you wrapped around her finger.” Wash comments.

“I’m not the only one.” Simon replies. “Jayne is going to learn she doesn’t take no for an answer.”

“And that’s going to be interesting to see.” Wash comments.

“I do believe it will be.” Simon replies. He stands up and takes Kaylee’s hand. “Come on, I know you want to.”

“Okay.” Kaylee says as she lets Simon pull her out onto the dance floor. He stops in the middle and turns to face her. He puts both hands on her waist before looking down at her.

“Wrap your arms around my neck.” Simon whispers. She does as he says and then he pulls her close until their bodies are touching from chest to legs. “Relax baobei, let your body flow with mine.”

Kaylee sighs deeply and lays her head against his shoulder as they sway on the dance floor.

“Don’t they look adorable?” Wash asks as they watch Simon and Kaylee dance.

“They do at that.” Zoe agrees.

“I never thought Simon would relax enough to make a move on Kaylee.” Mal comments.

“And I never thought Jayne would start a relationship with anyone, let alone the crazy-genius who slashed his chest.” Wash replies.

“None of us ever thought that, husband.” Zoe corrects.

Mal starts to reply when he feels someone walking up behind him.

“Malcom Reynolds.” A female voice says. “I never thought I’d run into you in a place like this.” Mal stands up and turns around, his pistol coming up in the air. “And I see you haven’t changed one bit.” She comments with a smirk.

“Jean Caan?” Mal gasps as he holsters his gun. He pulls the woman in for a quick hug and then pulls back to look at her. “I think you’re the one who ain’t changed at all. What’s in been, 7 years?”

“Just bout.” Jean replies.

Wash stares confusedly at the small, redhead that Mal just hugged. He’s never seen her before, he’d remember. She’s about River’s height but with more curves. “Wifey?”

“Zoe, is that you?” Jean gasps. “You still aren’t following Mal’s orders, are you?”

“Fraid so.” Zoe replies as she stands up and hugs the shorter woman. “How are you? Ain’t heard nothing bout you since you got dispatched from our division.”

“I’m doing good.” Jean replies.

“Why don’t ya sit down and tell us bout it.” Mal orders.

“Nice to see you’re still bossing people around.” Jean says with a smile. She sits down in the chair Mal pulls out for her and takes the glass of whiskey he hands her. “I’m actually starting a new job on Persephone in a couple weeks, the boat I’m traveling on stopped for the night. How bout you?”

“We’re stopped for the night too.” Mal replies. “Just got a job and decided to relax a bit. Ya still in the medical field?”

“No, I lost my taste for it after the war.” Jean answers. “I’m a teacher now, elementary.”

“Ya wanna explain how a war nurse becomes a teacher?” Mal questions as he takes a sip of his whiskey.

“Just did.” Jean answers. “What bout you? What kind of jobs are you doing?”

“Only the legal.” Mal answers with a smirk.

“I bet.” Jean smiles back.

“Who’s this?” Kaylee asks when her and Simon come back to the table.

“I’m still trying to figure that out.” Wash answers. “I think she served in the war with Mal and Zoe.”

“Mal, where did your manners go?” Jean questions.

“Who said I ever had any?” Mal questions back. “Alright, this is Jean Caan, she fought in the war with us, trained as a field nurse. We parted ways with her right before the battle of Serenity. Jean, this is my crew. Ya know Zoe; the man next to her is her husband, Wash. The fancy looking guy is our med, Sam, and the girl next to him is our mechanic, Kaylee. Got a couple others back on my boat, a mercenary and our cook.”

“Nice to meet you.” Simon says as he goes with Mal’s lie.

“You too.” Jean replies.

Mal waves his hand, indicating to the waitress to bring them another bottle. The next hour is filled with war stories and friends getting caught up.

“Cap’n, me and Sam are leavin.” Kaylee says.

“Be careful.” Mal says as they walk away.

“Jean, it was great seeing you again but my husband’s getting a bit impatient.” Zoe says as she stands up. She hugs Jean again before helping her husband out of his chair. “We’ll see you on the boat in the morning, captain.”

“Night Zoe.” Mal calls out. “So, do ya need to get back to your boat or ya wanna have another drink?”

“I have room upstairs.” Jean answers. “And I’d love another drink.”

“So would I.” Mal walks to the bar and buys another bottle, stumbling slightly on his way. Dropping back into his chair, he pours them both another shot.

“To finding old friends.” Jean toasts.

“Friends.” Mal agrees as he raises his glass to tap hers.


“Simon, we could still…” Kaylee says as she rests her head on his naked chest. “There can’t be that much of a risk.”

“No, Kaylee.” Simon replies. He bends down to kiss her sweaty forehead before turning her face up to his. “I want to Kaylee, I really do, but we can’t take the chance. A few moments pleasure isn’t enough to risk you becoming pregnant.”

“Yeah, I know.” Kaylee pouts.

“When we get back on the Serenity, I’ll give you the shot, if you want.” Simon offers.

“Can we go now?” Kaylee questions, excitedly.

“We could, but it won't be effective for a while.” Simon answers with a smile. “Besides, we spent good money on this room, let’s enjoy it.” He drops a kiss on her mouth before moving down her neck.

“Shiny.” Kaylee moans as Simon moves down her body. “I’m so glad River’s plan worked.”

“What?” Simon asks as he stops his journey. “And please don’t mention River’s name while we do this; it ruins the mood.”

“Okay.” Kaylee agrees with a giggle. “She told me to seduce ya.”

“I’ll have to thank her later.” Simon murmurs as he starts his journey again. “Really thank her.”


“Would you care for some tea?” Inara questions.

“Yes, that would be lovely.” Diplomat Alyson Chan replies. “I’m very glad that you took my request; the guild told me you were on a sabbatical.”

“Yes, I was.” Inara answers. “But I’ve always enjoyed being with you and it was time for my sabbatical to come to an end.”

“Something’s troubling you, Inara.” Alyson comments. “Why don’t you tell me what it is?”

“Because I’m supposed to be comforting you.” Inara replies with a smile. “That is the way this is supposed to work.”

“Yes, but it’s not how we work.” Alyson says. “We both know we only contact the other when we’re feeling troubled. You helped me come to the decision to accept my position as a diplomat and I helped you decide to leave home.”

“Yes, I know.” Inara agrees. “But you did contact me so why don’t we deal with your issue first.”

Alyson sets the cut of tea on the table before looking up at Inara. “I’m pregnant.” Alyson whispers.

“Are you keeping the baby?” Inara questions a few moments later.

“Yes.” Alyson replies. “I’m just not sure what it’s going to do to my career. Or how I’m going to tell the father.”

“How does a baby affect you doing your job?” Inara questions. “I’ve read about some of the things you’ve accomplished; you’re a great diplomat and I think you’ll be a great mother.”

“Thank you.” Alyson says demurely. “That’s what I needed to hear; that I’m good at what I do.”

“And the father?” Inara asks.

“He won’t want anything to do with this child.” Alyson replies. “It was a one time thing and I guess we both had too much to drink. He has plans for his own future and it doesn’t include having a child with a small-time diplomat for an almost rim planet.”

“He doesn’t approve of your career?” Inara questions with a raised eyebrow.

“If I had chosen to take a job on a core planet, such as Ariel, then yes, he would approve.” Alyson answers. “But no, he doesn’t approve of my choosing to work on Beaumonde. He thinks it’s the home of too many criminals and the like.”

“Yes, which is why my boat stopped here.” Inara says with a smile.

“Speaking of your boat, are you going to tell me which crew member you’re in love with?” Alyson replies.

Inara sets her cup down with a shaking hand and stands up. “That’s something that can be discussed later.” Inara gracefully walks over to take Alyson’s hands and pulls her off the couch. “Much later.” Inara mutters as she pulls the taller woman against her body. Running her hands through the blonde curls, Inara pulls Alyson’s head down towards hers.

“Mmm.” Alyson mumbles against Inara’s lips. “You always taste so good.”

“So do you.” Inara replies as she breaks the kiss and leads Alyson across her shuttle to her bed. Turning Alyson around, Inara unzips the back of the taller woman’s dress, dropping kisses on the exposed skin. Pushing the dress off her shoulders, Inara turns her back around before gently pushing her onto the bed. “You are so very lovely.” Inara whispers as she takes in the blonde’s body.

“Thank you.” Alyson replies as she scoots further up the bed to rest her head on the pillows at the head of the bed. “So are you.”

Inara smiles and then drops the frock she’s wearing to the ground. Crawling onto the foot of the bed, Inara starts to massage Alyson’s soft skin, starting with her calves. Running her hands up Alyson’s legs, she moves her body to rest between the blonde’s spread thighs. Inara slips her fingers into Alyson’s wet core, giving the stressed diplomat the comfort she was asking for.

“Awwww.” Alyson moans as Inara’s graceful fingers move inside her body.

Inara continues to thrust her fingers inside Alyson’s slick channel while bending over to suck on the bundle of nerves begging for attention. Alyson bucks against her face as she comes, a slight moan escaping her lips. Inara soothes Alyson through her orgasm and when it’s over, she moves up the blonde’s sweaty body to drop a deep kiss on her panting mouth.

“Thank you.” Alyson pants. “I needed that.”

“Yes, you did.” Inara agrees.

“Now, are you going to tell me about this person you’re in love with?” Alyson questions as Inara drops kisses down her body to suck on her nipples.

“Fine.” Inara agrees as she slides a hand down Alyson’s body to bury back inside her willing body. “Do you remember Atherton Wing?”

“You aren’t in love with that piece of go-se, are you?” Alyson questions around a moan.

“No.” Inara answers. “Do you remember what I said happened the last time I saw him?”

“Ohhh.” Alyson moans as Inara’s fingers pinch her clit. “Your captain started a fight…….you’re in love with your captain.”

“Yes.” Inara agrees. “But I’m not sure if it can be anything; I don’t know if I can give up my career and he’ll never be with me if I don’t.”

“Aren’t there other areas you can work in?” Alyson questions. “You don’t have to service clients, right?”

“There are other positions I can take.” Inara agrees as she brings the blonde to another orgasm. “I’m just not sure if I will. I trained my entire life to be a companion. It’s what I’m supposed to be.”

“It’s a part of who you are but not all of you.” Alyson pants a few minutes later. “Most people look for love their entire lives; you have it. Don’t let it go because you’re scared that it might not work out.”

“Thank you.” Inara whispers as she lies down next to the almost asleep blonde. “I needed to hear that.”


“This was a good idea that I had.” Wash comments as he runs a warm washcloth down Zoe’s back.

“The bath tub was my idea, husband.” Zoe replies.

“But the bathing was my part.” Wash says as he dips the washcloth back into the water to rewash Zoe’s back.

“You already washed that part.” Zoe says with a smile. “Many times.”

“Just want to get every speck of dirt.” Wash replies. “Who knows when we’ll get the chance to do this again.”

“You could join me.” Zoe says. “There’s more than enough room.”

“See, this is why you’re second-in-command.” Wash comments as he strips down. “You always have the good plans.”

“That I do.” Zoe agrees as Wash joins her in the tub. Water splashes over the sides from the extra person but Zoe doesn’t care about that. Wash settles down at the end opposite of her and Zoe moves onto her knees and crawls over to him. Straddling his hips, she drops down on him, both of them moaning at the contact.

“Love you, lamby toes.” Wash mutters as Zoe rides him.

“Love you too, husband.”


Hands find purchase on any area available as their mouths fuse. A door slams shut as a body presses a much smaller one against it. Hands move down to unbuckle and unsnap, pushing pants out of the way. In one slick movement, a zipper is lowered and a dress dropped to the floor.

“Do you have anything?” Jean asks as Mal drags her nipple into his mouth.

“Yeah.” Mal replies. Reaching down, he grabs his wallet out of his pants and pulls out the lone foil packet. Jean takes it out of his hands and uses her teeth to rip it open. Unrolling it down his hard cock, she moves one leg up to rest on his hip.

Mal gives brief thought to a recent conversation but his drunken mind refuses to focus on it. With one quick thrust, he buries himself in Jean’s open body.


“Gorram, kitten.” Jayne groans. “Ya sure know how to wake a man up.”

“Only you.” River moans as she rides his hard cock.

“Damn straight.” Jayne growls as his hands grab River’s hips possessively. “Ya’re mine.”

“Mmmm.” River mumbles.

“Say it.” Jayne demands as he thrust up harder. “I wanna hear ya say it.”

“I’m yours.” River purrs. “Only yours. And you’re mine.”

“That I am, kitten.” Jayne agrees. His hands slide up her ass to move around and cup her breasts. Rubbing her nipples with his calloused thumbs he growls, “Kiss me, kitten.”

River leans down to kiss Jayne and arches into his hands. She nips at his lower lip before sucking it into her mouth. Jayne groans and sucks her tongue into his mouth. Placing her hands on his chest, she starts to ride him faster, her hips slamming onto his.

“Jaaayne.” River moans against his mouth.

“Yeah?” Jayne groans as her body caresses his. He doesn’t wait for her to respond; he knows what she wants. Moving a hand off her breast, he slides down to find her clit. Rubbing it gently, he smirks at her response.

“Jaynejaynejaynejayne.” River screeches. “Jayynee, please.”

He continues to caress her lightly, loving the way her body arches back and shakes. He’s so busy watching her body he fails to notice her own hand sliding between them to join his. Her small finger moves between his larger ones to find her clit.

“Kitten, whadda think ya’re doin?” Jayne growls as he watches her touch herself.

“Pleasuring myself.” River moans as she presses down. “While you pleasure me too.”

Jayne moves his hand back up to cup her breast as he bucks up harshly. He watches as her body swallows him, as her finger caresses her clit. Pinching both her nipples, he slams his cock into her. The force makes her finger press harder and the pressure makes her cum.

“JAYNE!” River screams as her body tightens around him.

“Tyen-sah.” Jayne groans as her walls clench around him. “Kitten.” Jayne growls as he erupts inside her.

River collapses on his body and reaches up to kiss his chin. “Kaylee and Simon are back.” River says a few minutes later. “Zoe and Wash will be back in a few minutes.”

“What bout Nara and Mal?” Jayne asks as he rubs small circles on her back.

“Inara docked a few minutes ago.” River answers. “Captain isn’t back yet.”

“Huh.” Jayne mutters. He thought they was all stayin out tonight but they musta changed their minds. “Wonder what time it is?”

“A little after 9am.” River replies.

“What?” Jayne practically yells. “9am?”

“Mm hmm.” River replies. “We should probably go up there now.”

“Yeah.” Jayne agrees. River drops a kiss on his nose before jumping off him and moving around the room.

“My dress?” River questions as she looks around Jayne’s room. “Where’s my dress?”

“Oh, shit.” Jayne mutters. “We musta left it in the bay.” Jayne stands up and slips his pants on before grabbing his t-shirt. “Here, kitten, put this on.”

River slips his shirt back on and looks up at him. “What?” River questions at his look.

“Ya ain’t goin up there like that.” Jayne growls.

“Like what?”

“Kitten ya ain’t got no panties on and if there's a slight breeze, everyone'll know.” Jayne replies as he digs around through his clothes. Grabbing a pair of old boxers, he turns around and hands them to her. “Put these on.”

River rolls her eyes but slips the boxers on, rolling the waistband down until they’re snug enough not to fall off. The end result is the waistband sitting low on her hips and the bottom portion barely covering her ass cheeks.

“Turn around.” Jayne orders as he takes in her hipbones showing over the top of the boxers. “Wuo duh ma, if’n I knew how ya’d look in my clothes I woulda made ya wear em a while ago.” The skin of her lower back is bare from where she’s holding her shirt up. Her waist is so small she had to roll the waistband up to keep them falling down. If he looks hard enough, he can make out the bottom of her ass. He tilts his head to get a better look when River spins back around.

“Now is not the time.” River playfully scolds. “We forgot to clean up the mess.”

“Mal’s gonna kill us.” Jayne groans as he follows her out of his bunk. She climbs up the ladder first, teasing him with glimpses of her milky skin. “That’s just mean, kitten.”

River playfully shakes her ass at him before scrambling the rest of the up the ladder.

“She’s gonna be the death of me.” Jayne groans as he watches her. “But whadda way to go.”


“Did you have a nice time Kaylee?” Inara questions as she walks into the bay.

“Yes.” Kaylee says wistfully, still leaning against Simon. “It was wonderful.”

“Where’s the rest of the crew?” Inara asks.

“Zoe and Wash got a room, I guess.” Simon answers. “Mal was talking to an old army buddy when we left.”

“Oh.” Inara replies. “Simon, what are you looking at?”

“Is that River’s dress and Jayne’s boots?” Simon questions as he looks around the bay.

“Yes.” River answers as she walks into the bay, Jayne right behind her. “We forgot to clean up.”

“Oh.” Simon mutters as he digests seeing his sister wearing Jayne’s shirt and nothing else.

“His boxers too.” River says as she bends over to pick up her dress.

“Jesus.” Jayne mutters under his breath. “Kitten, ya gotta stop doin that or I ain’t gonna be able to control myself.”

Simon snorts. “Like you can now?”

“Hey.” Jayne protests. Everyone laughs in agreement.

“It’s okay, Jayne.” River says as she presses her body against his. “I can’t control myself either.”

“I know.” Jayne growls. He bends down to kiss her deeply, his arms wrapping around her body.

“They had all night together and they’re still going at it?” Wash questions as him and Zoe walk onto the boat.

“Little man, we could have a month together and we’d still be goin at it.” Jayne says as he breaks the kiss.

“We ready to head off?” Zoe questions as she looks around for Mal.

“We are if ya wanna leave the captain.” Jayne answers.

“Mal isn’t back yet?” Wash asks in shock.

“He’s on his way.” River says. “Running fast, head pounding, loins throbbing.”

“Don’t ya be talkin bout his loins.” Jayne growls as he wraps his arms around River possessively.

She leans back to kiss his chin and whispers, “only yours.”

“I know.” Jayne replies as he drops a kiss on her head.

Simon watches his sister with Jayne and finally gets it. She brings out his protective, human side and he brings out the real person inside the shell she used to be.

“Why’s your brother starin at us?” Jayne asks River. “He ain’t planning on castratin me, is he?”

“He finally understands.” River says. “You have his approval.”

“Huh.” Jayne grunts. “Thanks doc.”

“Um, you’re welcome.” Simon offers. “What did you…..”

Mal runs up the loading dock and stops in front of the crew, breathing heavily.

“Sir?” Zoe questions. “Do we need to leave in a hurry? Did you start a fight?”

“No.” Mal pants as he catches his breathe. “I just…”

“He wanted to get back before you guys did.” River comments. “Wanted to sneak in, like a little boy hiding from his parents.”

“Hey.” Mal growls. “I don’t need to hide from no one.”

“No, but you do need to zip your pants.” Wash comments. “And is that a hickey?”

Mal’s hand slam against the side of his face and he turns a little pink. “Just get us off this planet; we got a job to do.”

Mal walks past the gathered crew, avoiding Inara’s hurt gaze, and heads to his bunk. After taking a quick shower, he puts on some clean clothes before dropping onto his bed. He still feels bad for using Jean, even though she knew bout it. Hell, she even kissed his cheek this morning before telling him to go after what he wanted.

It didn’t matter how hard he tried; he would never understand women.

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