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A new Day Dawning

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Summary: Months after Early's visit, things start to change. Will the crew of Serenity be able to handle a grown up River?

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Firefly > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)sevangelFR1822121,019162445,4627 Nov 056 May 06No


Title: Symbol
Series: A New Day Dawning
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Not mine
Rating: R
Last time: Kaylee spent the last week acting like a ‘proper’ clone, River, Inara, and Zoe convinced her it wasn’t needed. River talked about all Jayne’s growls and then went to listen to the lusty one. Kaylee and Simon talked then had sex. The crew started dinner, talked about Simon being a workaholic, and then it was announced that River father promised her to Atherton Wing. Jayne left dinner, River followed, they talked, and then started making out.


“So, do you got a client, do you still call em that?” Mal questions Inara as he plops down next to her on the couch outside of the infirmary.

“Technically, yes.” Inara answers. “And no, I don’t have one scheduled for Cisum. Do you have some crime scheduled?”

“Of course.” Mal replies with a grin. “Don’t we always?”

“Yes.” Inara agrees, smiling back.

“You comin’ into town with us then?” Mal asks.

“Is that an invitation?”

“You gonna say yes?”

“Maybe.” Inara grins up at him.

“Then, yep, it’s an invitation.” Mal grins back.

“I would love to.” Inara answers. “You and Jayne aren’t going to start another bar fight, are you?”

“Be nice if we were but since River’s goin’ with us, we both know Jayne ain’t gonna put her in a position of almost bein’ hurt.” Mal replies.

Inara nods her head in agreement.

“Do you like it?” Mal quietly questions a few moments later.

“Pardon?” Inara replies, confused.

“The teachin’ thing.” Mal verifies. “Do you like doin’ it?”

“Yes and no.” Inara answers. “Being an active companion was a lot easier and less emotional. There were never any real feelings involved.”

“It was easier to sex men up then teach manners?” Mal grounds out.

“Isabel, the young lady I was teaching, she is 12 years old.” Inara replies.

“And?” Mal says, confused by where Inara is going with this.

“And the party I was preparing her to attend is the first time she’ll met her future husband.” Inara finishes. “That is what I was getting her ready for; to met a 24 year old man she will eventually marry.”

“This bout that whole thing with River bein’ promised to Wing?” Mal asks.

“It’s not the first time I’ve seen arrangements like this.” Inara answers. “It is very common on core planets. I never even really thought about it but then there are a lot of things I never thought about before coming onto this ship. You know, I was in the academy from the time I was 8 and didn’t start servicing clients until I was 20. 12 years of training washed away from living on this boat. My mother will be horrified.”

“You regret it?” Mal quietly questions.

“No.” Inara answers, turning her head to look at him. “It might scare the hell out of me sometimes but I will never regret being here or will I regret giving up my position as an active companion.”

“That’s good.” Mal replies. “Cause I don’t regret renting my shuttle out to you.”

Inara curls a leg under her body and leans her head against Mal’s shoulder.

Mal starts a bit when she leans against him but exhales slowly and wraps an arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer to his side. “Where do we go from here?”

“I have no clue.” Inara answers honestly. “I’ve never done this before. Where do you want to go?”

“Not a gorram place.” Mal answers, his hand running up and down her arm. “Right here is just fine with me.”

Inara closes her eyes as she feels goose bumps rise up on her flesh. “Me too.”


River and Kaylee are sitting in the dirt when the mule drives back towards Serenity. It passes them and goes into the ship for the illegal cargo to be emptied and hidden.

“What kinda trouble are you two up to?” Mal questions, stopping in front of his youngest crewmembers.

“We don’t get in trouble.” Kaylee protests.

Jayne snorts. “Course you do.”

“We may occasionally get kidnapped or threatened.” River agrees. “But it is not our fault.”

Jayne reaches down and pulls both girls to their feet. He then snakes an arm around River’s waist and pulls her against his chest. “I know that, kitten.” Jayne whispers as he drops a light kiss on her mouth. “And it ain’t gonna happen no more so it don’t matter none, right?”

River closes eyes as though she’s thinking hard. “The stars don’t know.” River replies, opening her eyes to look up at Jayne.

“There ain’t no stars out.” Mal points out.

“I know.” River agrees. “And just like we can’t see them, we can’t know if anything will happen.” She kisses Jayne’s neck before pulling out of his arms and grabbing Kaylee’s hand. “But we do know there aren’t two girls more protected than us in the entire ‘verse.”

“Yep.” Kaylee agrees. “There ain’t a gorram way in hell you’ll let us get kidnapped again.”

The rest of the crew walks out of the boat, Zoe turning around to lock the door. Simon walks over to take Kaylee’s hand. “Are we leaving now?”

“Sure are doc.” Mal answers. He starts out of the loading dock of Cisum and towards one of the many bars located near the docks. Zoe is on his right side, Wash beside her while Inara walks on his left, their hands brushing lightly as they walk. Simon and Kaylee walk behind them with River and Jayne bringing up the rear.

“You best be wearin’ panties.” Jayne growls down at her.

River closes her eyes and leans against his side to absorb the rumble. “And if I say no?”

“Then we’re goin’ back to the boat so’s you can get some on.” Jayne growls again.

River leans further into him, almost purring as his growls rumble through his body and into hers. She grabs his hand and places it on her ass.

“Gorramit, kitten.” Jayne growls. “I done told you not to leave the boat without panties on,.”

“Move your hand higher.” River instructs.

Jayne moves his hand up her ass until he feels the back of her thong. “Gorram kitten.” Jayne growls lustfully.

River smiles happily when she feels his lusty growl flow through her. “It’s your second favorite pair.” River says. “With its matching top.”

Jayne closes his eyes with a groan, an image of her wearin’ the red lace bra and thong floating through his mind.

“Jayne.” Mal yells over his shoulder. “You comin’ inside.”

Jayne glances up and realizes they’re in front of a bar. “Yeah, right behind ya.” He moves River around until she’s right in front of him and walks her into the bar, his arms wrapped right under her breasts. He follows Mal to the large half-circle booth the captain picks out. Kaylee and Simon slide in first followed by Wash and Zoe then lastly Inara and Mal. Jayne grabs a chair from an empty table next to them and pulls it up to the open side of their table. He plops down on it and then pulls River onto his lap. She leans back to cuddle happily against his chest. They order drinks and some snacks off a passing waitress.

“Cap’n, where we headed next?” Kaylee asks as she takes a handful of dried fruit from the bowl that was placed down between her and River.

“Gotta drop that cargo off on Boros.” Mal answers. “Which means we’ll be ridin’ in the black for a bit.”

“But we will be staying on Boros for four days, correct?” Inara questions.

“Yeah.” Mal answers. “Got some teachin’ set up?”

“Back to back actually.” Inara answers. “I will be gone almost from when we set down and until we leave.”

Jayne takes a gulp out of the whiskey in his hand, barely glancing down at River when she grabs the glass and takes a sip.

“Mei-mei!” Simon scolds.

River looks over at her brother with a confused expression. “What?”

“You just drank alcohol.” Simon replies.

“Think you’re a bit young to be drinkin’, little witch.” Mal adds.

“If she’s old enough to have sex, ain’t she old enough to drink?” Kaylee questions.

“You can’t treat her like an adult in one area and then treat her like a child in another.” Inara says.

“Thank you Inara.” River replies as she pops a piece of dried fruit into her mouth.

“I ain’t gonna get her trashed, doc.” Jayne assures him tightening his arm about her. “Hell, she ain’t even gonna get a buzz takin’ little sips like she is.”

“It’s gross.” River replies.

“Naw, kitten.” Jayne argues as he takes another drink. “Ain’t that bad at all.”

“Jayne.” Mal says, nodding his head towards the pool table and the men surrounding it.

“You ain’t gonna go startin’ a fight are you?” Jayne asks.

“Not plannin’ on it.” Mal answers.

“Go.” River whispers to Jayne. “Have fun. I will be fine.”

“You sure?” Jayne replies.

River reaches up and kisses Jayne before hopping off his lap. She sits down next to Kaylee and the two instantly start whispering.

Jayne follows Mal across the bar and listens while the captain lays down the bet. He grabs a cue off the wall and takes the first shot, glancing out the corner of his eye to check on River. She’s sittin’ beside Kaylee, the two girls talkin’ and laughin’, Kaylee pokin’ Simon in the stomach a few times.

“Jayne, you’re up.” Mal says, smacking Jayne on the back. “And she’s fine.”

Jayne turns to focus on his next shot and manages to make four balls in before he misses. They win the first game, taking the money the other men hand over with a grumble before challenging them to another. They’re halfway through the next game when Jayne glances over at the table to find River gone. He drops his cue and starts over towards the table when Simon hands a hand up, pointing to the bathroom.

“Jayne, you gotta relax a little.” Mal says. “I ain’t ever seen you this tense. She’s 20 gorram feet away; ain’t nothin’ gonna happen to her.”

“Ain’t like I’m doin’ it on purpose.” Jayne replies as he lines up his next shot. “Just ain’t used to this whole gorram thing.”

“That his daughter?” Tom, one of the two men they’re playing against, asks Mal.

“Hwai, don’t let him hear you say that.” Mal hushes. “It’s his girl.”

“Bit young, ain’t she?” Tom replies.

“She’s legal and consentin’.” Mal says. “Ain't a gorram thing matters but that.”


“I’m glad you’re being yourself again.” River tells Kaylee as they wash their hands.

“Me too.” Kaylee agrees. “Simon likes me for me; I was just bein’ too scared to realize it.”

“You were.” River agrees. She opens the bathroom door and starts back the table with Kaylee right behind her. They’re passing by the bar when a hand snakes out and grabs her arm.

“Why don’t you let me buy you a drink?” A young, handsome man asks. “We can sit down right here and have us a little talk.”

“You shouldn’t be doin’ that.” Kaylee cautions, glancing nervously over her shoulder. So far, nobody’s noticed.

“I am flattered but no thank you.” River tells the man as she pulls on her arm.

“Aw, come on, pretty girl.” The man pleads. “Just one drink. I promise you’ll have a nice time.”

Kaylee starts to say something else when the man is picked up and tossed across the room. “Too late.”


“Looks like somebody’s tryin’ to get some tonight.” Sam, the other man they’re playing says. “Not that I blame him; she is one cute, little thing.”

Mal follows the man’s gaze and groans. “Xiong meng de kuang ren.” Mal mutters. “Well, I wanted a fight, looks like I’m gonna get one.”

“Huh?” Jayne grunts, not understanding. He turns to follow Mal’s gaze and throws the cue down with a growl. He stomps across the bar furiously at the sight of some hundan touchin’ his girl. Not even thinkin’ bout it, he grabs the back of the guy’s shirt, picks him, and throws him across the room.

“You okay, kitten?” Jayne asks, gently taking her arm to examine the damage.

“Fine.” River assures him.

“Good.” Jayne growls. He then turns around and stomps over to pick the guy up with one hand. His other hand fists and drawls back to slam into the guys face.

“Jayne.” Mal yells, trying to stop the merc. He’s worked beside Jayne long enough to know what that look means. He aims to kill the man and Mal honestly don’t think he’s gonna be able to stop him.

River moves behind Jayne and grabs his arm before it slams forward again. “Jayne, stop.” River says quietly.

Jayne’s shoulders tense and his arm wants to slam forward.

“Please.” River whispers. “I don’t want him to die because of me.”

Jayne drops his arm and then drops the man.

“I didn’t know she was taken.” The man groans, his hand holding his bloody face. “I wouldn’ta talked to her if I did.”

“You touched her.” Jayne growls down.

“I’m sorry man.” He groans. “I didn’t know she was yours. Just thought she was lookin’ for a good time.”

Mal steps between Jayne and the man when Jayne takes a step forward. “Jayne, walk it off.” Mal orders.

Jayne looks ready to argue when River grabs his hand, urging him towards the door.

Mal waits until River and Jayne are out the door before leaning down and helping the bleeding man to his feet. “You don’t know how gorram lucky you are.” Mal says. “She hadn’t said somethin’, you’d be dead right now.”

“Figured that one out on my own.” He groans.

“Have a seat.” Mal orders, his hand waving to Simon behind him.

Simon moves beside Mal and starts to examine the man’s face. “Your nose is broken.” Simon says. “And your cheekbone is shattered.” He asked the bar tender for a few things and sets the man’s face.

“Thanks.” He says. “My mama always told me my mouth was gonna get me in trouble one day but I didn’t think it be this. He always that violent?”

“Sometimes but specially when someone touches his girl.” Mal answers. “Or innocently sits in a room alone with her. Or looks at her wrong.”

“You ain’t worried he’s gonna hurt her?” He asks.

Kaylee giggles. “Jayne’d kill himself fore he’d hurt her.” Kaylee explains when the man looks at her. “Think it’s what nobody’s gettin’; Jayne worships her. She’s the most important thing in is life.”

“We’re startin’ to get that, little Kaylee.” Mal replies. “Little hard not to when he’s hittin’ people all the time.”


Jayne stalks through town, River’s hand held tightly in his. He don’t know where he’s goin’; just knows he has to get away from that bar. The anger he felt after she was in Mal’s bunk is nothin’ compared to what he’s feelin’ now. He wants to kill that man. Just the thought of him touchin’ her makes him see red.

“Jayne.” River says softly.

“Yeah kitten.” Jayne rumbles.

“He didn’t know.” River whispers. “He didn’t realize I was yours.”

Jayne grinds his teeth as thoughts run through his mind. His entire life, he’s never loved somethin’ as much as he does her. It makes him feel weak and stronger than he ever has at the same time. His free hand goes into his pocket and he fingers the little pieces of metal that he’s been carryin’ round since their last post pickup. There’s only one place they got left to go; a place he’s never thought he’d be willingly goin’.

River moves closer to Jayne and leans into his side. She’s confused about the emotions flowing off him; anger, fear, nervousness, joy, and lust. He’s slipping back and forth between them all and she doesn’t understand why. But she knows he’ll tell her when he’s ready to and she won’t go digging for more.

Jayne glances around the town they're walkin’ through until he sees the building he’s lookin’ for. He walks purposefully towards it, a decision made in his mind. He stops in front of the building and pulls the door open, ushering River inside.

“Can I help you?” A man asks as he walks towards him, his long black robe only meaning one thing.

“Yeah.” Jayne replies. “We wanna get hitched.”


“Well, that was nice.” Wash comments. “And violent. Very Jayne like.”

“Yeah.” Mal mutters, disappointed. He was lookin’ for a little bit of a fight but not the angry beatin’ Jayne was doin’. “We should probably go. Kaylee, you need anythin’ fore we take off? And remember, we’re gonna be in the black for close to a week.”

“Nope.” Kaylee answers. “She’s doin’ fine.”

“We need to fill up.” Wash says.

“And we need supplies.” Zoe adds.

“Zoe, you and Kaylee go get supplies while me and Wash fuel up.” Mal orders. “Nara, you and Simon can just go back to the boat.”

The group exits the bar, Kaylee and Zoe heading into town while the rest of the crew walks back to Serenity.

“Should we look for Jayne and River?” Simon asks Mal, slightly worried about his sister.

“She’ll be fine.” Mal assures him. “And Jayne knows to get back within a few hours, he always does.”

Mal unlocks the boat and Simon and Inara head in while he and Wash walk towards the fuel station attendant.


“Miss, do you really want to be here?” The preacher questions. He glances nervously between the young lady and the huge man beside her.

River looks up at the preacher and then back at Jayne, completely floored by the change in events.

“Give us a second, will ya?” Jayne tells the preacher. He takes one last look at River before walking towards the front of the church. Jayne then turns to look down at River. “You don’t wanna?”

“Wanna what?” River replies.

“Get hitched.” Jayne answers, waving his hand towards the preacher.

“You don’t have to do this.” River whispers, tears filling her eyes.

“Huh?” Jayne mutters, confused. He sees the tears filling her eyes and swallows heavily, the nervousness returning.

“You don’t need to use the symbol to bind me to you.” River explains, biting her lip to keep from crying. She loves Jayne and would love to be his wife but not like this. Not because he wants to show the world she’s his but because he wants to. “I know I’m yours and your mine and I don’t want you to do something like this out of anger.”

“Kitten, look at me.” Jayne orders softly.

She shakes her head, her hair covering her face.

Jayne wraps his arms around her and pulls her against his chest. He uses a hand to tilt her face up, sighing heavily at the tears sliding down her face. His hands cup her face and he uses his thumbs to wipe her tears away. “Don’t do that, kitten.” Jayne pleads. “You don’t wanna and we’ll leave, just don’t cry bout it.”

A sob breaks from River’s throat and her tiny fists pummel his chest harmlessly. “I want to.” River sobs. “And it’s not fair, not fair. I want to wear your symbol but you don’t want to; just think you have to make a statement.”

Jayne grabs her fists and forces her arms around his body. She buries her face in his chest and he can feel her tears soaking through his shirt. Sticking his hand back into his pocket, he pulls out the two bands he’s been carrying around for close to a month. He pulls back from her and shows her the rings. “I wrote my ma bout you.” Jayne says. “Right after the whole Niska thing. She sent these back. They was my grandparents.”

River’s hand moves out to touch the two bands in awe.

“Look at me.” Jayne orders again. He waits until her eyes are on his before continuing. “I love you; I ain’t ever loved anyone the way I love you. This isn’t somethin’ I’m doin’ to make a statement; I’m doin’ it cause I want to.”

River looks down at the rings again and then back up at Jayne. Then she’s throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him deeply.

Jayne laughs against her mouth and then groans when she sucks on his tongue. He breaks the kiss, holding her slightly away from his body. “Kitten, we can’t go doin’ this here.” Jayne growls. “Sides, don’t we got somethin’ else to be doin’?”

River laughs happily, grabs his hand, and drags him down the isle to where the preacher is unashamedly watching.

“Enjoy the show?” Jayne questions, slightly pissed off.

“I believe we have a ceremony to perform.” The preacher answers. She’s completely willing and wanting to marry the large, dangerous looking man; he saw that a few seconds ago. He may not understand why such an innocent young lady is with the man he knows to be a mercenary, but he does recognize love when he sees it and these two are deeply in love.

“Yeah and we gotta honeymoon to start.” Jayne replies with a smirk. “Get to speakin’ them words.” He holds the larger band out to River. “I’m guessin’ you want me to wear one too.”

River snatches the ring, nodding excitedly. “Yes.”

An older woman walks into the room and stands next to the preacher. “This is my sister.” He explains. “She’ll be the witness.”

Jayne nods and turns towards River to see tears running down her face again. He sighs but knows these tears are happy ones. He pulls her against his chest until her body is flush with his. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

The preacher glances out the side of his eyes and sees his sister smiling happily at the couple. Then he starts saying the words he’s said a hundred times, only stopping to ask their names. He knows by the look of the man to keep this ceremony short. He has to cough a few times when they kiss and he worries for a second if him and his sister might have to leave the room.

Jayne pulls back, panting heavily. He looks down at River’s glazed eyes and knows they have to leave; now. “Well, thanks for that and all.” Jayne tells the preacher, reaching into his pocket; he pulls out some cash and hands it to the preacher. “We gotta go now.”

“You have to sign this before it’s legal.” The preacher replies. He finishes filling out the license and then holds a pen out to them. “Jayne, you sign right there.”

Jayne grabs the pen and signs his name.

“And Anne, you need to sign here.” The preacher instructs, pointing to the spot under Jayne’s signature.

River grabs the pen out of Jayne’s hand and signs the paper.

Jayne takes the copy the preacher hands him and folds it carefully to put in his pocket. River takes the two instant photos the sister hands her, smiling happily at the pictures of her and Jayne kissing.

Jayne wraps his arm around River and leads her out of the church. He starts to head for the ship when River stops him and points to a postal drop off stop.

“We must write your mother.” River says. “And send her a picture.”

Jayne mutters under his breath but follows his wife, gonna take a while to get use to that, into the small building. He watches her get a piece of paper and a large envelope. Jayne grabs a pen and starts trying to think what to write. “Gorramit, I ain’t good at this type of thing.” Jayne groans.

River grabs the pen and starts to write.

Dear Mrs. Cobb,

It looks like we have more in common than just loving Jayne. I am Mrs. Cobb too. I liked the rings you sent; they fit our fingers perfectly. I must keep this letter brief, as we have to go. I am enclosing a picture from our wedding for you to frame and put on your wall. I will write you a longer letter when we have more time.


River Cobb

Jayne reads the letter and then tucks it and the picture into the envelope, fills out his parents’ coordinates, and takes it to the counter. He pays the post and then grabs River’s hand. “I believe we got a marriage to make all official.”

“Yes.” River agrees, practically running to keep up with his long strides. “And you have a shiny present to open.”

Jayne starts to walk faster, his arm dragging River behind him. He feels her stumble slightly and reaches back to pick her up.

River squeals happily when she goes flying and grabs onto Jayne’s neck to keep her steady. He walks intently towards the ship and River starts to nibble on his neck.

“Kitten, you gotta stop that.” Jayne groans. “I ain’t gonna make it to the ship as it is.”

River ignores Jayne and drags her teeth down his skin before sucking and biting at his neck. Jayne groans again and starts jogging towards the ship, River held tightly in his arms.

“Is she okay?” Simon asks worriedly when Jayne runs into the ship with River in his arms. “Did something happen?”

Jayne just runs past him.

“What happened to River?” Kaylee asks as her and Zoe rush into the ship. “We saw Jayne runnin’ through town with her but he wouldn’t stop when we yelled.”

“I’m not sure.” Simon answers. “He wouldn’t answer me either.”

“Do you really have to wonder what they're doin'?” Mal says as he walks into the ship. “Is it really that hard to figure out?”

“No.” Simon mutters as it dawns on him. “I get it now.”

Kaylee giggles. “Looks like Jayne ain’t mad no more.”


Jayne manages to get down the ladder and into his bunk but he don’t know how. He walks over to the bed and drops River onto it before stripping down. “I believe I gotta present to open.” Jayne huskily says, crawling on top of her. He inches her dress up her body, his mouth eating at hers. His knees straddle her body and he sits up to look down at her. Reaching a hand out, he traces it down her face and neck to run under the neckline of her dress. “You got any ruttin’ idea how gorgeous you are?”

River feels the blush cover her face and chest.

“Ain’t no need to blush, kitten.” Jayne drawls. “It’s the truth.”

River moves her hands to the hem of her dress and starts to pull it up her body.

“Uh uh.” Jayne says, shaking his head. “It’s my present and only I get to open it.” He moves off her body to stand next to the bed. “Come on, kitten, gotta stand up.”

River sits up and places her feet on the ground, her knees shaking.

Jayne sits back down on the bed, his hand moving out to pull her closer until she’s only a few inches away. He runs his hands under the hem of her dress, his calloused palms rubbing against the soft flesh of her legs.

River moans at the feel of his hands rubbing against her legs. “Jayne, you must unwrap your present before the season is over.” River whispers.

“Ain’t gonna be over, kitten.” Jayne smirks. “Gonna last a long gorram time.” But he does slide her dress up her legs, staring lustily at the little scrap of lace covering her. He pulls the dress the rest of the way off, River raising her arms to help. “If this ain’t the shiniest gift I’ve ever gotten.”

Jayne trails his hands up her body to cup her lace-clad breasts. His thumbs rub her nipples until they’re hard as a gorram rock. Then he dips his head to drag a nipple into his mouth, sucking it through the lace, his tongue rubbing the lace into the hardened flesh.

River’s knees feel as though they’ll buckle and her panties are tight and wet against her aroused flesh. “Jayne, touch its match.” River orders, widening her stance.

Jayne ignores her and moves over to suck and nip at her other nipple. His hands rub up and down her back slowly and gently as he continues to eat at her flesh.

River knows her legs are going to give out at any second. She scoots forward and drops down to straddle his knee. A mewl escapes her mouth as her aching cunt lands on his hard body. Wanting more friction, she starts to move up and down, riding his knee like one would ride a horse. Jayne’s mouth is still sucking at her breasts as she slams her body down onto his knee over and over again.

Jayne growls against her breasts when she drops her sopping cunt onto his knee. He can feel her soaking his skin and starts to push up as she drops down. She’s riding his knee quickly and with force, her thighs clamping around his. He moves a hand up to tug at her left nipple and bites down on her right while rotating his knee against her. Her back arches and she moans his name as she cums.

River drops against Jayne’s chest, panting irregularly.

Jayne grasps River’s waist and stands her up. His hands move her body around and he palms her bare ass cheeks. “I ruttin’ love these panties.” Jayne growls, sliding his hands into the back of her thong. His other hand strays to her front and he cups her heat. She whimpers and her knees buckle again until she’s being held up solely by Jayne’s hand cupping her.

“You okay, kitten?” Jayne questions, his fingers pushing against her wet core through her panties.

“Yes…no….I can’t stand up any longer.” River pants, rubbing her crotch against his hand. “Need to lie down and need you on top of me; inside of me.”

“Need that too.” Jayne agrees. One large hand rest on her belly as the other pulls her panties off. He kisses the small of her back and reaches up with his free hand to unsnap her bra. He pushes it off her shoulders and it drops down her arms to hit the ground. He then picks her up and lays her gently onto the bed. He straddles her body again and is a little startled when her legs lock around his hips.

“No more playing.” River growls. “Need you inside.”

Jayne leans down to kiss her while at the same time pushing deep into her body. River moans and arches against him. Then they’re pushing against each other wildly, mouths biting as they try to find completion. River reaches it first, a scream leaving her throat as she clenches tightly around him. Jayne goes over a thrust after her, her name leaving his mouth on a groan.

Jayne rolls over onto his back and pulls River on top of him. His hand runs up and down her back a few times and then he stops to stare at the gold band on his finger. He grabs her left hand and twines her fingers with his. “Love you, kitten.”

River smiles happily at their intertwined hands with their matching bands. “Love you too Jayne.”


“They gotta come out of there sooner or later, doc.” Mal assures Simon. “Jayne can only go so long without food and it’s been what, 17 hours? He’ll smell the food and they’ll be here. Till then, eat.”

Simon does as ordered and starts to eat some of the meat-type food in front of him. Kaylee chatters happily, holding Simon’s hand under the table. Halfway through the meal, loud footsteps are heard coming down the hall.

“Told ya.” Mal says with a smirk. He looks up at his merc and genius as they enter the mess. “Nice to see you two.”

“Can’t say the same.” Jayne grunts, plopping down in his chair. River sits on his lap with a sigh. “We couldn’t take the hunger no more.” River stands up and fills their plate until it’s overflowing and then sits back down on Jayne’s lap. Her right hands snakes out to grab her fork and digs in, sitting to the side so that Jayne can eat around her.

“Jayne, hand me the basket.” Wash says, his hand pointing to the basket of rolls on the table.

“Sure.” Jayne mutters. He grabs the basket and hands it across the table to the pilot.

Mal chokes on the food in his mouth. “Lao tyen yeh, what the hell is on your hand?”

“What?” Simon questions, standing up to look at Jayne’s hand. “Is that….why...when.” Simon then reaches out and grabs his sister’s left hand to see a matching gold band.

Kaylee squeals happily.

Simon and Mal sputter.

Wash’s mouth moves but nothing comes out.

Inara and Zoe smile at each other.

Jayne takes River’s hand out of Simon’s and places it back on his thigh. “We forget to mention we got hitched?”

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