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A new Day Dawning

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Summary: Months after Early's visit, things start to change. Will the crew of Serenity be able to handle a grown up River?

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Firefly > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)sevangelFR1822121,019162445,4697 Nov 056 May 06No


Title: Honeymoon
Series: A new Day Dawning
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Not mine
Rating: Heavy R, there is smut.


“Hitched?” Simon screeches. “As in married? As in husband and wife?”

“All of the above.” River replies.

“Oh, this is so shiny.” Kaylee squeals, running around the table to hug River. She then hugs Jayne once before hugging River again. “Looks like you’re movin’ outa our bunk now.”

“Yes.” River agrees quietly. “Are you going to be okay now?”

“Yeah.” Kaylee replies. “Sides, ain’t like I spend much time there anyways, spend most of my time in Simon’s room.”

“I believe I gotta rule bout unmarried folk shackin’ up.” Mal says, eyeing Simon and Kaylee.

“We ain’t shackin’ up.” Kaylee defends. “We just have sex then I fall asleep in his room. All my clothes and stuff are still in my bunk.”

Simon blushes and looks down at his plate.

“I can’t believe….Jayne is married….makes no sense…” Wash mutters.

“Jayne, you didn’t marry our sweet little River just to prove a point, did ya?” Mal asks.

“No.” Jayne replies. “And she ain’t yours, she’s mine. Ain’t that right, kitten?”

“Yes.” River agrees. “And you’re mine.”

“Yep, gotta paper that says so and everything.” Jayne kisses River’s temple as he leans back in his chair.

“Paper?” Simon says panic evident in is tone. “You registered your marriage?”

“Yeah.” Jayne answers as he digs into his back pocket. He pulls out his wallet and then takes a folded piece of paper out of it to hand to Simon.

Simon unfolds the paper and reads it before looking at his sister and her husband.

“Let me see that.” Mal orders, taking the paper out of the doctor’s hand. “Anne R. Reynolds, who the ruttin’ hell is that?”

“Me.” River answers. “I very well couldn’t use my own name so I used my middle name as my first and my first as my middle, and then your last name.”

“Oh, makes sense.” Mal agrees. He studies the newly wed couple for a few moments as he slowly eats. “I can’t give ya time to take a proper honeymoon right now so I’ll give ya the same thing I gave Zoe and Wash; you both got the week off. Until we get to Boros, you two can do as you please.”

“Thanks, Mal.” Jayne replies. “C’mon, kitten, I’ll help ya move your stuff outa Kaylee’s bunk and into mine.”

“Okay.” River agrees as she moves off his lap.

Jayne grabs the paper out of Mal’s hand and carefully folds it back up. He puts it back in his wallet and then back into his pocket.

“Simon, you okay?” Kaylee asks after River and Jayne are gone.

“Yes.” Simon replies. “I think so. Did they just say they got married?”

“Yeah.” Mal says. “I never thought I’d see Jayne married when there weren’t a gun held against his back.”

“Me either.” Wash agrees, still shocked. “It’s unworldly.”

“I can’t agree more.” Mal replies.


Jayne leans against the wall as he watches River pack her meager amount of things. He’s never realized how little she has, hell besides all the panties and underwear she bought a couple months ago, everything she owns once belonged to Nara or Kaylee. He wants to buy her things but knows anything he can buy her ain’t gonna be what she’s used to. Bein’ poor ain’t a big deal to him, sure he likes money but he’s gone without for a long gorram time. Long as he’s got food in his belly, the occasional cigar and bottle of booze, ammo for his girls, and before River, trim money, he’s a happy man. Now that he’s with River, he finds himself needin’ the booze and cigars less and less, she’s enough to keep him satisfied. He ain’t spent money on trim in he don’t remember how long and he knows he ain’t gonna. As much as it shocks him, he’s got no desire to be with anybody but River. Hell, he don’t even really get worked up lookin’ at Zoe or Nara no more. It’d scare the hell outa him if’n he didn’t hard as a gorram rock just thinkin’ bout River.

River packs her things quickly and quietly, Jayne’s emotions pouring over her again. This is why she was so worried about becoming his wife; he’s angry. She doesn’t know why but the only logical reason could be that once the heat of the moment was over, he’s realizing he doesn’t want to be married, not to someone like her. She knows Jayne loves her; she can practically taste it when he touches her. But she also knows she’s not normal and she never will be. She’s not the kind of woman a man would want to bind himself to. She needs Jayne so much more than he will ever need her. She needs his mind to keep hers safe and calm. She needs his body to keep her safe and warm. And she needs his love to keep her safe and centered. All in all, she needs him so very much. And Jayne is probably starting to realize this and is feeling trapped and tied down. She doesn’t think she can survive without him but she loves him too much to bind him to a marriage he doesn’t really want. She can leave; she will never force him to leave his home but she can leave. It will have to be when they get to Boros and she will have to go when Jayne is with the captain dropping off the cargo because he will stop her from going. Simon will too so she will have to do it quietly and secretly. She doesn’t know where she will go but it doesn’t really matter because without Jayne, she will pretty much just fade away. She closes her bags quietly and then turns to face Jayne.

“That everything?” Jayne asks quietly.

“Yes.” River replies.

Jayne takes the bags out of her hands and motions for her towards the ladder.

River takes one last look around her old room and then climbs quietly up the ladder. She waits for Jayne at the top and then follows him to his bunk.

Jayne kicks his bunk door open and holds it that way for River to climb down. He jumps down after her and sets her bags on the chair by the door. “You gonna unpack them now?”

River shakes her head.

Jayne frowns at the quick jerks of River’s head. She’s sittin’ on the edge of his bed, starin’ at the wall. Her shoulders are slumped and after peerin’ closer, he sees them shakin’ slightly. “Kitten, what’s wrong?”

River shakes her head harder.

Jayne sits down on his bed and leans against the wall before pulling River onto his lap. She curls into his lap and buries her face into his chest. After a few seconds, he can feel tears soaking through his shirt. Completely confused and slightly scared, he rubs his hand up and down her back as she cries against his chest.

“Kitten, what’s wrong?” Jayne asks after her sobs slow down.

“I can’t do it.” River whispers. “I’m not strong enough to do it.”

“Do what, kitten?” Jayne replies, still completely confused.


Jayne’s hand stops moving and he pushes her shoulders back to look down at her face. He ain’t ever seen her lookin’ so miserable and scared and lost. “Leave?” Jayne repeats. “We ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

“I was going to leave.” River whispers.

“What?” Jayne replies, his tone harsh. He roughly tilts her chin back to look directly into her eyes. “Why?”

“I would never force you to leave your home.” River answers.

“Okay, I ain’t a genius so you’re gonna have to explain this to me.” Jayne pushes one hand through his hair, completely frustrated, while his other hand presses against her back to hold her against him.

“Serenity is your home and I won’t make you leave.” River explains quietly, her hands playing with the bottom of his shirt. “But I can’t be here and not be with you; it would be too hard. But then leaving would be harder and I don’t think I’m strong enough to survive without you, I think I’d rather just curl up in a ball and die.”

“You ain’t gonna die.” Jayne growls. “And you ain’t goin’ nowhere and you’re gonna be with me, we’re ruttin’ married.”

“I know.” River shouts, her hands wringing his shirt. “I know we’re married but you don’t want to be and I love you so much and I just want you to be happy and not feel trapped.”

Jayne’s a little startled by her shout; she’s never really yelled at him. Other than that, he’s completely confused again. “Kitten, we done talked bout this, I married you cause I love you.”

“I know you love me.” River agrees. “But you don’t want to be married to me; why would you?”

“Cause I love you.” Jayne replies. “Cause you’re the best thing to ever happen to me and cause I can’t live without you.” Jayne tilts her hand back again and wipes at the tears fallin’ down her face. “Kitten, I don’t understand where any of this is comin’ from. Do you regret gettin’ hitched?”

“You were angry.” River whispers. “While you watched me pack my things you were angry and I could feel it. I didn’t look; I wanted to but it’s not fair to look when you can’t see what I’m thinking. But I’m not stupid. You’re realizing what being bound to me is going to be like and now you feel trapped and caged in and it makes you angry.”

Jayne’s eyes widen and his mouth drops open in disbelief.

River takes Jayne’s reactions to mean he agrees and jumps off his lap with a loud sob.

Jayne pulls River back and flips them over until she’s lyin’ on the bed under him. Her arms and legs start to thrash so he does the only thing he can do; pins her down. He grabs her dainty wrists in one large hand and then locks his thighs around hers, holding her legs still. “Gorramit, look at me.” Jayne orders.

River closes her eyes and turns her face towards the wall. She can feel the tears burning her eyes and cheeks as they flow freely from her. She wants to die; she wants to curl up into a ball and just die.

Jayne moves River’s head back with his free hand, sighing heavily at the tears pouring down her face. It’s tearin’ him up, seein’ her like this. But he’s startin’ to understand what’s goin’ on. Despite what she’s been through and how ruttin’ smart she is, she’s still young and still very insecure. “Open your eyes, kitten.” Jayne says softly, his thumb rubbin’ softly against her cheek. “C’mon, open em.”

A sob catching in her throat, River does what Jayne asks and opens her eyes to see him looking down at her.

“That’s my girl.” Jayne soothes. “Now, let’s get somethin’ straight, I don’t feel trapped or caged in. I don’t know where you’re gettin’ this crazy ass idea from but I don’t regret marryin’ you.”

“You should.” River replies. “I’m not normal and I never will be. I get scared and lost and confused and you’re always going to have to find me and it’s not fair to you. I need you so much and eventually, it’s going to….”

“Kitten, none of that matters to me.” Jayne interrupts her babble with a small smile. “I know you ain’t normal, I’ve always known it and it don’t matter none to me. I like you bein’ all slightly crazy; it’s part of who you are. And I’ll always find you, no matter what happens. You try to leave and I’ll ruttin’ tie you to my bed till you stop tryin’, dong ma?”

“Okay.” River agrees, her belly unclenching little by little with his words. Jayne might not think he’s good with them but to her, they’re beautiful. “Why were you angry then, if it wasn’t about being married to me?”

“Just thinkin’ bout stuff.” Jayne replies. “Bout how I’ll never be able to give ya half the stuff you deserve; I ain’t never had anybody dependin’ on me, not really, and you know what life’s like out here. Money’s tight and half the time we ain’t gonna be able to ‘ford nothin’ but food.”

“That’s it?” River gasps. “That’s why you were so angry?”

“Yeah.” Jayne replies. “You deserve so much more than I can give you.”

“Like what Atherton Wing could give me.” River says.

Jayne’s body tenses and a growl rumbles through his chest. “Yeah.”

“I don’t care about that, Jayne.” River says. “If all I cared about was what I could have, I would marry somebody like Wing. You make me happy and safe and warm and loved and sated and so many other different things; that’s all that matters to me.”

“Oh.” Jayne mutters as he stares down at her.


“Yeah, kitten?”

“My hands are going numb.”

“Hell.” Jayne mutters as he legs go of her wrists. “Sorry bout that, kitten.”

River wraps her arms around his neck and pulls his face down to hers. “It’s okay.”

Jayne presses his mouth against hers and pushes his tongue past her lips. He kisses her deeply for a few minutes before pulling back, leaving her panting underneath him. “You know, I ain’t ever been good with words.” Jayne leers down at her. “Maybe they weren’t nuf to convince you; maybe I need to show you how much you mean to me.”

“I’ve always been a very, very slow learner.” River replies with a bright smile. “Maybe you will need to show me more than once.”

“Maybe I will.” Jayne agrees. “Can’t have you not learnin’.”

River’s head drops against the mattress with a happy smile as Jayne nibbles at her jaw line. This is when she knows everything will be okay. This is when all the insecurities and fears just float away, when he’s touching her. She sighs and then giggles when he rubs his goatee against her neck, the soft hairs tickling her skin.

Jayne smiles at her giggles and rubs his chin across her neck over and over again. His hands smooth down her body until they reach her belly and then he lightly digs his fingers into her.

River squeals and tries to move away from Jayne’s fingers but his thighs are still holding her down. Jayne knows her body better than she does herself and one by one, he runs his fingers over her tickle spots until she’s squirming under him and laughing so hard tears are running down her face again. “Can’t breathe.” She manages to puff out between laughs.

Jayne stops tickling River and moves his weight off her as she catches her breath. “Ya know, I find myself wantin’ to do a little experiment, for learnin’ of course.” Jayne says once her breathing is back to normal. “But I’m gonna need your help.”

“Anything for learning.” River replies.

“That’s good.” Jayne says as he moves off her. “First though, we’ll need to get these clothes off; they’ll just get in the way.”

River quirks an eyebrow, curious as to what kind of experiment requires her to be naked. Jayne strips her quickly, tossing her clothes to the ground behind him.

“Go ahead and lay down.” Jayne orders as he strips down to his boxers. “You best be gettin’ comfortable; this might take a bit of time.”

River drops back onto the bed, Jayne’s pillow under her head. She wonders if she should feel embarrassed or exposed at her sprawled out position. Her hands are locked loosely and resting between Jayne’s pillow and her head leaving her arms exposed and her small breasts pillowed against her chest. The kisses and Jayne’s mostly naked body added in with the slight chill in the room has made her nipples hard and tight. Her belly is slightly clenched with excitement; whatever Jayne has planned she knows she’ll enjoy. Her knees are slightly bent and spread, almost like they would be if she were being examined. She watches Jayne watch her and can’t help her body’s squirm; it arouses her when Jayne watches her. She wants him to watch her touch herself but doesn’t know how he will respond to that request so she hasn’t asked yet. She can feel her self growing moist and swollen as Jayne’s eyes rake her body.

“You’re just the most gorram beautiful thing in the verse.” Jayne says huskily. He battles his desire to just bury himself into her as he moves back down to straddle her.

“Jayne.” River says quietly.

“Yeah, kitten.” Jayne replies.

“There’s something I want to do, after you’re done with your experiment.” River says, her desire to fulfill her fantasy overriding whatever embarrassment she may fee. “But I’m afraid you might think it’s weird or might not like it.”

“You gonna be naked?”

“Yes.” River furrows her brows, confused by what that has to do with anything.

“Then I’ll like it.” Jayne assures her. “You gonna tell me what it is?”

“No.” River replies. “I’ll never be able to do it if I tell you beforehand.”

“Alright.” Jayne says, shrugging away concern. Whatever it is, can’t be that big of a deal. “But first I get to do my experiment.”

“Okay.” River agrees. “Are you going to explain your experiment?”

“Sure.” Jayne agrees as he kisses her chin and then drags his tongue down it. “Now, you’re a ticklish girl and I’m just wonderin’ if’n it’s just my fingers or if my tongue and goatee will make you giggle just as much. So I figure the best way to find out is to test each and every spot.”

“Ohhh.” River moans at the plan. Her most ticklish spots are places Jayne would kill another man for touching.

Jayne kisses at her neck and drags his tongue across it. She moans loudly and arches her neck but doesn’t giggle. “Guess it ain’t the same there.”

He runs his mouth down her neck and nips at her collarbone.

“Not ticklish there.” River says.

“I know but it looked all creamy and smooth.” Jayne replies. “Just had to taste it.” His mouth nibbles across her collarbone to drag down one arm. Unlike most people, River ain’t all that ticklish in her armpits; the soft skin of her upper arm is more sensitive. He drags his goatee down it and she giggles and then he runs his tongue up it; she moans.

River’s body is being overwhelmed with sensations and she’s shocked that’s it’s not confused. One second Jayne is tickling her with his goatee and the next he’s sending shivers down her spine with his tongue. He moves back across her collarbone to test her other arm.

“Well, looks like it’s the same.” Jayne comments as he moves away from her arm and back to her torso. “The goatee tickles and my tongue makes you moan.” He slides down her body a little until his mouth is level with her breasts. Now, here is her second most ticklish spot, the bottom of her breasts. She told him she never knew she was even ticklish there till him and it’s one of his favorite places to play with. He gently pushes her right breast up, pinching her hard nipple between his fingers just for the moan, until the soft skin is revealed. He rubs his chin against it and is rewarded with something between a moan and a giggle. He’s guessin’ she’s so worked up at this point that her body don’t know how to react. He drags his tongue across the magic spot and she mewls. He uses his other hand to push up her other breast, his fingers still pinching her nipple and tests the skin exposed.

River feels her self leaking onto Jayne’s sheet as he performs his experiment. She’s completely confused by her body’s reactions; if something tickles when you touch it, shouldn’t it always tickle? Going by his experiment, the answer is no. His tongue lapping at her ticklish spots is doing nothing but making her more aroused.

Jayne releases each breast and leans up to press a soft kiss to each budded tip before scooting further down her body. He drags his chin down her belly and can feel her muscles clenching under him. She doesn’t giggle but she doesn’t moan; she just kinda pants. He nibbles at the soft flesh for a moment before lapping at it with his tongue. Her body arches off the bed and she whimpers. “Well, now, that there’s a reaction.” Jayne says as he licks around her belly button. She moans again and starts rubbing herself against his belly. Her arousal wets his skin and he can’t help but grow harder at her highly aroused state. He moves down her body until his face is above her hips and no part other than his hands are touching her body.

“Jayyneee.” River moans with frustration as he moves away. The friction of her body rubbing against his felt wonderful and she wants it back.

“Not now, kitten.” Jayne replies. “Still gotta few more places to check. He grabs her foot and rubs his chin against the bottom of it. She giggles. “Guess this one tickles.” Then her runs his tongue down the bottom of it. She giggles. “Looks like it’s the same.” His hands run up her legs as he pushes them apart. “Now, how’s bout we get to your most ticklish spot?”

Jayne leans down and blows softly on her moist folds just for the hell of it. He can’t help but smirk when she bucks her hips with a moan. Placing a hand on her lower belly, he holds her still as he moves towards her number one spot. Her legs widen to ease his journey. His chin moves towards the inside of her thigh, right next to her folds and between her ass and cunt. This is her most ticklish spot, the soft skin between her thighs. His chin rubs against the area and she mewls loudly. Then he runs his tongue down it; she squeals and bucks her hips again. “Guess that didn’t tickle in the least amount.” He continues to test the area as his hand slips down her lower belly to delve between her folds. She’s more than ready to go and he easily slips three fingers inside her.

River rides Jayne’s hand, her body so very close to the edge. His experiment was one of the most arousing things she’s ever experienced. She comes with a scream, her hips bucking erratically against his hand and face.

Jayne pulls his fingers out of River’s body once her walls stop clenching around him and pops them into his mouth to suck her juices off. “Now, what’s this thing you wanna do?” His curiosity has gotten the best of him and despite the throbbing in his loins, he wants to know what she wants to do.

“You must sit on the bed.” River orders, butterflies fluttering in her belly. Jayne’s seen her touch herself before but never like this; he’s never seen her completely naked while her fingers play with her body and she just hopes he finds it as pleasurable as she’s going to find it to be.

Jayne sits down on the bed and leans against the wall as he watches her move around the bunk. She pushes her bags off his chair and then drags it over towards the bed. He’s a bit confused when she puts the chair almost right against the bed, only a few inches between them.

River situates the chair until it’s in the most logical place for her fantasy. She never thought she’d find the idea of somebody watching her masturbate to be arousing but her body is already pulsing from just the idea. She sits down in the chair, thankful that’s it’s padded and soft. With a nervous clenching of her belly, she throws her legs over the arms of the chair until her body is completely open.

Jayne sits up at the sight of her exposed body, still unable to figure out what she’s up to. He briefly wonders if she wants to do it in the chair but that though flies out of his head her hands cup her breasts. “Holy fuck.” Jayne mutters as realization of what she’s plannin’ dawns on him. “You want me to watch you touch yourself, don’t ya?”

“Yes.” River replies quietly. “Do you want to watch?”

“Hell yeah.” Jayne growls. “Don’t know how long I’ll last but you go right ahead and do what you want.”

River pinches her nipples roughly and then moans at the little shocks of pleasure that float through her body. She tugs and pulls at the aroused bits of flesh until the throbbing between her legs can’t be ignored. She runs her hands down her belly but stops right before she reaches her hand’s goal. She looks up to see Jayne watching her with a concentration she’s never seen on his face.

Jayne’s hands grip the mattress to keep himself from pulling her towards him and onto his steel hard cock. The sight of her playin’ with her tits is bout the most arousin’ thing he’s ever seen and he wants to watch her get herself off; he just hopes he can hold back for that long.

River keeps her eyes locked on Jayne and slides her fingers between her folds. She uses her right hand to separate her folds and then pushes three fingers from her other hand inside herself. She sees Jayne bite his lip and glances down to see the tip of his cock poking through the fly of his boxers. She pumps her fingers slowly and deeply, her hips moving with her fingers. The quiet bunk is filled with the tell-tale sound her fingers make moving in and out of her highly aroused body. Her hand is becoming covered with her moistness and she’s getting closer and closer to the edge as each second passes. And she can tell from the tenseness in Jayne’s body that he’s a few seconds from grabbing her and pounding into her. She wants to come for him; wants him to see her body milk her fingers. She moves the hand holding her folds open around until her thumb is free and then presses it against her clit forcibly. It doesn’t take more than three quick thrusts to push her over the edge.

Jayne groans and almost creams himself when she comes. Her body milks her fingers tightly and he can see the flush of her orgasm cover her body. He’s on her before she’s even come down, one hand ripping his boxers off while the other pulls her fingers out of her body. His hands then move under her ass to tilt her hips up, he moves her legs over his shoulders, and then pushes into her with one quick thrust. It’s not the most comfortable position in the verse; half his body on the bed and half of it on the chair but he manages. His hand snakes between them after the first few thrusts to find her clit; he knows he ain’t gonna last much longer. He rubs against her clit over and over again until she’s babbling incoherently under him. His mouth presses against hers for a second before dragging down her body to pull a nipple between his lips. He bites down hard on her nipple, presses down on her clit and pushes deep into her body.

River is still trying to deal with her first orgasm when Jayne pushes into her body. Then she’s being overwhelmed as Jayne plays her body like a finely tuned instrument. He knows her body better than she does and he knows just how to bury her under pleasure until she can’t see or feel anything but it. And before she’s even completely recovered from one orgasm, he’s pushing her into another one. She can’t hold back the scream that builds up in her throat and doesn’t even try to.

Jayne comes with River, unable to hold back anymore. When he’s finally able to catch his breathe and focus again he realizes with a laugh that he’s lyin’ on top of River on a tiny ass chair, her legs locked over his shoulders, his mouth pressed against the side of her face, and her fingernails digging into his back.

“You okay, kitten?” Jayne asks.

“Mmhmm.” River moans. “Sleepy.”

“Yeah, me too.” Jayne agrees as he pulls out of her. He picks her up and then drops back onto the bed, River sprawling across his chest.

River squirms around until she’s comfortable and ends up laying half on Jayne and half on the mattress.

“You feelin’ better now?”

“Yes.” River replies, cuddling happily against him. “You proved how much I mean to you.”

“That’s good.” Jayne murmurs. He grabs his blanket off the wall and covers them both up.

“Mmm.” River mutters sleepily. “Jayne.”

“Yeah, kitten?”

“You may need to prove it again.” River says. “I may forget.”

“I pretty much plan on provin’ it to ya everyday.” Jayne replies. “Just to be sure you don’t go forgettin’ again.”

“That sounds like a very good plan.” River agrees.

“Mmhmm.” Jayne mutters.

“Jayne.” River whispers a few minutes later.

“Huh?” Jayne grunts, almost asleep.

“Love you.” River says.

Jayne presses a sloppy kiss against River’s head. “Love you too, kitten.”

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