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A new Day Dawning

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Summary: Months after Early's visit, things start to change. Will the crew of Serenity be able to handle a grown up River?

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Firefly > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)sevangelFR1822121,019162445,4677 Nov 056 May 06No


Title: Dance 7th a new day dawning
Disclaimer: Not mine.
FYI: This is the first smut I’ve ever written. Have no idea how to rate it, so to be safe, I’m saying between R and NC-17, closer to R though.


“You okay doc?” Mal asks Simon as he enters the mess just in time for dinner.

“No, not really.” Simon answers, quietly.

“Simon, what’s the matter?” Kaylee asks, concerned.

“River, what else.” Simon replies. He drops into his seat, forgetting to pull Kaylee’s chair out for her. He gives her a small smile as an apology. The crew passes the food around the table silently, not asking for Simon to explain. Once they have started eating, Mal asks the question again.

“What’s up with River? Why ain’t she here?” Mal suddenly realizes that she hasn’t been present for any meal since dinner 3 days ago, the day Wash got shot. In fact, aside from the talk he and Zoe had with her bout what happened, he ain’t seen her.

“I don’t know.” Simon says, putting his fork down. He’s really not hungry. “She was doing so well this past month, in fact, last week was the best she’s been since I got her out of the academy. She’s even been off drugs for a couple weeks. Suddenly, for no reason I can understand, she’s slipping back.”

Jayne knocks his glass of water over, making the crew around him jump. “Gorram thing.” He mutters, moving up to grab a rag and clean up his mess.

“You okay Jayne?” Mal asks. “Seem kinda jumpy.”

“Fine Mal.” Jayne lies. “Hit my cup with a fork.”

“She say anything to you?” Mal questions.

“What?” Jayne growls. “Who ya talkin bout.”

“River.” Mal answers.

“Why would she say somethin to me?” Jayne asks.

“Ya have that understandin thing goin on with her.” Mal answers. “Just thought she mighta said somethin crazy-like that only you seem to be able to understand.”

“She ain’t said nothin to me.” Jayne grunts.

“Maybe you’re just overreacting son.” Book tries comforting the overtaxed brother. “We all have our bad days.”

“No, I know I’m not overreacting.” Simon firmly states.

“How do you know?” Inara questions. Simon is rather overprotective of his sister. It wouldn’t be out of the norm for him to over dramatize something small.

“She asked for something to help her sleep.” Simon verifies.

“How’s that mean somethin’s wrong?” Mal questions, confused. “You were giving her stuff before.”

“Yes, but she never wanted it.” Simon answers.

“You drugged her with her not wantin ya to?” Jayne growls.

“Yes.” Simon answers, giving the merc a questioning look. Why did he sound so mad about him giving her drugs?

“Simon, I thought the drugs you were giving her were to help her. Now you’re sayin you just drugged her for the fun of it?” Mal almost yells. He knew he shoulda said something bout him druggin her too much.

“What?” Simon asks, offended. “Of course I didn’t drug her for fun.”

“That’s what it’s soundin like.” Mal growls. “Seems like she’s just somethin for you to experiment on, if that’s the case, makes you no better than those who did it to her in the first place. “

“She is my sister and I love her.” Simon growls back. “I have done everything in my power to protect her, make her well. Yes, I did experiment with drugs, but never just to play and never anything that could hurt her. Every drug I gave her had a purpose, could have helped heal her. I resent being compared to the hundan’s that raped her mind.”

“Then explain why you were giving her somethin that she didn’t want.” Mal retorts.

“The drugs I gave her to help her function, most of the time she didn’t mind them.” Simon explains, stopping to take a drink of water. “Sometimes she didn’t like the effects, for instance, when Jayne bought those apples, the drug combination I was giving her at the time made her vomit. It did make her more lucid but she said she didn’t like the feeling of coming down, so I stopped giving them to her.”

“She puked?” Wash questions.

“Yes, there were a lot of side effects for most of the drugs. Some made her physically ill, some gave her migraines, others gave her insomnia, one even gave her seizures.” Simon answers.

“Yet you kept drugging her.” Mal points out.

“I had no other choice, especially after what she did to Jayne.” Simon answers, sending the man in question a look. “I had no clue what would make her violent again and I didn’t want to put the rest of you in jeopardy.”

“You kept druggin her cause what she did to me?” Jayne asks.

“Yes.” Simon answers. “You were right, she was a danger to the crew. What if she had hurt Kaylee or Inara? I had no clue what was done to her, what she is capable of. I still don’t, not really. She won’t tell me anything, like she’s trying to protect me from what was done to her. So I tried helping her the only way I know how, medicine. But even that didn’t help her, not long term wise. Sometimes the drugs would ease everything for a while but nothing permanent, especially at night.”

“Nightmares?” Kaylee questions.

“Yes.” Simon says. “She hated getting sedatives. When I would give them to her, she would look at me like I was torturing her.”

“Why’d ya give them to her still?” Jayne grunts.

“Nightmares.” Simon verifies. “She would wake up screaming most nights. Then she would cry for hours, on the nights I didn’t give them to her. Call me selfish, but I can’t stand seeing her like that. So I would give her something that completely knocked her out and the next morning she’d have to dig herself back up. I don’t think she’ll ever forgive me for that.”

Kaylee reaches over to hug Simon, trying to comfort him. He accepts the hug, but doesn’t return it. “That’s the reason I know something’s wrong with her. She would never ask for a sedative.”

The crew is silent, most of them not looking up from their plates. “She’s havin em again.” Kaylee whispers.

“What?” Simon questions.

“She’s woken me up screamin the last couple nights.” Kaylee says. “I’d wake her up and then hold for a few minutes till she stopped cryin. Then we’d play cards for a while, till she felt better.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Simon asks, angrily.

“She asked me not to.” Kaylee says, looking down at her hands. “Said she has to learn to survive them on her own now.”

“Then why did she make me give her the shot?” Simon wonders out loud.

“I’m guessin for me.” Kaylee answers. “You’re right, it’s not easy watchin her like that; I ended up cryin with her. Then I couldn’t sleep, kept watchin to make sure she was okay.”

“You should have came and got me, I’m supposed to watch over her.” Simon says.

“It’s just somethin I felt I had to do.” Kaylee replies. “She protected me, hell, she got herself beat up on account of me. If’n I can make her feel better, then it’s only fair. She probably wanted the shot so’s I could get some sleep tonight.”

Jayne roughly stands up, throwing his fork onto his half eaten meal. He starts out of the mess hall, when Mal’s voice stops him. “Where you goin?”

“Bunk.” Jayne grunts out.

“You left food.” Wash points out.

“Not hungry.” Jayne growls, leaving the crew a little stunned.

“Since when does Jayne not finish a meal?” Wash questions after the merc’s gone.

“Never. Doc, you don’t think he caught whatever Book had, do you?” Mal questions.

“No, I gave him the vaccine. If it didn’t work, the rest of us would have caught it too.” Simon answers. “Do you think I can get him in for a checkup?”

“Nope. Jayne ain’t goin near the infirmary less he been shot, stabbed, broken, or somethin long those lines.” Mal answers.

“He just might not be hungry.” Zoe says, knowing perfectly well why he left. Something must have happened and she’s guessing it wasn’t good, going by the shape River and Jayne were in. “There was a bowl in the sink earlier, he probably just ate something then.”

The crew finishes dinner, though most of them don’t eat much. Everyone is worried about whatever is wrong with River.


Jayne stands outside of the mess hall for a few minutes, making sure nobody was bout to get up. When he hears them start eating again, he moves away from the wall he was leaning against. He moves down the hallway towards the girl’s bunk. Once he reaches the hatch door, he knocks roughly on it.

“Girl, ya awake in there?” Jayne growls.

After a few seconds, he hears the hatch door open, and then River moves up the ladder until her head is visible. “Yes.”

“What’s goin on?” Jayne growls. She looks like hell. She has huge bags under her eyes, eyes that happen to be blood shot. He can tell she ain’t been sleepin and it cuts into him.

“Why do you care?” River asks.

“Gorrammit, kitten,” Jayne growls, “ya know we can’t be together, but that don’t mean I ain’t gonna worry bout you.”

“Not your kitten, you didn’t want her.” River whispers.

“You know that ain’t true.” Jayne reaches out to touch her cheek. She allows it for a second, and then jerks back.

“Just don’t.” River cries out. She hurries back down the ladder, closing the hatch.

Jayne growls out, kicks the hull of the ship, and then slams his fist against the wall, again. “Gorramitt.” He looks down at his hand; it’s the same one he used last time. Only this time, he thinks he might have broke somethin.

With a growl, he moves back into the mess hall to find Simon. “Doc, need ya to check if my hand’s broke.” Jayne growls down.

“What?” Mal yells. “What’d the hell did you do?”

“Tighten a bolt in my bunk, my hand slipped, slammed it into the hull of the ship.” Jayne lies.

Mal gives the merc a funny look; his story sounds fake. But he follows them towards the infirmary anyway.

Simon points towards the chair, indicating that the big man should sit down. With a heavy sigh, Jayne plops down onto it, holding his left hand out for the doc to see.

Simon takes his hand, gently unfolding and refolding his fingers. When he reaches Jayne’s ring finger, the merc growls at him. “That ruttin hurt.”

“I don’t think you broke it, probably just sprained it.” Simon says. He moves over to grab some tape and a splint, then moves back the merc. “I’m going to wrap it and give you a shot for the pain. It should be healed in a few days. I would advise not using it anymore than necessary. It’s not the hand you use to shoot, is it?”

“No.” Jayne growls. “Just give me the gorram shot, and make it somethin that’ll knock me out, while you’re at it.”

Simon looks towards the captain, who just nods. Then he prepares the shot, the same thing he just gave his sister, only a higher dosage. “It will be effective in about 30 minutes, so I would suggest just going to your bunk.”

Jayne grunts at the doctor, and then leaves the infirmary, not saying anything.

“I want you to keep an eye on him. He starts wantin drugs a lot or seems like he ain’t sleepin, I want you to tell me.” Mal orders.

“Okay.” Simon answers. Simon was planning on doing it anyways; he was worried about the merc. Which shocks the hell out of him. The only reason he can come up with is that Jayne’s seemed concerned about his sister and seems to be looking out for her. The captain leaves without saying anything else. Simon moves to clean up the mess he just made, his mind completely worried about his sister.


Jayne wakes from his drugged sleep. Gorrammit, his hand hurt and he feels like he’s been trapped under sand for hours. Man, he thought the drugs would make him feel better when he woke up. His body may feel rested but his mind feels all groggy. No wonder she hates gettin these shots. She’s got nuf problems sortin through the chaos in her mind, without having it all fogged up.

He reaches down to grab the pants he took off last night and pulls them on. He thinks about trimmin up his beard but just ain’t got the motivation. After pulling on a somewhat clean shirt, he drops back down onto his bed, his face in his hands. He misses her. Somethin he’s never felt fore. Sure, he missed his mama at first but after a couple years, he got past that. Learned to be on his own and he liked it. Hell, he ruttin loved it. There’s never been nothin he ain’t been able to walk away from, but he has the feelin he ain’t gonna be able to leave her. It equally scares him and pisses him off. He weren’t lyin when he told her she’s too young for him. Hell, he’s almost 15 years older than her. He’d normally never do more than look at a girl that young but he knows she’s different. She may be young but she’s done experienced more hell than most people his age. She’s more than her age. And she may be smarter than him, way smarter, but that don’t really mean much. Courding to her brother, she’s smarter than everybody.

The real reason he cut it off were cause of the dreams. Not the sex ones, he ruttin loved those. It was cause of the other ones. The ones where a little, dark haired, girl with big ruttin brown eyes calls him daddy. In the dream, the little girl would sit on his lap and ask him to play tea party with her and he ruttin would. Then River’d come up beside them and the little girl would call her mama. He’d been havin them for the last week. He just ignored them the first couple nights but they wouldn’t ruttin stop. He didn’t feel trapped like he does during other uncomfortable dreams, actually far from it. He felt happy, content in the dreams and that scared him. When he woke up, instead of feelin happy to be awake, out of the dream, he felt like somethin was missin.

He’s never thought bout havin kids, weren’t somethin a man in his line of work should think on. When he was gettin trim, he always made sure he used protection. Some of the whores tried to get him to forget bout it, said they was protected themselves, but he still used it. Didn’t wanna chance leavin somethin behind after he left. He’s never not used somethin, even when completely trashed. So the thought of havin a kid should scare the ruttin hell out of him, only it ain’t.

That’s the real reason why he cut it off.

Plus watchin Zoe and Wash, seein how close they come to losin each other, well he couldn’t handle that. He ain’t even had River and the thought of somethin happen to her tears him up. He knows if he was to ever have her, he won’t be able to let her go. And he ain’t ready for that kinda commitment.

With a growl, Jayne leaves his bunk and goes towards the mess. He arrives at almost the same time as Simon.

“Has anyone seen River? She’s not in her bunk or the engine room or any other place I searched.” Simon asks, running into the room.

“Ya lost your sister?” Jayne questions before he can stop himself. He knows there ain’t nowhere she can go, less she put a suit on. Which she coulda. He moves to go check the cargo bay when Zoe walks in.

“River’s on the bridge.” Zoe says.

“What?” Simon asks.

“She’s on the bridge. Came up bout 20 minutes ago.” Zoe clarifies. “She’s fine, just watchin Wash fly.”

“Okay.” Simon says, relieved.

Jayne doesn’t say anything, just grabs some of the lunch set out and sits down to eat it.

Mal walks into the mess, also grabbing some food and sitting down. “Doc, your sister’s on the bridge.”

“Yes, I know.” Simon says. “Do you want me to go remove her?”

“It’d be kinda funny to see ya try, but no, she ain’t hurtin nothin.” Mal answers. “Jayne, ya gonna be okay for the job?”

“Yeah.” Jayne grunts. “Finger feels better, sides it ain’t my shootin hand.”

“Good.” Mal says. “We gotta drop that cargo off at some friends of Badger’s on Grande, it’s a moon off Persephone. Then I thought we’d have a night out. There’s a bar called Night Tricks, should be pretty safe. Inara, you book any clients?”

“No.” The companion replies, moving to sit down at the table.

“What?” Mal asks. “Why, no one respectable enough?”

“I actually didn’t look.” Inara answers. “I am taking a short sabbatical.”

“A sabwhatacal?” Mal questions.

“Sabbatical, a leave of absence, usually lasting a year in length.” Simon explains. “Though I’m guessing you’re not taking a year off.”

“No, only a couple weeks, a month at the most.” Inara answers and then turns towards Mal. “Don’t worry, you’ll still get your rent money.”

“Weren’t worried bout the money.” Mal says. “Somethin wrong?”

“No, I just feel like taking some time off.” Inara answers.

“Fine.” Mal says. “Then, if you don’t mind you can stay on ship with the girls.”

“She doesn’t need to stay, I’ll be here.” Simon protests.

“Actually, you won’t.” Mal says. “You need some time off this ship. You’re startin to get even more, how’d Kaylee put it, oh yeah, stiff.”

“Are you forgetting about the fugitive thing?” Simon asks.

“Don’t worry none bout that.” Mal answers. “Grande is a stop over point for people like us. Alliance don’t go there, too afraid.”

“Mal’s right.” Jayne agrees. “Alliance is too purple-bellied to come there.”

“They why would you think we’d be safe there?” Simon asks.

“They got their own laws, they won’t mess with us.” Mal answers. “It wasn’t a request, it’s an order. You and Wash’ll meet us there bout an hour after we land. So, Inara, can you stay with them?”

“Yes, I’m sure we can find something to do.” Inara answers. “Will Book being going with you?”

“Yes, I think I will.” Book answers for himself. “It will be good to get off ship. I am assuming this is a somewhat respectable place?”

“It’s a combination of bar, restaurant, night club with some whores thrown in for fun.” Mal answers. “Don’t worry, we’ll be gone long fore it gets too wild.”

“Good.” Book answers. “I could use some real food.”

“And I’m sure Jayne could use some of their other merchandise, right Jayne?” Mal questions the merc.

“Sure.” Jayne grunts, though the idea doesn’t have the appeal it used to. But it could be the answer to his problem. Maybe if he got some trim, he could get over this whole fixation with River.

“We’ll touch down in bout half in hour. Jayne, two guns, nothin too big though. Don’t need to make them too uncomfortable.” Mal orders. Jayne finishes eating, cleans his bowl, then leaves the mess. He goes down the hall to stand outside of the bridge for a few minutes. She ain’t talkin, just sittin there. He’s bout to leave when she turns round to look at him for a second, and then turns straight back around.

Jayne turns with a growl, going to his bunk to get some weapons. Mal’s right. He needs to get some trim. They should be there long nuf for him to find some willin whore.


“Are you sure they’re going to be safe?” Simon questions Wash as they walk towards the bar place.

“Mal wouldn’t leave them if they weren’t.” Wash assures him. “Come on, you should be excited bout getting off the boat. You’ve only been off what 3 or 4 times. And in those times, you were either kidnapped, beat up, or arrested. You just need a quiet night out.”

“He’s right son.” Book puts in.

The three continue to walk; well actually, Wash limped with the cane Jayne had made him. Actually surprised the hell out them all, when Jayne dropped the cane on the table in front of the pilot. Jayne just muttered something bout not wantin to carry the him round all the time.

“Think they’re there?” Simon questions, walking into the club. It’s actually not that bad, a lot better then that bar in Canton. There are a couple of belly dancers moving around the room, but mostly everyone is either eating or drinking.

“Yep, right over there.” Wash points to the table where the crew is sitting. They are at a large booth. Zoe and Mal are sitting on the inside, across from each other. Jayne is sitting in a chair pulled up to the table, a blonde, what Wash was guessing to be, whore on his lap. He had forsaken the glass and was drinking whiskey straight from the bottle. They walk across the bar, Simon standing behind the pilot to make sure he wasn’t over exerting himself.

“Hey wifey.” Wash says, dropping down beside his wife. “Job go okay?”

“Fine.” Zoe answers, kissing her husband. “You get here okay? Doc, should he be walking this much?”

“If he didn’t have the cane, then no. But with the cane, most of his weight is on his good leg.” Simon answers. “I’ve been watching him, if I feel he’s over exerting himself, I’ll tell you.”

“Be sure that you do.” Zoe says and then turns to Jayne. “Sure you should be doing that?”

“What?” Jayne grunts, between drinks. He’s hoping he can get drunk enough to get the urge to take the whore upstairs. So far it’s not working.

“What’re ya talking bout Zoe?” Mal asks, confused. “Course he wants to be doin that. Since when did you starting worrin over Jayne’s sex life?”

“Not sir.” Zoe replies. “Just wonderin if it’s smart to be drinkin that fast.”

Mal starts to reply when his pants start beeping. Pulling the com out, he pushes Simon off the seat to go outside, where he can hear. “What Inara?” Mal asks once he’s outside.

“The girls want to come over.” She answers.

“Inara, we talked bout this. Don’t want them off ship.” Mal says.

“You said you don’t want them off without you.” Inara protests. “The bar is only a few minutes away from Serenity. We will be fine walking over. Please?”

“Fine.” Mal replies. “You better be here in 30 minutes, dong ma?”

“Thank you Mal.” Inara replies sweetly.

Mal puts the com back in his pocket and moves towards the bar. He’s going to regret letting them come; he just knows it.


“What’d he say?” Kaylee asks, hopefully.

“He said yes.” Inara smiles at the two girls. “But we only have a few minutes to get ready. We have to be there in 30 minutes. So, if you two want to, we can run to my shuttle and freshen up.”

“Shiny.” Both girls reply.

“Need to change first.” River says. Kaylee nods in agreement. The two girls go to their shuttle, agreeing to meet the companion in her shuttle after they changed.

“What’re ya gonna wear?” Kaylee questions River.

River holds up a shiny black skirt and matching tank top. Kaylee nods her approval.

“How about you?” River questions back.

“Whata ya think bout this?” Kaylee questions, holding up a dress. It’s a pretty reddish color with black swirls through it. It was about knee length with small straps.

“Simon will approve.” River answers.

“Ya think?” Kaylee asks, hopeful.

“Yep, it’s very pretty.” River says.

The change clothes quickly, though River is done first. She puts her combat boots on while waiting for the mechanic to finish.

“Whoa River. That looks nice.” Kaylee says. “Let’s go get prettified.”

Giggling, the two girls run through the ship until they reach the shuttle. Inara sets them both down and starts brushing their hair.

“River, your hair is gorgeous.” Inara comments. “And so much longer when it’s brushed out.” River’s hair, which normally rested somewhere down the middle of her back, reaches her butt once it’s brushed out. Inara decides to leave it down, it looks very pretty. She quickly piles Kaylee’s hair on top of her head, leaving a few curls to hang down.

“Would you two like to wear some makeup?” Inara asks. Both girls nod excitedly.

“River, you just need some lip gloss and mascara.” Inara expertly applies a light pink lip-gloss to River’s lips, making them look more plump than normal. She then applies some mascara to her upper eyelashes, making them seem longer.

“Kaylee, lets do some lipstick, eye shadow, and blush.” Inara says as she starts applying the make up. She finishes quickly.

“I have some body glitter, if you two would like some.” They both nod again, so Inara applies some glitter to Kaylee’s collarbone. On River, she applies it between her breasts, making her cleavage look bigger than it actually is.

“All right ladies. We ready?” Inara asks. She herself doesn’t change, because as always, she looks gorgeous.

“Yes, let’s go.” Kaylee answers.

River and Kaylee get on each side of Inara, linking arms with her. Inara casts a couple looks around before exiting Serenity. She waits for Kaylee to close the door and lock it. Then, the three women make their way to the bar, Kaylee and River practically pulling the companion down the street.


“What’d Nara want?” Zoe asks Mal once he returned.

“The girls are coming over.” Mal answers.

“Are you sure that is safe?” Simon asks.

“Yep, they should be here in a few minutes. Don’t worry bout it doc.” Mal assures him.

Mal gets up to order some food for the girls. By the time it’s ready, 20 minutes had passed. He grabs the food, drops some money on the counter, and then heads back to the table. “Got em some food.” Mal says, dropping it onto the table.

Jayne reaches around the whore to grab a bite off the plate. Mal glares at him but he just ignores him. Now should be the time he should be takin the whore upstairs, before she showed up. But he knew he wasn’t gonna. He didn’t have the urge and the alcohol wasn’t helping. In fact, he’d given up on it after bout a third a bottle. He wasn’t even buzzed yet. With a sigh, he reaches to grab the bottle again when he hears Mal swear.

“What?” Jayne questions.

“What the hell is she wearin?” Mal growls.

“It’s a very nice dress.” Simon says, looking towards Kaylee. “I don’t see the problem.”

“Weren’t talkin bout Kaylee, doc.” Mal says. “Was talkin bout your sister.”

“What? What is she wearing?” Simon questions.

Kaylee, Inara, and River move into the room, in that order. From Simon’s point of view, he can only see Kaylee and Inara, since River is in the back. As the two move aside, Simon takes in his sister, his mouth hanging open. She’s wearing a tight, glittery, black tank top. It’s low cut, way too low cut. She’s wearing a black skirt, which isn’t abnormal, except he can see the sides of skirt are cut up high, almost to her hips. Her hair has been brushed out, making it longer than normal. Even from this distance, he can see she’s wearing make up.

Jayne turns to look when he hears Mal’s comment bout River. When he sees her, he almost swallows his tongue. Gorram, she looks hot. Her breasts are hanging out the top of her top and for some ruttin reason they seemed to glow. Her lips look plump and juicy and he swallows hard as he remembers the taste. Her skirt is cut up high, showing her shapely legs. Damn, she looks good. Then he realizes if he can see her like this, then every other hundan in this bar can too. He lets out a deep growl, making the crew look at him for second, before they turn their attention back to the women making their way over to the table.

River glances around the bar until her gaze settles on Jayne. She holds her gaze on him for a few moments, and then quickly glances away towards the two women dancing in the middle of the room. She notices that Kaylee and Inara continue towards the table but she doesn’t move, just watches the dancing.

“What the gorram hell is your sister doin?” Jayne growls towards Simon.

“I don’t know.” Simon replies confused by why his sister isn’t moving. “She loves to dance, she’s probably just watching them.”

As they watch, River starts dancing, mimicking the movements in front of her. Her arms are thrown above her head, her eyes closed, as she rocks her hips. She gyrates her body across the floor, drawing the attention of the 2 belly dancers. They move to surround her, one in front, and one in back. Then the three start dancing wildly, their bodies only inches apart.

“Yep, doc, you’re right. She likes to dance.” Wash grins.

“I meant ballet, jazz, tap. Classical dancing.” Simon manages to get out. “I didn’t meant this…….”

“Bumpin and grindin.” Kaylee provides helpfully.

“Well yes.” Simon replies.

Jayne watches her dance, his body getting hard. The whore gives a giggle and tries to squirm closer. Jayne grabs her side to hold her still.

Mal watches River dance in shock. She don’t look like a child now. Then he starts to notice some of the men noticing her in a way he don’t approve of. A couple large guys move towards her. One puts his hand River’s shoulder to get her to stop moving. Mal stands up to move towards them, turning to yell at Jayne to follow him. But before he can say anything, Jayne carelessly shoves the whore out of his lap and moves across the floor towards River.

“I’ll grab the girl, ya take care of em.” Jayne growls. Mal starts to argue, when Jayne holds up his bandaged hand. “Want me to break the good one in a fight?”

“Fine. Just take her back to the boat while I deal with this.” Mal orders.

Once Jayne reaches River he grabs her out of the man’s grip, throws her over his shoulder, and then turns to leave the bar, ignoring Simon’s protests.

“Where is he taking my sister?” Simon asks Mal once he comes back to the table.

“Back to the ship.” Mal answers.

“I’ll go with them.” Simon says, starting to stand up.

“No, you’re stayin right there.” Mal orders, pushing him back down. “Jayne’ll keep her safe. Now, those two men have offered to by us a round of drinks and talk some business, kind of a peace offering. We need the job, so you’re gonna sit there and accept the apology.”

“How long?” Simon asks.

“Bout 30 minutes.” Mal answers.

With a sigh, Simon gives in; scooting over so one of the men can sit down.


Jayne unlocks Serenity, River still over his shoulder. He hasn’t said anything, neither has she. He opens the door and moves through the cargo bay to the mess hall. Once he’s in the mess, he drops River onto the couch to glare down at her.

“What the ruttin hell do ya think ya’re doin?” Jayne yells.

“Dancing.” River answers, glaring up at him.

“I know you ain’t been round men much, so maybe ya don’t know what kinda effect ya have on men movin and lookin like that.” Jayne growls down.

“They wanted me.” River says. “Thought I had nice legs; could imagine them wrapped around their hips.”

With a growl, Jayne grabs River’s arms and pulls her to her feet. Fisting his hand into her hair, he roughly presses his lips against hers, forcing his tongue between them. They kiss that way for a few minutes, until River pushes her hands against his chest, forcing their mouths apart.

“Why do you care?” River pants. “You had your easy trim.”

Jayne gives a deep chuckle before replying. “Jealous, kitten?”


“Sure were.” Jayne drawls. “That’s why ya did that dancin for. Tryin too get me jealous too.”

“It worked.” River replies. “It was either dance or go over there in rip that artificially colored hair out of her head. I concluded that captain would be less angry about the dance than the hair pulling.”

Jayne laughs again then plops down to sit on the couch. Reaching out, he grabs River’s hand and pulls her onto his lap. “You’re mine.” He growls at her before kissing her roughly. River gives a happy sigh, wrapping her arms around his neck. Jayne uses his foot to pull to ottoman closer, and then puts his feet onto it, making a hollow for River to sit it. She slides down until her knees are straddling his hips, their pelvises inches apart.

“Kitten, I don’t think we got nuf time for this.” Jayne groans.

“25 minutes. Captain is getting a job, need to play nice with them.” River replies.

“Shiny.” Jayne says. He kisses her again, pulling her closer, until their hips are touching.

“Jayne.” River moans, slightly rocking her hips.

“Hmm.” Jayne replies.

“I hurt.” River moans again.

Jayne stops, pulling his lips away from hers. “What’s matter, kitten? I didn’t hurt ya did I?”

“Not that kinda hurt.” River answers, trying to pull him back. “I ache.”

“Awww, that kinda pain.” Jayne grins knowingly.

“And I’m all wet.” River says.

“Gorram, kitten, ya’re gonna kill me.” Jayne groans. He lowers his hand to slide up her leg, making her moan. When his hand reaches the top of her hip, he looks at her in shock. “Kitten, ya ain’t wearin no panties.”

“I know.” River squirms, moving her hand next to his to try and move it.

“Look at me.” Jayne growls. River slowly moves her head up until her eyes are locked to his. “Ya don’t ever leave this ship without panties on again, less ya’re with me, dong ma?”

“Okay.” River replies.

Jayne reaches down and kisses her again, rubbing his tongue over hers. He then continues his good hands journey up her thighs. When he reaches the apex of her thighs, he shocked by how wet she was. “Gorram kitten, ya weren’t kiddin.”

“Please Jayne, it hurts.” River moans.

Jayne pushes her skirt up until her entire lower body is bare. Grabbing her hand, he brings it down to join his own. Sliding their joined hands through her curls, he rubs her nub a couple times, making her moan loudly. Then he removes his hand leaving hers still between her legs.

“Jayne?” River questions, squirming against her own hand.

“Wanna watch you.” Jayne growl out. River looks at him for a second, and then nods her head. Then she starts sliding her fingers between her folds, making her body shake slightly.

“Inside kitten.” Jayne orders, not taking his eyes off her movements.

River moves one finger inside her hole, making herself moan. She starts moving her finger quickly, her thighs starting to quiver from her actions.

Jayne pulls her tank top up, to reveal her breasts. Gorram, but she’s got great tits. Not too big, but not as small as he once thought. He reaches up with his good hand to cup her right breast, making her arch into his hand. He flicks her nipple a few times before pinching it between his thumb and forefinger.

“Other one.” River orders, getting a deep chuckle from Jayne. But he moves his hand to her other breast, giving it the same treatment. Jayne moves his gaze from her breast to look between her legs. She’s still moving her finger in and out, though she’s slowed somewhat.

“Two fingers, kitten.” Jayne instructs. River obediently moves a second finger to join the first. “Move em faster.” River starts pumping her fingers faster, which makes her eyes widen.

“Jayne, it burns.” River moans.

“That just means ya’re close kitten.” Jayne says. “Just keep pumpin em.” Jayne reaches down with his bad hand and uses his thumb to rub her clit while at the same reaching up to pinch her nipple with his good hand. River’s eyes widen even more, her hips start to buck against their hands, and with a scream she cums.

Jayne watches her orgasm in awe, gorram she looks gorgeous like that. He lessens the pressure off thumb, easing her through her orgasm. Once she’s come down, he pulls her closer to kiss her fiercely.

Jayne pulls his hand from between her thighs and brings it up to his mouth to taste her juices. “Gorram, ya’d just have to taste like peaches wouldn’t ya.”

“You’re man parts are hard.” River points out.

“Yes, they ruttin are.” Jayne agrees with a laugh. “Whatcha expect after that.”

River reaches between them to unsnap his pants.

“Kitten, I don’t think there’s nuf time for that.” Jayne groans.

“Still have 7 minutes.” River argues. When he doesn’t say anything, she unzips his pants. She pulls him out with her right hand and just stares.

“Just gonna stare, kitten?” Jayne questions.

“Need to memorize.” River says. She wraps her right hand around him, her hand not reaching completely around him. “You’re larger than normal.” River states.

“How’d ya know that?” Jayne questions.

“Books. They give measurements. You’re above average.” River explains. She starts moving her hand up and down him, and then stops suddenly, making Jayne groan.

“Kitten?” Jayne asks.

“Need lubricant.” She thinks about licking her hand but instead reaches between her own legs to coat her hand. Then bringing her hand back up, she wraps it around his cock and resumes her pumping. It doesn’t take very long, just a few passes and he erupts, growling out her name. River waits until he comes down, and then looks him in the eyes and comments. “You got wet too.” Still looking him in the eye, she brings her hand up to her mouth to lick his cum off of it.

“Gorram, kitten, I know we ain’t got nuf time to start again, so’s ya best stop that.” Jayne groans out. He reaches over and pulls her top back down. He puts his feet down then stands up, settling her gently on her feet. He pulls her close and kisses her again. They continue to kiss for a few moments when River pulls back suddenly, her eyes widening.

“Get Vera. Pretend like you were going to rescue them.” River instructs. Jayne looks confused for a second then realizes what she means. He kisses her quickly, fastens his pants, and then runs towards his room to grab his gun.

River watches him leave with a smile. She moves the ottoman back to its normal place and then skips out of the mess hall towards her bunk to wash her hands.

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