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A new Day Dawning

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Summary: Months after Early's visit, things start to change. Will the crew of Serenity be able to handle a grown up River?

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Firefly > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)sevangelFR1822121,019162445,4697 Nov 056 May 06No


Title: Happy (8th part a new day dawing.
Disclaimer: Not mine
Warning: There is more smut, so between R and NC-17
FYI: Don’t know where the smut came from since there wasn’t supposed to be any, it kind of just happened on it’s own. Hope nobody cares. : )


“Simon, I’m sure she’s fine.” Kaylee assures Simon as they move into Serenity. They had left the bar about 30 minutes after Jayne had carried River out of it. The men, who had tried to grab River, called the Brady brothers, had bought them a round of drinks and actually given them a job. They were to pick up some cargo off a moon called Para, a couple days ride away, then bring it back.

“Yeah, doc, Jayne ain’t gonna hurt her.” Mal says as they walk into the cargo bay. “He knows what I’d do to him.”

“Yes, but what if she attacks him first?” Simon points out. “We all saw how she reacted when those men grabbed her back on Menthos. What’s to stop her from doing that again? And what’s to stop him from fighting back?”

Mal starts to answer, when the man in questions comes running into the cargo, Vera in one hand, a gun whose name he didn’t know in the other.

“Jayne, what’s with the guns?” Mal asks.

“Comin to rescue ya guys.” Jayne grunts.

“Well, thanks, but it’s not needed.” Mal replies. “Where’s she at?”

“Sent her to her room.” Jayne answers. “Ya guys don’t look like ya been in a fight or nothin.”

“Nope, no fighting.” Mal says. “Actually got a drink and a job out of it. So, we’re headed off planet, less ya wanna go back. Suppose we can stay for another hour or so.”

“Naw, it’s a’right.” Jayne answers. “Let’s just head off.”

“You sure?” Mal asks, a little shocked. “We ain’t visited any planets with your types of entertainment in a good, long while. We can give ya your time.”

“Said it’s fine Mal.” Jayne growls.

“Since when did you start worrin over Jayne’s sex life?” Zoe sends Mal’s question back at him.

“Not worrin.” Mal answers. “Just don’t want his lack of an outlet affecting his job.”

“Thanks for the concern.” Jayne smirks.

“Gotta look after my crew.” Mal shoots back. “Wash, why don’t……..where’s Wash?” But before anybody can answer, Serenity starts up and within a few minutes they’re off planet.

“I’m guessin he’s flyin the ship.” Kaylee answers.

“Didn’t even tell him we was leavin yet.” Mal mutters.

“I did sir.” Zoe answers.

“Okay.” Mal turns to Kaylee. “Mei-mei, why don’t ya go get River and bring her up to the mess. We need to have another little meeting.”

“Sure cap’n.” Kaylee trots off to their bunk, humming the song River had danced to under her breath.


It was just like the last time, only River wasn’t all beat up. The entire crew was gathered around the table when Kaylee and River walk in. Kaylee moves to the seat next to Simon while River sits down next to Jayne, sliding one of her legs over the top of Jayne’s thighs under the table. He puts one hand on her calf, tracing small circles over the soft skin.

“Is there going to be a meeting every time we go off ship?” River asks Kaylee.

“Seems so.” Kaylee answers. “Though I best not be gettin grounded again seein how’s I didn’t do nothin.”

“If you two are done, can we get back to startin this little meeting?” Mal questions the two.

“Sure cap’n.” They both reply.

“Thanks.” Mal grunts. “Now, River, courding to your brother, you ain’t got much experience bein in casual situations, so I can see how’s you didn’t know that weren’t appropriate.”

“What are you referring to cap’n?” River questions with a smirk.

“You know exactly what I was referring to young lady.” Mal growls. “Dancin like that, specially dressed like ya were isn’t a smart thing to do.”

“Why?” River questions.

“Cause… makes……I mean…” Mal stutters.

“Because it makes men aroused?” River supplies helpfully.

Mal stares at her, his mouth hanging open. Kaylee starts to giggle, which gets Wash laughing. Jayne gives a deep laugh, tightening his hand around River’s leg.

“River Anne Tam.” Simon admonishes.

“What?” River smirks at her brother.

“You can’t…..I’m not comfortable…just don’t say things like that.” Simon manages to get out.

“I know about sex, Simon.” River says, rolling her eyes.

“Alright, captain here.” Mal bellows. “Remember that no touching guns rule? Well, I got another one. No talkin bout sex. That goes for you too Kaylee.”

“Don’t be a prude cap’n.” Kaylee smiles at him.

“Not bein a prude. Just don’t like hearin that kinda stuff comin out of you two’s mouths.” Mal replies. “So, little witch, no more dancin like that in public, dong ma?”

“Girl understands and comprehends.” River answers.

“That’s good.” Mal answers. “Now, we brought some food back, so’s why don’t we all enjoy a real meal for once.”

Kaylee stands up and grabs the bags she brought back from the bar and starts passing the food around the table. The crew silently eats, enjoying the actual food. River finishes first, actually eating all the food on her plate for once. She moves her leg out of Jayne’s lap and stands up to move out of the mess. When she reaches the door, she turns quickly, a smirk on her face.

“Jayne.” River drawls.

“What?” Jayne grunts, still shoveling food into his mouth.

“Can I play with your stick?” River asks innocently.

Jayne sputters and almost chokes on the food in his mouth. Simon lets out a yelp and Mal starts to stand up.

“It makes such pretty sounds when I touch it.” She adds.

Mal yells an obscenity and moves around the table to grab the merc.

“I haven’t heard rain in such a long time. I miss it.” River says, stopping the captain in his tracks.

“You’re talkin bout his rain stick, ain’t ya?” Mal asks, still wanting to hit the merc.

“Yes, what stick did you think I was referring to?” River questions.

Mal doesn’t answer, just continues standing. Jayne grabs his glass to wash down the food in his mouth before replying. “Think it’s in the bay somewhere.”

“Xse, xse.” River adds then spins around, skipping out of the bay.

Mal finally sits back down, still glaring at Jayne. Wash turns towards Simon, a grin still on his face. “You don’t think she knew what that sounded like, do you?”

“Yes.” Simon groans. “It was her way of bending Mal’s new rule without actually breaking it. Do you remember when I said she was a genius and learned everything as easy as we breath?”

“Yeah.” Wash answer.

“That includes sex.” Simon replies.

“You can’t mean she’s ever, I mean she was just a kid when you guys sent her to that academy, she can’t have…” Wash starts, when he’s cut off by Simon.

“I didn’t mean that way.” Simon interrupts. “When she was about 10 or 11, I think, my parents were having a dinner party and we were forced to attend. We both hated them, especially River. My parents liked to dress her up and show her off to prospective husbands….”

“What?” Jayne growls. “Ya just done said she was little.”

“Well, yes, she was a child, but they thought she was old enough to start looking at the opportunities. They wouldn’t have married her off until she was at least 18.” Simon answers.

“Why am I thinking this was more of a business dealing than an actual marriage?” Mal asks angrily.

“Because it would have been.” Simon answers, sighing deeply. “They would have married her off to someone whose business would have made the best merger.”

“What about fallin in love?” Kaylee asks, stunned by what Simon was saying.

“They didn’t care about that.” Simon answers.

“So’s ya was gonna just let em marry her off to someone who don’t care bout her?” Jayne questions. The thought of her bein married to some bastard that weren’t him fills him with a kinda rage he’s never felt fore.

“It wasn’t my choice.” Simon answers. “Why do you think I pushed them into sending her to the academy. They didn’t want to. They wanted her to stay at home until they found their ideal future son-in-law and then sell her to him. She didn’t want that, anymore than I did.” Simon answers.

“If they didn’t want to send her, why did they?” Inara questions. She’s not shocked by what Simon is saying. That’s the way most of the rich families on core planets operated.

“Blackmail.” Simon answers. “I threatened to stop being a surgeon and go into pediatrics.”

“How’s that blackmail, you’d still be a doctor wouldn’t ya?” Mal questions.

“Yes, but it wouldn’t have been prestigious enough for them.” Simon replies. “Since the time I was 5 years old, my parents had been telling all their friends that their son was going to be a brilliant surgeon. It would have been an embarrassment had I not.”

“Why ain’t you two seemin as surprised as the rest of us?” Mal asks Inara and Book.

“It’s how things are done on core planets, especially the richer families.” Inara answers.

“Yes, I’ve actually preformed many of these ceremonies myself.” Book answers.

“Even with everything the academy did to her, I still think she would have chosen it over marriage to someone my parents chose.” Simon whispers. “And a part of me thinks she’d be right in that decision.”

“So, you were saying something about a party.” Wash cuts in, trying to change the subject.

“Yes, I was.” Simon replies. “So like I was saying, they were hosting a dinner party and we were both there. Somewhere between the 3rd and 4th course, River asked if she could tell a joke. My parents, thinking it was going to be something to do with dance or mathematics, her favorite subjects at the time, said yes. So she tells her joke, only instead of the childish joke we were all expecting, she tells the dirtiest joke I have ever heard in my entire life.”

“She told a dirty joke at a dinner party?” Book asks.

“Yes, dirty enough that it would probably make Jayne blush.” Simon answers. “That wasn’t even the worst part of it. After she was done, the entire table just stared at her in shock. She took it to mean we didn’t understand why it was supposed to be funny, so she started explaining it. Needless to say, she was sent to her room and it was the last dinner party they let her attend, which, looking back, was probably her goal.”

“I’m going to get gray hair.” Mal moans. “Your sister is going to make me get gray hair and probably one of those ulcer thingies.”

“I’m not done yet.” Simon says. “So, on my 20th birthday, she would have been 12 at the time, I was in my last year of medical school. I was sitting in class, when a messenger came with something for me. I thought it was an emergency, so I opened it in during class.”

“Well, what was it?” Jayne asks, for the first time actually enjoying one of Simon’s stories.

“A 3-D, strip-a-gram that sang happy birthday to me. I couldn’t stop it, just had to let it play out.” Simon answers.

“I gotta say doc, that would have been hi-larious to see.” Jayne drawls, laughing at his kitten’s antics.

“Yes, well, it wasn’t so funny at the time.” Simon glares at the merc. “I went home to yell at her, only I couldn’t get a word in, she was laughing so hard. I finally got her to stop and told her no more sending me birthday presents like that and she agreed. On my next birthday, I was about 3 months into my residency, and was in the middle of a visual presentation for the entire board of one of the most respected hospitals around when it shorted out. Do you know what the Kama Sultra is?”

“Ain’t it that sex book?” Jayne asks.

“Yes, Jayne, it’s a sex book.” Inara answers. “What does it have to do with your presentation?”

“After it shorted out, something new started playing. It was about 10 minutes of the virtual reality version of the Kama Sultra. There were various people performing various positions with an instructor critiquing each position.” Simon replies. “I couldn’t stop it, just had to stand there letting it play. God, it was so embarrassing. I’m still not sure how, but she was somehow hacked into my private files and downloaded it. Luckily, most of the board found it humorous instead of being offended.”

“You didn’t tell on her?” Kaylee asks.

“No.” Simon answers. “My parents didn’t appreciate River’s quirky personality. They would have just taken her out of ballet class or something along those lines instead of telling her why it was wrong. She loved ballet and I couldn’t do that to her.”

“That’s sweet Simon.” Kaylee says, patting his arm.

“Thank you.” Simon replies. “So, on my next birthday, a few months before we sent her to the academy, I made sure I had surgeries scheduled all day. I avoided everything but the hospital until about 10pm that night. I went home, I was still living in the dormitory at the time, to find my roommate leaving the room. He just kept smiling at me then told me to have a good time before handing me a card. I didn’t think anything of his comment, just read the card. It was just a homemade card, she had written happy birthday on the outside and on the inside she wrote out all the effects that stress has on a person’s body and mind. I was starting to get a little worried but went inside my room anyways. There were 2 companions waiting, naked on the bed for me.”

“What?” Mal asks. “She got you girls for your birthday.”

“Yes.” Simon answers.

“Why two?” Wash asks.

“I asked her, she said she didn’t know what my preference was, so she was giving me a choice.” Simon answers. “I was so mad at her, I think it’s the maddest she’s ever made me.”

“So, did ya do em?” Jayne asks.

“There’s no power in the verse that will get me to answer that.” Simon replies.

“Aww, come on Simon.” Kaylee pleads. She’s a lot jealous at the thought, but wants to know what he did.

“No power Kaylee.” Simon says.

Jayne stands up, downing the rest of his drink before turning to leave the mess.

“Where ya goin Jayne?” Mal asks.

“I don’t know, lift some weights or somethin.” Jayne replies. Once he’s outside the mess, he can still hear Kaylee pleading with Simon to tell her the rest of the story, with the rest of the crew egging her on. He walks into the cargo bay towards the weight bench when he hears something. Reaching behind a crate, he pulls out a giggling River.

“Kitten, you’re a little hellion, ya know that?” Jayne says, pulling her closer.

She giggles a little more and then reaches up to put her arms around his neck. Standing on her tiptoes, she presses her mouth to his. He wraps his arms around her waist to pull her closer to his body. After a few minutes of their heated kissing, Jayne pulls away to glare down at her.

“I’m supposed to be mad at ya.” Jayne growls. “Ya realize the trouble ya coulda gotten me into.”

“Simon will never see what’s not right in front of him. It’s the doctor in him.” River says. “Cap’n will ignore everything except physical evidence, because he doesn’t want to think about it.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed that.” Jayne agrees. He reaches down to kiss her gently. Pulling back slowly, he asks, “We okay?”

“Am I your kitten again?” River asks back.

“Hell, kitten ya never stopped bein mine, even when I was being too much of a hundan to admit it.” Jayne quietly answers.

“Shiny.” River says. “Then we are good.” River kisses him again, moaning deeply into his mouth.

“Kitten ya gotta get to bed soon. Kaylee’ll be lookin for ya.” Jayne groans down at her. “So, one more kiss, okay?”

River doesn’t answer, just pulls his head back down to kiss him goodnight. He releases her after a few seconds, giving her a gentle push towards the exit. “Ya best git fore I decide not to let ya leave.” River blows him a kiss over her shoulder then skips off towards bed.

Jayne watches her leave then, with a groan, he heads towards his bunk. He may have cum only an hour or so ago, but now she’s got him all ready to go, with nothing more than a few kisses. The gorram girl had him jacking off like he was a teenager again.


“Kaylee.” River whispers. The girls are in their bunk, sleeping, or at least they’re supposed to be.

“You okay River?” Kaylee whispers back. “Ya ain’t havin another nightmare, are ya?”

“No, nightmares all gone.” River answers.

“Good, did ya want somethin?”

“Can I ask you a question?” River replies.

“Sure.” Kayee answers.

“What’s sex like?” River questions.

Kaylee sputters a little bit before she squeaks out. “I thought ya said ya already know bout sex.”

“I know about the mechanics of sex, what part goes where, but I mean feelings, what’s it feel like.” River says.

“I ain’t got that much experience, wouldn’t it be better to talk to someone else, Nara maybe?”

“Inara uses sex the same way Simon uses medicine, a way to comfort and heal. It’s not something she does for herself. Her point of view would be muddled.” River answers. “I want to know what it’s like from someone like me, just a girl.”

“Ohh.” Kaylee says. “Well, like I said, I ain’t got much experience, ya remember that guy I was tellin ya bout before?”

“Yes, the one who was in the genetic experiment.” River answers.

“Yep, well he was my first.” Kaylee says. “Man did it hurt, felt like I was bein torn in half. Didn’t help that he didn’t have no stayin power, bout the time that I started feelin anythin but pain, he was done.”

“So you didn’t orgasm?” River questions.

“Nope.” Kaylee answers. “Kinda a normal happening for me. Most the guys I’ve been with couldn’t find a good spot if’n ya gave em a wrench and told em where to twist.”

Both girls giggle for a minute, till Kaylee asks River, “Why ya wantin to know for?”

“Just curious.” River lies.

“You ain’t ever had a boyfriend or nothin?” Kaylee asks River.

“There was a boy, my first year in the academy, before the bad stuff. We shared classes and would study to together. He kissed me a few times.” River answers.

“Did ya like it?”

“No, he slobbered too much.” River replies.

“So, what happened?” Kaylee questions.

“He grabbed my boob once. I punched him in the nose and kicked him in his private area.” River answers.

“Ya did?” Kaylee giggles a little. “Why?”

“He didn’t ask.” River replies. “Weren’t his to touch.”

The girls are quiet for a long while, Kaylee almost asleep when River whispers again. “Kaylee.”

“Yeah?” Kaylee whispers back.

“If you ever want to be alone with your batteries, you can tell me. I can find something to do.” River says.

“Thanks River.” Kaylee replies. “That’s kinda sweet.”

“Night Kaylee.” River whispers.

“Night River.” Kaylee whispers back. Within a few minutes, both girls are fast asleep; the only sound being made is their deep breathing.


Jayne is sitting in the mess hall the next morning, a couple hours after breakfast, when he feels River walk in. He glances up from the ottoman he’s cleanin his guns on to see her makin her way over to him, a pad of drawing paper and some pencils under one arm.

“Whatcha doin kitten?” Jayne asks.

“Came to be with you.” River says, sitting down beside him, throwing both legs over his lap, her pad of drawing paper sitting on her upper thighs.

“Not that I don’t like ya sittin like that, what if somebody walks in?” Jayne asks. He’s enjoyin the feel of her legs over his, her butt pressed against his hip, maybe a little too much. Gorrammit he just know’s he’s gonna be headed to his bunk after she gets up.

“Kaylee is making repairs, Simon is helping, so naturally, it will take 3 times longer than it should. Captain, Wash, and Zoe are one the bridge talking, they should be there for a while. Inara and Book are in her shuttle, discussing her sabbatical.” River replies.

“Alright, but if’n ya hear them comin, ya best get up fast.” Jayne says.

“Okay.” River says, starting to draw. Jayne glances down at her, kisses her forehead, and then starts cleaning his guns again.

They continue that way for a while, both involved in both their tasks, enjoying the feel of just sitting together.

Jayne stops cleanin again when he hears her mutter ma’de under her breath. He glances down to see her drawing fiercely, her brow furrowed. Her hand moves over the paper so fast that he almost can’t keep up with it. She cusses again and then rips the paper off the pad and throws it across the room. She starts drawing again, not even glancing up at him when he chuckles at her. She looks so gorram cute like that, frustrated and swearin.

He goes back to cleanin Stacy’s barrel; he’d been neglecting her lately. He’d almost got all the gunk out when he feels somebody watchin him. He quickly glances round the room, thinkin he’s bout to get tossed out the airlock when he realizes it’s River. She’s watchin him cleanin Stacey, a small smile on her lips, but she’s still drawin, her hand still movin just as fast as before.

“Kitten, whatcha drawin?” Jayne questions.

River looks at him for a second, then glances down at her hand. “I don’t know, didn’t realize I was still drawing.” River says confused.

Jayne takes the pad out of her hand to look at it. It’s a drawing of what looks like a chair, almost like one of them electric chairs back on Earth that was. She’d drawn the back of it, somebody sittin in it, lookin at it he’s thinkin it’s her. He recognizes the back of her head and her shoulders. In front of her, there are 5 people standing around watching her, notebooks in their hands.

“This from the academy?” Jayne asks through clenched teeth.

“I don’t…..I think so.” River whispers. “I can’t remember.”

“You don’t remember?” Jayne questions, pulling her completely into his lap.

“Make sure the subject is heavily sedated.” River states, in an accent that he knows she’s mocking. “I don’t care what the sedatives are doing to her, the results are better when she’s dreaming.”

Jayne doesn’t say anything, just tucks her head under his chin, running his hand up and down her back.

“It’s why I don’t like drugs.” River whispers into his neck. “Don’t like waking up not remembering where I am or what I’ve done, or what was done to me.”

Jayne growls deep in his chest and then pulls her closer. He’s reaching down to kiss her when she jumps off his lap and quickly moves over into the chair beside the couch. Jayne grabs Stacey again, acting like he’s cleanin her.

Mal, Zoe, Wash, Inara, and Book all come in one entrance while Kaylee and Simon enter from the door closest to the engine room.

“Jayne, what’s goin on?” Mal questions upon seeing the merc sitting in the same room alone, together.

“Nothin, just cleanin my girls.” Jayne answers.

“What’s River doing in here with you?” Simon asks.

“Hell doc, I don’t know. She’s got some pencils and that paper.” Jayne drawls. “Now I ain’t ‘gifted’ or nothin, but I’m gonna guess she’s drawin.”

Simon glares at the merc and then walks over to his sister. “Mei-mei, what are you drawing?” He reaches over to grab the notebook out of her hands, looking down at her drawing. “Is this from the academy?”

“It’s not relevant.” River whispers.

“River, if you remember something that happened, it would…..” Simon starts to say when River flinches back, holding her hand up to ward him off.

Simon starts to say something else when River jumps off her chair and runs out of the room.

“Let her go doc.” Mal orders, looking over Simon’s shoulder at the drawing. “I think she wants to be alone. What the hell did she draw?”

“I’m not sure, though it looks like the chair she was in when I rescued her.” Simon answers, still studying the picture.

“What a gorram second, you rescued her, I thought you paid people to do it.” Mal says.

“Well, yes, I did pay people and they were supposed to go in and get her themselves, but I was the only one with the knowledge to pass as a doctor, so I was the one to actually go in and get her out, they just picked us up.”

“They had her in a chair like this?” Mal asks.

“Yes.” Simon answers. “She was unconscious, tied the chair when I was allowed in. They had something attached to her face, a needle through her forehead. There were doctors standing around, taking notes. The men who helped me, gave me a stick thing, I still don’t know what it was. I used it to knock out all the doctors, the we made our escape.”

“They had a needle through her forehead?” Kaylee questions.

“Yes, I’m not sure why.” Simon says.

Jayne stands up, leaving the room. “Goin to my bunk.” He throws over his shoulder before Mal can ask where he’s going.


Jayne stomps through the hallway, until he gets to his bunk. Opening the hatch, he climbs down the ladder, and then drops his guns on the floor. Moving over to his bed, he picks River up and then sits down, her curled in his lap.

“You okay, kitten?” Jayne questions.

“No.” River whispers. “He wants me to tell him what they did but I can’t. I don’t like talking to him about it. Doesn’t feel safe.”

“Ya talked to me bout it.” Jayne points out.

“You make me feel safe. Know nothing will happen to me when you’re here.” River answers. She pushes on his chest to make him lay down. Then she curls up on him, her head pillowed on his chest. He puts his hand under her shirt, rubbing his hand up and down her back softly, trying to comfort her. He can feel her body shaking slightly, so he grabs his blanket off the floor and covers them both up. He’s about to say something, when somebody knocks on his hatch.

“What?” Jayne yells.

“Ya pass River on the way down here?” Mal yells back.

“Nope, didn’t pass nobody.” Jayne answers, tightening his hold on her waist.

“Doc can’t find her and he’s freaking out.” Mal says. “Told him to let her be for a couple hours, then if she ain’t came out yet, I want ya to find her, dong ma?”

“Sure Mal.” Jayne answers. “I’ll come up in a couple hours.”

By this time, he could tell River was asleep; he could the even puffs of her breath hitting his neck. He’s glad she ain’t wearin shoes, be libel to kick him in her sleep. He moves her around until she’s lying more comfortable, getting a moan out of her before she settles back down. With a sigh, he kisses her forehead and then closes his eyes, letting her even breaths lull him to sleep.


“Simon, she’ll come out when she’s ready.” Kaylee assures him. “She probably just wants some time to herself.”

“I know. I just don’t like not knowing where she is.” Simon sighs.

“She’ll come out when she’s ready. If she don’t come out in a couple hours, I already told Jayne he’s gotta find her.” Mal puts in.

“Alright.” Simon agrees with a sigh.

“Come on, Simon. We can play cards or somethin.” Kaylee says. “Or Nara left her Chinese checkers set down here, cap’n ya wanna play?”

“Sure.” Mal agrees. He walks over to one of the cabinets and pulls out Inara’s game and sets it on the table. Simon reaches over to help Kaylee set up the game. After a few minutes Inara, Book, Wash, and Zoe sit down at the table.

“Can we play?” Wash asks.

“Sure. But only 2 of ya, can’t have no more players than that.” Mal answers.

Wash and Book decide to play with Inara and Zoe watching. A few minutes into the game, Zoe gets up to grab a bottle of the wine Kaylee made. Returning to the table with some glasses, she pours a glass for everybody, nodding when they all say thank you.

Simon wins the first game, which makes Mal challenge him to another. They continue playing for the next couple hours, the wine flowing freely. By the time anybody remembers to find River, 4 hours had passed.


Jayne’s asleep when he feels something soft and wet touch his cheek. Opening one eye, he growls, “Kitten, whatcha doin?”

“Nothing.” River replies, reaching down to lick his cheek. “Being your kitten.” She crawls up and places her mouth over his. With a groan, he forces his hand through her hair, forcing her head to the side. They continue to kiss for a few minutes when he pulls back, panting.

“Ya know, you’re bout the only person who’s ever woken me up and not gotten thrown across the room.” Jayne tells her.

River just moans and presses her body closer to his. “You knew it was me.” She pants.

“How much time we got kitten?” Jayne asks, sliding his hands back under her shirt.

“Bout 30 minutes, they’re playing a game.” River answers reaching back up to kiss him again.

Jayne plays with the small of her back then reaches around to cup her breasts, making her mewl. River arches into his hands and then sits up quickly.

“Sorry, kitten.” Jayne says, thinking he was pushing her too much. He watches in shock as she peels her dress off, throwing it across the room. He stares at her, his mouth open. She’s now clad in nothing but a small pair of white cotton panties. She grabs his hands and brings them up to place back on her breasts, arching her body again. Then she starts grinding her lower body against his, moaning loudly.

“Jayne, the hurts back.” River moans out, pressing her hands down onto his chest.

“Yeah, kitten I can feel it too.” Jayne groans. He flips them over until she’s underneath him, his knees straddling her waist.

“Coverings off.” River orders, pulling at his shirt. Jayne pulls his shirt off, throwing it down to lay with her dress. She eagerly reaches up to run her fingers through the hair on his chest, making him growl down at her.

“Stop that right now, kitten.” Jayne orders back. “My turn to do the lickin.” He leans down and kisses her again. After a few seconds, he leaves her mouth to run his tongue down her chin, to her neck. He licks at her neck, though being sure not to leave any marks. He then drags his tongue down her chest, running it around her right breast. He keeps running it around her breast, though never moving it the center. She reaches up to grab his head, trying to force his mouth to her nipple. He just playfully growls at her, and then nips the side of her breast making her squeal. “Did ya need somethin, kitten?”

“Touch me.” River orders.

“I am touchin ya.” Jayne says.

“Not the right spot.” River protests. “Please Jayne.”

Jayne laughs and then drawls her nipple into his mouth, making her moan loudly, almost too loudly. “Kitten ya got be a little quieter, less the rest of em are gonna come lookin.” She nods quickly and then says, “Please return.” Then she places her arm over her mouth, moaning deeply into her skin when he lightly bites her nipple.

He returns to her breasts, diverting his attention between each breast. He sucks the left one deeply into his mouth, making her writhe underneath him. He's quite startled when she wraps her legs tightly around his hips, rubbing herself against his cock.

“Gorram, kitten, I can feel ya through your panties and my pants.” Jayne groans. “You’re all wet again, ain’t ya?”

Instead of answering, she grabs his hand and places it between their bodies, inside of her panties. “You this time.” River orders. He smirks at her and then pulls her panties off and down her legs, leaving her completely naked under him. He stands up quickly, unbuckles his pants and drops them to the ground, leaving him in a pair of boxers. He then picks her up and then sits back on his bed, his back against the wall, moving River to straddle his lap. He brings his hand up and places it between her legs. He moves one finger inside of her, making her squirm. He slowly pumps his finger, causing River to close her eyes and rocks her hips against his hand. He reaches up with his free hand to play with her breasts, getting a deep sigh for his efforts. River opens her eyes to bend over and kiss him deeply, merging her tongue with his. “More Jayne, it’s not enough.” Jayne moves to add a second finger, only to find she’s too tight to fit two of his large fingers inside of her.

“Kitten, you’re too tight.” Jayne groans. “It’s gonna take some stretching to get nother finger inside ya, and that’s not somethin I plan on rushin. Why don’t we use yours again?”

“Two’s not enough, three won’t fit.” River moans. Before he can say anything, she flips him back over, pulls his finger out, and then jumps off the bed.

“Hey, were ya goin?” Jayne questions, slightly whining.

River doesn’t answer just grabs something and quickly moves back to straddle him again, holding Vera’s scope in her hand.

Jayne stares at her, confused, and then realizes what she means. “Ow, no ruttin way. I ain’t stickin that in ya.”

“It’s the right girth.” River protests. “Between the width of two of your fingers and three of mine.”

“Kitten, it’s gotta be covered in dirt and grease.” Jayne argues.

“It’s part of Vera.” River says. “She’s the cleanest thing on this ship, next to the infirmary.” She places it in his hand and then looks up at him with pleading eyes. “Please.”

Jayne doesn’t say anything, just puts her off his lap and moves across his room. He grabs a couple of towels then throws them down on the ground at the head of his bed. Then he grabs her legs and pulls her body towards the head of the bed until her legs are hanging off the end. “If I’m doin this, then I get to see everything.” He growls before sitting down on his knees and placing her legs over his shoulders. River just lays down pulling his pillow under her head.

Jayne stares at her for a few seconds then places his finger back between her folds. He gently rubs her a couple of times then gives into his primal urges and places his mouth over her center, making her moan and arch into him. He laps at her, growling deep at her taste. She starts bucking so he reaches up to grab her hips, holding her still. “Calm down kitten.” He orders before returning to his task. He runs his tongue over her before drawing her clit into his mouth to nibble gently at it. He can hear her moaning into her arm, the sound making him harder than he already was. He puts his tongue as deeply in her as it will go, bringing his thumb up to rub at her clit. She arches her body hard, despite his hand holding her down, and screams into her arm, cumming hard. He can feel her walls fluttering around his tongue and can’t wait until the day he can feel it around his cock.

River arches through her orgasm, collapsing onto the bed when it’s over. “Now, please Jayne. I feel empty.”

Jayne grabs the scope, sticks it into his mouth to clean it, and then uses it to play gently between her folds. River spreads her legs further, arching up, trying to get him to slip it in her. He obliges and slips it inside her, which makes her arch her body at him. He gently pumps it inside of her, her hips mimicking his actions. It doesn’t take very long to bring her back to the edge, only a few minutes. He can feel the tension in her legs over his shoulders and knows she’s very close. Bringing his free hand back up, he uses it to once again rub at her clit. After a few seconds, she starts bucking against his thumb and the scope. Then she arches again, brings the pillow over her face to scream into as she cums. He watches her body milking the scope and almost cums himself. When she comes down, he gently pulls the scope out of her, putting it in his mouth to clean it again. Once her body stops shaking, he pulls her down onto his lap, covering her mouth with his.

River can taste herself on him and moans into his mouth, lapping at his lips. They continue to kiss for a few moments, when River pulls away, reaching down to cup his steel hard cock. Jayne groans deeply, his body harder than he ever remembers it being. She rubs at him for a few moments before reaching for the waistband of his underwear and pulling them down. Jayne arches up to help her peel them off. Then River moves off his lap, scooting back a little bit, to move onto her knees. Before he can ask what she’s doing, she bends to envelope him into her mouth. Jayne lets out a growl, closing his eyes at the sensation of her mouth on him. She sucks him deeper, until he’s almost hitting the back of her mouth. She continues to suck at him, her head bobbing in his lap, when someone knocks at his hatch.

“Jayne.” Mal yells. “Ya awake in there?”

Jayne grabs her head, trying to stop her. She just reaches up to slap at his hands, and sucks him a little deeper. “Yeah.” Jayne manages to grunt out.

“We lost track of time.” Mal says. “Need ya to help us find River.”

“Gotta get dressed first.” Jayne growls as River reaches down to cup his balls, her teeth gently grazing his cock. He can hear Mal’s footsteps as he walks away but that takes second place to what he’s feelin. He knows he’s about to cum, he can feel the tension gripping his balls. When she pulls back for a second then drops back to suck the precum off his tip, he arches hard into her mouth and cums, biting onto his arm to keep from yelling.

River watches him cum, letting it all slide down her throat. When he finally opens his eyes to look at her, she smirks at him, and then licks her lips. He reaches out to grab her, slamming his mouth onto hers. After a few minutes, she pulls back to look at him. “Gotta go help them find me.” She then stands up, moving to grab his shirt and pants and tosses them at him.

Jayne slowly stands up, pulling his shirt on. He quickly steps into his pants, watching her pull her dress on over her head. “Ain’t gonna put your panties back on?” He gruffly asks.

“No, you can keep them.” River says, smiling over at him.

Jayne smirks at her, before walking over to pull her to his chest. Bending down, he kisses her very gently, and then picks her up and drops her on his bed. “I’m gonna go up and help em find ya. Wait a couple of minutes, then come up and hide somewhere. Okay.”

“Okay.” River agrees.

Jayne unlocks his hatch then moves to climb up it, throwing another smirk at her before he’s gone.

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