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East Coast Memories

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Summary: A new player joins the game. AU Mid Season 3 of Teen Titans.

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Chapter 3

East Coast Memories
Chapter Three: Mistaken Identity

“So do you know if its Blood?”
“Look babe, I aint got a clue who is causing problems here. But they have a small army and its more then I could handle myself. I dialed up Robin on this thing and he said they were in the middle of something big, I think he said alien related I don’t know. So he said to give you three a buzz and maybe you could help out.”
“Well arrow boy we just might, where are you at?”
“New York City. See you soon I’m guessing.”
“Sure Speedy, we’re on our way.”
Bumble Bee looked up from her communicator to the boy driving the car.
“You heard him Munin. New York here we come.”
“Wonderful, another 20 hour drive.” He mumbled.
“What was that?”


“Well here we are, New York City. The Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps, The..”
“Shut up Munin.”
“Yes Mam.”
From the back of the car came Aqualads voice.
“So, where are we supposed to meet this guy Speedy again?”
“He said we would find him at…”
Bumble Bee didn’t get to finish her statement because the doors of the building their car was sitting next to suddenly exploded outward. And armed men in red armor began backing out of the building while firing weapons back inward.
With just a quick glance and with no orders Bumble Bee made the call.
“Titans GO!”


The teens leaped out of the car and went straight into combat. Munin attempted to use his gas gun on one but found that the armor they wore had a air filter so the weapon had no effect.
Aqualad summoned a torrent of water that flooded the armor of two of them, shorting it out and taking them out of the fight.
Bumble Bee grabbed one by the shoulders and carried him high into the air, where he decided to surrender.
MasyMenos went and stole the weapons from several that were still standing.
Munin switched to Hand to hand and proceeded to hurl the one he tried to gas into a brick wall. This left that one quite unconscious.
Shortly there were none left standing.
The cops showed up just as they were binding them.

They spent the next twenty minutes explaining to the cops the situation they had happened to stumble on the robbery, which is what they had discovered it to be, the building housing a large storage of gemstones. When the police finally cleared off the teens piled back into the car. And had to get right back out of it when a red garbed figure landed on the street in front of them.
“Nice work. I thought of helping out but you seemed to have things well in hand.”
“You must be Speedy?” questioned Bumble Bee.
“That’s me. Let me grab my bike from around the corner and I will lead you to my safe house.”
They did as he said and were quickly guided through the streets of New York. To surprisingly, a high rise apartment building. Instead of going in the front he led them to the side of the building to a well masked door that led to an underground garage. Then one trip up an elevator and they found themselves inside an opulently furnished penthouse.
“A friend of my partner owns this building and he set this up for him whenever he came over to this coast. He barely uses it so when I settled here in New York he turned it over to me.”
“Nice. So what’s the story? Who were those red guys?” This came from Munin who had taken up residence on a plush chair in one corner of the room.
“We only recently got some of those guys to talk at all. And all they say is that they won’t betray their Fuhrer. That’s all we know really. That and they are very well armed as you saw.”
“Which probably means well funded.” Commented Munin. “Maybe I can get some words on the net. You got a computer?”
“Sure its through that door over there…”
Before he finished Munin was through the door and you could already here the typing of keys.
“Wait you need the password…” Speedy stood open mouthed as he saw that Munin was already working steadily. He turned back to the others. “How did he do that?”
“He went to the library and read the entire computer security section in a month apparently. Now nothing can really stop him. Just don’t get in his way. He hasn’t had a computer in three weeks. And internet in even longer.” This came from Aqualad, who had a bemused expression on his face.
“Meaning,” started Bumble Bee, “that we should get comfortable cause there is no telling how long he could be. And don’t try bothering him. He won’t notice.” She then went off in search of a kitchen.
Speedy just sighed and followed.


“AH HA!”
This shout startled everyone out of what ever it was they were doing. It had been almost six hours since Munin had gone into the computer room. About an hour into this an intense game of poker was going on between the other teens. Currently Aqualad was winning, but speedy wasn’t far behind. Mas and Menos were forced to sit on opposite sides of the table so that they couldn’t cheat, and Bumble Bee was grumbling over another lousy hand.
Bumble Bee, who was glad to throw away the hand, I mean a 3 and a 7 unsuited, there were worse hands, but come on.
“You found something?”
“Yes I did. A place called Panzer industries set up shop in the warehouse district a few months ago. Odd thing was they don’t seem to actually do anything. They just receive a lot of packages. I was able to back trace most of the shipments and it was some serious tech. All of which can be used to make those armor suits we fought. Combine that with some of the other weird traffic going in there and I think we might just have a place to at least check out.”
“Alright lets head out.”
This got a cheer from everyone.


The group was perched on top of a building where they could monitor the facility. They were each taking turns staring through a pair of binoculars that Munin had pulled out of his jacket.
“Dude, how much stuff do you actually have in there?” asked Speedy.
“Believe me man. You don’t want to know. Lets just say the damn things heavy.”
“I see them.” Both teens stopped their bantering at this call from Aqualad. They looked where he was pointing and could just make out the figures in red armor who were patrolling just inside the windows.
Speedy looked pleased. “So, we got them. Lets go have some fun.”
Before anyone could stop him he fired off and arrow that turned into a grappling hook and just as they started to shout at him he leaped off the roof.
“Damn fool.” Muttered Bumble Bee.
“We have to go after him.” Replied Munin.
“I know. Alright guys, move out.”
They each took different paths. Munin pulled out his own grapler gun and went chasing after speedy. Bumble Bee flew beside him, the other three took their own routes to get there. When Mas y Menos and Aqualad came bursting through the main door the battle was already in progress. They quickly launched themselves in to the fray.
Bumble Bee and Munin were relying on there fighting ability since their weapons couldn’t harm the armored men.
Mas y Menos were using their speed to great effect causing the armored men to blast each other.
Speedy bound and disabled many of the walking tanks with his many gizmo arrows.
And Aqualad used his hydro magic to flood the armor and disable the electronics inside them.
Soon all of the armored men were disabled. The teens began gathering all the disabled men in a pile for when they called the police. They were in the middle of this process when they heard the shout.
“How dare you do this to my men!” the voice spoke with slightly accented English. When the titans followed the sound of the voice they saw two figures one mail and the other female. They had come out of an upstairs office and where now standing on one of the raised walkways. It was the man who had spoken. He was wearing a suit of armor that was similar but more imposing looking then the beaten men. His armor was styled to look like a military uniform, with a silver helmet covering his entire head and a large glowing gun barrel in the place of his right hand.
The woman on the other hand wore a red jacket with yellow armor like shoulder pads. Red pant that tucked into knee high armored boots. And her outfit was covered with weapons: knives, swords, a gun, and clenched in her armored hands was a long spear. The strangest thing about her though was the mask on her head. It looked like a rabbit’s head.
Speedy, being the smartass he was, was the first to speak up.
“Hey tin head, who the hell are you supposed to be?”
“I am the Red Panzer you filthy swine. You bested my men, now I will be forced to kill you myself.”
“Come on man, could you be more cliché I mean you could at least come up with…” Speedy never got to finish that statement, he was too busy dodging the a massive energy blast from the cannon. At the same time the oddly garbed woman leaped from the walkway and landed just as the blast had struck. She landed right next to the surprised Mas y Menos. And with a swing of the spear pole she sent Menos flying across the room where he slammed into a wall.
Mas shouted out in response but he was silenced by the return swing of the spear which sent him rocketing to the opposite wall.
The other four had watched in shock as the woman had struck so quickly that she disabled the fastest members of the team. Before they could mount an assault against her another coherent beam struck towards them causing them to scatter again. Bumble Bee and Munin had taken cover behind a crate.
“Hey Bee.”
“I can keep the girl busy while you and the others deal with the big guy. None of my gear will work on him anyway.”
“Good idea.”
She then shrunk down to her smaller size and flew off to find Speedy and Aqualad. Munin gave her to a count of five, which included one more energy blast that shook the floor, before he charged out after the woman. When he saw her he pulled out his dart gun and opened fire.
She had however seen him coming and with great speed was able to catch all the darts on the wooden haft of her spear.
Seeing this he reholstered the gun and instead pulled two small tubes from his coat. With a flick of his wrist the extended into a pair of steel batons. He used these batons to deflect the jabs of the spear. The too danced around the warehouse for quite some time, trading blow after blow though neither gaining any real ground. Finally Munin saw a chance he started raining heavy blows with the batons which the woman continued to deflect with the spear. Finally his luck struck he was able to slam a serious blow onto one of his darts which was still stuck in the spear, this caused the haft of the spear to break down the middle. Before Munin could celebrate his success a swift kick caught him square in the gut sending him back several feet. His armor took away most of the impact but it still left him a little winded, it had also caused him to drop his batons.
“You obviously know what you’re doing.” This statement came from the woman, who also spoke with an accent. This one decidedly British in origin.
“Thanks. What’s a brit like you doing working for a guy whose men call him the Fuhrer?”
“He pays very well.”
“You’re a mercenary?”
“The Lady Vic, at your service. Now then shall we continue.” At this she reached to her back and gripped a pair of punching daggers.
“Yes lets.” Munin threw off his hat, and then slipped out of his jacket revealing his lighter armored form. “Ah, so much easier to move without that extra weight.”
Then the fight began anew.

Bumble Bee in her shrunk form caught up with the other two boys who had ducked behind another crate several yards away.
“So what’s the plan stripes.”
“Speedy, call me that again, and you won’t sit right for a week. Munin is gonna keep spear lady busy, so with the speed twins down, its you two and me versus big red. We have to take out the gun. Without it he shouldn’t be too much of a threat.”
“If you guys can make me an opening I can do that.”
Bumble Bee gave Speedy a sharp look. “You sure?”
“Good, me and Aqualad will get you your shot. Just be ready when it happens. Aqualad, you go left, I will go right, divide his targets.”
Having returned to her normal size, bumble bee was the first to attack flying at high speed to while firing repeated blasts from her stingers. Panzer though seemed to completely ignore these shots. He equally ignored the blasts of water from Aqualad as he tore a path through the building. Panzer alternated fire between the two of them, seeming not to care that he was causing quite a bit of damage to his own building
Finally after much circling and one rather impressive leap Aqualad was able to get up to the balcony and while Panzer’s attention was focused on Bumble Bee he landed a flying tackle to the armored man. Which did nothing more then cause Panzer to notice he was there.
“You thought you could best me in strength. You fool, this armor makes me nigh invincible.”
Then with a straight left jab he sent Aqualad flying across the balcony and through the open door of the office that Panzer and Vic had come out of. He then fired another blast along the same trajectory, and Bumble Bee could only pray that Aqualad had still been conscious enough to dodge it.
With Aqualad down, it was now up to Bumble Bee to make Speedy’s opening. She had no idea where Speedy was, so she would just have to hope he was ready. Seeing that her ranged attempts had no effect and Aqualad’s close combat strike had similar results she was lost with what to do besides dodge, which was what she continued to do. Then one of Panzer’s blasts grazed one of her wings and caused her to crash. The landing left her highly dazed which allowed Panzer his time to storm up to her.
“Well little girl, do you have anything to say before I end your pitiful life?”
She stared up at the menacing gun barrel that was aimed at her. But out of the corner of her eye she saw a flash of red. She then stared intently at the armored man.
“Yeah, I do.”
“And what might that be.”
And with all the might that she possessed she slammed a kick into the side of the gun angling it just enough.
For the Arrow Speedy just fired to fly right inside and detonate. And with the arrow went the entire gun. The explosion sent Bumble Bee flying backwards. Panzer on the other hand, was screaming in pain at the damage he had taken.
Down on the floor where Munin and Vic had been fighting they both heard the loud male scream following the explosion. This caused Vic to glance up in the direction of her employer. Which was the opening that Munin needed. With her off balance he slammed his electrified fist deep into her stomach. The force of the blow and the backing electricity knocked the woman unconscious. When he felt her body sag, Munin dropped her to the floor, then bound her while removing her multitude of weapons.
Back with Panzer the loss of his arm and the pain it had caused ended with him also going to the realms of unconsciousness. Which was good for everyone since the only one really still standing in that conflict was Speedy, who wandered into the office to find that Aqualad was hurt, but still mostly alive.
It was also at this time that police sirens could now be heard from the outside of the building, which was followed by the police breaking down the doors. The injured heroes breathed a sigh of relief.


The cops were very grateful this time, unsure of how many lives would have been lost if the police themselves had tried to stop this man. The injured Titans got immediate attention from on scene medics. And even the believed uninjured ones were checked out. It wasn’t long before they were allowed to leave after giving statements and explaining what had happened.
So several hours later they were back at Speedy’s penthouse. And Speedy was the only one who had made it out relatively uninjured, with just a few cuts from shrapnel. Munin had two broken ribs from his fight with lady victim. Bumble Bee had some bad burns and also a few broken ribs from her crash landing. Mas y Menos both had some minor injuries, though they were mostly upset at how easily they had been taken out of the fight. Aqualad was by far the worst off as he had several cracked bones and a concussion from his close call with the last cannon shot and the pounding he took.
Munin was back sitting on the computer apparently checking his email this time.
“Hey guys.”
Those in hearing range looked over to the open computer room door.
“I got a message from Cyborg.”
“Whats it about?” asked Bumble Bee.
“Just some intel he got a hold of. Apparently Blood seems to have gone underground. No one is sure where he is at the moment.”
“That bites.” Said Speedy.
“Yeah I know. But that wasn’t the whole message. The rest was kinda good news.”
“And what’s the good news?” asked Bumble Bee.
“Apparently Cyborg and Robin had been looking for a base of operations for us and a place called Steel City has offered to build us a tower.”
“So they want us to be what? The city guardians.”
“Actually they gave us a name already.”
“And what’s that?”
“Titans East.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "East Coast Memories" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Dec 05.

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