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East Coast Memories

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Summary: A new player joins the game. AU Mid Season 3 of Teen Titans.

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East Coast Memories

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Titans. Oh boy I wish. I do own the new guy.

East Coast Memories

Chapter 1: Introductions

“Another spy, did anyone actually come to my school to learn?”


All heads turned to stare at someone wearing the armor of a hive drone. And he was aiming a rifle at Brother Blood. The looked just in time for him to open fire.

“Bee, help me keep him busy. Cye, take out the gun.”

The two didn’t know who he was, but his plan was sound. The two nodded to each other.

Bumble Bee pulled out her stunners and opened fire on Blood as the man in drone armor continued to unload towards him.

While this was happening Cyborg made it the giant sonic gun. After jutting his own gun into a port in the side he overloaded the giant weapon. And the base began to crumble.

Brother Blood stared at the three.

“Well this is another fortress lost. You will pay for this.”

And with that he was gone.

The still armored figure looked to the other two.

“Come on we have to get out of here the whole place is coming down.”

The two followed after the armored man as he led them down several different hallways. He took several unusual turns but never stopped running. After a few more odd turns they found themselves faced with the titans.

“Robin, how we gettin out of here man?”

“Not sure, we lost the T-ship already.”

“Uh Hello.” Interrupted Beast Boy, pointing at his tongue.

“I think I rather drown.” Was Raven’s response, and she would have done just that if Starfire hadn’t grabbed her.

And as the base continued to crumble, one swimming figure and a green whale escaped through one of the airlocks.

When the whale reached the nearby island that was the home of the Titans he opened his mouth and allowed the now soggy Titans to depart.

It was at this point that the gathered people turned to the one unknown in their group. The armored drone.

“So, thanks for the help down there but who are you?”

The armored man reached up and twisted the helmet he wore slightly. The sound of compressed air being released was heard. And mostly ordinary face was revealed. He had pale skin and unruly dark hair. But what every noticed immediately was his eyes. They were a bright piercing yellow.

“I was the other informant on the hive. I was actually feeding some information to Bumble Bee here. My name, if that was what you wanted, is Munin. You think we could go inside, and I could get out of this damn suit. Then I can explain more.”

Once inside, all the Titans went to clean themselves of Beast Boys Saliva. Raven in particular spent over an hour in the shower before she was seen again. And when all gathered back in the main lounge, they were surprised by the change that had come over their newcomer.

Gone was the yellow and black hive armor. It had been replaced with a black bodysuit similar in form to Beast Boys though his went all the way up over his mouth and nose leaving only the upper half of his face exposed. It was enhanced by several thin pieces of armor over the chest and lower legs.. Over the suit was a long black trench coat style jacket with a high collar, and the whole ensemble was topped off with a black detective hat. (think the same hat and coat as the Question but black instead of blue.)

“So now I expect you want some answers. Well sit back cause it is a weird story.” The Titans plus Aqualad and Bumble Bee seated themselves around the lounge as he stood in the center.

“I was born with the eyes you see now. They were the only outward sign from birth that I wasn’t quite normal. My parents afraid of my eyes and what people would think gave me up for adoption. But thanks to my eyes no one wanted me so I stayed stuck in the system for some time. When I was old enough the orphanage sent me to public school wearing contact lenses. This was when they learned I had far more then just strange eyes. I had a perfect photographic memory. Anything I read see or experience is with me forever. When I realized this I began to soak up everything I could. From the rising computer technology to the oldest books I could find. When I was old enough I was able to go to a few different martial arts schools. By the time I was 14 I had learned everything I could get a hold of and black belts in four different martial arts.”

“It was at this point when the confines of the orphanage got to much for me so I took off. Made my way by fighting in street fights. It was through one of these fights that Blood found me. He had watched the fight and noticed something that no other had. He watched as several of the blows that should have hit me didn’t. Upon seeing this and my obvious combat ability he recruited me. At first I was excited, because he was offering me everything I wanted, near infinite knowledge and a place to hone my skills. So I began to train at the hive. We learned there that I had some minor psionic ability to go with my smarts. Just some minor telekinesis and mind reading. It turned out I could read peoples surface thoughts and I had been using that to help me dodge blows. And the ones I didn’t read I was nudging out of the way. With this knowledge he put me on the fast track. This was about the time he started bringing in lots of students. That’s when jinx and that crew showed up, and it later filled out from there, which left me as just another student. It was also when I found out how Blood really worked. I watched what he did to some of the other students, influencing them to be more evil then they were. He tried it on me, but my limited powers were enough to keep him out of my head. From there I realized what he had intended for me to become. He was grooming me to lead a team. But I realized that wasn’t what I wanted, which is when I started working against him.”

“I started passing intelligence to the Feds and occasionally to you guys and Bumble bee. I was one of your mystery tip offs that you got. I sent you the message about the gold robbery which led to Cyborg’s infiltration. I was able to scan his surface thoughts when he was in the cafeteria and from there I watched his behavior. I was just a spectator for your first fight with blood. But when he moved to the deep sea base I took over as one of the hive drones and waited fro an opportunity to help. I passed some info to Bumble Bee which allowed her to help out Aqualad over there. And you pretty much know the rest.”

When the story was completed he got varied looks from the different titans. Some faces were unreadable, while others were easy. Starfire looked quite proud of the young mans accomplishments, while Robin still looked mildly suspicious. Robin was actually the first to respond though.

“So what do you plan to do form here?”

“I know that Aqualad was planning to continue the hunt for Blood. I figured I would go with him. I helped Blood in a way, I was one of his first students. I figure I could at least help take him down.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Replied Aqualad.

Then the alarm sounded.

“Who is it, Blood?” Questioned Cyborg.

“No, its Doctor Light. Come on Titans, lets move.”

Cyborg and Bumble Bee shared a short conversation before he followed the other Titans out the door.

That just left three.

“So, where do we begin?”


AN: Sorry for the choppyness of this fic, half of this was originally a prologue for a fic I was working on. Next chapter should be better, no clue when that will be though.
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