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The Essence of Blasé

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Summary: [FFA#1227] Not exactly a normal first meeting, but what in Andrew's life is normal anyway?

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Harry Potter > Andrew-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterVialanaFR1335,101384,7149 Nov 0511 May 06Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slyer or Harry Potter depicted herein.


AN: Another FFA response. There are slashy hints, but nothing much else.

Again, it's complete as is, but I may continue on if the urge arises.


The Essence of Blasé


FFA#1227: Andrew/Harry Potter


To say Andrew was surprised to have a teenaged boy fall on top of him in the middle of a suburban street in Surrey was akin to saying eating at home on Thursdays meant Dawn was sure to give you food poisoning. Neither was exactly a pleasant experience, but at least having a boy fall on him didn't mean Andrew had to get his stomach pumped. Again. In fact, besides the superficial bruising and scrapes, he was perfectly fine. This wasn't to say the boy was, however.

"Are you all right?" Andrew blinked at the question. The boy was looking worried, green eyes wide behind large frames.

*They're kinda sparkly and nice. Though that could just be the light on the lenses.*

It was probably at that point he should have suspected a possible concussion, but nothing else seemed strange in his head and he'd barely bumped it anyway.

Instead of asking for an ambulance, or a phone to call up Giles, Andrew nodded in response to the question. "I should ask you that," he argued. "You were the one falling through the air." He frowned. "Or were you flying. If you were flying you kinda botched it, but even if you did botch it flying, it would still be totally cool, 'cause, you know, *flying*."

And now the boy was giving him that look, the one he always got from Buffy and Dawn and, well, everyone. Andrew couldn't help it, babbling came naturally to him. And was it so wrong to be enthusiastic and curious all the time? You don't see them yelling at cats to be quiet and to stop nosing around in things and being as cute and curious as Andrew was.

"Uh, anyway, thanks for breaking my fall." The comment snapped him out of his thoughts. It wasn't often he got thanked for anything.

"Huh, oh, it was my pleasure."

Again with the look. So he wasn't so great in situations like this. He'd like to see Buffy do better talking to a cute guy sitting on her chest after just falling from the sky on top of her.

*Well, for a start, she probably wouldn't let him sit on her chest at all, much less for this long. Not that he's all that heavy or anything, or that it's a completely unpleasant situation ... Maybe I do have a concussion.*

"Um," Andrew blushed, trying to think how to phrase it so he didn't sound like a *complete* idiot. "Could you, kinda, get off me?"

"Oh!" The boy jumped off, perhaps not realising their unusual position himself at first. He looked down as he blushed, messy black hair falling in front of his face, though his eyes peered earnestly at Andrew through the fringe. "I'm sorry. Are you all right? Did I hurt you in any way?"

Andrew shook his head and winced at the ache in his chest as he got up. "Nothing serious, I'm probably just going to be a purple-chested monster tomorrow."

The boy chuckled. "Well you could always don an eye-patch and paint the rest of your body purple and go around eating people."

Andrew laughed at that. "That sounds like fun, but I'm likely to be killed if I do that at my house. I live with some very strange and uncultured people."

"I know the feeling." The boy tilted his head to the side. "What's your name anyway?"

"Andrew Wells." He held out his hand.

"Harry Potter." The boy shook it. "Well, I'd best be off. My relatives don't know I'm out here. I was waiting for a friend of mine to show up, but it looks like he couldn't make it after all."

Andrew's smile fell a little. "That’s a shame. Well it was nice meeting you."

"Same." Harry gathered up a strange cloak and ... a broom? What was he doing with that, and how did Andrew not notice either of them until now?

*Well, the cute scrawny boy sitting on top of you might have had something to do with that.*

"Maybe I'll see you around," Harry offered.

*Maybe? Try definitely.*

"Well I live in the neighbourhood," Andrew shrugged, appearing nonchalant. "So if you ever need someone to catch you again, just yell. Like Jimmy Olsen, or Lois Lane, or something."

Harry laughed. "I'll be sure to remember that."

Andrew watched him trot down the street a ways and sighed. Then he finally realised what the oddest part about that entire situation was.

"Harry," he called out. The boy turned around. "Just what *were* you doing earlier before you fell?"

He could see the wide grin even from this distance. "Flying," Harry called back before waving and continuing down the street.

He pouted. "Fine, don't tell me."

Harry finally disappeared from view and Andrew sighed, trying to think just what exactly he had been doing before Harry had dropped in unexpectedly. Drawing a blank, he just continued the way he was going before, hoping he'd remember as he walked. It probably wasn't all that important if he could forget it so easily. And, on the plus side, that meant he could think about Harry some more.

Harry Potter. The name sounded familiar ... maybe he'd ask Giles when he got back to Council HQ. Giles knew everything. Harry seemed like a fairly nice guy after all. And handsome too, like one of those teenage 'normal guy' heroes in a fantasy novel. This whole situation was nothing but goodness.

Plus, it would do him good to hang around someone who wasn't hounded by the forces of darkness 24/7.
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