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FFA Frenzy - The alley series

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Summary: Random Meetings in alleyways.Doing my bit for the FFA. Veronica and Xander

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAAbbyFR182649032,1509 Nov 0510 Nov 05Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Xander/Veronica Mars

1050 – Xander/ Veronica Mars

“ Come to momma money shot,” Veronica Mars whispered to herself as she watched the cheating husband she’d been following for three evenings finally head into a dirty back alleyway. The woman he was with was grabbing at his arse and Veronica knew that just one picture of the lewd behaviour would get her five hundred bucks.

Finally the skank pushed the cheater up against a wall and went in for the kiss. Veronica’s finger hovered over the button then suddenly the view of the skank was gone replaced by blurry black.

Pulling back her eye from the view finder Veronica glared up angrily at the brown haired man wearing jet black sunglasses despite the fact it was night time standing in her way.

“ They call that stalking you know?” He stated and Veronica tilted her head back to get more of a look at him and taking a few frames of him while she did so.

“ Can I help you?” She demanded trying to peer around him and get the camera into a free line of sight but each move was blocked by the stranger.

“ I’m just saying, it’s not nice to spy on people. Oh and I’m going to need to take your memory card.” He informed her and Veronica laughed,

“ Like hell you are!” She argued and the guy looked down at her stoically.

“ You can give it to me, or I can take it. Choice is yours.” He told her,

“ I’d like to see you try,” Veronica made a gesture with her hand and a loud snarl came from the back seat as Backup sat up and made a lunge towards the stranger.

“ Give me the chip.” The stranger demanded surprisingly ignoring the dog snarling at him and Veronica motioned for Backup to go for the man.

Backup rushed the window of the old car snarling and the man stared at him for a moment before letting out a snarl of his own.

“ Down!!” He shouted after the snarl and Backup dropped into a cowering bundle on the floor of the back seat.

Veronica spun around to look at her dog astounded, and as she did so the stranger looped his arm inside the car window and snagged her camera from off her lap.

“ Give that back!” Veronica demanded struggling with the car door, but the stranger planted a boot against the paint work and each time the door got opened it would slam back closed.

With practiced ease the stranger removed the memory chip from the camera and tossed the expensive photography equipment back to Veronica.

“ Have a good day,” He said with a cheeky smile and disappeared behind the car and when Veronica turned to see where he had gone he had vanished from sight.
Veronica grabbed the camera and looked across to the alley way but the skank had gone and the cheating husband was sitting in the street with his head in the hands, like he could barely believe what he had done.

“ Oh great, just great.”

AN: Wanna take a guess at what was going on behind Xander

The End

You have reached the end of "FFA Frenzy - The alley series". This story is complete.

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