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FFA Frenzy - The alley series

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Summary: Random Meetings in alleyways.Doing my bit for the FFA. Veronica and Xander

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAAbbyFR182649032,1539 Nov 0510 Nov 05Yes

340 Faith/Cole

340 Faith/Cole

Two bodies slammed up against the brick wall, feminie hands grip the silk of the man’s shirt pressing his hips against her and pulling him towards her where lips crush together in a brutal kiss.

“ This is wrong,” the man whispers breathlessly between kisses, a hand slides across the front of his tight jeans and he groans.

“ This is wrong?” A woman asks nibbling on his ear and he answers gasping for breath.

“ Yes.” He moans and she presses herself against him,

“ Why? Because you’re married?” she asks raking her nails down his back through the thin material and grabbing his arse viciously.

“ No,” He gasps, “ Because I’m a demon and you’re the fucking slayer!” he yelps as she bites his neck.

“ Too right I am.” She agrees
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