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Dawn's Letter From Camp

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Summary: Dawn gets sent to camp and meets a very special counselor.

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Movies > Sleepaway CampEricaFR151379081,40010 Nov 0510 Nov 05Yes
Title: Dawn's Letter From Camp

Author: Erica (

Rated: FR15

Disclaimer: BTVS belong to Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. Sleepaway Camp 2 belongs to Anchor Bay.

Warning: Character Death

Distribution: Want. Ask. Have.

Author’s Notes: For the “Monstrous Massacre” survivor game on the forums.

Dear Willow,

I am still seriously pissed about being sent to camp. I mean hey, I help close a

Hellmouth, I helped destroy a WHOLE town. But does Buffy recognize this as a sign

of my obvious maturity..NOO! It is a totally rip up here, I mean nothing is what it

is supposed to be. For instance the camp is called Rolling Hills, but I see no hills let

alone a rolling one. And the brochure Buffy shoved down my throat promised me

fun and friendly counselors, but all I have is some freak named Angela. She is

always following us girls around and singing this stupid happy camper song. I may

not be a slyer but she is begging for a major dose of slayage.

Don't tell Buff, but just the other day the cute guy I told you about last letter (Ric)

finally kissed me. And yes it was in the sun (but behind the trees), but guess who

should appear from no where...Angela. She escorted us back to our cabins all the while

preaching to us about the joys of abstaining from boy/girl fun and dirty teens burning

in hell. I guess I ticked her off cause I said I was in hell a month ago and I didn't

see any burning teens there. I know bad me, but she is always hounding us girls.

Well any way the real point of my letter is that Angela came in a minute ago and

said that she had to send Ric home this morning and that I should get my stuff

together cause she will be sending me home tomorrow for get this 'sassiness and

fornication'. I swear there was no fornicating just a kiss, maybe a little more sass

than necessary, but definitely no fornicating. So I guess if Angela is sending me

home tomorrow I should get to Italy about the same time as my letter. I guess

there won’t be enough time to butter up Buffy for me. Well I gotta go, Angela's

back and she doesn't look happy.

See ya soon Wills,


2 weeks later the bodies of the Rolling Hills campers are found in an abandoned shed. Stapled to one of the girls' body was a letter home.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dawn's Letter From Camp". This story is complete.

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