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The Slayer and the Tomb Raider: First Contact

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Summary: Following a near death experience, Faith goes out to reaffirm the fact that she is still alive. Lara is there to *help* her out with that.

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Games > Other Genre > Tomb Raider(Moderator)DemonaFR2113,592461,76311 Nov 0511 Nov 05Yes

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TITLE: The Slayer and the Tomb Raider: First Contact
AUTHOR: Demona
SUMMARY: Following a near death experience, Faith goes out to reaffirm the fact that she is still alive. Lara is there to *help* her out with that.
PAIRING: **SLASH** Faith/Lara
For Buffy: Set AU after "Chosen"
For Lara Croft: Set AU in movie-verse, no real mention of either movie

"A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend." - I do not own any of the characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Lara Croft – Tomb Raider (the movie or the game). The ideas and concepts in this story are mine entirely. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission. Joss Whedon is God…
Reviews are appreciated, but never necessary.
Dedicated to Joe – because he is the one that insisted I write Faith/Lara slash.

Again, warning, here be SLASH!!!! And explicit sexual content.


The Slayer and the Tomb Raider: First Contact


I walked into the dark, smoky club on edge. The fight, ending only mere hours before, had been devastating. My girls almost hadn’t come out on top. As it was Elena and Samantha were in the hospital, getting treated for broken bones, and Lizzie was in the morgue, waiting to be laid six feet under.

I had ignored the girls’ pleas to stay. I couldn’t. They didn’t understand. If they wanted to cry over the injuries and Lizzie’s death then that was fine. They could do that on their own time. It was horrible. Horrible that a sixteen year old girl wouldn’t see the sunrise. Horrible that two teens were in the hospital looking all the world like someone had it in for them. But what the other girls didn’t get was that they were still alive. All of them would see the sun’s entrance in the east and then go out for battle again when it departed in the west. Slaying always made me hungry and horny. Near death experiences only intensified the feeling.

The bass rocked through my body. I could feel it, like an additional heartbeat within my ribcage. It called to me, and I answered.

The dance floor was a mass of moving bodies. Personal space was not allowed, which suited me just fine. I moved between men and women, beautiful bodies pressed up against me, hands reached out to caress my body, and I didn’t stop for any of them.

I needed to live tonight. I needed to prove not only to myself, but everyone else in the world that I was alive. I danced, let the music take control of my body, and just let go.

Sweat streamed down the back of my neck, soaking the collar of my tee shirt. My hair was starting to get too heavy so I quickly raked my fingers through it and pulled it up into a sloppy ponytail. It only served to better my mood as my hair whipped from side to side in time with my body and the music.

I had been dancing for two hours when I felt eyes on me. Everyone in the place had been eyeing me up all night, yes, but this set was different. I didn’t stop my dance, but when I opened my eyes I looked directly into startling blue eyes.

Those eyes twinkled with all the things I wanted tonight. They promised me life at least until dawn, and I wasn’t one to turn that down.


She pressed me up against the wall without laying a finger on me. I relished in the cool, neon yellow wall, smirking slightly as she stepped up, invading my personal space.

“You done playing around yet?” she asked me and she slowly let her tongue sneak out of her mouth and delicately wet her lips. I watched that tongue, mesmerized.

“Only if you are willing to get outta here,” I responded, forcing myself to look up away from lips, and back in her eyes. She knew what she was doing to me. Those eyes blinked slightly, and when they opened they were only half-open, lazy, lust-filled eyes.

“Have you a place?” Her accent was thick, proper, English. It was to be expected, with me being in England, but she wasn’t of the same caliber as the rest in this seedy club. Honestly, I didn’t care too much that a proper English woman was slumming in my district.

“I can find us one,” I acknowledged and she nodded.

“After you then.” A tilt of her head toward the door was all I got. She didn’t back up and allow me the room to move from the wall. So I closed the tiny distance between us, causing our breasts to press together, and slid out of the space, toward the door.

I didn’t look back to see whether she was following or not. I could feel her eyes on my ass as I scooted through the crowd.


Carly, the owner’s girlfriend – and a fellow Slayer, didn’t bat an eye as she handed over a key to one of the back rooms. I looked at the number and nodded.

“Thanks,” I called as I turned, blending back into the crowd.

I caught sight of her as I weaved through the raging mass of bodies. She followed, keeping a safe distance between us. I punched in the code to get into the back hallway, pushed the door open and disappeared through it. It started to close and I half-wondered if she would make it before it locked behind me. I didn’t have to worry long, a slim hand shot through at almost the last second, and then she was there next to me.

“You’re good friends with the owner?” she phrased it as a question, but it was more of a direct statement.

“His girl and I are friendly,” I offered in way of an explanation and she raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “On a friend basis, strictly. Big Ricky isn’t big on sharing,” I added and she nodded. But the amused look stayed on her face.

Carly had given me room nine, the last on the hall. It was also one of the nicer rooms. I slid the key into the lock and pushed the door open. Again, I entered the room and let her follow at her own pace behind me. The lights were already on, and at first glance everything looked clean. I tossed the key on the table behind the door and looked back at my partner for the evening.

“Not horrible,” she muttered as she took in the décor. I shrugged. Honestly I had lived in shit-holes far worse than this. She turned her attention back to me. “Let your hair out,” she softly directed me.

I hesitated, only for a moment, before I decided to comply. If this goddess standing before me wanted to take charge tonight then that was perfectly fine with me. As long as I got off at some point during the evening, we would be just fine. I reached up with one hand and tugged the band out of my hair and hair tumbled down just past my shoulders. The smile let me know she approved.

“I saw you dancing with it down earlier…why did you put it up?” She closed the distance between us and sunk her hands into my hair. I looked up at her face only inches from mine and raised an eyebrow of my own.

“It gets hot. I don’t need my hair down to get someone for the evening,” I answered and she nodded. “And are you going to let yours out?”

She removed her hands from my hair and I sighed slightly from the loss of contact.

“Be my guest,” she quietly stated after a moment’s thought. Turning slightly, she gave me her back, and I reached for her long braid. I took my time undoing the intricate design, running my hands through it, combing through all the knots. She didn’t say a thing about the length of time I took with her hair. “And the verdict?” she finally broke the silence.

“I imagine yours would be hell to dance with,” I got out with a small laugh.

She turned around, with not enough room between us, and our breasts brushed one another’s again. That moment was all it took to start the evening.

She snaked a hand around to the back of my neck and pulled me toward her. Our lips smashed together hard, and I opened my mouth, yielding to her attack. Her tongue invaded my mouth, seeking mine out, and I returned with equal passion.


The bed bumping into the back of my knees alerted me to the fact that we had moved across the room. A brush of her hand on my bare side shook me out of my lust-induced stupor. I pulled myself away from her and surveyed the situation. She had gotten my shirt off and moved me across the room without my knowledge. I studied her, reaching out with everything I had as a Slayer, and couldn’t find anything unusual or evil about her.

“Everything ok?” her voice was soft, suddenly slightly unsure.

I grinned sheepishly for a second. “Just didn’t realize we had made it to the bed. I guess I got carried away in the moment,” I admitted and the smirk she gave me was devilish.

“I do have that effect on people,” she whispered against my lips, before reclaiming them. We kissed for a few more moments before she put a hand in the middle of my chest and shoved me backwards. The bed caught my knees and I flopped, none too gracefully onto the mattress. She stood, at the foot of the bed, and surveyed me.

“You gonna stand there all night, or come join me?” I wasn’t particularly fond of being examined.

“Oh, I’m going to join you,” she assured me and reached for the bottom of her tank top. It was easily pulled over her head a second later, leaving her in just a lacey black bra, and then discarded to the floor. I watched as she bent down and unlaced her boots and pulled each of them off before glancing back up at me. I realized mine needed to come off as well before we could progress any further. I moved to sit up and she shook her head. “I got yours as well,” she quietly dismissed my movements.

Moments later we were both free of our unwanted footwear and she put one knee on the bed, between my legs, and crawled up to cover my body with hers, as we resumed making out. I let her take the lead. It was clearly something she was used to doing, and again, if it got me her I was all for being submissive. Her left hand reached down and squeezed my right breast, nimble fingers immediately searching out my nipple through the fabric of my bra and pinching. I arched, uncontrollably, towards her. A throaty chuckle was my reward.

I wrapped my arms around her back and immediately searched for her bra hook. I quickly undid it and trailed my hands up to her shoulders, sliding the straps down her arms with my hands. She leaned up off me and helped free herself of the lace. Before she could move back down I raised my head and my tongue snaked out across her nipple. I was rewarded with a small hiss of pleasure before I continued.

I sucked her nipple into the warm, wet confines of my mouth and bit down gently. Her hand threaded through my hair, grabbing a handful, and holding me there. I almost smirked, but concentrated on the task at hand. I forced her to move so she was sitting on her knees, which allowed me to use both hands on her. One hand went to helping my mouth out, while the other played with her other breast. Her breathing was picking up in pace as I continued my assault. A slight tug on my hair and I came up for air for a brief moment before switching to the other breast, dangling in my face, in desperate need for attention.

Her moans were starting to get louder, as she started to squirm slightly under my ministrations. Suddenly she pulled me off her and pulled hard enough on my hair for me to look up at her with a slightly nasty look.

“My turn,” her voice was husky as she stared down at me. I had made that look in her eyes appear and that was a beautiful thing. I scooted further up the bed and she pulled a decent sized pocketknife out of her pants pocket. I froze at the sight of the blade as she flipped it open. She must have noticed my tension because she didn’t move toward me with the weapon. “Your bra…you don’t mind if I ruin it do you?” she finally asked and I relaxed.

“Be my guest,” I shrugged and then as she was starting to cut through it, I added. “But you’ll owe me a new one.”

“You can send me the bill,” she dismissed the thought and flipped the blade back shut and slid it into her pants. I didn’t have time to think about anything further because she lowered her head to my chest, and that was all I could think about.

I managed to slide my hands into her hair, to which she jerked her head off me.

“No hands,” she commanded and I raised an eyebrow. I shrugged and made a show of reaching behind me for the reinforced bars on the headboard. Once she was sure my hands were occupied she returned to the task at hand.

That woman had a way with her tongue that was unbelievable. And those lips…I almost died, looking down and seeing those lush, perfect lips, wrapped around my nipples. She alternated between my breasts, giving both of them her full attention. My hips started moving on their own accord, and she took notice. Her attention to my breasts stopped and I realized she was talking to me.

“Huh?” I asked, perhaps not my most coherent, but it was going to have to do for now.

“I said, a little anxious aren’t we?” She was teasing me. The woman had me turned on like no other and she was teasing me.

“Are you going to hurry it up if I say yes?” I questioned.

“Perhaps,” she answered and I shook my head.

But she moved on, down past my breasts, kissing, sucking, and biting a trail down my sternum, and towards my pants.

“I’ve always been a fan of leather,” I heard her mutter before she started working to get the pants undone. Once the button was popped and the zipped pulled down I helped wiggle out of my pants. “Only a thong…naughty, naughty.” The thong was tossed in the direction of the rest of my clothes on the floor.

I watched as she took me in. Visual inspection of the goods was something I understood. But the amount of time she took on me was starting to unnerve me. Not that I would let it show – she wouldn’t get that power over me.

“I’m sorry. I don’t usually stare so much. It is just…your scars, you have a lot,” she half-apologized.

“Comes with the territory,” I muttered, automatically. All of us girls laughed off our scars. They were just another reminder of how close we had come to our final dance.

“Territory, huh? What exactly do you do?” she asked as she started to unbutton her pants. I watched her shimmy out of them, leaving her in just a lacy, see through, black scrap of fabric.

“How about we talk later and fuck now,” I suggested and she snickered slightly.

“Impatience of youth,” was all she said after that.


She knelt, completely naked, on the bed at my feet. She had stripped fully and let me take her in. She, too, had refused to fidget. She started placing kisses at my knees, her hands on each thigh, kneading my flesh. As she made her way up my thighs I shifted to accommodate her form between them.

She traced her tongue ever so lightly along my sex. I couldn’t control the shudder that ran through my body, causing my legs to twitch slightly beneath her firm grasp. She didn’t comment on it, only continued to tease me.

I could feel myself getting wet, the moisture slowly making its way down me. She must have known because she slid her tongue in-between my lower lips and tasted me. Heaven was where she took me. This proper English woman had a way with her tongue.

She slowly dipped her tongue in and out of my channel, fucking me with her mouth. She dragged her tongue up to my clit and began to suck.

A moan escaped me, which only encouraged her. She tongued my clit with sharp, rapid movements. Again, I was unable to control the trembling of my legs or the moans of pleasure that were escaping.

I could feel my orgasm building. I flexed my hands on the headboard rails, wanting to touch her, but afraid she might leave. A slim finger was slipped inside me. Her assault on my clit continued as she slid her finger in and out of me. The slow pace of her finger contrasting with the rapid licks of her tongue was my undoing.

I cried out, tensing up as my orgasm rushed through me. I pulled on the bars and heard them creak at the pressure, but they held. Just as my climax subsided, she pulled away from me, leaving me a moment to relax. She licked her lips and then moved her way up to my stomach. There, as I came down from one great orgasm, she traced my scars, in particular B’s knife wound.

“Who tried to kill you?” she broke the silence.

“An old enemy. We are better now.”

“She slid a knife into you and you’re better now?”

“I tried to kill a few people she cared about. All’s fair in war.”

She bent her head and kissed the scar. “But you don’t die easily. You’re a fighter, a survivor.”

“I don’t want to die yet,” I agreed and flipped us both over.

From my position straddling her naked form, I grinned – an evil one.

“My turn,” was all the warning I allowed her before making my way down her body.


“That is quite a nasty and unusual scar on your neck,” she commented as we pulled on our clothes. I paused, only for a second, as I buttoned my pants.

“Angry bear,” I muttered and turned away from her to hide the scar from her view.

“Doesn’t look like a bear attack.”

“Well it wasn’t a pretty situation, just let me pretend it was a bear.”

“Good enough,” she told me as she deftly redid her braid,

“Perhaps I’ll see you around?” I ended the conversation and the evening.

“Perhaps. It’s been a pleasure,” she returned and pressed her lips to mine – in the gentle way only a woman could.

“Indeed,” I laughed and gave her my patented – I’m a hot, bad ass, fuck – smirk.

She allowed me the smirk and opened the door. She was halfway down the hallway to the club when I left the room.

She didn’t look back as she returned the dark, smoky recess of music. And she didn’t wait for me.


“So nice of you to join us. Rough night?” Kennedy bit out with a general glare in my direction. Willow attempted to shush her, but it was pointless.

“Not as rough as I would have liked, but it had its high points. Should have seen the hottie I scored – would have made you wet,” I shot back. Willow turned her glare on me and I winked at her before moving further into the room.

“Faith, good, I’m glad you made it,” Giles called out and I headed in his direction. He had a brunette with a nice body talking with him. “Faith, I’d like to you to meet Lady Lara Croft,” he introduced us and I forced a smile to my face, prepared to kiss up to the big wigs, as she turned around. But it died as soon as I saw her face. Giles continued on, oblivious to my shock. “Lara, this is Faith, one of the two original Slayers,” he finished his introduction.

“It’s a pleasure…to meet you, Faith,” she said to me. Brief flashes of last night’s activities ran through my mind. I smirked and spoke.

“Lady Croft, huh?” I asked.

“She is a world renowned dealer and collector of antiquities,” Giles added. “Additionally, her father was a member of the old Council. Upon his most misfortunate death, Lara took his position. As we have started to reshape the new Council, I have enlisted Lara’s assistance and wisdom. Both of which have been quite valuable.”

“Giles!” someone called from the other side of the room.

“Please excuse me momentarily, Lara,” Giles excused him and strode away.

“So, you’re a Watcher suddenly?” I questioned the minute Giles walked away.

“Of a sort.”

“We’ll be straight if you just make sure to apply the Council’s new ‘hands on’ approach,” I replied with a wink before I walked off.

Just my luck out of all the hot people in the club last night, I’d screw a Watcher.


The End

You have reached the end of "The Slayer and the Tomb Raider: First Contact". This story is complete.

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