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Summary: crossover with Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code

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Literature > Religious > da Vinci Code, TheavidreaderFR1834106,218153488,45311 Nov 054 Jul 06Yes

Chapter Eighteen

Disclaimer. Joss Whedon, Dan Brown et al own the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Da Vinci Code. Made up characters are mine, and the add on plot, of course.

Chapter Eighteen.

Cleveland… The Hellmouth

Robin Wood circled his shoulders working out the kinks. The left one made a small crack as the tendons stretched. He surveyed the scene in front of them. The teams were picking through the fallen Bringers, finishing off any survivors and collecting their weapons.

“Twenty!” Is that all they send!” His statement sounded slightly incredulous as he thought about it. “Not that I want more, of course.”

“Look on the bright side Ace. First, you didn’t get gutted this time, an’ second, they didn’t get to the Hellmouth. Coz if they’d gotten there, could have been a whole new game.” Answered Faith. “I’m gonna call in Riley’s guys to have them checkout for explosives. I kinda don’t need my ears ringing for the next few months. We‘ll keep the newbies out of the school until we get the all clear.”

She pulled out her cell phone and dialled.

“Mr. Wood.”

Robin turned to face fifteen year old Chrissie Edmonds standing there brandishing a broadsword that was almost as big as she was. (Visualise the girl on the Little League baseball plate in Chosen)

“Are we keeping the weapons that we take from the Bringers, sir. Coz if we are, can I keep this?” She asked, eyes wide.

“What’s the rule Chrissie.” Asked Robin.

Her face fell slightly. “Check them out first, supernaturally speaking, them add them to the armoury if cleared.”

“Then that’s what happens. But, I can see your point; ……no pun intended. Tell you what though, I’ll bring it up at the next Council meeting, to see if we might change one or two of these rules. How about that.”

“Thanks Sir. I’ll get the rest collected.” She trotted happily away to rejoin her team mates.”

Faith cleared her call. “Word from the Initiative is that there have been attacks pretty much all over the world, but nothing majorly bad. Lost a couple of newbie watchers in Beijing, and a Slayer in Kenya got caught in the crossfire between local tribesmen and a gang of M’Fashnic demons. She’ll be okay though, just a flesh wound. Red an’ Kenn offed two Bringers trying to plant a bomb at the school.”

“What’s the word on Rona? Asked Robin.

“Sam Finn picked her and her aunt up about an hour ago. They’re on their way back to Area 51. Apparently her aunt owns a pretty decent club in Vegas. Sounds like a good place for some R & R, eh, Ace.”

Robin grinned. “Hey, slow down sugar. There’s still a lot to do here before we think about party time. Has anyone heard from Buffy or Giles?”

“Meeting…. U S Embassy……. Some guy called Langford, Langdon, yeah, that’s it, Langdon.” She said, thoughtfully. Looking around.

“Problem?” He queried.

“Dunno’. What you said before, ‘is that all they send’. Word is that there haven’t been that many anywhere.” She wrinkled her eyebrows. “It’s like they’re short on bad guy’s all of a sudden. Doesn’t make sense.” She shrugged. “Man. I’m doin too much thinking.”

“Either that, or the First has been pushed into acting quicker than it planned to be.” Replied Robin. “Lets get the school checked out, then we can research. In the meantime we‘d better get our friends with the meat truck over here. These bodies aren‘t going to move themselves.”


U.S. Embassy - London

Dan took a step back towards the rest of the group upon Buffy’s warning. The five nearest the car drew long curved daggers from sheaths behind their backs and advanced towards them.

“Xander. Weapons. Now.” She ordered.

Xander was already in motion. The holdall was on the floor and the swords were being handed to Giles, David and Andrea. Buffy took a couple of paces forward coming alongside Dan.

Dan reached under his armpit for his gun and into his pocket for the silencer. “Maimed or dead.” He asked her.

“Dead.” Came the reply. “They can’t and won’t talk.”

Dan levelled his gun at the first Bringer. There was a brief moment when Dan considered that he was about to take a human life, then the face of the minion came into full view, and his decision was made. He pulled the trigger.

The gun spat its payload of death. The thing, the shell of what was once human, halted in its forward motion and fell in a heap. None of the other Bringers around it took any notice, they just continued in their blind commitment to the job in hand. Five more times he squeezed the trigger. Five more Bringers fell, unmoving.

Survival instinct then took over in Dan’s mind. Six taken, one left, new clip needed. He reached in his pocket and felt one more clip there. 'Damn it'. He thought. He had to make each bullet count. Time, it seemed had slowed to a snails pace, things were happening so fast

He was aware that Buffy was in full swing to his right, she had blocked two of the others coming at her with her briefcase; throwing it into the face of a third, the steel ring inside giving weight to the item and breaking its nose and jawbone in the process. The Scythe’s case had been used in a similar fashion. After flattening two attackers with the case she had a moment to open it and withdraw the Scythe. First to feel the blade were the two she had hit with the case. Their heads rolled away under a car.

Dan lost sight of her for a second or two as she moved to add to the enemy’s body count. He took out another attacker, ejected the clip, slotted the fresh one and called out. “Last Clip!”

Giles, Andrea, Xander and David had taken up rear and flanking positions around the group. Sophie’s face was a mixture of awe and fear and she looked as though she might start screaming at any moment. Robert Langdon looked plainly furious as he huddled the two women together following Giles instruction to keep together, and move with the protection back towards the Embassy steps. Luc was purely rigid with fear; he hadn’t moved. Xander heard Dan’s call and as he looked he saw Luc staring into space, oblivious of the mayhem around him.

More Bringers were moving in to attack now. There wasn’t a great deal of room between the cars for manoeuvring, Xander couldn’t get to Luc without leaving a hole in the defence ring. He called to Dan to cover Luc. Dan turned briefly to get a bearing on the man, as a Bringer came charging up the space behind him. Dan fired twice into the attacker at close range. The Bringer came to an immediate halt its sword arm outstretched ready to strike, Dan brought the flat of his gun up under its chin pushing it away with one hand, and grabbing hilt of the sword in with the other. He put his weight behind the thrust and pushed the now inert body into a second attacker who was following. Due to the close proximity of the first Bringer, one of the bullets from Dan’s gun had exited its torso at the rear and had continued on to hit the second in the gut. It slowed its attack enough to allow Dan to stab it with the sword he had just taken.

Keeping hold of the sword he made his way towards Luc. Dan felt air rush past him, and it wasn’t until he saw Luc fall over that he realised that it was a crossbow bolt that had barely missed him and had hit Luc in the shoulder.

Buffy was really letting rip. As she twisted, turned, spun, ducked; slashed, stabbed punched, kicked and sliced, the group of Bringers attacking her were diminishing by the second. One Bringer launched himself from the roof of a nearby car to try and take her down, but as he came overhead she thrust upwards with the stake end of the Scythe, skewered him and threw him into four others in front of her. Two others rushed at her from the sides and she spun, delivering a round house kick to one and extending the Scythe to slash the other across the throat.

She was aware of Dan’s call of ‘last clip’. They had separated slightly during the attack, to give them both some manoeuvring room. She was about move to assist when she saw two Bringers standing further back, each with a crossbow taking aim. One at Dan, the other at herself.

“Crap.” She thought. She was about to shout to Dan when Xander shouted to him to get to Luc; Dan’s sudden movement taking him out of the trajectory of the bolt as it was released. The bolt that was sent in her direction came to a stop a few inches from her face as she plucked it from the air and flung it back at the shooter with deadly accuracy, piercing its forehead.

The other bowman was nocking another bolt into the crossbow as a dagger taken from one of its colleagues cut through the bowstring and entered his chest. Buffy allowed herself a small grin as she ended the four who were picking themselves up, before turning towards Dan and the others. It was then she noticed that Luc had disappeared from view.

Giles, Xander, Andrea and David were holding their attackers at bay and at the same time trying to move back towards the Embassy steps. Upon Xander’s call to Dan about Luc, Giles instructed that they not move too far from the stricken man in case they had to assist Dan in carrying him.

Dan was making his way towards Luc when another Bringer came at him from between two cars. The two crashed to the ground, Dan losing the sword he had collected but managing to keep a grip on his gun. He ended up underneath the Bringer and as it raised itself to strike he managed to turn the gun slightly upwards. He fired once and the Bringer collapsed on top of him, the knife tearing through the sleeve of his jacket as the body fell.

Seeing Dan fall made Buffy’s heart skip a beat. Then she heard the thud of the silencer. As she came around the parked cars she saw Dan rolling the dead Bringer off him. He gave her a weak smile.

A commotion from the others gave neither of them any respite. They both looked to see two Bringers crouching over Luc. One had an athame and had sliced Luc’s hand and was draining the blood into an earthenware flask. At Giles’ shout the two separated one running towards a basket that had been lowered down from the roof. The other towards the circle.

David dealt a fatal blow to a Bringer and took its dagger. He broke ranks slightly to get a clear throw at the runner but was tackled by the one coming in from the side. By the time he had rid himself of the attack, the runner had reached its destination and the flask was hauled quickly up to the roof. David still threw the dagger, hitting the runner in the back.

The gap left by David in the protective ring allowed two Bringers to make an attempt at grabbing Sophie. They were successful. As quick and protective as Robert thought he was, he was untrained and no match for the determined hive mind of the Bringers. One swift blow from a staff and Langdon was stunned, Marie tried desperately to hold onto her granddaughter and got a slash to her stomach for her trouble.

Two Bringers dragged Sophie away before anyone could extract themselves from the attack to assist her. She was forcibly held screaming against the wall furthest away from the group and immediately surrounded by a defensive cordon. The basket was lowered from the roof top again and in seconds it was being retrieved with a second flask on board.

As the flask was being dragged upwards there was a loud thud from the steps. Buffy glanced over and saw Mary Anne bracing herself against the wall with a silenced sniper rifle clasped to her shoulder, taking shots at the thin rope holding the basket. The first shot missed and pieces of brick shattered from the wall. She took another and the rope jerked and more dust showered the Bringers below.

“Third time lucky.” She whispered. She sighted the crosshairs, breathed out evenly, and squeezed.


Somewhere in the Nevada Desert. - (Area 51)

Riley, Rona and Willow were walking down the corridor towards Ethan’s cell.

“Probably not what you want to hear, Willow, but I think it might have been better if Giles had ordered me to shoot Rayne.

Willow shot him a surprised look. “He’s human Riley, we can’t do that.”

“While he was AWOL he killed two doctors and a receptionist. Now, he claims that it was an accident. I have doubts. Big doubts about that. Technically the smarmy creep can’t be charged with anything because CCTV video that Buffy has, shows this Teabing guy in the frame for it. The Brits won’t go looking for anyone else when they find Teabing’s body, will they?”

Willow thought for a moment before answering. “A couple of years ago I’d have agreed and probably have done it for you. Willingly. Now I go along with the idea that somehow, someway we can redeem him. The problem with holding him in gaol is that it’s making him kinda stir crazy. Not that worshiping chaos is the sanest of activities in the first instance.”

“So, we just let him go!?” Asked Riley, incredulously.

“Not exactly, I’ve got an idea that might work. It’s a little dangerous, well, for anyone else, but if he agrees to do it, he’ll be out of our hair, supernaturally speaking.”

“You’re gonna take his magic away!” Riley was still amazed.

“Not per se. More like bind it, so that he can’t access it.” She addressed Rona. “I may need a little Slayer strength to hold him once I release him from the cage.”

Rona nodded. “Sure, anything to help.”

They arrived at Ethan’s cell. As they entered, Ethan turned to face Willow. She regarded him with her resolve face.

“Oh, bugger. Teacher‘s here. Now I’m for it.” He said.


U.S. Embassy - London.

“Third time lucky.” She whispered. She sighted the crosshairs, breathed out evenly, and squeezed.

The rifle jerked slightly in her grip, the bullet flying towards its target. She willed it on with every fibre of her being. There was brick dust and splinters again; and for a second the basket seemed to hang in mid air. Then it was falling back towards the ground.

The Bringers surrounding Sophie seemed confused for a moment, as though it wasn’t possible for Mary Anne to have done what she had. Then they were in motion. One turned and caught the flask before it hit the ground and was then moving towards the exit of the car park, flanked by two others.

Mary Anne was tracking the Bringers progress in her sights, She fired again. The nearest flanker fell, another took its place immediately. She took that one out, and another appeared in the space, they were determined in making sure that the flask was removed from the area.

Buffy shouted to David to return to Luc and the others as she jumped up onto the bonnet of the nearest car and ran over the roof, jumping from car to car trying to get to the Bringer with the flask. Dan picked himself up and covered the petite slayer as she ran to intercept.

At that moment there was a commotion from the car park entrance. Bringers that were guarding there suddenly started running into the area. A black Mercedes V Class came barrelling into the car park with two Bringers hanging off the front end. It rammed into the nearest parked car squashing the newly acquired hood ornaments and crumpling the rear of the car it hit.

The doors at either side burst open, Vi and Carly launching themselves immediately into the fray. The two were brandishing Japanese Katana’s; and they knew how to use them.

Dan had taken out two more Bringers that were closing on Buffy’s rear as she came to the end of the parked vehicles. He was now out of ammunition. He looked around for another weapon, and found the sword he had lost earlier. He made his way towards where Sophie lay. Buffy joined her sister Slayers and the three began a co-ordinated attack, decimating their opponents with every stroke. David had moved back to help Luc get to his feet. Xander, Andrea and Giles were finishing off the few that were attacking them, Robert had recovered slightly and was caring for Marie.

Distracted by Vi’s entrance Mary Anne lost sight of the Bringer carrying the flask for a moment, the old cliché occurred to her. “They all look the same.” She wasn’t able to pick off any more in the area that the three slayers were operating in case she hit one of them. A straggler from the group that had been attacking Giles and co. leapt up the steps to try its luck on her. Slamming the butt of her rifle into its face she flipped the gun around and put a bullet in it as it staggered backwards.

She glanced back to the scene at the far end of the car park. She had now totally lost sight of the Bringer who had last had the flask. Dan was moving towards Sophie. The three slayers had all but finished off the remaining enemy and she hoped that the flask bearer was among the dead. She turned her attention back to Giles’ group. Andrea had lost her sword and was trying to hold off an attacker by levitating it away from her, she was barely succeeding and was weakening fast. Mary Anne put a bullet in the back of its head just as the Wicca’s power drained. She collapsed exhausted.

With a few final thrusts, slashes and shots the battle was ended; and a moments hush fell on the area.

End of Chapter Eighteen.
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