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Next in Line

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Summary: crossover with Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code

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Chapter Two

Disclaimer : Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Dan Brown own the Characters. I only thought of the plot. So don’t sue I’m not making any money from this…


When no-one offered to assist her with her request, she was forced to wipe her hand on her cagoule, muttering about another garment ruined and there never being a gentleman around when you needed one.

She tried for more information. Hopefully she asked. “So, whose gonna tell me about the guy with the leg braces?”

When no-one offered any information immediately she took a couple of paces closer to the three policemen who were still supporting the cuffed man and trying desperately to hold onto their breakfast.

“Look I don’t want to fight you guys, I really don’t; I just want to know who he is? And in case you didn’t notice I just saved your collective asses just now, believe it or not we’re on the same side.”

Just then the policeman she had initially pushed out of the way came into her peripheral vision, he’d lost his gun somewhere thankfully and was trying to get on her blind side, suddenly he hunkered himself down and sprinted forward, trying to tackle her from behind. Buffy sensed him coming and let him almost get his fingers within reach before she sidestepped, put her hand on his back and pushed him face first onto the ground. The air escaped from his lungs with a whoosh and he gasped for breath as Buffy held him down firmly but gently with her foot

“Not such a smart move, was it.” She said., looking down at the sprawling man beneath her foot.

She pulled out her cell phone and pushed a speed dial number. The call was answered in two rings

“WSC Foundation, Peterson speaking, how may I help you”

David Peterson was the cousin of Carly, one of the newbie slayers. He was also a trainee Watcher at the new offices near to the Tate Britain.

“David, its Buffy Summers, I need backup at Westminster Abbey, outside the Sanctuary. Oh, and send a cleanup team for a Fyarl asap.”

“Will do, Miss Summers, any witnesses, or injuries? He asked.

“Only some of the Mets finest bobbies as witnesses. One is a little dented, nothing bad though, mainly bruised egos, so you’d better contact Chief Superintendent Clueless, and get him to stop his merry men trying to shoot me!”

“Don’t you mean Clewley?” Queried David, hearing Buffy’s quip.

“Whatever” huffed Buffy “Stupid Brit names, I always thought you were all Smith or Jones or Giles. Something easy to remember? ”

“I’m onto it now, Miss Summers.” He grinned. “ETA is five minutes.”

Buffy thanked him and disconnected. She looked at the group in front of her.

“Ok, before your boss calls and tells you what idiots you are does anyone have anything to say as to who this guy in the handcuffs is?” She questioned.

“His name is Sir Leigh Teabing” Came a gasped reply from below her foot. “And he’s just tried to shoot two people in the Chapter House of the Abbey; and his driver has been found dead in his limo in Horse Guards Road. There have been two shootings up near Lancaster Gate that we believe are related. He‘s being taken into custody for questioning!”

“Oh! See that wasn’t so difficult was it, anyway I thought you guys had all these security measures in place around here, so that no-one could get a gun or a knife anywhere near this place?” Questioned Buffy.

“The alarms did go off but he was allowed through without a check because of his circumstances and the fact that he’s a Royal Historian.” Replied the copper from below her foot.

“Ok listen.“ Said Buffy. “I’m gonna let you get up, but no funny business or you go back down again. Understand!”

“Yes Miss,” replied the policeman, sheepishly, he got up slowly.

Buffy had more questions, but the policeman had some of his own.

“Can I ask a couple of questions first please miss.”

“Ok, but you might not like the answers.”

“Who are you, and what is that?” He said, pointing to the corpse of the Fyarl.

“Buffy Summers. I’m from the WSC Foundation. That was a Fyarl demon, but you don’t need to worry it’s dead now.”

The Policeman looked puzzled. “Why was it here, why did it attack us, and how did you manage to fight and kill it. You’re so small.”

Buffy folded her arms pursed her lips and glared at the copper.

“You know, that’s exactly what it said. Right before I ripped its heart out.”

The policeman noticed her look and gulped. “Ok, I’ll be quiet now.”

“Wise move. There could be hope for you yet.”

She thought for a moment. “Lets just say that I’m stronger than I look. As to why it was here and why it attacked us; it‘s only a guess but I think it‘s got something to do with Mr Angry panicky over there. “Who were the two he tried to shoot and why?

“An American Professor and a French Cryptologist, I’m not sure why but I believe it has something to do with research into the Holy Grail. He‘s been ranting about it since we hauled him out of the Abbey.” Answered the policeman.

“where are they now, I need to talk to them to get some answers?” Asked Buffy.

“They were taken away by a French detective, a high up called Fache; he wouldn’t let us near them. We were under orders not to interfere with his authority. Chief Superintendent Clewley is our guv‘nor.”

A squeal of tyres caught their attention and they all turned to see a black Mercedes van drift slightly on the cobbles as it rounded the corner of Deans Yard into the Sanctuary.
It raced towards them at breakneck speed stopping abruptly a few feet away, the cab doors burst open and two people jumped out.

“Hey Vi, Carly, you the cleanup team? Where’s the bag?” asked Buffy.

“In the back with the body.” Answered Vi with a grin.

Buffy looked puzzled for a moment but then there was the sound of someone bumping around in the rear of the van, the side door of the cargo area opened and a dishevelled Xander stumbled out.

“That was soooo not funny Vi, you could have taken my other eye out. And that would not look good on my next report.”

“Xander!” Squealed Buffy, grabbing him and pulling him into a hug.

“Hey Buff…. Aghhh…. need to have ribs not broken this month please.”

“Oops, sorry, so pleased to see you, when did you get in” she said.

“Came in this morning on the overnight from JFK. I’d just walked into the reception when your call came through, so I thought I’d tag along; you know; maybe bail you out of jail, or pick up the pieces of the British police force, whatever.”

She playfully slapped him on the arm, which earned her a pained ‘ouch’ from Xander. Vi and Carly had meanwhile busied themselves with the bagging of the Fyarl.

“Ok questions I ask myself are, why a Fyarl and why in daylight, way too conspicuous and so overkill. Plus sooo smelly” Commented Vi wrinkling her nose.

“I ask myself those same questions.” said Buffy. “I don’t believe there were supposed to be any witnesses to his death.” She continued, pointing at Sir Leigh. “I think it’s time he answered a few of my questions.”

Teabing, who had been silently watching the scene in front of him started getting more agitated at this. The two policemen who had been holding him had to grasp tighter as he renewed his efforts to escape.

Suddenly he started convulsing and heaving as though he was about to be sick; he gasped and looked at his captors with pained anguish on his face. He clutched at his chest and suddenly slumped forward in their arms.

“Shit he’s having a heart attack.” Yelled one of the officers. “Get him on the ground now; start resuscitation; call 999 we need a paramedic fast.”

The three officers nearest went into action, going from a law enforcement to a life saving scenario in an instant. Buffy and Xander stood back with the others and allowed them to work.

Buffy turned to Vi, indicating to her that they should get the bagged demon out of sight, before anyone else got an eyeful of things that usually went bump in the night.

Within five minutes the Paramedics had arrived. They took over from the officers in administering the resuscitation but it came to nothing. Sir Leigh Teabing was pronounced dead at the scene within a few minutes.

Buffy had to bite back the tears, not particularly for a man she didn‘t know, but for the way he had died; as the memories of her discovering her own mothers’ body came flooding back. She tucked her head into Xanders’ chest as he held and gently comforted her.

A/N. Next Chapter coming soon. R & R please!
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