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Next in Line

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Summary: crossover with Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code

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Chapter Three

Disclaimer : Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Dan Brown own the Characters. I only thought of the plot. So don’t sue, I’m not making any money from this…


Whilst the events in London were unfolding, a rental car with two occupants was making its way northwards to Rosslyn. Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu were unaware of the deaths of Sir Leigh Teabing, his manservant, and the assassin Silas, or the wounding and hospitalisation of Bishop Aringarosa. Captain Fache had questioned them briefly; apologised for implicating them, and allowed them to leave under their own steam. Sophie was the only way they had been able to get a rental car, as all of Roberts I.D. and passport were still in France, so they shared the driving, chatted and kept each other awake.

No-one knew where they were now, so if the trail was broken it was reasonable for them to assume that they would be relatively safe.

Back in London Buffy and Xander had returned to the Council offices in the van, Buffy promising to call in at Belgravia Police Station later on in the day to give a statement and speak with Chief Superintendent Clewley.

Xander had needed food, sleep and a shower, so they had grabbed a buffet lunch at the hotel and caught up on the Cleveland events. Xander brought Buffy up to speed with the happenings in Cleveland. Rona had decided to take a break from slaying for a while. She’d never really been happy to be called and she had gotten her arm broken, again, so she had decided to have a rest and visit her aunt in Nevada.

Giles was just about finished putting the slayer school together, and as Robin was going to be running the show there he was coming back to England the next week to oversee the operation in Wiltshire.

It was later that afternoon that Buffy found herself sitting in the office of Chief Superintendent Clewley. They were discussing the case, trying to find some link between the murder of Jaques Saunier in France, Teabing’s’ ranting and the attack by the fyarl.

Captain Fache’s report had not given them any insight to the events either. Add to that the fact that Langdon and Neveu seemed to have disappeared didn’t help either. Langdon was in the UK illegally in effect, although the circumstances were mitigating. The only way the would be able to trace them now was if they used an ATM or a credit card to purchase something. However that would still take time. It was evident though that Teabing had masterminded the whole operation, and implicated his manservant to cover his tracks.

Clewley closed the file he was reading, rubbed a hand across his forehead and looked at Buffy.

“Look Ms. Summers,” He pleaded his case. “ I know and understand your mandate with regard to the vampires and demons. Unfortunately I’m now faced with having to put a gagging order on six of my officers, to stop them telling all their colleagues. It may give me some serious manpower problems, The team you neutralised was one of my best, and now one of them is talking of resigning, another wants a sabbatical for, and I quote ‘personal reasons.’ Basically you scared the crap out of them.”

Buffy looked back at him, and rolled her eyes.

“Have you seen those guys, they are all over six feet tall and at least 240lb!. I scared them! They pulled guns on me! What was I supposed to do, let the Fyarl rip them apart? Get a bowl of popcorn, kick back and watch? Take a vacation?, That’s not how it works! Slayers have a mission. First rule of slaying; don’t die. Second rule of slaying. Save lives, as many as possible.

Clewley could see Buffy getting irate, he held up his hands in truce. “Would you talk with them. Perhaps give them some assurance that this sort of thing is an extremely rare occurrence. Possibly answer some of their questions?” He suggested.

Buffy snorted “I knew that counselling position would come back to bite me. Robin is so dead when I get to him.”…. Or maybe I should call Faith and have her punish him some other way”

Clewley looked puzzled. “You’re a trained Counsellor?”

“Long story,“ She said, “Short version. I was the high school counsellor for a while back in Sunnydale, Robin Wood was the Principal there before we sent it to hell.”

“So is that a yes then?” He asked.

“It’s an I suppose so.” Huffed Buffy. “No guarantees.”

He nodded in agreement.

She scanned the files in front of her again.

“There’s something we’re missing.” Said Buffy. “Fyarl demons are mercenary type, foot soldiers, the ‘want to crush, crush now’ type, (she mimicked Spikes description), they don’t act without someone or something pointing them in the right direction.”

Clewley thought for a moment, then he said. “You say that its unusual to see them in the daylight, so where would it have come from, there’s only open ground and very public streets in that area.”

“A sewer or other underground tunnel.” Answered Buffy. “t would have needed to be close though, so that it escape quickly.”

Clewley, got up and went to his map drawer, he pulled out a local map of the area and unfolded it.

“There are tunnels and communication links under this area, as well as the District and Circle Lines at a deeper level. The communication tunnels, here are constantly monitored and patrolled. The P.M. and the Cabinet can go from Downing Street to the House of Commons without having to step outside if they have to. I just hope that there hasn‘t been a breach in security.”

“Ok,” Said Buffy, “You check with your people there. I’ll go see your guys and make with the friendly face. Who do I have to see about getting the low down on Teabing. Thing like coroners report, family background etcetera.”

Clewley hit the intercom button on his desk telephone. “Sue, would you have my car brought around please, and Ms. Summers has a couple of requests for information, and she‘ll also need a driver at some point, could you furnish her needs.”

“Yes Sir,” Came the answer over the intercom.

Clewley looked at Buffy who had wrinkled her nose up at something. He gave her a ‘what’ sort of look.

“Ms. Summers” She waggled her fingers in the air in a quotation marks gesture. Call me Buffy, please, Ms. Summers Makes me feel really old and spinstery.”

“And I’m Edward, but I don’t mind Ed. However, if you call me Eddie, I’ll go back to calling you Ms. Summers.” He grinned

“Deal, so what time do you want to meet back here ….Ed.”

“How’s six p.m. sound, “ He answered.

Buffy nodded and they left the office on their respective errands.

A few minutes later Buffy had talked with Ed’ p.a. and given her request for information on Teabing and asked for the location of the team of officers from the incident. The p.a. busied herself on the computer and Buffy left to find the men.

They were in the canteen, which, she found out, was a Brit word for restaurant.

She walked into the canteen and had the déjà vu thingy that it was very similar to the one back in college, tables scattered informally around a large well lit room, with a counter and serving all types of meals drinks, and snacks at one end. She made her way to he counter, selected a plateful of items and a bottle of water, paid, and headed to the table where the six officers were so busy discussing something so intently that they didn’t notice her approach.

“Hi guys” She gave them her brightest smile

They collectively jumped, and turned to look at her.

She looked at the table and saw all the empty coffee cups.

“Jumpy much. You know too much caffeine will do that to you. A friend of mine goes way off the deep end if she has more than a couple of cups a day. Ed…erm Chief Superintendent Clewley, has asked me to give you the talk. I bring a peace offering. Cookies anyone?”

They gave small smiles, collected themselves and remembered their manners. They all stood and the nearest one offered her a seat. She recognised him as the officer she had stomped on earlier, and that he was nursing his ribs. She looked around to make sure that there were no other ears listening.

Buffy continued. “As I said this morning my name is Buffy Summers and I’m a Director of the WSC Foundation. I understand you guys have some questions.” ………………

Half an hour later Buffy felt like she’d been put through the wringer, almost all the questions had been about the demon and was it a regular thing. How did she manage to kill it, were there any more, would their weapons be effective against one. The rest had been about her background. She kept a lot of that information to herself still, not wanting to let them know that there were hundreds like her running around; just some very well trained people who could deal with this sort of situation.

At the end she decided that maybe a little show and tell was in order, so she made the arrangement that they would meet her and some of her ’colleagues’ at the council offices for a patrol on Friday evening. That settled she asked the one with the rib problem where she should go to get a car and driver to go back to the council.

“Sorry about the ribs bye the way. That was a mean tackle you put together, it would have floored anyone else you know. You ever played football.”

“I play rugby at a weekend for the police team.” He grinned “I don’t think I’ll be playing this weekend though, doc says I’ve got to rest and let the bruises go down. We could use someone like you as our fly half but I don’t think the ref would allow a woman on the team.

Buffy raised an eyebrow at this? ”I don’t think I’d be any good at it; I can’t fly, half or otherwise. I’m not like Harry Potter you know!”

That did it he, creased up and laughed loudly, then he clutched his ribs in pain as he tried to regain his composure. Buffy gave him a concerned look. When he’d recovered he stuck out his right hand.

“You’re fun; I’m Dan, by the way, Daniel John Carter.” He said. Buffy took his hand and gave it a firm shake. ”Buffy, Buffy Anne Summers. She replied.

They made their way back up to Sue Porter, who had several coloured folders on her desk. Buffy picked up the one marked ‘Sir Leigh Teabing’, inside was a sheet entitled History and Family Background. Buffy scanned the sheet reading quickly until she came to the next of kin information. Her eyes widened.

She paled and sat down in the nearest chair, her mind racing in disbelief.

“What’s wrong, Buffy.” Asked Dan.

She showed him the sheet and pointed to the section she’d just read.

He looked at it shrugged, and then said

“Ok, so who’s Rupert Giles GCB?”
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