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Summary: crossover with Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code

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Literature > Religious > da Vinci Code, TheavidreaderFR1834106,218153488,45211 Nov 054 Jul 06Yes

Chapter Five

A/N Many thanks to all who have reviewed. I’ll try not to disappoint .

Readerboy. Thanks for that,. Not got my copy of the book at the moment. Mum’s borrowed it to read.

Disclaimer : I, only own the plot. Joss Whedon, Dan Brown et al own the characters.


“What was the time of death?” Asked Davies, noticing the foot twitch.

“Paramedics called a halt to resuscitation work at the scene at eleven thirty a.m. Doctor pronounced him D.O.A at the hospital at noon.

“Its six p.m. Six and a half hours is a bit long for spasms, or am I out of date?” He asked.

“Not especially common; however cadaverous spasms have been known in corpses several hours deceased. Of course the surrounding temperature has a part to play in that and the onset of rigor. Where have the boys in blue been keeping it” Questioned Fielding looking at the police report.

Without warning static electricity started to arc around the body under the sheet, it grew quickly in intensity, forcing the two doctors to take cover over by the walls. It didn’t save them. The arms shot out from either side of the sheet as bolts of lightning flared from the fingertips, hitting the two men and leaving a gaping hole in each of their chests.

The body on the slab sat bolt upright, the sheet slipping down to its waist revealing the upper torso of Leigh Teabing. The eyes flicked open to reveal dilated pupils of obsidian black.

“Sorry chaps” said the corpse, casually. “Got a little job to finish.”


Buffy was still trying to get all of the information over to Giles, she could tell he was tired, and she was sure that, coupled with the loss of his cousin, was affecting his attention span.

“Giles, we don’t know where they are at this moment. Until they use a credit card or an ATM we can’t locate them, and even then it will take time. Fache hasn’t followed procedure on this at all. I’m not convinced he’s told all of the story either. According to Ed Clewley, he should have handed Langdon over to the American Embassy, and Neveu should have gone back to France with him.”

Giles removed his glasses, pinched the bridge of his nose again and thought before he answered.

“This name Langdon rings a bell from somewhere, but I can’t for the life of me think where from. Do you have any more background on him.”

“Yes, but not much.” Replied Buffy. “

She read out the information on Robert Langdon. Giles’ eyes suddenly lit up.

“Manuscript!” He yelled, and dashed out of view. He returned a few moments later brandishing a wad of printed paper in his hand.

“This is what the connection is Buffy. Langdon has written a book on the symbology of the grail. I received this from his publisher about two months ago. If you check, I’ll lay odds that Saunier received one too. There was also one sent to the home of Quentin Travers, but it was redirected to us when it couldn’t be delivered. The old Council always made sure that material of this sort was sent to us. It was one of the many ways we used to evaluate threats to the world.”

“Yeah, and that worked so well when the First decided to attack us didn’t it. Quipped Buffy.

“Well, the First was hardly in a position to write down it’s intentions, Buffy. Oh. Just a line to let you know I‘m going to attack and kill all the Potential Slayers, their Watchers, the two Chosen Ones. Oh and by the way I’m going to blow up the Council next week.” Retorted Giles.

“Meee-Owww. Giles, when did you get a ‘tude, dude.”

“Oh. Very droll. You know very well what I mean. Now I’ll be over there as soon as possible, flights might be a little awkward…….

Buffy interrupted him.

“Charter a jet Giles. Otherwise you’ll be as dead as your cousin if you try flying coach. You. Need. To. Sleep.” She said pointedly.

“But the cost……….

“The cost is nothing Giles. Have you seen the accounts lately?. We could solve third world debt, twice over, and still have enough left to give every slayer and watcher a good pension plan. Now charter, buy or steal a plane, I don’t care, as long as you get some sleep on the way over. Otherwise I’ll have Faith break out her handcuffs!”

Dan, who had been listening to the conversation intently, gave Buffy the goldfish look.
She grinned and in return gave him a wink.

“Let me know when and where you’re landing and I’ll collect you.” She continued.

Buffy, you’re not driving again, are you, the Germans are still upset about the Hanover incident.

“No, I’m not. Anyway it was an emergency, Giles, I had to get there fast and the only way was to take the nice Police officers Porsche. I did give it back.” She pouted.

“Yes, minus it’s front end.” Grumbled Giles.

“Look, go, get here. I will have you collected, then we’ll talk more.” She finished.

They said their goodbyes and she logged off.

Dan spoke up after a brief interlude.

“Do you two go at it like that all the time?”

“Only when he doesn’t listen to Doctor Buffy.” She replied sagely.

Dan took a deep breath.

“Is this a good time to ask all these questions I’ve been bottling up.”

Buffy pushed herself away from her desk, got up and went to the mini bar. Pulling a soda from the cooler she spoke.

“Ok. Shoot.”

He held up a hand and counted the fingers off as he asked the questions “Who are you? Really, not the official spiel. What‘s a Watcher? What’s a Slayer? Potentials? Chosen Ones? The Council I assume; is this place.”

Buffy took a deep draw on her soda

“WSC Foundation stands for Watchers and Slayers Council. The previous incarnation of the Council headed by Quentin Travers got blown sky high about two years ago now, by the First’s minions.”

“Oh!. That was your building in the Strand that went up. They said it was a gas leak, did a lot of damage, lot of people dead and injured.” Replied Dan.

“Most of the girls you’ve seen here, are Slayers. Supernatural warriors. There’s this old speech that sound so much better in British accent. Giles does it especially well. Basically what you need to know is that Slayers are human, but are stronger and faster, have better senses and heal quicker than normal people. All so that we can take out the bad guys.”

“You mean demons, like that thing this morning.”

“Yes, also vampires werewolves, and anything else that you can think of that goes bump in the night but tell yourself couldn’t exist in the light of day. You’d be amazed at what I’ve fought and killed over the last nine years. Mostly in Sunnydale, California where we used to live.”

Wasn’t that the place that was swallowed up by an earthquake a few months after that bombing here?” Queried Dan.

“Yeah. We sort of did that.” She grimaced as she said it. At the incredulous look on Dan’s face she added. “There was a huge battle against the First Evil, Willow used the power of the Scythe and activated all the Potential Slayers. Even so we still lost a lot of people that day, ordinary people and Slayers. I took thirty of them into the Hellmouth, and only ten of us came out. Then the Hellmouth collapsed in on itself, took the town with it.

Dan looked at her. “Hellmouth?” He said nervously.

“Tell you later, I think I’ve told you enough to scare you silly for one day.” Buffy paused.

“Anyway there are something like two thousand Slayers running around now, instead of only two. Well me really, coz Faith was in jail, until Wes sprung her.”

Dan’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.

“Y-you were doing this on your own for seven years. Not to be rude, but how old are you?”

Buffy averted her eyes from his.

“I’m twenty four, I was called when I was fifteen”

Why was there only one of you at that time, I mean, ….FIFTEEN.”

“That’s the way it worked then, one Slayer died, the next was called. It had been that way for thousands of years.”

“Hang on, you said, you and Faith, but Faith was in jail, how did the get to be two if one had to….”

He didn’t finish the sentence because his brain caught up with the facts. “You died”

“Twice actually, she said brightly, she was going for the shock treatment now. It was almost three, when Warren Mears shot me, but Willow got to me in time, pulled the bullet out, and healed me.

Dans’s eyes were nearly popping out.

“You’ve mentioned this Willow a couple of times. Is she the one you were at school with, along with Xander.”

“Yeah, we’re best buds, she’s in South America just now with her girlfriend, Kennedy, who’s also a slayer.

“Oh, she’s gay. Does that mean that you‘re………….

Buffy’s eyes widened and she flapped her hands at him.

“No, no, no. I’m not gay, boyfriends, lots of, but not too many. Just Willow. She has a history that I’m not going into all that right now.”

“So she’s a gay doctor then.” Said Dan.

Buffy looked puzzled. “Huh? “Not a doctor, why’d you ask that?

“You said she pulled a bullet out of you.”

“Well, she did, but she used the magick’s. She’s a witch.”

“Oh, goody, now magic’s real. I assume we’re not talking the Paul Daniels, sleight of hand stuff here.” Said Dan sarcastically

“No, we’ re talking about the black eyes, black hair, vein-y kind of magic that messes with your head, gets you hooked and uber strong and nearly ends the world kind of magic.”

Replied Buffy pointedly.

“Wow. So don’t piss her off then.” He finished.

“Nah, well yeah, but; she’s past that now, more earth witch, calmer, serene even. Just don‘t give her coffee.”

Dan relaxed a little

“So, you spooked much.” She queried.

“A little, but it sort of explains one or two things. When I was a kid, my Gran used to tell me all these stories about what I used to call the ‘Bumpers’. She was born in Whitechapel in the East End. We all used to think she was a bit batty, got it all from films, but from what you’ve just told me, I think she was what you call a Potential.”

Buffy gave him a look of sympathy.

“Then she was extremely lucky Dan, The old Council used the Slayers as tools, throwing them into awful situations alone and not caring if they came back or not. If they didn’t, too bad, next please. Not allowed friends or family. In most cases they were taken away at birth or an early age. Slayers were called at around fifteen, sometimes earlier, and most were dead before they were twenty.”

Dan looked first shocked, which then turned to a frown again.

“So how come you managed to get to have these things, friends, family school?”

“I slipped through the net somehow. My first Watcher, Merrick didn’t find me until after I was called. I was the original Prom Queen, air headed cheerleader. Wild child parties, shopping, boys, hormones. What can I say, I was a rebel. When Merrick got killed I freaked, dusted the bunch of vamps and their leader who killed him on Prom Night, set fire to the school gym and took off for Vegas.”

“So you changed the rules?”

“Oh Yeah, big time.”

Buffy’s cell phone beeped. She paused, excused herself, and looked at it.

“Voicemail from your boss. Information I hope.“ She said, as she pushed the connect button. She listened for a couple of minutes and then disconnected.

Dan spoke. “She’s still alive you know.”

“Who?” Asked Buffy.

“My Gran.” Replied Dan.
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