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Next in Line

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Summary: crossover with Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code

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Literature > Religious > da Vinci Code, TheavidreaderFR1834106,218153488,45211 Nov 054 Jul 06Yes

Chapter Six

Disclaimer : I only own the plot, Joss Whedon, Dan Brown et al own the characters.

Chapter Six.

The reanimated corpse of Sir Leigh Teabing looked at itself in the observation mirror angled above the mortuary slab.

“Bloody hell Teabing you let yourself go man.” It said to itself. “This is going to take a lot more effort than I thought.”

With that it hauled itself to its feet unsteadily at first, then with more fluidity as it made its way naked to the locker room. Once in there it raided the lockers to mix and match an assortment of garments, the difficulty being that the sizes of the two deceased doctors didn’t quite match what it required. The resulting arrangement was the look of a tramp that hadn’t had the time to visit the Charity shop. Shrugging its shoulders the slightly blue grey corpse made its way out of the hospital without being challenged, into the gathering evening.


Back at the Council Buffy had gotten a surprise of her own.

“Wow, still alive. How old is she? Is she ok? Can I meet her.?”

“Yep. Eighty two. Yes and yes.” Said Dan with a lopsided grin. “She’s in a Old Peoples Home in Hertford. I’ll arrange it as soon as possible. So What did the Guv’nor have to say?

“He says that the demon didn’t come out of any of the tunnels or sewers under the area around the Abbey. So if it didn’t come from under, it either came out of thin air, or it ran through some of the busiest streets in the area without anyone seeing a thing.”

She thought for a second, picked up the handset and punched a button on the desk phone.

“Jenny, who do we have available that can test for summoning or portal spells?“ She asked.

Dan watched as Buffy arranged for the person Jenny had suggested to be taken to the location of the mornings incident, with back up, just in case.

“Is Xander around, and what about Vi, has she finished her session yet.” She listened for a moment, then continued. “Okay. Could you call Xander at the hotel and ask him and Vi to come to my office asap please. Thanks Jenny”

She turned to Dan. “If this was Sunnydale there’s no way you’d be able to check for a residual spell or portal this long after the event. Too much other Hellmouthy stuff going on. As there’s no Hellmouth in London, we might have a chance”

She paused for thought and took another draw on her soda.

“Ed’s message also told me that Neveu rented a car from Hertz on Marble Arch at eleven thirty, then paid for lunch at Leicester service area at two thirty five, and they’ve just bought fuel at Coxhoe services on the A 1.”

She sniggered “There’s a place called Cocks Ho!”

Dan laughed at her innuendo and spelled the name for her, and she mouthed an embarrassed Oh.

“He’s says he’s got patrols keeping an eye open for them but he won’t apprehend them unless I ask him to. We need to find out where they’re going so we’ll leave them alone for a while. I would love to have a tracking device on the car.”

“There might be a way to have that.” Said Dan. “It’s a Hertz rental car, right.” She nodded. “They put GPS chips in some of their cars. If they’ve got one of those in we can track them through the mobile phone network. I can get this dealt with this from the station if you like; or do you have access that I don’t know about.”

Buff grinned and nodded. “That would be great, but only if you’re sure you’re not going to get in trouble for it. I don’t want Ed chasing me for misuse of a Constable, or something.”

Dan gave a small chuckle, pulled out his cell phone and looked at it, puzzled.

“No signal, yours worked though didn’t it?”

“Oh. Sorry, our phones will work anywhere they’re mystically charged, can’t be traced or called unless we want them to be. Here use the desk phone.”

Dan got busy arranging the trace, Buffy gave him her cell phone number and asked for the info to be sent as SMS. It was at that point Xander and Vi came into the room laughing at some quip Xander had just made.

They stopped laughing simultaneously.

“Hey Buff. Oops. Sorry, didn’t know you had a guest.” Xander apologised. “So, what’s the what?” He continued.

“Xander Harris, Vi Carson, meet Constable Dan Carter, Metropolitan Police.”

They shook hands. Xander scanned Dan and looked over at Buffy as if questioning her. Vi and Dan looked at each other. Vi shrugged and rolled her eyes.

“They do this occasionally, usually in meetings, you think they’ve spaced out and suddenly their giggling like a bunch o’ first graders on a sugar rush.” She said.

Xander broke out of his thoughts and exclaimed aloud. “His Grandmother was a Potential!”

Dan looked at Buffy, then Xander. He squinted at them.

“Did I miss something?” He questioned.

“Sorry, Dan.” Said Buffy. “ Another of Willow’s little ‘gifts’ the three of us can link up when we’re in the same room together. Don’t worry , we can’t pick up anyone else’s thoughts. Though sometimes……” She trailed off, looking at Vi with a cheeky grin on her face.

“So. British Bobby, huh, I bet you’ve been regaling the Buffster here with dashing tales of daring do.” Said Xander very loudly, trying to change the subject.

“Not exactly.“ Said Dan. "More like going from shock horror, to amazement, then back to shock, horror again. At the moment I’m at the amazement stage, yet again."

“Y’ know I think I like this guy Buff, you gonna keep him.?” Xander asked.

Buffy glared at Xander, then looked at Vi. “Shall I tell you about the naughty thoughts Xanders been having about your little joke on the way in.”

Vi blushed and Xander looked sheepish. “Ok, time out, shutting up now.” He said

Buffy gave him a smug grin and raised one eyebrow at him. She then spent the next few minutes bringing them up to speed on the situation.

Marble Arch

The Hertz Rental office was a mess, the body of the young receptionist was slumped in her chair. If it hadn’t been for the mess one might have thought she’d simply gotten bored and nodded off, except for the hole in her chest. Smaller, but no less fatal, than the damage done to the two doctors in the morgue. The filing cabinet hung open its contents strewn over the desk and floor, the sort of mess that would take anyone hours to sort through. Just to discover that there was one rental agreement missing.

Westminster Abbey

Andrea Turnbull was a Wicca, her gran practised the craft and recognised her talent early on and taught he everything she could. She had just turned nineteen when her gran had telephoned a friend in Wiltshire to ask if Andrea could go there to be trained further. That person was Althenea, the head of the coven. Andrea had only been there for a week when Rupert Giles had arrived bringing a distraught Willow Rosenberg with him. Initially Willow had tried to keep herself to herself. However, after Andrea’s first solo attempt at levitation had landed her on top of Willow. The rest of the coven had cracked up at the tangle of limbs and the compromising position, the two women had seen the funny side of it, and they had become tentative friends, given Willow’s recent emersion into the Dark Magicks.

Shortly after her twenty first birthday Andrea’s powers as a seer and empath had kicked in and Althenea had asked her to come to London to assist wherever possible in the rebuilding of the Council. That was eight months ago.

At his moment she was holding yew twigs in both hands, walking in a diverging spiral in the spot where Sir Leigh Teabing had died that morning; searching for a residual portal essence.

“There’s nothing here.” She said to the two slayers. The only power I’m picking up is from you two, and that’s got a different feel to portal power. Can one of you get me the candles please so I can check for a summoning spell.

A few minutes later the spell had been cast and Andrea had her answer. The demon had been summoned. The surprising thing was, the residual signature of the spell casters point of origin was, on the spot where Sir Leigh Teabing had died.

They gathered the candles and tidied the area. Andrea took out her cell phone and called Jenny.


Dan and Xander were talking as he gave Dan the ten cent tour of the facility.

“This place is massive Xander, how on earth you managed to excavate it without anyone knowing, beats me. This is on a scale with the Channel Tunnel.”

“Actually, its not as big as it looks.” They reached an office. The sign on the door said. Xander Harris. Underneath was another printed sign that had been laminated and stuck on with blue tack. It said ‘The impossible I can do at once. For miracles.. SEE WILLOW.’

Dan chuckled as he read the sign. “ I like the sense of humour Xander. I take it that’s some reference to Willow being a witch.”

“Yeah, you see when Will n’ me were kids she was always the one with the big thoughts an’ the book learnin’. Always knew she’d make something’ of herself. At the time we thought she’d be a doctor or a computer whiz, but when she developed a penchant for the magicks we never thought it would lead to this place.”

“Pardon.” Said Dan looking confused. Xander continued.

“It’s not as big as it looks.” Xander repeated. “I don’t know all the specifics, but it has something to do with this spatial spell that Wills cooked up. Literally, as it happens, the ingredients wouldn’t fit in her usual pot so we had to get a huge cauldron from a museum to do the spell, and I’m damn sure I heard her cackle when she stirred it.”

Dan didn’t know whether Xander was pulling his leg or not, but he did have to admit that whatever spell Willow had performed; it was impressive.

Just then Vi and Buffy caught up with them.

“Xan’ we’re hungry, you two up for Pizza, Chinese, or something else.

Xander looked at Dan. “Rule number one when eating out with a slayer is don’t pay. They will eat you under the table. Especially after they’ve killed stuff.

“What about alcohol?” Asked Dan. “I take it that they can drink, it’s not some temperance thing?”

Xander laughed manically. “Remind me to tell you the story about when our Buffy here went one million B.C“……

Buffy was about to respond to Xanders comment when her cell phone rang. Instead she glared at him and took the call.

“Looks like it’ll be an eat on the hoof guys, Andrea’s got a result.” She announced as she disconnected.
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