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Next in Line

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Summary: crossover with Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code

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Literature > Religious > da Vinci Code, TheavidreaderFR1834106,218153488,45311 Nov 054 Jul 06Yes

Chapter Seven

Disclaimer : Joss Whedon, Dan Brown et al own the characters. I only own the plot

Chapter Seven.

Whoever got the morgue rota cleaning always had a ritual of calling ahead via the internal phones so that they didn’t walk in on a Pathologist performing an autopsy. It wasn’t good for the digestion.

So when Stefan called to check and received no answer he collected his equipment trolley and made his way to the morgue.

The sight of the two dead doctors in front of him as he entered caused the Spaghetti Bolognese he had eaten in the canteen not ten minutes earlier to depart from his stomach very quickly. He left far more rapidly than he had entered, screaming for help in his native Slavic dialect.


As the doors to the lift opened Andrea was entering the reception from the street. Dan noticed the colour of the beam change to pink as she passed through, and lilac for each of the slayers. It prompted his question.

“So what’s with the different colours for different people?”

Xander answered him whilst Buffy and Vi conferred with Andrea.

“When we first moved in here eight months ago we could stop a vampire getting in by putting up wards. Problem was it didn’t stop demons or maybe a warlock from getting in, if they had a human face. So we combined a little magic with the traditional security box that the airports use. Anyone human gets a white light. Slayers come out lilac, very pretty. Wicca’s come in various shades of pink, depending on how powerful they are. Anything nasty from the woodshed gets a black light, the shutters come down and it gets ejected.”

Dan nodded his understanding.

Buffy and Vi finished their conversation with Andrea, and turned to the two men.

“Looks, like dabbling in bad mojo runs in the family.” At the blank looks and the ‘explain’ gesture from Xander, she continued. “From what Andrea’s found out it appears that the fyarl wasn’t sent to kill Teabing. He summoned it to rescue him. Probably using so much power caused him to have the heart attack.”

Xander cut in. “And seeing you wipe out his only means of escape couldn’t have given him a peachy feeling either.”


Ahmed Azir was late for his appointment. The day had started badly, his flight had been delayed at Cairo for a supposed ‘security check’. Then the car he had requested from Hertz Gatwick had not been ready, and to cap it all his room at the London Hilton ad been given over because his confirmation of late arrival had not been placed. He was not a happy businessman. He was at this moment marching forcefully towards the Hertz office at Marble Arch to really give someone hell for ruining his trip. What he found inside when he burst through the door made his problems fade to insignificance. Having originated from Palestine he had gotten desensitised over the years to seeing bloodshed so he could tell this was no gunshot wound. He calmed himself, pulled out his cell phone and dialled…..999.


Buffy’s cell phone rang.

“Hello. Oh hi Ed. ……………What, ………..When did this happen? ………….. Where, Ok. See you there. Bye.

She turned to Dan, who was looking as puzzled as the others.

“Imperial College, how far is it from here?” She asked.

About ten minutes by car, four in a squad car on blues and twos. Why?”

“It looks as if our corpse has gotten up and walked out the door, obviously didn’t like the décor.” She replied sarcastically.

“Don’t you just hate it when the bad guys don’t stay dead.” Mused Xander.

“Yeah but this one left a messy trail behind him as in the two doctors who were about to perform the autopsy. TV and papers are already there so Ed says he’ll try to get us in at the back door

They made to leave. Jenny called Dan back to the desk.

“Mr. Carter, your pass please.”

Dan stopped and made his way back to the desk, pulling his pass off his jacket he was about to hand it back when he heard Buffy call out to Jenny.

“Release him please Jenny. “

She gave Buffy a puzzled frown, Buffy nodded her request again, and Jenny raised her left hand in front of Dan and said. “Let the spell be ended.”

Dan turned to Buffy with a slightly annoyed look on his face. “You had a spell put on me?”

“Standard Operational Procedure.” Replied Buffy. You of all people should know what that means. And it would have stayed on if I thought I couldn’t trust you. You‘ve proved yourself seeing as you passed through the security and the fact that your Grandma was a Potential. ‘Course if you’d rather not remember any of this tomorrow morning like the rest of your collegues from this morning; I can have Jenny put it back on.”

Her tone was calm but firm. Dan shook his head slightly processing what she’d just said. Then he gave her a small grin and said. “They really won’t remember anything!”

“Well, they’ll remember the case and Teabing dying, but they won’t remember me or the Fyarl. Like I said. Standard Operational Procedure. There are a couple of thousand girls running around out there and I am responsible for giving them their power. I can’t…..” She paused. “We can’t afford to let them be recognised, coerced or experimented on, in any way. I have to protect them anyway we can.”

Her tone had softened as she finished the sentence. Dan nodded his agreement. “I understand, it’s just that it was a bit of a shock, that’s all. I’m sorry.

She smiled at him. “Well I’ll say this.” She turned away from him. “You took it a lot better than your boss did on his first visit, He couldn‘t work out where he‘d been for four hours.”

Dan’s face was a picture. Sometimes secrets were good.
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