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Next in Line

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Summary: crossover with Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code

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Chapter Eight


Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon, Dan Brown et al. Only the plot is mine.

Chapter Eight.

Seven miles south of Edinburgh Robert Langdon stood in the entrance of Rosslyn Chapel watching the stars. His mind was turning over all the facts of the past twenty four hours. From his presentation at the American University; being dragged out of bed by Fache’s assistant after midnight and hauled over to the Louvre.

Fache’s methods of investigation had annoyed him from the start. Then, when he had met Sophie, she had told him that Fache suspected him of her grandfathers murder and had erased part of the information. He had been amazed that someone in Fache’s position could actually get away with something like that.

After their escape from the Louvre, then Paris, meeting up with Leigh, and their illegal entry to England, they had had very little time to actually take stock of what had been happening to them. Since the blur of London following and deciphering the clues left by Saunier, Rosslyn had appeared to be the final destination.

Robert was still trying to fathom out all the twists and turns regarding Leigh’s manipulation of the events. He was also wondering if the death of Sophie’s parents had been a plot by the Vatican to destroy the Merovingian family line and take possession of the Grail; as he had initially thought, or whether Leigh had somehow engineered that as well. He’d obviously taken great pains to implicate Opus Dei and cause the revocation of their prelature. If that was the case, had his plans been conceived over years, or even decades, not just months?

They had arrived at Rosslyn Chapel on what he had thought to be the final stop and the location of the Holy Grail. Not only did he and Sophie discover that her grandfather had yet again thrown another variable into the mix, but the verger and the curator had been revealed as her brother and grandmother respectively. Then Madam Saunier had dropped the bombshell that the Grail wasn’t there.

He turned away from the chapel to walk back to the house. As he did so he noticed the police cars tearing up the road towards him.


Buffy, Dan, Xander and Vi were just about to walk out of the reception when Andrea put a hand to her head and leaned on the desk for support. “Vision.” She gasped, as she struggled to keep herself upright.

It took a couple of minutes for Andrea to recover enough to give Buffy the information she had received. Jenny took notes

“Two people, both late twenties, early thirties, one male light brown, almost blonde hair. The other female reddish brown hair. Standing either side of the a Star of David, surrounded by roses. There’s something else, a smell. Vinegar, and a parchment, or something with an inscription.

The Holy Grail ‘neath ancient Roslin waits. The blade and chalice guarding o’er Her gates.

Everyone looked at each other.

“This needs to go downstairs to be researched immediately.” Said Buffy. “ Xan. Can you and Vi deal with it, get some of the watchers onto the books as well. Also fill them in on what’s happened with Teabing, and his research into the Grail. Dan and I’ll go see what Ed needs from us…… Looks like dinner’s cancelled.” She finished

Buffy’s cell beeped. She was contemplating the meaning of Andrea’s vision. She didn’t want to take it at face value she was too used to her own dreams being cryptic. She absent-mindedly pulled out her phone and called up the text message. She showed it to Dan.

Vehicle Reg. DY05 YZC
TEL +44 131 440 2159
AS AT 18:35 HRS
OS REF 55.855N 3.161W

“Looks like they’ve come to a standstill. About 10 miles south of Edinburgh.” He said

“Edinburgh in Scotland?” Exclaimed Buffy. “Are they sightseeing, or something.”

Xander took a note of the text to take with him. “Hey, this Rosslyn here is spelled differently than the one I have written down from Andrea.”

He showed it to the Seer, who confirmed her spelling.

Dan thought for a moment. “Sometimes over hundreds of years the spelling of places in England have been changed. There are lots of factors that can influence it. Social, dialect, or simply better education.”

He wrote on the bottom of the paper… L E I C E S T E R. He handed it to Xander

“Say that word.” He said

“Lie - sester” Shrugged Xander.

“Ok, its actually pronounced LESTER. All we have here with Roslin, is an older spelling as opposed to a newer one.” Explained Dan. “Buffy, when you were talking to Sir Rupert, he mentioned about a manuscript that Langdon had written, didn’t he. It‘s obviously got something to do with it all”

“Ok, I’ll go with that thought but why take Neveu with him. Answered Buffy.“ Because……”

She didn’t get to finish because Xander gave a strangled cry. “SIR Rupert….Did you just say SIR RUPERT….As in GILES , G- Man Giles. “ He spluttered.

Buffy wrinkled her eyebrows. “Ooops.” She squeaked.

“Okaay. Now get with all the splainy Buff. What is going on.”

Buffy folded her arms and glared at Xander.

Dan piped in. “Xander. Look I’m sorry it’s my fault.” He glanced at Buffy and gave her an apologetic look. “Buffy didn’t want to say anything until he got here and could explain it himself, and if you’ll bear with them I‘m sure you‘ll get your answers.“

“What he said.” Added Buffy, waving a hand in Dan’s direction. “There’s some information on my desk for you to look at. It’s not much though. But don’t tell anyone else yet.” As she said this she looked pointedly at the two witches at the desk. They nodded their understanding in return.

“Okay, I’ll play nice for now.” Said Xander. His face suddenly lit up. “Hey we know before Willow. I have knowledge that Willow doesn’t.”

With that he grabbed Vi’s hand and the paperwork and bounced off toward the lift. “Let you know when we’ve got something.” He called over his shoulder.

“Those two an item?” Asked Dan

“We live in hope.” Said Buffy. “The hope that they’ll realise what we already know. Before we have to beat it into them. Come on, don’t want to keep Ed waiting any longer.”


As they left the Council Dan hailed a Taxi outside the Tate. “Imperial College as quick as you can. “ He reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out his wallet and showed the driver his warrant card.

As they travelled the driver was telling them what the radio had reported on the incident.

“Sounds like they ‘ve had a gang break in looking for drugs and two of he doctors caught ’em by surprise so they shot ‘em.”

Dan just agreed with him, and left him to his rant on how society was on the verge of collapse; and why they didn’t bring back the death penalty for this kind of thing. Buffy just nodded and kept her mouth firmly shut because she didn’t want her accent to give anything away. She did agree silently though, that the death penalty would be mandatory for whatever had done this to the two doctors.

They arrived to find a small crowd in front of the gates and several news crews getting views from workers and passers by who might have seen something. They skirted the crowd. Dan approached a nearby uniformed officer, flashed his warrant card again and got them inside.

“See, its much easier when you do it quietly.” Remarked Dan.

Buffy rolled her eyes at him. What was I supposed to wear my badge that says ‘Hi. I’m the Slayer. Ask me how?”

Dan grinned. They found their way to the mortuary. When they entered the room the scene was one of organised chaos. There was a S.O.C.O. team carrying out examinations of the bodies, taking photographs and dusting for fingerprints. Dan saw someone he knew on the SOCO team an went to have a word with him. Buffy made a bee line for Ed Clewley.

“Hey Ed, what’s the what.”

“We got a 999 about half an hour ago, saying that Professor Fielding and Dr Davies had been found with fatal gunshot wounds to the chest. Davies was Teabing’s personal physician. Scene of Crime have discovered that there was tape in the machine and it had been set on record.”

“Has anyone heard it yet?” Asked Buffy

“Fortunately, no.” He replied. Hopefully we can listen to it and do what is necessary before this gets too out of hand.” He added, quietly.

One of the SOCO officers came over.

“Sir, we’ve got a bit of a problem with the wounds. They don’t appear to conform with general gunshot wounds. There don’t seem to be any pellets or bullets, and the wounds are quarterised If I didn’t know better I’d say that they’d been struck by lightning somehow. But even then there are inconsistencies, because a lightning strike would have come from above not horizontally. Until we hear from the tape, assuming there is anything there. As to the disappearance of the body your guess is as good as mine, body snatching went out of fashion nearly a hundred years ago”

“Hmm, Ok. Any other theories?” Asked Ed.

“Not at the moment, Sir. We’ll have to wait for another Pathologist to come in tomorrow for a full autopsy.”

Ed nodded his acceptance. “Where’s the tape?” He asked.

“In the evidence box sir. Its been dusted, only one set of prints, probably the professor’s.”

“Is there a chance we can hear it before CID get their paws on it. Miss Summers here is representing Sir Leigh‘s family, and they don’t want anything untoward being divulged.”
The officer nodded and went over to the box of evidence, pulled out a bag with a cassette tape in and handed it to the Chief Superintendent.

“We’ll be back with it shortly.” He turned to Buffy. “we can listen to this in my car. It’ll be private there.”

They collected Dan on the way out and went to a black Volvo parked behind the squad cars. It took a minute or two to rewind the tape. Ed pushed the play button and they listened intently for a minute, hearing the sounds of the two doctors entering the room. Then one of them remarking about the foot twitching, the crackling of the static electricity, and the final screams of the men as the death blows were dealt. Then silence, briefly. Then they heard the voice of someone that Buffy recognised immediately.

“Ethan Rayne.” She spat..
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