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Next in Line

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Summary: crossover with Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code

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Literature > Religious > da Vinci Code, TheavidreaderFR1834106,218153488,48911 Nov 054 Jul 06Yes

Next in Line

Disclaimer : I only own the story, Joss Whedon, Dan Brown et al. own the characters. I'm not making any money from this. so don't sue.

Set in early 2005 for fic purposes, pre July 7th

A/N Please review, this is my first fic, please be gentle.;-! is the text/format ok!?



Buffy was in the hotel gym near the London Branch of the New Council. She had an excess of energy to burn for some reason, probably due to the lack of slaying, add to that the totally weird dreams about a French speaking woman and what looked like a crystal pyramid, and you had the makings of a cranky slayer. The need to pummel something frequently was becoming necessary. She wasn’t ignoring the fact that it could be some kind of slayer portent either, no more keeping these dreams to herself anymore. That just led to pain and suffering; honesty and sharing were the best policies.

“It’s not like I can relate it to anything specific” she told Willow “It’s like I’m not being given all the info.”

Willow couldn’t see any connections either. “It would help if you could either translate or repeat what the woman is saying.”

“So is that your way of saying more attention should have been paid in high school, coz I so had the mitigating circumstances.”

“No, Buffy,” said her friend, “It will connect somewhere along the line, I’ll try the internet for the crystal pyramid and see what comes up. I’ll get back to you when I have something to go on. Needless to say………”

“Let you know if I remember anything else or have a continuation on Buffy TV” Buffy finished.

“You got it” replied Willow. “Anyway, how’s Dawnie getting on in her first week at Oxford…

That conversation had taken place three days ago and Buffy was beginning to get more and more frustrated every time she had the dream. Now there was an red haired fat guy on crutches in the dream and the only word she could make out from the woman’s speech sounded like ‘Sangria’. She was totally confused. Willow was more so…..

So there she was. She’d been in the gym since six a.m. running the treadmill like there was no tomorrow, trying to wear herself out, and getting some freaky looks from some of the other guests and the attendant, when the hourly news broadcast came up on the large screen in front of her.


We have reports coming in of several related security incidents in the vicinity of Westminster Abbey. There are alleged reports that shots have been fired, and a body discovered in a car on Horseguards Road. A man has been apprehended by Police. We will bring you further updates as we receive them.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. Her slayer senses giving her a nudge.

“Wow“, thought Buffy, “A security incident, smells fishy or should I say demony. I need to check it out.”

Quickly returning to the changing room, she freshened up leaving her tracksuit and trainers on she pulled her cagoule over the top and taking Mr Pointy, her wallet and cell phone from her holdall, she headed out into the morning mist and rain.

A few minutes later, when Buffy arrived at the cordoned off area near to the Sanctuary, she was surprised to see so many Police with guns, she had always thought that British Police and guns were non-mixy things. She decided to play the dumb blonde and crossed the police cordon to see if she could find out anything more. She’d gotten about thirty metres when she was spotted by a young Constable.

“Excuse me Miss, you shouldn’t be in this area.” A voice from behind her called.

Switching on her apologetic face she turned to face the approaching policeman.

“Oh I’m really sorry, but I need to get to Charing Cross and I’m new in town and if I don’t go the way I know I’ll get lost” She babbled.

It worked like a charm. The previously stern copper lowered his firearm and approached her.

“You’re American“?, he asked.

“Yes.” she answered “What’s going on. Is there any way you could let me through, coz I’ve been for my morning run and I’ll be late for my appointments if I don’t get back soon.”

“I’m terribly sorry miss, I can’t let you go through this way, there’s been an incident.”

Continuing the act, Buffy asked if it was something serious, but before she could obtain an answer five Police Officers Came out of a side door of the Abbey carrying a screaming and struggling man in leg braces. She immediately noticed two things about the man; firstly, he was the guy on crutches from her dream; secondly, was what he was shouting about.

“The map to the Holy Grail, you must tell the truth, Langdon, if you don‘t they‘ll kill me.……… Don’t let the demons get me”

“You’ll have to move away miss” said the policeman and he gently placed a hand on Buffy’s shoulder to get her to move, an act which given her size and weight should have been a fairly simple thing to do for a man of his six foot two inches and fifteen stone weight, however he found it a harder task than he had imagined. She just did not move.

He put more effort into it. “Come now miss don’t be.”……He never got to finish the sentence because Buffy suddenly pushed back at him with the palm of her hand in the centre of his chest.

He landed on his posterior and slid about six feet before rolling head over heels backwards on the wet grass as Buffy launched herself toward the fyarl demon that was charging out of the mist, making a bee line for the policemen that were carrying the screaming man, who had also caught sight of the demon, and began struggling even more.

Buffy ran to intercept, vaulting over the group using the shoulders of the nearest policeman to twist her body so that her feet were the first things that would connect with the demons face. There was a sickening crunch of cartilage and bone as contact was made and the fyarl bellowed in pain.

“Now let’s see you mucus through that.” Taunted Buffy flipping herself back onto her feet ready for the next move.

The demon staggered backwards a few feet before gutturally cursing her and beating its chest in anger. Buffy responded with a feral grin and few choice words in fyarl that she literally spat out, and shot forward with such speed that she was almost a blur. She rammed into the demon shoulder first getting inside its flailing arms and hitting its abdomen with rapid punches.

As large as the fyarl was it was losing this fight rapidly. Not having anything silver on her to finish it off Buffy quickly threw a right cross to its jaw and the head snapped away from her just long enough for her to use her other hand, pointed like a knife, in a sharp jab to pierce the soft flesh just below its sternum, she forced her arm upwards and inwards, closed her hand and ripped out its heart.

If a fyarl could look surprised his one was in shock, it was also dead before it hit the ground. Buffy stopped; took a breath to control the inner slayer and then froze as she heard the sound of hammers cocking on several guns behind her.

“Armed Police Officers. Stand still and raise your arms slowly above your head“

…Buffy complied, feeling the black ichor start to run down the inside of her sleeve, after all she didn‘t want to get shot again; the incident with Warren Mears had been quite enough thank you …

“Now turn around , slowly.”

Again Buffy did as she was told. She saw that she was facing two burly officers with automatic side arms pointed directly at her, approximately six feet way from her. They took stock of her also and seemed to be assessing how she could have done what she had. It was at that point that the smell from the black heart she still held in her hand wafted under their noses. They paled and wretched, their last meal threatening to depart from their stomachs; in the process lowering their weapons. Buffy didn’t need a second chance she was there in a flash, sweeping their legs from under them, disarming and releasing the clips from their guns.

“Sorry guys but I don’t like guns pointed at me.” She told the two heaving policemen on the floor. With a wicked grin she dropped the demons heart onto the ground just in front of them causing them to convulse in another wave of nausea.

“So, does anyone have a Kleenex?” She asked innocently, waving her bloodstained hand at them.

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