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A Random Encounter

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Summary: Faith has a random encounter on the streets of New York.

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Television > Law and Order: SVUAaronlisaFR131664143,85012 Nov 0512 Nov 05Yes
Disclaimer: The Buffyverse belongs to Joss Whedon and company. Law & Order: SVU belongs to Dick Wolfe and company.

Notes: Set post-Chosen and towards the end of Season Six of SVU.

Unlike a lot of the cops he knew, Stabler knew about the real existence of the supernatural. He knew about it from his times in the Marines when he’d been selected to serve on a special unit called the Initiative. He’d turned down the post and soon found out that what he had dismissed as a waste of money and time was to fight something real. Stabler never regretted his decision but he had wondered how different his career would have turned out. Perhaps he would have been better equipped at dealing with the monsters that he came across every now and then. Perhaps his marriage and life wouldn’t be slowly collapsing in fragmented pieces around him if he’d fought the supernatural monsters instead of the human monsters that he encountered every day on his job. He couldn’t talk to Olivia about his problems even though he knew that she was patiently waiting for him to open up to her. The minute he mentioned vampires and demons along with his missed opportunities, she’d think that he’d gone off the deep end and she’d insist that he see a shrink. So he bottled it up and spent a lot of time walking aimlessly around after midnight trying to burn off the excess energy. And that was how he stumbled into her and realized that he wasn’t alone.

At first he thought she was just some female gangster beating the crap out of some helpless victim. He pulled his gun out and called out the standard warning for her to freeze. As he did this, her helpless victim’s face shifted from the innocent human one to the more demonic one in the split second that she had instinctively frozen. He lowered his gun and watched as she moved; it was like poetry in motion. Her moves were eloquent, beautiful and powerful, as she turned towards him her smile dazzled his senses as the vampire exploded into ash.


”Well I don’t know how to break it to you Officer but that was a vampire.”

”The name’s Stabler and how did you take it on with such ease?”

”You know about vampires?”

”Yes and you haven’t answered my question.”

”I don’t think I should be telling you this. How about you just forget this happened.”

”Are you in the Initiative?”

”How do you know about them?”

She sounded confused and angry as she appraised him and he thought over what he should say. He was a fool for having mentioned the Initiative, something about the military organization angered her and he didn’t think that he’d like it very much if she was angry. He could sense the anger just beneath the surface, it was desperate to break out and attack. And he knew instinctively that she wouldn’t respect his gun or his badge if it came down to it.

“It was how I found out about the monsters that really existed,” Stabler calmly replied as he put his gun away. “You can fight them without any difficulty and it’s obvious that you have some sort of training.”

”Last I’d heard they’d been disbanded.”

”I hadn’t heard that. We obviously get our information from different channels.”

”Yeah, look I gotta go.”

”How can you fight them so easily? I almost died the one time that I tried to save someone from a vampire.”

”I’m a Slayer, it’s my destiny.”

She smirked at him before she left him standing alone in the filthy alleyway. She’d left him with more questions than answers but they weren’t all about her or what a Slayer was. He had to wonder about himself and if he had that anger and violence lurking just underneath his surface trying to break out and cause harm like she had. As he slowly left the alley, he decided to talk to Olivia. It was easy enough to leave out the stuff about the real monsters that stalked the streets at night while preying on the innocent.


The End

You have reached the end of "A Random Encounter". This story is complete.

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