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Death's Sister

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Summary: LATEST CHAPTER REVISED!!! Death's sister comes to town. She's short, blonde, can kick vampire butt, and has just been brought back to life for the second time. Will be Buffy/JC, with maybe some Buffy/Asher thrown in.

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Death's Sister

I forgot to add a disclaimer the first time around; sorry.

Disclaimer: Nothing from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the world of Anita Blake belongs to me. I am using both without permission for my own enjoyment.

A/N: Hello, everyone! This is my try at producing a decent Buffy/Anita Blake crossover. I love both characters very much, and will do my best to reproduce them faithfully. As for the timeline, this story happens just after Buffy is resurrected in Season 6, and sometime after Circus of the Damned for Anita Blake. For the sake of the plot, I'm saying that Dawn disappeared after Buffy went through the portal because she was just an annoying ball of energy and I can make her go away in my fic.

I hope you enjoy, and please let me know what you think!


When a short blonde girl showed up on Anita Blake’s doormat, Anita was rather surprised. The first reason for her surprise was the fact that the girl was as short as she was; there were very few people whom Anita did not need to look up at to look in the eye, but this girl was one of them. The second reason was...well, the fact that she was blonde, and looked as if in a better state of health she’d fit in better at a cheerleading rally than any of the rather gruesome events which Anita tended to be part of.

The girl was bedraggled looking, with her hair hanging tangled and uncombed about her ears and her clothes hanging off of her as if they had been chosen for someone with more meat on her bones. Her face was gaunt, with the look of someone who had lost a great deal of weight far too quickly, and it would have been quite attractive—possibly even beautiful—if it had a bit more substance behind it. It was her eyes which really drew Anita in, however. They were a stunning green, and they were the kind of eyes that changed color depending on the owner’s emotions. Anita could easily imagine them darkening to emerald when the girl was amused, or lightening until they were so pale they were almost grey in the depths of despair.

They were nearly grey today. They were haunted and empty, looking older and deader than the eyes of any 20-or-so-year-old had the right to be. They reminded Anita of herself, when she was having one of those really awful days which seemed to be becoming more frequent. They reminded her of Edward, and the way he looked when he casually threatened to torture her as though she weren’t one of the only friends he had in the world.

It was her eyes, really, which caused Anita to blink stupidly at the girl standing outside her apartment, rather than barking out the annoyed “what!” that had been on the tip of her tongue when she had opened the door.

“Anita Blake?” the girl asked carefully, shifting the ragged knapsack Anita hadn’t even noticed on her shoulder.

The question was enough to bring Anita back to her senses, and she allowed her right hand to creep behind her until it rested on the gun tucked snuggly into its holster against her back. “Who’s asking?” she replied guardedly. With the kind of people who came to her apartment these days, no one could blame her for being careful.

The girl quirked a half-smile that didn’t make it to her eyes. “My name’s Buffy,” she said, holding out her hand.

Anita didn’t take it; if she did, she’d lose her grip on her Firestar. “Buffy”—whose ridiculous name somehow managed to fit her appearance rather perfectly—didn’t feel like a lycanthrope, and certainly wasn’t a vampire, but she hadn’t gotten that look in her eyes from cheerleading, and, well, Anita had been wrong about this sort of thing before.

Buffy’s mouth tightened. “I’m not surprised he never mentioned me,” she remarked. He? At Anita’s look of incomprehension, Buffy expanded, “My brother. It’s not that he’s embarrassed about me or anything, but he can be awfully overprotective, so he doesn’t like talking about me much.”

Anita wracked her brain to try to figure out who Buffy could possibly be talking about.

“Still not getting it?” Buffy asked, a hint of humor in her voice. “He’s blond, looks a bit like me, carries a mini-Uzi...”

Anita gaped. “You’re Edward’s sister?” she asked in disbelief. She let go of the gun.

“The one and only,” Buffy quipped.

“Are you sure?” Anita asked again, dazed at the very thought of Death having a kid sister he was overprotective of.

The girl shot her a look that said, You’re a lot dumber than I thought you’d be.

“Right. Of course you’re sure,” Anita said. “But...what are you doing at my apartment?”

Buffy hesitated. “Well, you see...Edward always talks about you in his letters, and, well, I’ve basically decided to get a new start in life, and I didn’t want to call Edward while I was still without a place to stay, and while he still thinks I'm dead, and then I remembered that you lived in St. Louis and that Edward trusts you, and well I thought that he’d panic less if I could tell him I was with you, and now that I’m saying this it sounds rather dumb and I’m sorry for intruding,” she rambled nervously. She turned as if to go.

“Wait—” Anita said, quickly reaching out to grab Buffy’s arm. Before she could react, Buffy moved with a speed Anita had never seen before even from a were and grabbed her wrist, forcing it up behind her body and pinning her to the wall. With her face pressed painfully against the wall, Anita couldn’t see the horrified expression flit across Buffy’s face, but she did feel the pleasant sensation of her arm being released and the pressure across her back abruptly dissipating. Anita massaged her wrist as she turned to face the girl, who was looking distinctly upset. “Well, I believe that you’re Edward’s sister,” Anita said humorously, her voice devoid of humor.

“God, I’m so sorry,” Buffy said. “It’s just—I’m dead on my feet, and I’m feeling kind of jumpy still after traveling through some pretty unsavory parts of town.”

“Where did you come from?” Anita asked, wondering just how long the strange girl had been in town.

“Sunnydale, California,” she said. “I’ve been traveling nonstop for the past week to get here, running a lot of it and hitchhiking when I couldn’t run any more.”

Anita hesitated. There was no denying that the girl scared her, and that the thought of getting closer to Edward than necessary frightened her even more. Still, she had always had a soft spot for people in trouble, and for Buffy to have run even part of the way from California to St. Louis seemed to indicate she was in more than just a little trouble.

Plus, Anita didn’t want to think about what Edward would do to her if something happened to his sister because she was too nervous to let a stranger into her apartment.

Opening the door wide, Anita tried her best to give a friendly smile. “Welcome to my humble abode…”

With a grateful smile and duck of the head, Buffy the Vampire Slayer walked inside.
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