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Stake the Night

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Summary: A series of FFA ficlets focusing on the newest Dark-Hunter.

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Literature > Dark Hunter SeriesJoAnneStormFR1571,882186,47013 Nov 0520 Nov 05No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

2307/Prompt 48

It was just sitting there, thrown across the kitchen table as if the owner didn’t care about it. A sea of black leather, a few scuffs making it special.

She had seen him wearing it, looking almost like a child dressing up in Daddy’s clothes. Such a lovely coat had never been made for him. The sleeves were too long, the way the shoulders rested was all wrong. No, the coat may belong to Spike, but it had never belonged to him.

She picked it up, telling herself that she was just going to hang it up. Instead, she brought it to her nose and inhaled the rich scent of leather and cigarettes. It smelled like a man, like sweat and beer and dirt.

Knowing it was wrong, but unable to resist, she slipped her arms into the sleeves, letting the cool leather settle against her back and shoulders. It fit like a glove, like it was made for her.

She carefully crept up the stairs to her room, trying desperately not to wake up her houseguest. Tabby and Valerius had done so much for her that putting up their new friend for a few days was the least she could do to repay them. He was a vampire hunter, same as them, and kept late hours. He needed to sleep.

Plus, she didn’t want him to see her wearing his coat.

She ignored the multitude of wigs and make up scattered around her room and focused on the full-length mirror mounted on one wall. The leather looked as good as it felt, and she shivered in pleasure at the thought of owning such a masterpiece.

“It looks good on you,” Spike’s voice said from her doorway, and she whirled around to find him slouched against the jam. He kept well away from the sunlight streaming in, and fiddled with his lighter.

“Sorry, Shug,” she said, moving to remove the luscious leather from her shoulders.

“Keep it,” he said, forestalling the movement.

She held the lapels against her chest for a moment, unable to believe that he would grant her such a boon. He just shrugged at her expression and left, softly closing the door behind him.

Tears welled in her eyes as she turned back to the mirror. She loved this coat, and part of her loved Spike for giving it to her.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Stake the Night" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Nov 05.

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