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Stake the Night

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Summary: A series of FFA ficlets focusing on the newest Dark-Hunter.

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Literature > Dark Hunter SeriesJoAnneStormFR1571,882186,47013 Nov 0520 Nov 05No

Stake the Night

Welcome to my little bit of insanity. Now, let's get started, shall we?

Title: Stake the Night

Author: Jo-Anne Storm

Summary: Nick gets some unusual training.

Spoilers: None for Buffy, but major spoilers for Dark-Hunters. If you have not read up to "Sins of the Night", run away!

Disclaimer: Don’t own them. Wish I did.

1 - Prologue

2 - #2299 (Spike/Artemis)

3 - #2300 (Spike/Ash)

4 - #2301 (Spike/Tabitha)

5 - #2302/TtH100_2 Prompt 065: Prank (Spike/Valerius)

6 - #2302/TtH100_2 Prompt 48: Leather [wildcard] (Spike's coat/Marla)
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