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Post Pulse

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Summary: I've come to figure out what happened here and to help those people that have gotten caught up in it. God help us all. (Dawn POV - series of Dawn ficlets for crossovers100)

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Television > Dark Angel > Dawn - Centered(Site Founder)JinniFR1564,192286,75013 Nov 055 Jan 06No

Sunrises Don't Console Me Anymore

Title: Sunrises Don’t Console Me Anymore
Series: Post Pulse
Author: Jinni (
Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things Dark Angel belong to Fox, et al.
Rated: FR15
Claim: Dawn
Crossover: BtVS/Dark Angel
Prompt: 31 – Sunrise – at crossovers100
Notes: Second in a series of crossovers I’m writing to eliminate a few prompts for crossovers100.
Wordcount: 379


I used to look forward to the coming of the sun – that moment when I knew that I’d made it through another night and that I was okay. That everyone I cared about was okay.

But after The Pulse I found that sunrises weren’t so comforting anymore. The world had turned dark and dreary overnight, catapulted into what could only be called a Dark Age.

I won’t lie – it was scarier than anything of the crap we ever fought.

And there was no spell or magical solution to make it all better. No quick fix for the problems that we and everyone else faced now.

You’d have thought that the vamps and the demons would have gone nuts in this type of situation. Truth is, they sort of did. At first. But people were too paranoid. Too vigilante. They didn’t know what they were taking out – but damnit if they weren’t gonna protect themselves from it.

So the supernatural creatures just sort of…faded to the background.

Lucky for them, in a way, because when this super-secret government agency stuff hit the airwaves recently and sighting started popping up of all those mutants that those even creeps created – the demons were well and truly hidden.

They missed the backlash of mutant fear.

Too bad, really. If only we could teach some of these prejudiced cretins the difference between a human that looks a little different and a demon, we’d be doing pretty good.

But all those years we thought the public wasn’t ready to handle the existence of demons?

Oh, this proves we were right. We were so right.

Trust my sister and Willow and the others to want to help these poor people that got screwed by our precious government, though.

That’s why I’m here, in Seattle. Rumor has it that somewhere nearby is where it all began.

And I’m gonna get to the bottom of it and help these people out.

Well, with a little long-distance help from my ‘family’, of course.

”Buff?” I have to practically shout into the cell phone to be heard above the static, to leave a message on the service that we all use to stay in contact. “I’m here. I’ll call in a couple days to let you know what I’ve found.”

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