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Post Pulse

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Summary: I've come to figure out what happened here and to help those people that have gotten caught up in it. God help us all. (Dawn POV - series of Dawn ficlets for crossovers100)

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Television > Dark Angel > Dawn - Centered(Site Founder)JinniFR1564,192286,75013 Nov 055 Jan 06No

Post Pulse

Title: Months of Nothing

Series: Post Pulse

Author: Jinni (

Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things Dark Angel belong to Fox, et al.

Rated: FR15

Claim: Dawn

Crossover: BtVS/Dark Angel

Prompt: 9 – Months – at crossovers100

Notes: First in a series of crossovers I’m writing to eliminate a few prompts for crossovers100.

Wordcount: 286


We saved the world time and time again from the supernatural baddies in the world.

Kept the apocalypses from, you know, apocalyzing or… whatever.

We thought we had it hard in those months after the Hellmouth was closed in Sunnyhell. You’d think that the creatures that go bump in the dark would take a vacation after such a devastating blow to the evil community – but, no. They didn’t. Those first months sucked. They sucked a lot.

And then months turned into years. Three…four… five. In a normal life, I would have been just about done with college at that point.

But our lives were not normal. I spent those years fighting.

Slowly we turned the tide back. Again. We had made a difference. Again.

Protected the world from the uber-creeps of the supernatural world – again.

Then it happened – virtual end of life as we knew it.

And it wasn’t a vampire, demon, rogue witch or warlock that did it. Not even a Hell God or Goddess bent on sending the world to hell.

No, humans sent the world to hell all by themselves and nothing we had done in the end made a difference because it wasn’t a spell or a prophecy. No one got all pissy and opened a Hellmouth or gateway to another dimension.

One hundred percent, non-mystical human know-how screwed us all.

What was it, you might ask?

Something that wasn’t my fault for a change – small comfort, but still something, you know – Buffy’s little sister didn’t send everything spiraling to Hell.

No – this little surprise Fate had in store for us?

Well it was called The Pulse.

And it was far more effective and devastating than anything a demon ever cooked up.

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