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TtH100 fics

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Summary: This is where all of my stand alone TtH100 fics for Angel(us) can be found.

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Multiple Crossings > Angel-CenteredAaronlisaFR1331,323011,06413 Nov 054 Dec 05No

Reanimated Flesh

Title: Reanimated Flesh
Pairing: Angelus/Eva interaction
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: The Buffyverse belongs to Joss Whedon and company. The Bride belongs to Lloyd Fonvielle, Franc Roddam and company.
Notes: Written for tth100 for prompt #56 (drinking). The Bride is basically a Frankenstein’s bride movie with Sting and Jennifer Beals as Dr. Frankenstein and the bride (Eva) respectively.

Ever since the fateful night when Darla had turned him, a whole new world had opened up for him. It was a world that involved power, blood and lust, but at the same time it also involved discovery. In the short period of time that his sire had taken him under her wing, Angelus had learned more about the world than he had ever dreamed imaginable. And now as he found himself stalking a pretty brunette to while away the time since Darla was playing with her latest prey. The blonde didn’t seem to care that it angered Angelus that she went to such an effort for a mere human. Nor did she care that Angelus hated the upper class soirees that she dragged him to all the time. He had soon learned to amuse himself by picking a lovely, young woman whom he could easily corrupt. It passed the time and none of the women whom he had let live would betray him since it would taint their virtue and chances of rich marriages. And this night had started out like any other night had when Darla decided to hunt someone of the aristocracy, yet it would end differently than all of those boring nights that had come before it and those that would come after it.

* * *

Angelus was never quite sure what drew him to her; his normal appetites ran towards blondes. Yet he sensed something familiar in the way that she carried herself. It was almost as if she had been touched by the supernatural in some way. He found himself entranced as he carefully followed her and he let his guard down enough so that he was following her without realizing that she was leading him to a secluded place. Once he realized that she had slowly drawn him away from the other guests, Angelus realized his mistake and he quickly moved so that he could gain the upper hand.

“Who are you?” She asked in cultured tones.
“Death,” Angelus replied with a smirk.
“Hello monsieur Death, I am Eva,” Eva mockingly said.
“How dare you!” Angelus snarled as he grasped her roughly by the shoulders.

None of his other victims had reacted in such a way. None of them had dared to mock him; instead they had trembled in fear as they had waited for his next move. As he continued to hold her arms tightly and his eyes flashed golden, the mirth in Eva’s eyes was quickly replaced with a hint of fear and anger. Angelus effortlessly pulled the brunette closer to him as he stared down into her eyes. He was hit by the sensation that she was just as deceptive as he was and that her pretty little face was a mask that she cleverly wore to hide her true self. He ignored the sensation as he allowed his face to transform.

“I will teach you to mock me,” Angelus said with a growl before he bit her white throat.

At first she struggled against him like any of his virginal victims and he felt disappointment that she had turned out to be like the others. Her struggles soon stopped as he continued to drink her blood. Shortly after she ceased fighting him, Angelus violently thrust her from him in disgust as he started retching at the taste of the rancid blood. Silently she watched him with cynical eyes and he realized that the taste of her blood wasn’t so much as rancid as it was tainted with the taste of death. It had soured like the blood of his victims when their hearts stopped.

“What are you?” Angelus managed to ask.
“A woman,” Eva fiercely replied.
“Not just a mere woman.”
”I am reanimated flesh like yourself, but I am still a woman just as you are still a man,” Eva replied with a sneer.

Before he could say anything else, she had turned and had hastily made her back to the safety of the ballroom. She left him with more questions than answers; questions that he instinctively knew Darla would not be able to answer. The brunette was not a vampire or any other type of demon that he had come across, yet she was not quite human either. He slowly made his way to the ballroom, in search of his next victim so that he could rid his mouth of the taste of her sour blood.


The End?

You have reached the end of "TtH100 fics" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Dec 05.

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