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Immortal Knight

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Summary: Xander, as an immortal, post chosen *Slash* xander/angel, xander/methos, a prophecy to thwart and a rogue hell god on the loose

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Highlander > Xander-Centered > Pairing: MethospixelFR18820,72263929,36814 Nov 0531 Jan 07No

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Knight And Day

Methos headed up to their borrowed room, Angel’s words making him more nervous then he wanted to admit. He was just grateful that Xander had stopped listening before that part of the conversation. He refused to give into the doubts that had been plaguing him since that night in the alley, when Xander first showed how much he’d changed. No, everything he’d done was for the best, Xander was stronger now, better equipped to face what was to come.

Pushing open the door, all worries disappeared from his mind, as he saw Xander waiting for him on the bed. The younger man was naked, propped up on the pillows, with one hand lazily caressing his cock. Methos just stood for a moment appreciating the view; Xander had lost all of his old self-consciousness in the time they’d been together and had few inhibitions left. Though Methos suspected that particular aspect of Xander’s personality; might be down to Anya rather than their own relationship.

Methos started shedding his own clothes, enjoying the way Xander’s eye slid over his body as it was slowly exposed. There was no way to disguise the hunger in that look, and it was enough to make Methos rush to join his lover. Crawling up the bed, resting heavily against Xander’s body, he took a quick kiss, only to be almost over-whelmed when Xander took control.

The younger Immortal easily flipped them and then proceeded to devour Methos’ mouth, his tongue diving deep inside, teeth nibbling and biting at Methos lips. When they finally broke for breath, Methos pulled back a little and asked. “Not that I’m complaining, but what brought this on?”

Xander just went back to work, kissing his lover again, and then breaking away to lick and bite his way down Methos’ neck. Eventually, answering with broken words, hurried out between caresses. “What you said, to Angel……….no-one’s ever talked that way about me…….…you said I was beautiful…… amazing the way you see me……...wanted to reward you…….…to make you feel the way I do.”

Methos took a moment to curse all those who’d taught his lover not to appreciate his own worth, before succumbing to passion. Letting his hands fall away from Xander’s body, he gave his lover another kiss before lying back on the bed and spreading his arms wide. “Well if I’m being rewarded, I think I’ll just lay here and let you do all the work.”

A wicked grin flashed across Xander’s face, and Methos wondered what he’d let himself in for; especially when his lover bit down hard on his neck, before pulling away and leaning to grab a bottle from the nightstand. Methos quickly found himself being re-arranged, winding up face down on the bed his arms pillowing his head.

Then he felt Xander straddling his body, and warm hands came to rest on his shoulders, as his lover practically purred in his ear, “You’re all tense and worked up, figure you need to relax a little.” What followed was pure sensual torture, as Xander worked his way from neck to foot and back again.

Xander’s hands, strong from all the sword work, worked the fragrant oil into every inch of his lover’s skin. Flexing and twisting, digging deep into hard muscles, never lingering in one spot too long. Just teasing, tempting caresses that were beginning to drive Methos crazy. He couldn’t stop himself from groaning in pleasure, and he began to move, rubbing his weeping cock against the smooth sheets.

Xander wasn’t going to let him off that easy, he pushed another pillow under Methos hips making sure that there was no way he could get any friction and bring himself off. A whispered. “Uh….uh, that’s mine,” was followed by a dark chuckle that vibrated through both their bodies. But before Methos could protest the loss of friction, he felt his cheeks being spread apart and a slight pressure against his hole.

He gasped, and his whole body arched off the bed only to be pushed back down and held in place by Xander’s weight. All he could do was lie there and take it, and he gave himself over to the pleasure of Xander’s agile tongue thrusting in and out of him slicking and stretching the tiny hole. A finger joined the tongue, pushing in further, and just flicking against his prostate. He wanted to move, to thrust back and take that hungry muscle even deeper inside him, but Xander held him fast, forcing him to wait on his lover’s pleasure.

Xander finally pulled back, and Methos readied himself, believing he was going to be feeling Xander’s cock inside him any second. It wasn’t to be, he found himself turned over, and he whimpered in disappointment when he realised Xander wasn’t anywhere near ready to fuck him yet. Instead his lover returned to his tantalising massage, giving the front of Methos’ body the same treatment he’d given the back. Only this time, he added lips to fingers, kissing and licking over-sensitised skin, biting down in places, leaving deep marks behind.

This was one of the glories of being Immortal, they could be as rough, as passionate as they wanted, in the sure knowledge that any injuries would be gone with the dawn. Methos had loved every second of teaching Xander to utilise that side of their nature, and all he could think right now was that perhaps he’d taught him a little too well.

His last coherent thoughts fled, when Xander finally touched his cock, just a fleeting caress, but it was enough to make him long for more. He gave up any pretence at indifference and began to beg and plead for more, ignoring the wicked smirk that graced his lover’s face at his lack of composure. He twisted and writhed on the bed, reaching up and pulling Xander in for a hungry kiss. Wanting nothing more than to find release, any way he could.

Then his legs were being pulled up and apart, and finally Xander’s cock was slipping deep inside him. There was no finesse now, no gentleness, just Xander pounding into him; battering his prostate with every thrust. Methos hooked his ankles together behind his lover’s back, and strained against the hard muscles. Urging his lover on, wanting him deeper, harder, faster; desperately needing to find release.

His pleasure soared, his own, un-touched cock, pulsing and throbbing in time to Xander’s relentless movements. Methos found himself soaring, riding wave after wave of pleasure, keening and whimpering as he eventually slipped over the edge into orgasm. Finally screaming out his release and slipping into darkness.

Methos came slowly back to consciousness, to find himself cradled against Xander’s chest. He raised his head slightly, only to drop it back down with a groan when he saw the smug look on his lover’s face. Too tired and sated to do anything about it right then, he nevertheless started plotting revenge; he couldn’t believe the younger man had been able to make him black out.

“Brat! You know I’m going to make you pay for that.” The words were mumbled against Xander’s chest, rendering them almost incomprehensible.

“Of course you are.” Gentle amusement coloured Xander’s voice, and he let his fingers card through Methos’ hair. “But not right now.” Pulling the covers up over both their bodies, Xander rested his own head against the pillows and finished off, “Sleep now, retaliate later.” Then he dropped a quick kiss to the top of Methos’ head, before pulling him closer and settling down for the night.

Morning found everyone back in Angel’s office, trying to figure out what they were going to do next. Angel wasn’t exactly in the best of moods, his room was entirely too close to the one he’d loaned Xander and Methos; and the sounds and scents of their passion had disturbed him long into the night. Somehow watching them now was worse, the casual intimacies they indulged in as they shared their breakfast, spoke of an emotional attachment far deeper then he’d realised.

At least things were starting to look up on another front; he’d managed to talk to both Gunn and Wes about the new situation. Whilst they were nowhere near as easy with him as they’d been before the memory spell had broken, they were both more than willing to give their all, in this new crisis. The idea of them working together, away from the stifling oppression of Wolfram and Hart, gave him hope; that in time they’d be able to get their friendship back on track. Not only that, but he felt he had two new allies in keeping an eye on Xander. Wes especially, hadn’t liked the implications of the bond between the two Immortals; and Angel wasn’t above playing on the former Watcher’s prejudices if it meant keeping Xander safe.

Spike and Amanda had come barrelling in a few minutes earlier, talking nineteen to the dozen, obviously extremely comfortable together. Angel couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen his Childe seem this happy; and for the first time he felt a little guilty about the way he’d been treating Spike since he’d turned up. Popping out of the amulet the way he did, and all the complications that had come after, from the Necromancer to Lindsey’s manipulations, had in Angel’s mind been Spike’s fault. He’d treated the other vampire so badly, in his anger and jealousy, now he was realising how much damage his callous indifference had caused.

He watched as Amanda drew Xander into the conversation, and his heart lightened a little, when he saw how animatedly the young man responded. In a short time the trio were huddled together on the sofa, laughing and whispering conspiratorially. Occasionally one or the other of them would glance around the room, before turning back to their companions and saying something that set them off in another gale of giggles.

Methos seemed to be watching the three with an indulgent smile on his face; and Angel thought that perhaps this might be a good time to try and talk to the other man. To dig a little deeper, and try to find the man behind the mask he habitually presented to the world. But before he could cross the room, he saw Spike, Amanda and Xander get up and try to casually saunter towards the door. He recognised the look on his Childe’s face, it was the one that usually said he was about to do something guaranteed to send his Sire’s temper soaring.

The fact that they were trying to leave unnoticed, and the flash of silver n Spike’s hands, which he was pretty sure were his car keys just made him all the more suspicious. So he planted himself between them and the door; and gave them his best glare, in hopes of an explanation. Only to find himself retreating in horror when he found himself confronting five staring eyes, open wide in faux innocence, and three identical pouts.

One of them was bad enough, but all three together and he knew he was in trouble. For once he was grateful for Methos’ presence, because it turned out he was made of sterner stuff than Angel. Staring them down he simply said, “No.” When Amanda made to protest, he went on, “I don’t care, and I don’t want to know what you are up to. I’m sure it was going to be great fun, and an enormous amusement to you; but in case you forgot we’re kind of on a schedule here. We don’t have time for one of your little adventures.”

Angel was amazed when they didn’t argue further, they just slunk back to the sofa and resumed their earlier huddle. Only now, instead of grins and giggles, they graced the room with angry glares and put upon sighs. Methos steered him away and whispered in his ear, “The trick is never to make eye contact, it’s fateful, one look and they’ll have you agreeing to anything just to make those pouts go away.”

He just murmured his thanks and let Methos take charge of wrangling the trio. Angel would take any help he could get, he’d always had a hard time keeping Spike under control; adding Amanda and Xander into the mix, meant he knew he was in serious trouble. He figured that Methos probably had to draw on every last one of his five thousand years of experience to come out ahead in a battle of wits with those two.

Cassandra and Wes finally showed up with the results of their search; the woman looked exhausted from their night of research and she gratefully accepted a cup of coffee, then sat down and left Wes to explain what they’d found. “We tracked the crystal to a silversmith in England in the earlier nineteen hundreds. He placed it in the pommel of a silver dagger he made. It was a special order for the Watchers Council, as far as we can tell it never left their possession, which means it’s probably somewhere in the rubble of the old Council headquarters.”

Wes slid a set of pictures out onto the table, letting them all see what they were looking for. Whilst the others tried to think of ways to locate the dagger without being forced to dig through tonnes of rock; Xander and Spike exchanged horrified looks.

“Bloody, buggering hell!” Everyone looked at Spike, wondering what on earth had set him off. Xander had buried his face in Amanda’s shoulder and was whimpering slightly. “Well it’s a good news, bad news situation; good news is that Xan and I know where to lay our hands on this thing.” His voice trailed off, and he let Xander finish the explanation.

“The bad news is that Giles gave it to Buffy for her birthday a couple of years back, it was supposed to have a bunch of mystical protections on it, so it became one of her favourite toys; she never leaves home without it.”

Cassandra looked pleased at the news, “Well at least we know where it is, and I’m sure she won’t mind giving you the dagger.”

Spike just gave her an exasperated look, and explained. “Far as Buffy’s concerned Angel and Wes here have gone all evil, I’m dead and Xander’s supposed to be in Africa tracking down Slayers. Trust me, us lot turning up in Rome is gonna set her off right and proper. Not like she’ll let us just have the thing without questions being answered. No, minute she hears the word apocalypse; she’s going to be expecting to come along with us. Specially when she knows how the whelp’s involved.”

“We could maybe not tell her that part.” At their incredulous looks, Xander continued. “Look she’s really not going to take it well; I mean she doesn’t even know I’m an Immortal and I’m not exactly anxious for her to find out that I died and just didn’t getting around to mentioning it.”

Angel was fairly quiet, the thought of having to deal with Buffy, whilst he was trying to understand his new feelings for Xander was worrying him. Plus he wasn't looking forward to having to be around The Immortal again, though now he was wondering if that name implied he was like Xander and his new friends. The thought of the arrogant Italian having to face off with Methos brought a small smile to his face.

They argued the point back and forth for a while, before Methos caused a halt to the debate; telling them that they’d just have to do whatever was necessary to get the dagger. Amanda was still voting for stealing it, that way Buffy would never have to know anything about any of them. Unfortunately while Xander and Spike enthusiastically backed that plan, they were over-ruled by everyone else.

The best they could come up with, was that Xander would go in alone to talk to Buffy, and if he had trouble convincing her about the necessity of borrowing the dagger, then he could use their bond to let Methos know he needed help. It wasn’t a perfect plan, but it was workable; so they headed out to Wolfram and Hart’s jet, anxious to get to Rome as soon as possible.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Immortal Knight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Jan 07.

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