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Immortal Knight

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Summary: Xander, as an immortal, post chosen *Slash* xander/angel, xander/methos, a prophecy to thwart and a rogue hell god on the loose

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Highlander > Xander-Centered > Pairing: MethospixelFR18820,72263929,37514 Nov 0531 Jan 07No

Immortal Knight

Author: pixel

Title: Immortal Knight

Chapter: 1/? Return Of The Knight

Pairing: Xander/?

Rating: NC17

Feedback: always welcome

Concrit much appreciated and possibly needed

Disclaimer: Anything you recognise is still owned by Joss et al ~ anything new is mine.

Warnings/Squicks: character death, light BDSM, slash(well duh), violence

Beta(s): don’t have one

Distribution: hell, if anyone wants it just take it. Just drop me a line so I can take a look.

Authors Notes: This is a Highlander/BTVS/Ats crossover, my knowledge of highlander is a little sketchy as they only showed a couple of seasons on terrestrial tv here in the UK, so I maybe drawing on fanon more than canon. Post chosen and mid season 5 Ats.

Return Of The Knight

Angel sat in his luxurious office, bored out of his mind. Ever since he’d taken charge of Wolfram and Hart there’d been something missing. The daily challenge of fighting demons was gone, and he’d begun to feel that he had no control over his life. He spent his days in meetings, negotiating treaties and agreements with creatures he used to kill on sight. The reasons he’d had for agreeing to this had seemed so right at the time. He’d all but lost everyone he cared about and would have sacrificed everything to keep his son safe.

It had all been for nothing in the end. Cordelia was dead now, and this time she wasn’t coming back. Fred had been replaced by Illyria and it was heartbreaking to see the ancient and powerful being wandering around with the face of the gentle girl who’d meant so much to them all. Worst of all, the memory spell protecting Connor had been broken, his son knew who he really was now, but had chosen to remain with his mortal family. Angel couldn’t begrudge the boy his happiness but wished that Connor would at least come see him occasionally.

Breaking the spell had returned Gunn and Wesley’s memories too and Angel knew that things could never again be the same between them. All the old hurts and betrayals had come rushing back and both men felt that Angel had betrayed their trust by his actions. They’d told him in no uncertain terms how much they’d resented him playing God and rearranging their memories the way he had. Knowing why they’d all come to be at Wolfram and Hart had caused Gunn and Wes to mistrust the gifts they’d been given, the knowledge and power they’d gained from working there. Angel had come to believe that it was only a matter of time until both men left the law firm for good; the only question was, would he go with them, try to rebuild what they’d once had or would he strike out alone and look for a new place to belong, a new family.

The intercom buzzed and Angel winced as Harmony’s shrill voice interrupted his brood, “Boss, security just called up. A couple of people just tried to break into the vault and they want to know if they should just dispose of the bodies or do you want to check them out first?”

Angel was furious as he stormed down to the vault; when he’d finally been able to get Harmony to connect him to security, via calls to the med-lab, library and what he was pretty sure was a Chinese takeaway, he’d asked his security chief what kind of demon had broken in; only to be told that the would be thieves were human. When he’d asked why it had been necessary to kill them, thinking perhaps they’d threatened the lives of the guards, he’d been shocked to hear that it appeared as though they had been unarmed and that no guards had been anywhere near them. It turned out that the vault had an automatic defence system that released a combination of magic and poisoned gas designed to kill anyone or anything that broke in.

After demanding that all lethal security measures be disabled, Angel amused himself by firing most of the security team; and explaining in graphic detail, to the few he allowed to remain, exactly what he would do to them if he ever caught them killing people again. He’d even enlisted Spike to help with the threats and had been impressed by the sheer range of insults his Childe had come up with. Now the two of them just had to deal with the deaths they hadn’t been able to prevent.

When they entered the vault they could see the two bodies lying on the ground next to an open safe. One male, all long lean limbs and muscles shown off by the skin tight black outfit he’d been poured into. The other figure was definitely female, lush curves accentuated by her matching outfit. It was impossible for the vampires to tell the age of the bodies as both figures were masked. Not wanting to deal with the fact that he was, in a way, responsible for their death, Angel turned away from the bodies and took at the safe they’d been trying to rob.

It was one of the most secure in the building and he knew that the two thieves must have been highly skilled to get this far. He wandered what could be so important about the small pendant, that seemed to be the only thing in the safe, that would cause them to have risked their lives; breaking into one of the most dangerous buildings in the world.

Just as he was about to ask Spike if he had any idea what the pendant was, Angel heard the sound of two faint heartbeats. Thinking someone from security had followed them down to the vault; Angel turned around, ready to yell at them some more for disobeying orders. There was no one else in the room, seeing that Spike was as puzzled as he was, Angel tried to pinpoint the sound. Finally realising, with disbelief, that the heartbeats were coming from the two bodies on the floor; now that he looked at them again, he could see the faint rise and fall of their chests.

Both vampires were completely bemused; the thieves had been dead when they’d entered the vault, there was no way the security scans could have got that wrong, now it appeared they were alive again. That was something that humans usually didn’t do, and while a part of Angel was glad that he didn’t have two more deaths on his conscious, he knew that when something this strange happened, trouble was usually on the way. Determined to find out what was going on, and secretly enjoying the first real excitement he’d had in an age, Angel moved back to the bodies and started pulling the mask from the male figure. He looked over and saw Spike doing the same with the woman, revealing an elfin face with short dark hair.

Angel felt the mask catch on something and as he tugged harder he realised that the man had some sort of patch on underneath. Easing the material away from the head, the vampire looked down at the face he’d exposed; only to fall back in shock as the single dark eye slowly opened. Recognition flickered in the chocolate orb and an all to familiar voice echoed through the vault.

“Deadboy, I’d say nice to see you but we both know I’m a lousy liar. I am so going to kill Cassandra and the old man for talking me into this.”

Before Angel could get to grips with what he was seeing and hearing; he heard a startled gasp from his Childe, as he too recognised the young man. Turning his head at the sound, Xander saw Spike for the first time. Shock and pain radiated from every pore of his body and he whispered just one word, “Spike?” Before collapsing again.

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