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Three Warriors.

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Summary: Three Warriors Challenge by Hakuchihirolover. Jack, Buffy and Methos were all Goa’uld hosts during Ra’s occupation of Earth. Buffy and Methos founded that out the stargate was open and operational and they both went to Colorado to confront Jack.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Jack O'Neill
Highlander > Multiple Pairings
LotusjaFR1532102,37611159133,58114 Nov 0516 Feb 09No

Chapter 26: Who is he?

An: Thanks Sidura! Girl you rock, I love you! I had a basic idea and you fleshed it for me. Plus, with your question, you make me question the characters motivation.  Thank you.  

To those who has been waiting patiently for this story to continue. I hope this worth the wait. -Lotusja


Chapter 26  

Who is he?

Across town, Samantha Carter followed Daniel, Teal’c, and Joe reluctantly through the doors of Sunnydale High School’s library. She was literally dragging her feet; she didn’t know what she was doing here. After the awkward meeting she had earlier with Rupert, she was feeling a little apprehensive.

As she entered the room, she saw him out of the corner of her eye, but she decided to ignore him for a moment, favoring instead to look around the library: it was a traditional looking, with shelving done in cherry veneers.

She felt his gaze fall upon her, causing her to fight to quell a shiver. Why on earth did he have this effect on her? She frowned as she began to tense.  She tried not to look at him as she wandered around the room, but it wasn’t working, she could feel the attraction between them bubbling just beneath the surface. Now that she’d tasted him, she didn’t think she could get over the sensation. 

He looked up, and their eyes met and for a second, she felt trapped in his gaze causing her to turn her face away, flushed. What am I doing here? She wondered. We should be looking for the Goa’uld.

“So, Rupert,” Daniel inquired, eagerly looking around. This is where I belong, he thought, smelling the musty odor of un-used library. “…is this where you work?”

Giles tore his gaze from Sam’s face and gave a brief nod. “This is where all the action takes place,” he admitted, trying to see his beloved library through their eyes.

He knew it was small and not impressive, unlike many of the libraries he had worked in before coming to Sunnydale, but it was his…and Wesley’s. He frowned, as he thought about the interloper he had met that morning and then as he shook of his melancholy mood he gave his visitors a warm welcoming smile. 

“Welcome to Sunnydale High.”

Daniel wandered around the library like a delighted child, his hands touching the books reverently, while Sam and Teal’c stood in the doorway watching him like benevolent parents.

Daniel drifted out from the stack where he found himself.  He gave a deep sigh of appreciation. If only he had time, he mused, fingering a book on Ancient Rome. He could spend all day in the library just lingering… but he cannot loose focus, he was here on business, he reminding himself with a shake of his head. He was here for a specific book, not the entire library.

“Rupert, where is that book, the one you were telling me about this morning?” he asked as he moved towards the other man.

“It’s in my office,” Giles offered with a gesture behind him. “Right this way.” He led Daniel to an empty room filled with books and papers.

A few minutes Daniel yelled for Sam through the open office door. “Sam! You have to see this.”

“What?” she yelled back.

“Come on, you need see this,” he replied, walking out the office to drag her towards the door.



One hour later, Sam came out of the office feeling bored. She never thought she would be in that situation, she rivaled Daniel in doing research - She wasn’t like Teal’c and Jack, bored with book learning, instead she had the best of worlds, warrior and scholar though right now she found that she couldn’t concentrate.

It was her love life. She never thought she would see the day that her love life would take precedent over research; in the last few years, the job had become everything and her love life was lost in the shuffle. Well not exactly lost, but put to one side, being left to exist in daydreams of a possible life with Jack O’Neill.

As she sat in one of the hard back chairs, Sam thought she may have made a bad bargain in visiting the library. At first, she hadn’t mind leaving the house, especially since she hated the idea of being alone with Buffy and Jack, but now she wasn’t so sure.

Although, come to think of it, she noted a slight tension between them, which was weird because when everyone had went to bed the night before, everything seemed hunky dory. She hoped they hadn’t had a falling out.

‘But what if they had?’ she thought, causing her to frown. Shouldn’t she have felt some elation that they may have broken up?  However, she wasn’t, instead, what she feeling was sadness, not for herself but for them. But wasn’t she in love with Jack? Right now, she didn’t know.

In the past twenty-four hours, her perception of almost everything had changed, except one thing – she loved Jack O’Neill and she believed above anything that he deserved a chance of happiness, even if it wasn’t with her. But seeing him with another woman hurt and although she could tell that he genuinely cared for Buffy Summers her heart broke more than a little when she thought about what ifs. 

However, after what had happened in the past twenty four hours and the dull pang of regret in her beat in her chest when she watched Jack and Buffy, she was no longer sure if she was ‘in’ love with him. 

Yes, she loved him, part of her always would, but the Jack she knew was only part of him, there where so much he had kept from her.  Not that she blamed him for it, she understood his reasoning behind it – but shouldn’t she be angry?  If she was ‘in’ love with Jack O’Neill, shouldn’t she be screaming inside that he had kept so much hidden from her – and now there was Rupert.

That morning, as she and Buffy had come to an unspoken understanding, she had decided to let Jack go, to let him live his own life and more importantly to begin to live her own.  At first she thought it would be hard letting go, but it hadn’t been; she only felt a twinge in her heart when she thought of what could have been – did that mean that she hadn’t really been ‘in’ love at all.

Today was be a brand new day, a new start, it would be hard but she could do it, she could face being alone, not living each day in the hope that Jack would say ‘To hell with the regulations’.  Although the thought of this would be easier if she didn’t find herself attracted to Rupert Giles, she mused.

She could admit when it came to her love life she was scared. Scared of being hurt, scared of losing control, but mostly she was just scared of what it meant, if what she was feeling right now for Rupert Giles was real and not a rebound thing from something that hadn’t existed in the first place.  Although she would deny she was scared with her dying breath.

She was tired of thinking about her love life when she could be thinking about the Goa’uld that might be taking over an un-suspecting Sunnydale right this minute. She stood up and began to wandered around the room, touching items willy nilly.

She frowned, as she paused, “What I am doing here, when we should be looking for the Goa’uld?”

“Goa’uld?” a voice asked in inquiry.

“Wesley?” questioned Giles, as he came out of the office to face the young man, who’d entered the room. “I thought you had gone on your lunch break?”

“I did,” the younger Watcher admitted. “…but I forgot some notes that I had wanted to look over during my break.”

“Oh,” Giles remarked, nonplussed.

“Who are your guests?” Wesley asked, with an ingratiating smile as he moved fully into the room.

“Guests?” Giles echoed, looking blindly around.

“Yes, your guests,” Wesley said as he gestured to Daniel, Teal’c, Joe and Sam.

“Oh yes, my guests,” Giles repeated, slightly flustered. “T-this is Joe Dawson, Murray …he mumbled with a hand covering his mouth as if he uttered Murray’s last name and Daniel Jackson.

“The Daniel Jackson?” reiterated Wesley, looking startled. “…the same Daniel Jackson who had published a theory that someone beside the Egyptians built the pyramids?”

“You’ve heard of me?” Daniel asked. 

Of course,” Wesley remarked, surprised, as if everyone had heard of Daniel Jackson. “We may not travel in the same literary community, but academia is pretty small, and we in the United Kingdom have heard of your theory.”

Daniel grimaced.

On seeing Daniel’s pained reaction to Wesley’s statement; Sam pushed herself into Wesley’s line of sight.

“Hi, I’m Samantha Carter and Dr Jackson doesn’t like to talk about the reception his theories received because that’s in the past,” she warned, as she tried to protect her friend from the memory of the ridicule he had endured because of his theories, even though he was right. “But I can help you, if you need any information.”


“No, that is fine,” Wesley acknowledged. “But my I ask; why are you here?”

With slight hesitation, Daniel replied. “Visiting Mr. Giles.”

“No,” the young Watcher expressed with a frown. “Not here in the library.  In Sunnydale?”

Daniel shrugged. “Visiting friends.”

He frowned, wondering why the other man wanted to know. He opened his mouth, but was preventing from speaking by Giles who interrupted.

“That’s enough,” Giles declared, his tone coolly disapproving, as he addressed Wesley. “They are friends of mine; they don’t have to answer to you.” Giles brows furrowed into a frown. “Don’t you have something you need to do?”

“Yes,” he replied, shrugging negligently while studying them under his brow with a curious intensity. “I have some books that need cataloging.” Then with only a slight hesitation, he walked away.

Giles closed his eyes and gave a huge sigh. “That couldn’t have been more awkward,” he muttered under his breath.

Across the room, Wesley paused and turned around to face the room. “When I first came in the room, I heard mention of something called Goa’uld.”

There was a shocked silence as everyone tried to search for a plausible explanation.

“Ghouls?” Giles asked. “You are a Watcher, and you don’t know what ghoul is?”

“Of–of course,” he sputtered.

“Instead of asking stupid questions, maybe you should mind your own business,” Giles snapped.

“Yes, Mr. Giles,” Wesley muttered, his eyes angry. “I must have heard wrong,” he admitted, stepping reluctantly away.

Everyone turned to look silently at one another.

“Who’s he?” Sam demanded, her eyes narrowed suspiciously on Wesley’s retreating back. “He didn’t just say Ghouls, but Goa’uld.”

“I heard,” Giles muttered. “His name is Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, a Slayer’s Watcher. He’s now both Buffy and Faith’s Watcher, since I am no longer with the Council.”

Samantha frowned, something about Wyndam-Pryce set off warning bells in her head. “What do you know about him?”  She grabbed a note book off a table, making a note to call the General.

“Not much,” Giles admitted, also frowning. He thought back on what he knew about the young man - nothing. “I found him here this morning and the Council confirmed that they sent a Watcher to the states.”

“Do you think he might be a threat, Major Carter?” Teal’c questioned, looking thoughtful at the young man across the room.

“He might be,” she admitted.

“He’s not a Goa’uld, I would have sensed it,” he replied.

“I would have sensed it too, but I still want to find out about him,” she declared, making a mental note to call the General. “He seemed pretty casual with the idea of the Goa’uld.”

“Oh come on,” Giles scoffed in disbelief. “You don’t believe Wesley isn’t who he says he is?”

Sam shrugged. “In my world we can’t be too careful.”

Giles sighed, his face pale. “In mine too,” he admitted, feeling sick.  “If you can get as much information as you can, I would grateful.”

“Uh Rupert,” asked Joe, before clearing his throat. “I know this is the wrong time to ask, but can I use your phone?”

Giles blinked. “Certainly, help yourself.”


Joe nodded and walked to the office, closing the door.

Giles looked around the room and on seeing that everyone was distracted whispered softly, “Samantha, we need to talk.”

Hearing a peculiar note in Giles’s voice, Daniel declared, “I have to cross reference some data, I’ll use the computer.”

“I will help you, DanielJackson,” Teal’c suggested, watching both Giles and Sam with a keen observant eye.

Samantha stood motionlessly as if she was rooted to the floor, her eyes darting nervously back and forth.

Giles walked forward, stopping a few inches away from her.

She took a deep, unsteady breath as she stepped back. His eyes narrowed, as he gave her an enigmatic look.

We need to talk,’ the most mis-used words in a relationship, she thought. That’s if you are in a relationship. “What about?” she asked


She dropped her eyes beneath his steady gaze. “There’s no us.” Her heart thundered in her chest. She could remember the sensation of his lips and hers, so soft one minute then hard the next.

Giles reach out and encircled her waist, one hand in the small of her back.  “Don’t you feel it?”

“What?” she asked, looking up to discovered he was looking at her lips. They throbbed, and instinctively she licked them. “No offence, but I hardly know you, though I….”

“I don’t know what this is,” Giles drawled in a silky voice. “But there is definitely something.”

He pulled her closer and the air around them grew thick, so thick that Sam could hardly breathe. He felt warm, firm and inviting; and from the look in his eyes he was going to kiss her. And she wanted it, his lips on hers. She wanted it desperately. He cupped her face with his hands and his thumb traced her mouth. His lips were close.

“It’s lust,” she said, in a broken whisper.

“If it is,” he answered indulgently, “…then maybe it can change to something else.  I want it to. How about you?”

“I don’t know,” she answered bleakly, pushing him away. She scurried across the room to join Teal’c and Daniel at the computer.

How long he stood there gazing at her retreating form, Giles never knew, however, when he finally looked up, it was to see Wesley looking at him strangely.

“What are you still doing here?” he snapped, bridled anger in his voice.  It was humiliating; he thought to be standing here like a callow youth, with his heart resting on his sleeve. He felt angry enough to spit, Samantha was twisting up his insides in a way no woman had done before; not even Jenny.

“Isn’t it time you went home,” Giles muttered to Wesley, who he was also angry at.  Wesley, who might not be what he seemed.

Giles was tired, tired at second-guessing people’s motives. He still hadn’t forgiven Buffy for keeping such important secret from him the past two years. He had thought of her as a daughter, only to find out that she was older than he was, not twice his years, but ancient. He sighed, trying not to feel a little bitter about her deceit.

“I wanted to catalogue these books,” Wesley fussed, holding up several books in his arms. “I don’t know why you left such important books out.”

“Maybe because no one comes into the library,” Giles countered, icily.

“Be that as it may, but we shouldn’t leave should valuable objects lying around.” The insolence in Wesley’s voice was well concealed.

“Suit yourself,” Giles advised, suppressing his anger under the appearance of indifference. “I’m going home.”

“Mr. Giles,” Wesley called. “If you see Ms. Lehane before I do, please let her know that I’m here for her.”

Giles ignored him and nodded to the others to follow him.


Wesley waited until he heard the footsteps receding down the hall before he walked in Giles office and picked up the phone.

“Mr. Quentin Travers, please.”

“Mr. Travers?” he announced into the phone. “This is Wyndam-Pryce. I am at my post in Sunnydale, and I thought you might be interested to know Mr. Giles has been entertaining a number of guests including one Dr. Daniel Jackson.” He grew silent for a few seconds. “Yes sir, that Daniel Jackson. I overheard a conversation today and believe the Goa’uld are in Sunnydale.”

He listened for a few more minutes. “Yes, I will keep you posted.”


After he put down the phone, Wesley left the office and walked into the library to go home.  He turned off the lights and closed the door. Now in a good mood, he hummed cheerily.

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