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Three Warriors.

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Summary: Three Warriors Challenge by Hakuchihirolover. Jack, Buffy and Methos were all Goa’uld hosts during Ra’s occupation of Earth. Buffy and Methos founded that out the stargate was open and operational and they both went to Colorado to confront Jack.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Jack O'Neill
Highlander > Multiple Pairings
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Chapter 30:Hazardous Duty



Chapter 30  

Hazardous Duty.


“Robert’s Watcher is dead!” Joe had announced.


Everyone turned shocked gaze towards him.


Earlier, while in the library, Joe had excused himself to use the phone. That’s when he learned the devastating news. Shock had held him in it’s grip for how long , he didn’t know until he could held it in any longer.


 “How? Buffy questioned, taken aback. Outwardly she looked calm, but inside she was seething with despair and anger. Had the world gone mad in the last few days?


Joe gave a deep sigh, Denny Watson; Robert’s Watcher was a friend of his. Several years ago, he had encouraged Denny to join the Watchers.  What he told the other man was, even though some Watcher’s duties were hazardous, most were benign; what had he told Denny, ‘become a Watcher, see the world.’ Now he’s dead.. Their job was exactly what it sounded like, watching. Who get kill watching people -- Denny Watson that’s who.


“Remember I had told you I was still in contact with the Watchers,” he began.


There were several head nods.


“Denny Watson was assigned as Robert Gannon’s Watcher two years ago. Couple of months ago, they lost all contact with him. At first they believed he might have gone rogue.”


“Not Denny!” Adam denied hotly.


“Did you know him?” Sam asked.


Adam nodded, he had met and like Denny Watson. He could picture the other man; Denny was in his early thirties, with red hair and freckles. He could be likened to the puppet Howdy Dowdy or Ron Howard.


Denny was young looking for his age, and had a way about him that allowed him to easily blend into his surroundings: that had made him a good Watcher. Recently he and his wife had a child, a girl, the first in a family of boys.


“That’s what I said,” Joe admitted with a frown. “From what I could figure, they no longer believe he had gone rogue.”


“How come?” Giles questioned.


A pained look came over Joe’s face as he continued, “They found his body with several cuts on it. They believe he was tortured.”


“Tortured?” Sam asked, with an appalled look on her face.


Joe nodded.


“Oh my dear lord,” Giles muttered.


“Who would do some thing like that?” Willow asked, horrified.


“Was it an immortal?” Mac wondered. He too had known Denny. It had been several years now, since he’d learned about the Watchers and both Adam and Joe’s life in it. Part of him knew that they were necessary, but he also had met and dealt with several rogue Watchers in the past, as well.  But he never thought Denny would go rogue, he had seemed like the good guy.


“They don’t know.” Joe shook his head, his face haggard, drawn and full of pain.


“Watchers are people who watch, but they know at least a liberal amount of self defense. They are able to take care of themselves.  How did someone get the drop on Denny?” Adam demanded.


A tense silence began to fill the room.


“What’s going on here?” Amanda asked. She felt as if she had come in at the end of a movie, where the rest of the audience all ready knew the plot, while she was left to guess what was going on.


Buffy frowned, then her brow smoothed. She looked around the room and her gaze rested on both Amanda and Nick enquiring faces. She shrugged. “I forgot some people weren’t here when the story was told. Okay, here is what happening.” Then she proceeded to tell them one was going on.


There was a shock silence for about ten second. Then, Amanda and Nick bombarded everyone with questions that seemed to last several hours, but in reality, forty minutes.


“Let me guess,” Amanda said dryly. “Not only have we had to worry about your Mayor, but this Goa’uld as well.”


“Yep, don’t you just love Sunnydale,” quip Buffy.



Several minutes later Joe walked through the front door unto the porch. He stood looking over the neighborhood for a few minutes before he was joined by Duncan.


“Are you okay?” Duncan asked, his eyes following the other man gaze.


Joe gave a jerky nod. “You know I recruited Denny. There was something special about him…” he said thoughtfully as he continued to stare out at the neighborhood in the waning light.


Duncan nodded.


 “….so eager. He loved his job. He thought he was making a difference.” There was a cold edge of irony in Joe’s voice. “I know there are rules about not interfering, but I want to see those who did this punished.”


Duncan moved to rest his hand on his friend tight shoulder and both stood there, in silence, grieving for a friend.



Inside the house, Buffy moved purposely towards the front door. “Come-on Faith lets patrol.”


“Do you think that’s wise?” Daniel queried. “If the Mayor is out …”


“I don’t know if it’s wise or not,” Buffy admitted. “…but we can’t let impending disaster stop us from doing our jobs; and the citizens of Sunnydale can’t wait for us to be sure if it’s wise or not. It’d would be a free for all, or happy meals on legs,” Buffy added dryly.


“Happy meals?” Nick questioned with a frown.


“Food,” Buffy stated bluntly. “We’re food to a lot of demons, not too mention the vampires. So don’t go out at night without some sort of weapon and don’t pick up strangers.”


“I’m not a child,” Daniel muttered.


“It’s better to be safe than sorry.” Buffy turned to Faith, her brow arched. “Coming?”


“Right behind you, B.”



Faith tried to do a roundhouse kick at a vampire, but he caught her leg right before it connected with his head. He grabbed her shoulder, and spun her halfway around before he threw her against a tall gravestone. She hit the ground hard, though she immediately got back up. Buffy ran to circle them as the vampire, that had attacked Faith, pulled out a sword from nowhere.


Whoa! Buffy thought. When does vampires carry sword? 


He heard Buffy behind him and spun around. She stopped and watched him, looking for an opening. There, she thought, moving forward only to pull up short as the vampire swung his long sword in a wide arc, slicing off the tip of the stake she had in her hand.


Buffy jumped back, but quickly dropped what's left of the stake as the vampire swung his sword toward her. She blocked the attack with her left arm, before grabbing his arm with her right hand, forcing him to drop the sword. She punched him in the head and tried to follow up with a double roundhouse kick by alternating her leg.


But vampire gained the upper hand by grabbing Buffy by the shoulders, moving closer for a bite.  Suddenly Faith was behind him and he was dust.


“That’s the way to do it,” Faith announced with a grin.


Behind them both Slayers heard a rustling sound; Faith took a determined step towards it, her arm raised.


“Faith no!” Buffy yelled, but it was too late. 


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