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Three Warriors.

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Summary: Three Warriors Challenge by Hakuchihirolover. Jack, Buffy and Methos were all Goa’uld hosts during Ra’s occupation of Earth. Buffy and Methos founded that out the stargate was open and operational and they both went to Colorado to confront Jack.

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Chapter 5: Flight #207

Disclaimer: Some of the following names are real, but used in a fictional way.


AN2: This chapter is mostly back ground info about what had happened to Buffy  up to this point.


Chapter 5  



Flight #207  



         In a plane over looking the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Buffy Summers stared unseeingly at the beautiful snow capped mountain in the distance. It has been several years since she had seen Jack O’Neil. She was nervous. Nervous ha. She shouldn’t be nervous. She had done and seen things that would make a grown man cry, why she should be nervous seeing an individual. A man.  But this wasn’t any man, it was her husband.  


         It all started in Heliopolis, Egypt. She was fifteen years old, a slayer and pre immortal, destined to greatness.  She never knew her parents, and in this tiny village, she was not quite an outcast, but she was different. One day while patrolling, an unusual group of men kidnapped her. Although she fought them off, they were strong and they had over powered her. On that night, she wasn’t alone, other girls and able bodied young men were taken at the same time. Frighten and scared she didn’t know what to do. They were grouped together in a big space, with guards with the head of a snake, and eyes that glowed white.  Buffy remember how scared she felt. How alone, because the others had family members to comfort them. She had looked around her, her hazel eyes brimming with tears, when she saw two young men, both of them similar in size, huddle together looking as alone as she does.  Both men had dark brown hair, but one was taller than the other by a few inches.


         Because she was looking at them, both men started towards her. With relief, she welcomed them to sit beside her. The tallest one introduced himself as Gwawl and the other as Methos. They had told her they had met a month ago on travels. Gwawl told her he was from a town in the Irish Isles and Methos was from Greece. She then introduced herself as Safiya. Not knowing anyone there, the men told her, they would keep her company, if she did not mind.  Of course, being alone she didn’t mind, she was glad for the company.


      Later that night, Amen-Ra looked over the assembly of men, woman and children, and saw in the dim, one woman worthy to be his queen. The host of his Queen Nesert was dying and he needed a new one.  And this new host was beautiful and delicate in her own way. Her hair seemed to be made of spun gold, which shown bright amidst the drab dark colors of the others. Ra motioned to a couple of his serpent guards to grab the woman. Forcibly removed from her new friends, Safiya screamed loudly and fought with all her might. That made Ra determined to have Safiya as a host to his wife. Gwawl and Methos tried to help but they were whipped for their troubles.


         Safiya stood, bravely in front of the man, who talked in a deep voice, trying to find the right time to escape. He wanted them to acknowledge him, as their God. She trembled as Amen-Ra walked over to her and motioned the guards to get rid her of her clothing. Humiliated and petrified, Safiya looked bravely at the man. Boy? In front of her.  “She will do,” he said in Goa’uld, and the guards bore her to a slab of granite and held her as they shackled her hands and feet down, as a handmaiden brought a basket towards her and a snake pushed it’s head out. It sniffed a couple of times, weaving and bobbing it’s head to music only it heard.


         “Isn’t she beautiful my love,” said Ra, walking to caress Safiya’s golden skin. She winced, as she fought back the revulsion she was feeling.  As a young slayer, Safiya had not reach that point where she was comfortable in her skin, or believed in herself as a slayer. She didn’t have someone to guide her. All she knew was that she was faster than the average girl was and that she could sense demons.  Soon she felt the snake touching her skin, she screamed as it geared up to strike. She screamed again as the parasite struck her, and made a hole burrowing into her stomach creating a pathway of blazing fire. She let out one last scream as her eyes dimmed and she knew no more. 


        Under the leadership of Amen-Ra, Safiya soon became Sekhmet the lioness-headed goddess of war and destruction, no longer Nesert. She was a weapon of vengeance used to destroy men for their wicked ways and disobedience. She would rejoice in the blood and gore of her kills. While Sekhmet was the dominant one, Safiya was a glimmer of light in the soul of Sekhmet crying out at the injustice and mayhem that her alter ego caused. And little by little she would fight.

        In the meanwhile, Gwawl was made host to a Goa’uld named Montu who was the falcon-headed god of war. He was Amen-Ra’s son and leader of his armies. In his hands, he would yield various weaponry, including the scimitar, bows and arrows, and knives. Montu always slayed the sun's (Ra) enemies from the prow of a night-boat shaped with likeness of Ra.

         And Methos was made host to Onuris a warrior sky-god whose primary cult center was near Abydos.  Onuris was another of Amen-Ra warriors, his chief counsel. He would advise Ra, where and when he should strike. However, Onuris wanted more, he wanted what Ra had so; he set himself up as a protector of the people against their enemies, evil spirits and pests.  He became very popular during the New Kingdom. He was called "Savior", and the common people believed that he was a deliverer from their human burdens. Making a way for rebellion against Amen-Ra. It was a bloody coup, and Ra, who knew about his chief counsel’s collaboration with his enemies, sent his best warriors to defeat Onuris. Badly wounded in the fight, Onuris decided to leave his host’s body and during it’s transition to another less wounded body near him, was trample by several running feet.

         Waking up several hours later, Methos saw an opportunity to get the Goa’uld out of his friends. First, he engaged in a fight with Montu, where he ripped the offending snake out of his body. Knowing Safiya’s strength and power, the two men decided challenge her to a fight together. It took several hours, but soon, Sekhmet was ripped out of Safiya, to flounce in the muddy ground. Sekhmet was wily, and she decided to run, but Gwawl took his sword and cleaved her in two. Meanwhile, hearing of his defeat and death of his wife and son, Amen-Ra decided to flee, taking several hundred humans to populate other planets, using them as hosts and slaves.

         Finding that they could survive the death of the Goa’uld, the three friends decided to go their separate ways. Gwawl decided to go to the Irish Isles, and Methos decided to travel. But Safiya decided to stay in Egypt. She had now realized her potential as the Slayer. Safiya was twenty-three years old when she was liberated from the Goa’uld. During her stay in Egypt, she met King Thutmose, whose life she had saved from demons. 


         Thutmose and his wife Queen Ahmose adopted her, after their own daughter died during the demon attack. Because of Safiya’s similarity in looks as their daughter, her name was change to Hatshepsut in memory of the other girl. Only Hatshepsut handmaidens knew that she was different girl and because of their loyalty, they were rewarded handsomely.


         When King Thutmose died couple of years later, his son Thutmose the second, who was also the stepbrother of Hatshepsut, succeeded him. As was customary in Egyptian royal families, the succeeding Pharaoh married the oldest daughter of his father, who in this case was Hatshepsut. When Thutmose II died, leaving his young nephew as heir, his aunt Hatshepsut, stepped in as his regent. And Thutmose III and Hatshepsut ruled together until 1473 BC, when she appointed herself Pharaoh.


         Because she was smart, Hatshepsut used a number of strategies to legitimate her role as Pharaoh. She used a claim that the god Amen-Ra visited her mother while she was pregnant with Hatshepsut, thus making her a divine child. She also adopted several male attributes including a fake beard, male clothing, as well as having herself illustrated and treated like a man, plus her slayer strength also gave the illusion that she was also a man. Hatsheput grew powerful and admired by the people, seeing that, her nephew Thutmose grew jealous and angry, and he plotted with some individual who says that only men should be Pharaohs, to kill his aunt.  And so it was that one night, after drinking a poisonous tea, Safiya, Hatshepsut was pronounced dead by the family physician.


          In the history books, it was said that Hatshepsut, had mysteriously disappeared, when Thutmose III regained his title as Pharaoh and her mummy has never been found. Only a select few knew what had happen.  Hatshepsut knew that her nephew was trying to kill her, stole gold, silver and other precious metals, had sneaked away as one of the handmaidens, to disappear in the pages of history.  If one should go her temple in Egypt, her name and images were forever lost when obliterated by Thutmose III.


         Needing a new start, Hatshepsut traveled the world with two handmaidens, Kissa and Nathifa, making mischief and dodging trouble.  Soon she would meet other immortals, taking heads and enjoying her life. But after a while, even that became tiresome. Her companions had settled, married and had children. Later she met up with Methos who had created the legend of the four horsemen. He was riding with Kronos, Silas and Caspian. They would ride and destroy countless of villages and rape and murder women and children indiscriminately.  Sickened by the destruction, Hatshepsut who by this time had changed her name to Valeska, confronted Methos. Methos broke down. After leaving Safiya and Gwawl, he met his wife Mitra who was raped and killed in his village. Believing that the villagers did not aid his wife, he grew angry and vengeful, and Kronos, a friend had helped him with his grief. What Methos didn’t know was that Kronos, jealous of the love he had with his beautiful wife, was the one who had killed and raped her.  Valeska showed him that he had become the same as the person who had raped and killed his wife. After leaving him to ponder, she continued to travel, meeting other powerful woman like herself, such as Nefertiti, Xena, Cassandra, and Cleopatra.


         But traveling became tedious, especially seeing the world several times over. In her travels, Valeska found Gwawl in Bombay, India. They renewed their friendship, then that friendship bloomed into something more. They lived together for fifty years before they went their separate ways. But after being together for so many years, they grew to miss each other.


          In 1547, Gwawl saved Conn Bacach O’Neill, an Irish warrior in Ulster. Conn, who had married Sorch, daughter of Hugh O’Neill; Chief of the Clanaboy O’Neill. And after giving birth to a son Sean, Sorch died. Conn, grieving, gave his son to the O’Donnellys to be raised. Seventeen years passed, and although Conn never saw his son, he had hoped that one day; his son would succeed him as being Chief. But a freak accident happened and young Sean’s life was cut down. In his grief, Conn sought to take his own life as well, but a strange young man by the name of Gwawl saved him. To show him his gratitude Conn adopted him into the clan, calling him Sean and no one was the wiser, thinking that Gwawl was in deed Sean O’Neill. Only the O’Donnellys knew the truth, but seeing the joy that Gwawl had brought to Conn’s life, did not say a word. During that turbulent time, Gwawl now named Sean and Valeska found each other once again, married and stayed married for four hundred and six years.


         Over the years, the names had change for both of them; Sean’s name had eventually become John, then Jonathan and now Jack O’Neill. And she, who had started out as Safiya, became Sekhmet, Hatshepsut, Valeska, then Isabella and now Buffy.


       It was a bittersweet smile; she smiled as she remembered how she became Buffy. After leaving Jack, she and Angel had ended up in Los Angeles at the Hyperion hotel. She had live there for two days before she and Angel got into a fight.  While walking in a park, she had met a young girl name Joyce Barnes, who at five years old decided to run away, because her mommy had new baby. In Joyce’s mind, her parents didn’t need her any more.


         After returning Joy to her parents, Isabella found a new family, and she and the Barnes remain friends, until they died in a car accident with Joyce little brother Michael. So as a teenager Joyce went to live with Isabella, until Joyce grew older, looking more like Isabella’s big sister. When Joyce married Hank Summers, Isabella went to live with them as Joyce’s sister. But Hank resented the closeness between Buffy and Joyce, which caused problems in their marriage given Joyce and Hank a reason to divorce in 1997. 


         In the meanwhile Buffy as the truly immortal slayer who had been fighting demons and vampires throughout her life, had met Buffy Winters, a true California teenager, prom queen and cheerleader in her high school. She was a novice slayer, and the young woman was raw, didn’t know what to do, and one faithful night she met her end. The same day Merrick entered the picture. He knew that the slayer was in California, and he had been sent from the Watcher Council to find her. Seeing Isabella fighting a vampire, he concluded correctly that she was the slayer.  Seeing an opportunity to help Joyce and help herself, she introduced her self as Buffy Summers.


         Merrick was confused for a few moments about the name change from Winters to Summers. Isabella had explained that he must have gotten the names wrong. After Merrick’s death Isabella O’Neill, now Buffy Summers, forged several papers listing one Joyce Summers, divorcee, and mother to Buffy Summers fifteen years old. They brought a small art gallery in the picturesque little suburban town where Buffy Summers was enrolled into high school.  Now everything led up to this point, Buffy thought.

         “Buffy?” Willow questioned interrupting the other girl’s flashback.


         “Willow!” she said, jumped startled, as the young girl sat beside her.

         Blushing slightly, she looked at Buffy abashed. “Sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

         “That’s okay Wills. I was just lost___” she smiled tremulously. “___ in memory.”

         Willow looked at her curiously. This person had been her best friend and was now a stranger. Had she ever known Buffy? But she couldn’t always second-guess her self. She was there to support Buffy no matter what. “Buff, I know you don’t want to talk about what’s going on, but what is the Chappa’ai?”

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