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Three Warriors.

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Summary: Three Warriors Challenge by Hakuchihirolover. Jack, Buffy and Methos were all Goa’uld hosts during Ra’s occupation of Earth. Buffy and Methos founded that out the stargate was open and operational and they both went to Colorado to confront Jack.

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Chapter 7: Cheyenne Mountain


Chapter 7  



Cheyenne Mountain  


         The next morning, Buffy and company stood outside the entrance to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex her heart hammering loudly in her ears. The Sergeant at the gate told her that she couldn’t go in without proper authorization.


         Ignoring the incredulous looks, he was getting Adam showed the Sergeant an I.D. card made out to Colonel Adam Pierson, J.A.G. Judge Advocate General.


         The Sergeant took the I.D and walked a few feet away to whisper in the phone, while keeping a suspicious eye them.


         “Jack isn’t the only one can become a Colonel,” said Adam shrugging negligently.     


          “I didn’t know you were in the military,” Giles said frowning at the other man.


         “I wasn’t,” said Methos, smiling briefly. “If Jack can fake years of being a Colonel, I can fake a few hours,” he said modestly.


         “Why a Colonel,” said Giles, regarding him curiously.  “Why not a General?”


         “Because,” said Methos, matter of factly. “I can see myself as a Colonel, but I cannot see myself as General, not with this young face of mine,” he said caressing his rugged jaw.


         “I am sorry,” said the Sergeant, walking back towards the group. “But you are not authorized to be here. Who is it you said sent you?” he asked suspiciously, cradling a rifle tightly in his hand.


         Adam took a few steps cautiously backwards, eyeing the uniformed man in front to him.


         Ignoring the male posturing, Buffy boldly walked to the man, and stood in his line of sight and said clearly and calmly. “Tell Jack O’Neill, his wife is here to see him.”


        “His wife?” asked the man clearly in shock. “Yes ma’am,” he said rushing back to the phone.


         It only took a few minutes, but Buffy held her breath. She started to breathe easier as the man nodded his head several times to the questions being asked.


         What should I do? Buffy thought. Run, or stand and fight?


         The Sergeant hanged up the phone and walked towards Buffy, his face devoid of all emotion. “Come this way,” he said, motioning her forward.


         Buffy let out the breath that she hadn’t been aware she was holding. Buffy nodded regally. “See,” she said to the group behind her. “The element of surprise.”





         Jack O’Neill, Colonel, Teal’c the Jaffa, Samantha Carter, Major, Daniel Jackson, consultant and linguist and General George Hammond, CEO of the SGC, were in the briefing room discussing a routine mission to P4X335, when there was a knock at the door.


        “Come in,” said General Hammond, looking expectantly at the door.


         An airman stood nervously in the open doorway.


         “What is it son?” asked General Hammond.


         He swallowed noticeable. “Sir-Sir,” he said stuttering.


        “Yes,” said the General. “Speak up, we don’t bite,” he said looking at the room at large. “Except maybe the Colonel here,” he said with a small grin.


         “Yes-yes sir,” he said his eyes darting nervously to Colonel O’Neill.


         “Well son,” said the General, who was no longer in a genial mood. If this private was this nervous in front of normal personal, he wondered what would happen to him in a combat situation.


         “Uh, Colonel O’Neill your wife is here to see you,” he rushed out.


        “Sara?” Jack said startled, jumping out of his seat in surprise, “What she doing here?”


         “O’Neill, I thought you had no longer had a wife,” said Teal’c, his left eyebrow rising inquiringly. 


         “I don’t,” said Jack frowning, running his hand through his shorten hair.


         “It is an imposter then?” said Teal’c, his voice smooth, but insistent.


         “No T,” said Jack preoccupied.


         “Teal’c,” said Daniel, laughing gently. “Sometimes, here on earth, when a couple divorces, unless they remarry, they sometimes still refer to themselves as husband and wife.”


         “Is that not confusing?” said Teal’c, looking at everyone in bewilderment.


         “Rather,” said the General dryly.


        “I hope everything is okay,” Jack said frowning. “She never comes here before,” he said to the room at large.


         Hesitating briefly, the General regarded Jack for a few minutes curiously. “Why don’t you ask her to come to conference room B,” he asked.


        “Uh,” said the airman. “She not alone.”


         “Really?” Jack said halfway through the door. He hadn’t seen Sara since the incident with those crystals on P3X119. At first Carter and Daniel, thought they were ordinary crystal, but when one had wounded Jack, it mimicked him and came thru the Stargate in an effort to learn how to heal him. Failing to heal Jack physically, the Crystal clone, decided to try to heal Jack emotionally by going to Jack ex-wife’s home. But the clone couldn’t sustain the Jack image for long, and had to be hospitalized.  Thinking his ex was in danger, Jack rushed to her rescue, to find out that the clone wanted to help. Which he did, by turning into Jack’s son Charlie. Seeing his son’s face in front of him, Jack now had the chance to say goodbye.


        “Yes sir,” he said stuttering.  “She has several men with her, including three teenagers and she is demanding to see the Colonel.”


        “Demanding?” queried the Jack, “Something must be wrong,” he said rushing out the door.


         The General and SG-1 looked at each other then followed Jack and the airman through the door.





         The group silently and nervously waits as the elevator descended into the mountain. With them were four guards, heavily armed.


       “How far underground are we?” whispered Willow fearfully.  When she found out that Buffy was leaving Sunnydale, she knew she had to come. Part of her understood about Buffy keeping secrets, but the other part didn’t. They were best friends. Best friends were supposed to be able to tell each other everything. Shouldn’t they? She gave a sidelong glance to Oz beside her. She didn’t deserve him. He always put her first. Whatever she wanted to do, he didn’t mind, as long as they were together. She sighed. She loved him so much. He’s was her rock.


        “Pretty far,” Oz whispered back, holding his her hand tightly.


         The elevator doors slid open and they followed an officer down a long corridor. Buffy heart started to pound loudly. It was so loud; she thought everyone could hear. She looked around her curiously. So this was the place were Jack had hidden the Chappa’ai. She could also feel the buzz of an immortal in the building. She gave Methos and Duncan a sidelong glance, wondering if they felt it also.


         Suddenly an intercom bloomed. “Blue team number 6 to Sub-Level 2, red shaft 24.


         Halfway down the corridor, Buffy and company were stopped twice at security checkpoints before proceeding to conference room B.  The room was non-descript, functional, almost like a doctors office but with a table and several chairs.


         “So, here we are,” said Joe Dawson. “What do we do now,” he wondered.


         “We wait,” said Methos, walking to an empty chair.  


         They weren’t in the room for five minutes before Jack, three men and a woman walked hurriedly into the room.  Buffy stood up, frowning, as the group entered the room. One of the men and the woman were giving her spidey sense a warning.


         Jack hesitated at the door, feeling the buzz of immortals in the room. He peered cautiously around the door. However, to his own surprise the person he was expecting wasn’t the face he was seeing.


         Buffy’s hand inched cautiously to her right thigh, where she hid a stiletto knife. Thank God for magic, she thought. If someone had searched Buffy, they would have found that she had her own personal arsenal, but they didn’t. With a few incantations here and there, Buffy was able to carry weapons on the plane and into the mountain.


         “Bella?” Jack whispered, his mouth dropping open in shock.


         “Uh,” said Carter aside to Daniel. “I thought his ex-wife’s name was Sara.”


         “It is,” said Daniel, looking puzzled. Although he never formally met, the ex Mrs. O’Neill, he could have sworn that her name was Sara.


        “Bella,” Jack said again, his voice thick and unsteady.


        “It’s actually Buffy,” she said dryly, not caring that her heart was beating faster and her pulse was pounding just because she was in his presence.


         “Buffy?” Jack asked his brow knitted in a frown.


         “Yeah, it’s a long story. How are you?” she asked politely, forcing a smile.


        “That’s Jack!” whispered a shocked Willow. “He looks so old.”


         “You know the Buffster,” said Xander, lips curling with disgust. “She likes them old.”


         “Shh!” murmured Oz, giving the other teen, a look of dislike. “If Xander wasn’t Willow’s best friend, he would have dumped him out the plane during the ride over. All he did was whine. Buffy this, Buffy that. He was sick and tired of it.


         “Okay,” Jack said with a shrug as he walked into the room. “Buffy it is,” he murmured. “Now, what are you doing here?” he demanded. “When the airman told me my wife was here I thought it was Sara?”


         “Do, I look like Sara to you?” said Buffy her mouth crimped in annoyance.  “Or do I? I never met this paragon, so I don’t know if she looks like me or not.”


          “Bella!” Jack said thunderstruck. Why should she be angry with him? He haven’t seen her for fifty years, and out the blue she was here at the SGC.


         “It’s Buffy,” she snapped.


         “Buffy?” he said incredulously.  “What kind of stupid name is Buffy?”


        “It is not stupid,” she retorted. “It’s my name,” she said through clenched teeth. 


         “Colonel! What’s going on here?” General Hammond demanded, glowering.  “Who are these people?” he asked frowning, eying the occupants of the room.


          “Uh” said Jack, a taken back. He was so focused on Bella that he never noticed other people were there. Other people would be there, he thought looking around at the strange faces bewildered, the airmen had mentioned them.  He and Bella had a passionate relationship, always fighting, and making up. He never loved the fighting, but the making up, now that was great. Thinking about the passion-filled make up sex tightened his pants. He adjusted it surreptitiously. “Uh, Bella,” he asked rolling his eyes in exasperation. “I mean Buffy. Who are these people?”


          Buffy blushed becomingly. How could she forget her friends? “Umm, this is Joe Dawson, Duncan MacLeod, Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris, Daniel Osbourne, Oz and this Rupert Giles.


         “The Rupert Giles,” said Daniel in awe. The same one who wrote the books “Vampires, Werewolves and Demon, is it truly a myth and Mystical Convergence in the world.”


         “You wrote a book,” Buffy said, looking at Giles in astonishment.


        “Yes,” said Giles. “The same.” Turning to Buffy he said, “Do you think I can afford my apartment on a librarian’s salary,” he said arching an eyebrow.


         “You wrote a book,” she said again, shaking her head in mock dismay.


         Giles shot her a withering glance.


         “Okay,” she said, looking at him in amused wonder.


         “Did you forget me, luv,” said Adam interrupting Buffy with a twisted cynical smile.


         Buffy sighed. “No one can forget you,” she said smiling.


         “Methos?” Jack questioned with a puzzle frown, walking towards the other man to give a hearty handshake.


         “It’s Adam Pierson,” he whispered. Aloud he said, “Hey Jack, it has being a long time.”


         “Will you not introduce us as well?” said Teal’c politely.  He watched the interaction between the young woman and O’Neill and he was curious. Teal’c was big dark skinned man in his mid thirties, who radiated strength and stoicism. Only his friends’ saw the loving and tenderhearted person, he was.


         “Yes,” said Daniel eying the group thoughtfully. “I am Daniel Jackson, and this is Major Samantha Carter, General Hammond, and Murray,” he said with an encompassing gesture.


         “Murray?” Buffy said doubtful, exchanging glances with Adam, who had felt something different about this Murray. 


         “Yes, Murray,” Jack said firmly.


         “Okay, Murray it is,” she muttered, eying the other man suspiciously. 


         “I didn’t catch your name miss,” Daniel said, smiling a charming and engaging smile at Buffy. The same type of smile that had won over Shau’re, his wife.


         “Because I didn’t throw it,” said Buffy amusement in her eyes and tone.


         “Touché,” said Daniel. Then he looked at her expectedly.


         Jack sighed, and ran his fingers frustrated through his salt and pepper hair.  


        Do immortals age? Buffy asked her self. He looked so old.  She didn’t know what came over, but seeing Jack, brought back the pain, and the petty arguments they used to have. Wasn’t fifty years apart enough?


        Jack looked at his friends and family. He had been lying to them all these years. How were they going to take it? Well, only one-way of finding out.  “General, Daniel, Carter and Murray this is my wife Isabella O’Neill.”


         There was such a frenzy of noise that Jack winced.


         “Wife!” shouted Daniel.


         “When did you get married?” asked Carter, puzzled and a little bit hurt.


         You are married to her,” said General Hammond in disbelief, looking at the young woman in front of him. Buffy was dressed in a white baby doll t-shirt with a pink heart on the front, that showed off taunt and golden and stomach. She was also wearing a low rider faded blue jeans and caramel brown suede boots.


         “I need to sit down,” mutter Carter.


         Teal’c escorted her to an empty chair. “Breath Major Carter,” he said patting her shoulders sympathetically.  Everyone knew that Carter and O’Neill have feelings for each other, but they couldn’t act on it because of regulations.      


       “Look General,” said Giles. “Until you know Buffy, please refrain from speaking of her like that.”


         “I am sorry,” he said, flushing slightly. “I apologize. I was surprised, but that isn’t an excuse. In my ignorance, I chose to judge the young lady on her physical appearance alone. For that I truly apologize, until I really know her, I cannot judge her.”


         Giles nodded. “Yes well, when you get to know, her, you will find out how annoying she can be,” he said.


        Ignoring the byplay between Giles and the General, Jack wandered over to Buffy. He drew in a deep breath, soaking in the scent of her. It had been a long time, since he had touched her or smelled her. How much he missed just talking to her.  “Bella, Buffy,” he said. “Oh for crying out loud, look, I can’t call you Buffy,” Jack said exasperated. “It’s a stupid name.”


         Buffy drew up her five feet nothing in indignation. “It’s my name and I like it,” she said irate.


         “Yeah, but it’s a stupid name,” Jack said, shoving Buffy.


         Eyes narrowing in warning, she said, “Yeah! What if I said Jack was a stupid name,” she mocked, pushing him back.


         “My name is not stupid. It’s a manly name,” Jack growled to rival Angel at his worse, pushing her back.


         Soon a shoving match and argument resulted.


         Carter’s mouth dropped open in shock, and Teal’c eyebrow rose so far in his head; he must have been seeing stars, while the rest of the group watched in disbelieving silence at the two combatants.


         Enough!” said the General.


         “What’s wrong with the name Buffy?” asked Daniel bewildered. “It’s suits her,” he said looking at the petite blonde girl in front of him. She wasn’t a traditional beauty, with slightly upturned nose, almond shaped hazel eyes and determined chin. However, she reminded him of California, sunshine and palm trees.


         “Thank you,” said Buffy sweetly.


         Jack growled, annoyed.


         “What’s going on here?” the General demanded.


         “Yeah,” said Jack. “I haven’t seen you in fifty years__”


         “Fifty years?” mouthed Carter, her brow furrowed.


         “___and suddenly you come back in my life, and with an entourage,” he said looking around the room filled with people.


         “It’s not an entourage,” Buffy snapped. “These people are my family.”


         Everyone nodded in agreement.


         “Okay,” he said placating. “They are your family. Now what do you want?”


         “Is that anyway to speak to your wife,” Buffy demanded, hands on her hips.


         “Buffy!” Jack said warningly.


          “Okay,” she said. Suddenly she was all business. Gone was the playful teenager. “How could you make the Chappa’ai operational?” she demanded.


          “We call it the Stargate actually,” Jack said sardonically.


          The Chappa’ai?  Abruptly, the General and the rest of SG team looked at the innocuous young woman in front of them.  Spy, thought Carter. N.I.D, thought the General. Daniel was wondering, why Jack would tell this girl about the Stargate. It was a national security issue. Teal’c was wondering why O’Neill would marry a youth young to be his progeny.


         Buffy narrowed her eyes at him. “Stargate, Chappa’ai. I don’t care what you call it. How could you let them open it?”


         “Young lady,” said General Hammond sternly. “What do you know about the Chappa’ai?”


         “I know it’s dangerous. Ra might come back,” she said anguished.


       "I know it was buried for a very good reason," said Methos angry. "And I know it cost a lot of lives to do it.”


         Jack remembered what Buffy had suffered under Ra’s rule. Remembering what they both suffered, he walked to and said, “Bella, Buffy, Ra is dead, I witnessed his death personally.”


         “You know about Ra?” Daniel questioned eagerly.


         “Not now, Dr. Jackson,” said General Hammond.


         “Ra’s dead?” said Methos, clearly surprised. “What happen? “


         “I will tell you later,” Jack said waving off any questions with a peremptory gesture. “I didn’t open the Stargate,” he said defensively.”


         “But Jack wasn’t there, for the unearthing of the Stargate, how could he be,” said Daniel puzzled. “Jack wasn’t born yet.”


         Ignoring Daniel, Jack said earnestly to Buffy. “When I found they were digging in Giza, I went there not knowing what I should do. There were like a million people at the dig, so when they found the Stargate, I couldn’t very well waltz down there and say don’t touch that.  I was a lone man surrounded by many. I did the only thing I could. I watched and waited.  It took years,” he said, bleakly. “But I kept watch, then the government took over, then the military. I joined the military, after seeing the way things were going. I waited, and abide my time, whispering in an ear here and an ear there about that program. Telling providence that I willing to join up to monitor the Stargate, making sure it wasn’t abused. The government worked on the Stargate for years, and they never figure to open it, until Danny boy figure it out.”


         They all turned to look at Daniel Jackson, who shrugged, as if to say. It was all in a day’s work.


         “Colonel O’Neill, can I asked you why did you deemed it necessary to confirm or denied about a project that the government demand secrecy on?” General Hammond demands thru clench teeth.


         “Yeah,” piped up Carter, looking at Jack puzzled. “And why are talking as if you were at Giza in 1928?” Carter couldn’t help but look the Colonel’s young wife. She couldn’t wrap her mind over the fact the Colonel had marry again and to some teenager. Maybe he’s getting senile in his old age. And the way they were pushing each other, it’s seemed like they knew each other very well belied the fact it might be a spur of the moment type marriage. Jack’s married, she thought.


         Jack sighed and looked around the room. “Sit down guys. It’s a long story.” Since this was his family, he should be able to tell them anything. Right.  “What I am going to tell you should not leave this room,” he paused, then motioned towards a corner of the room. “General the ears,” he said.


         General Hammond looked at him for a few minutes, having known O’Neill for several years now, he was certain he didn’t want to hear this. But he nodded and walks to the corner, opened a secret drawer and fiddles with a few buttons, then walked back to his chair.


         Giles looked at his own companions and said, “It isn’t as if we don’t trust your security, but I will add my own, he said.” He closed his eyes and there was a fierce concentration on his face. Then the room seemly to dropped a few degrees.


         “What was that?” demand Carter, shivering slightly at the coolness of the room.


         “Okay, we are ready,” said Giles.


         “Magic,” said Willow, for the first time talking. She was little bit intimidating, not only by Buffy new life, but by the military types. She huddled more in her chair, seeking the warm of Oz, next to her.


         “That is ridiculous,” said Carter, without any real heat. “Magic doesn’t exist.”


         “I don’t know about that,” said Daniel. “In ancient times, the druids, called on an ancient type of magic to heal people. How about Merlin?”


         “Oh come on,” said Carter. “Merlin was a myth,” she scoffs.


         “Yeah, like Thor, Ra and all these beings we met through the Stargate.”


         “No those where real,” she said.


         “Yes they are, but at one time they were just myth. Who to say, that Merlin wasn’t real too,” said Daniel.


         “Teal’c nodded his head in agreement.


         “Are we finished?” asked Jack exasperated. “Now that we established that yes indeedy magic is real. I want to continue my story before we start to grow mold. Suddenly he stopped. He looked at Buffy and said. “General can you excuse us for minute. “ I will explain everything to you. But I wanted to talk to Bella first.”


         The General watched to the two, but as much as he wanted some explanation, he seems they need to clear the air between the today.  “Okay, I’ll give you one hour,” he said.


         Colonel O’Neill nodded, and grabbed Buffy’s hand and walked out the door.


         “But General Hammond,” protested Carter. “Do you mean we have to wait to find out what’s going on?”


         “No we don’t,” he said. “Now who’s going to tell me what’s going on here,” he said sternly, giving the group his commander face. His commander face was similar to Willow’s resolve face, but seeing it, made Willow cringed into her seat.  The General eyes touched on each member and each member in turn looked at Adam.


         “I guess it will be me,” he said. “Some things between Bella and Jack are private and I will not compromise my friendship with either of them to tell you their story. Now what do you wanted to know?”


         “Everything,” said Daniel eagerly sitting forward in his chair.


         “Yes, everything,” said the General looking at Daniel.


         “Sorry,” he said blushing slightly.


         “First of all what I am going to say cannot leave this room. Not only does it affect us, but other people as well. And I know that the government doesn’t like things or people they cannot explain.” He took a deep breath. Here goes,” he thought. “Jack, Isabella and I are immortals.


         Suddenly there was clamor of noises.


         “What!” exclaimed Carter.




         “You got to be kidding!”


         General Hammond suddenly sat straight up in his chair. “Explain,” he said.


         “Yeah,” said Daniel, whose mind was a whirl with thoughts and ideas.


         “Okay, I’ll start at the beginning,” said Adam.


         “Well that is the best place to start,” said the General sarcastically.


         “Are you going to listen or what?” Adam said sharply.


         Stroking his chin, the General regard him carefully. “Go ahead son,” he said, making a slight gesture with his hand.


         Adam took another deep breath. “Jack and I knew each from when we were children. As young men, we were often curious and we wanted adventure. We ended in Egypt during the occupation of Ra. He would empty out the village each week looking for young vital hosts. The very old and the young were placed as slaves or where killed out right. In one of his many sweeps, his men found us, and we were taken to his ship, that is where we met Isabella. During that time, we bonded, become friends. There was a great sadness, when we three were chosen to became hosts to the Goa’uld.”


        “No wonder Jack has such unreasonable hatred for the Goa’uld,” said Daniel thoughtful.


         “Unreasonable?” said Adam, blinking in surprise. “I wouldn’t call hating being enslaved for several years being unreasonable.


         “I- I didn’t mean it like that,” said Daniel blushing slightly.


         “No wonder I was getting that strange vibe from you guys,” said Carter.”


         “What do you mean?” asked Mac with a frown.


         “Several years ago,” said Carter. “I was made host to a Tok’ra Goa’uld named Jolinar of Malkshur. When Jolinar died saving my life, she left me with the ability to use Goa’uld technology and to detect the presence of others Goa’uld symbiote.”


         “The Tok’ra?” questioned Adam. “I never heard of this Tokra.”


         “Dr. Jackson?” said the General.


         Daniel blinked. “Uh, the Tok’ra means resistance against RA. We had come across a group of people, who like the Goa’uld were hosts to symbiotes. But the Tok’ra symbiotes believed in sharing the host's body, rather than taking over it completely.”


         “Well that’s a first. But I will not willing give up my body to a Goa’uld or this Tok’ra,” said Adam shuddering.


         “You know you sound like Jack when you say that,” said Carter, looking Adam curiously.


         “I do?” Adam asked, smiling slightly.


         “Yes,” Daniel nodded.


         “He believes the same thing,” Carter admitted.


         “Well we share some of the same experience,” Adam acknowledged.


         And what experience would that be?” asked General Hammond.


         “Let me start out by saying, I don’t know Jack’s frame of mind, but what I have observed in the few minutes that I have been here is this. He considers you guys family. But what I am about to tell you should never ever leave this room. I think he would have told you this, but certain information is hard to swallow. Jack was a Goa’uld host several thousand years ago. He was blended with Ra son Montu.  Isabella was blended with Sekhmet, while my host was Onurius.”


         “What!” exclaimed Daniel and Giles at the same time.


         “Uh,” said Daniel looking at askance at Giles.


         “What it is?” asked the General puzzled, looking from one face to the other. “What’s going on here?”


         “Ummh it was something Adam had said,” said Daniel, taking off his glass and polishing them. Showing the room that they were in sync, simultaneously, Giles had taken his glasses off, and started polishing them.


         “Oh no,” moaned Xander. “Mini Giles.


         “What?” said Daniel and Giles, each with the same expression of befuddlement on their face.


         Willow took one look at each man, before she burst out into giggles.


          The General coughed to cover up his smile while Carter turned her face away from Giles and Daniel.


         Teal’c left eyebrow rose.


         With a severe frown, Giles put back his glass and picked up the conversation. “It was something Adam just said, about Buffy being Sekhmet.


         “If you thought Ra was bad or Sokar, even Apophis. Imagine the most deadly Goa’uld in history,” said Daniel.


         “Buffy?” asked Willow.


         “Isabella!” said Duncan shock. “She’s so tiny.”


         Adam snorted in disparaging amusement. “Don’t let Bella hear you call her little. You won’t make that one mistake twice. Any way, in Egyptian mythology Sekhmet was called the most Powerful One, the Sun Goddess and the Destructor... She was associated with war and retribution, she said to use arrows to pierce her enemies with fire, her breath being hot desert wind as her body took on the glare of the midday sun.  According to legends, she came into being when Hathor was sent to earth by Ra to take vengeance on man. She was the one who slaughtered mankind and drank their blood, only being stopped by trickery. She was, thus, the destructive side of the sun, and a solar goddess and given the title Eye of Ra,” said Daniel.


         “Oh my God,” said Carter, staring at Adam in astonishment. After being blended with Jolinar, sometimes she couldn’t tell where her thoughts begun and where Jolinar’s ended. Jolinar was nice enough for a Tokra, but imagine having a Goa’uld inside you that powerful and vindictive. She shudderd inwardly at the thought.


         “Yeah,” said Daniel. “We all know that the Goa’uld adopted our Egyptian history purporting to be gods. And you can imagined how ten times worse a gou’ald symbiote would be. Carter retained menories of Jolinar,”  he said softly. “But imagine retaining those memory of atrocious done by someone using your body and hands, and you couldn’t do anything about it.”


          “Oh, my dear girl,” Giles said. To have gone through that. He hadn’t truly forgiven her for lying to him all these years, but he understood. What should he do?  For the first time in years, he was indecisive. Should he comfort her or scold her for not telling him the truth, or he should just love her. And he do, love her that is. She was his heart. He smiled as he remebered the first time, he met Buffy Summers. How disappointed he felt, as he saw the bubbly California girl with her speech and the mannerism. His first thought was that he being punished. The Watchers Council didn’t like him, he was a rebel, if it hadn’t been that his grand mother and father were Watchers, he wouldn’t gotten the job in Sunnydale.  But after getting to know Buffy, he was happy she was in his life, he could’nt imagine anything else.


         “Indeed Daniel Jackson,” said Teal’c. “Because most hosts could not survive the death of their symbiote I would imagine if such thing would had occurred and a host retained memory of it’s invasion, I would imagine it would be indeed terrible.”


         “Don’t get me wrong,” said Adam. “As Sekhmet, Isabella was violent. But I believe she also had influence on her Goa’uld.”


         “Really?” said Daniel, fascinated. He knew that the Tokra could seperate the Goa’uld  from a hosts, but most hosts usually died. Even jolinar had died to save Sam. He wanted to know how Adam, Jack and Jack’s wife survived. He open his mouth to ask, when he thought of something. He was talking to one of the oldest living man on earth. All the secrets and knowledge.. . Oh my.’ Suddenly he felt faint. … and Jack, oh God.’ He started hyperventilating.


         “Dr Jackson?” called General Hammond, looking at the young man in concern. “Are you okay?”


          “Daniel?” said Samatha, her brow furrowed.


        “Daniel Jackson, should I get Doctor Fraser?” asked Teal’c walking over to Daniel’s side.


         “I am okay you guys, “ he said, waving off the concern, still  breathing harshly. “Just a small case of hyperventilation. It just came to me, that we are listening to a guy who say he was born ten thousand years ago, and we don’t find it strange.”


         “Daniel, with all we had seen through the Stargate. To find out of our best friend is immortal is shocking, but we can deal, right,” said Carter, looking around the room. None of the strangers seemed upset, that this Adam Pierson was saying that he was immortal. Either they were all crazy or maybe he was telling the thruth. If he was telling the truth was she crazy for beliveing  him too?


         Adam dug around in his pockets, where he found a small  plastic bag holding some coins. He empty the coins and the table. “I am too cheap to get a wallet,” he said, blushing slightly.  “Here,” he said walking over to Daniel. “I am a doctor, this will help.”


         “A doctor,” said Daniel incredulously. It was to much, soon he was laughed and hyperventaling at the same time.


         Sam shook her head and grab the plastic bag and shoved under Daniel’s nose. “Breathe in it, and get you self under control.”


         They waited a few minutes for Daniel’s breathing to get under control.


         Adam eyed Daniel for a few minutes before continuing. “As I was saying. Sekhmet was very fascinating. She had duality. Although she was violent, she also had a protective side that showed itself by healing some of her victims including performing surgery. As she brought destruction in her path, she also cure ailments, so that is how I believe that Isabella grew to influence the goau’ld.”


         “I wondered why she did that,”  said General Hammond.


         “Because as the host, I was strong physically and emotionally,” said Buffy walking into the room with Jack behind her.


         Carter eyed Jack for a few minutes. “Did you get everything sorted out sir?” she asked. Samantha Carter was an athletic, green-eyed woman, with short blonde hair and she was dress in a standard olive green BDU. She looked at the interloper and her perfect figure, wondering what Jack sees in her.


       “Yes I did Carter,” he said, his mouth twisting in a wry smile.


       She nodded sighing. For the past couple of years, something had been building between her and Jack. But because of reglations they chadn’t acted on it. Now that chance seemed to be gone. Maybe she had been living in a fantasy world, but she believe he would be always be there for her.  There would come a time, when they could admit their feelings.  Now that opportunity was gone.


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