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Three Warriors.

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Summary: Three Warriors Challenge by Hakuchihirolover. Jack, Buffy and Methos were all Goa’uld hosts during Ra’s occupation of Earth. Buffy and Methos founded that out the stargate was open and operational and they both went to Colorado to confront Jack.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Jack O'Neill
Highlander > Multiple Pairings
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Chapter 9: Humpty Dumpty



Chapter 9



Humpty Dumpty  



         For the next two hours, all around the base everyone was anxious. This was as the first time since the gate had been open that General Hammond was not at his post.


         In the Commissary, there were rumors going on about strange civilians that cause some sort of virus to infect the General. But those who knew the real facts were not talking.


        Inside the infirmary George Hammond, General USAF, who had took an easy job supervising an abandon government facility, thought he had it easy until now. All those years that SG-1 had brought gray to his balding head, he had thought hat he had handled them pretty well. Now he knew that it was just an icing on the cake. But one thing he had known from the beginning was that Jack O’Neill would be his killer.


         “Sir,” said Janet Fraser looking a chart in her hands. “Your pulse has slowed and your heart rate is back to normal. You can go back to work, but you must take it easy. No more stress.”


         “Stress, ha,” snort the General. “I can deal with stress; I cannot deal with two O’Neill’s at once.”


       “Two sir?” asked Janet her face beadle with curiosity. When the General was rushed to the infirmary, she didn’t take time to ask a lot of questions, but the questions were bubbling up inside her.


         “Yes two,” he said. “I just found out that my CO has a wife he had hidden way for years.”


         “Jack O’Neill?” she questioned shocked. She and Jack had gone back along ways. She had been there when he married Sara and when Charlie died. How devastated Jack was. But the General doesn’t seem like he was talking about Sara. She hesitated. “Sir? Are we talking about the same Jack O’Neill, the leader of SG1, wise cracking, Goa’uld hating Jack O’Neill.”


         “The very same,” said the General dryly.  He hesitated briefly, he had promised not to say anything about what had happen in that room. He is a military man, his job was to keep secrets. And he felt a small twinge of guilt telling this one, but he need to talk to someone objectively.  He looked around the room, watching the nurses and technician. He dismissed them without a thought and proceeded to tell Dr Fraser what went on in the past several hours.


          “So this so called wife is here,” Janet asked with a frown.


         “Yes,” he said looking at the doctor in puzzlement. “Dr Fraser, you don’t seem to surprise of what I told you about immortals. “


         “Uh,” said Janet blinking in surprise. “Of course I am stun sir.”


         “No you are not,” he said giving her a long searching look. “I know what stunned looks like, and you aren’t it. You knew didn’t you?” he said, fixing her with a level stare.


      Janet opened her and close her mouth like a guppy needed water.


         “Don’t bother to lie,” he said wearily. “Believe it or not I understand secrets.”


         “I am sorry sir, “she said flushing. She felt guilty. All these years, being immortal was just something to hide. Although the SGC was family, she and Jack were protecting not only themselves but their new family as well. Such information was dangerous in certain people’s hands.




         In the briefing room over-looking the Stargate, all members of the SG1, the Scoobies, the Immortals and the Watchers sat together in somber silence, watching each other.


         “What happened here?” snapped Jacob as he marched into the briefing room with Anise on his heels.


        “Dad,” said Sam, looking around helplessly.


         “Who are these people?” Jacob demands sharply as his eyes rake the room. “I have something important to report,” he said. “But I find my friend acting crazy.”


     “What happened to General Hammond?” asked Major Paul Davis rushing into the room at full speed; he was liaison between the SGC and the Office of the joint Chiefs at the Pentagon.  “I got a frantic call from an aide, saying General Hammond was attacked.”


         “That’s what I am trying to find out,” Jacob said, his mouth tightening in annoyance.


         “It’s Jack fault,” said Daniel, putting the blame where he thought it belonged.


         “Yes,” said Teal’c. “It is O’Neill fault.”


         “My fault?” said Jack, his mouth dropping open in shock.


         Buffy took one look at his face and broke down laughing. Part of her didn’t feel like laughing. Her skin was crawling; it was like live ants under her skin.  It was the same feeling she got around vampires and Teal’c, and somewhat with Major Carter, but with them, it was minute. But the other two, Goa’uld she thought.


       She looked around the room. One entrance and they were blocking it. She fingered a stake at her waist.  She calculated how she could take them down without anyone being hurt.


        Davis sighed, “I knew you had to be involved,” he said walking fully into the room. At a glance, he took note of the civilians, four men, and four teenagers.


         Giles, knowing his Slayer noted the fierce concentration on her face. “What is it?” he whispered, looking around the room. “Where’s the threat?”


         “Goa’uld,” she whispered, scared. She knew how treacherous they could be. They were like vampire, waiting for an opportune moment before they would strike. But it was better if you struck before they could.


        “Where?” he demanded, alarmed. He understood by her description that a Goa’uld was bad, and they were not easily recognizable by having a monster face.


         “At the door,” she said, still whispering.


         Giles stood up and Buffy stood with him, he grasped the stake in his own pocket. He didn’t travel anywhere without one. Living on the Hellmouth had thought him that.


        Buffy rushed towards the door, shouting “Goa’uld,” she shouted.


        “Where?”  Was the sudden outcry. SG1 looked around for the threat. The other group looked around too. Buffy ran straight out, jumping on the huge conference table in the middle of the room. Chairs and people were being shoved left and right. It was chaos.


       “BELLA NO!” Jack shouted in alarm noticing her intent.  He rushed to grab her barely holding on. She was strong. She swung and hit Jack in the face. “Help me,” he yelled, to the room at large.


        Teal’c, Adam, Daniel and Mac all rushed to help.  In his excitement Daniel, tripped over an overturn chair.


         “Goa’uld!” shouted Giles.


         “No!” yelled Carter rushing to head him off. “They are Tok’ra,” she shouted.


         “Tok’ra?” said Giles astonished, stopping in mid lunge.


         “Yes,” said Carter, breathing a sigh of relief. “Remember Daniel had described the difference between a Tok’ra and Goa’uld. They’re both parasitic, using hosts,” she said softly.” 


         Jack used his strength, plus the other men’s strength to hold unto Buffy who was maddened to kill the Goa’uld. “They are Tok’ra. Good guys!” Jack shouted. It was ironic, because he truly didn’t believe that the Tok’ra were good guys. They hid too many things from them, and had too many secrets.  Buffy bucked and screamed inarticulate.


        “What the hell is going on here!” yelled General Hammond entering the room amidst the chaos.  He had heard the yelling and screaming all the way down the long corridor. He pushed several soldiers out of his path, as he entered the room.  He closed his eyes in distress, as he remembered Janet’s orders. “No more stress.” Stress ha, he thought. He should be that lucky eying Colonel’s O’Neill guest.


         “Buffy!” said Giles yelled, cutting through the rage. “They are the good guys,” he said firmly.


         Suddenly Buffy deflated, her body caving unto it self.  She could feel the hair on her body standing on end. She moaned and Jack and Adam cradled her protectively between them. Jack glance at Adam with two deep lines of worry appearing between his eyes. And in that moment it seemed that they communicated a lifetime of sentences, and Adam nodded. Both were sporting various bruise and cuts.


         “What just happened?” asked General Hammond, looking at the petite woman cradled between the two men. Did he just see what he just saw? Was he going crazy as he thought? He didn’t just see the Colonel’s wife take on several men and win.


         There was a long, brittle silence


        In the shock silence, Xander said, “Even I knew not to get between an enrage Slayer and her target.”


         “A Slayer?” whispered Daniel, looking at the teenager.


         “Not now Xander!” roared Giles.


         “Excuse me?” he said a taken back.


         Willow patted his hand in sympathy.


         Giles walked over to Buffy peering into her face obscure by her hair. “Are you okay?” he asked, concern and fear written on his face.


         “I am fine,” Buffy whispered, hoarsely, shaking like a leaf.  She was truly frightened. She had lost control. Fighting vampire was easy; you could tell that they were monsters. They were savage; they didn’t hide their true self. They wear their monster on their face, but Goa’uld and Tok’ra, how could she tell the difference.  Her first instinct was to kill, kill them all.


       “Okay,” Giles said, watching her warily. He gave a quick nod to Jack, who cradled Buffy tenderly in his arms.  Mmm, he murmured to himself. It seemed that fifty years was not a long time after all. They appeared to still care about each other.  He wondered why they’d lost sight of each other, if they obviously still cared. He shrugged. It wasn’t his business.  


         “Is everything okay,” asked General Hammond, frowning slightly.


         “Everything’s fine sir,” said Jack tightening his arm surreptitiously.  “It was all a misunderstanding. I will take Bella to one of the guest rooms,” he said, avoiding the General’s gaze.  As he walked past Jacob and Anise to exit the door, Buffy shuddered slightly.  “I’ll bring everyone to the V.I.P. rooms, and I will be right back,” Jack said without any inflection.


            General Hammond peered around the room, and nodded. “Uh Colonel,” he called. “Please see to it, their wounds are attended to in the infirmary.”


        “Yes sir,” Jack muttered. 




         “Can someone tell me what the hell just happened?” General Hammond asked, looking around the room.


         “I don’t know sir,” said Carter shell shocked.


         “She seemed strong,” Daniel said, wincing in pain.


         “Dr Jackson, are you okay?” Hammond asked, noting the pain on the other man face.


         “I’m fine sir,” he said with a grimace.


         “You need to have Doctor Fraser look you over,” he said.




         “That’s an order Dr Jackson,” Hammond snapped.


         “Yes sir,” said Daniel, snapping to attention.


         “That goes for you too,” General Hammond said, with a nod to Teal’c.


         He inclined his head in compliance.


         Jacob turned to General Hammond, eying the others thoughtfully after they left the room. “George what’s going on here?” he asked.


         “I would like to know also,” said Major Davis.


         Picking up one the chair, and putting in an upright position, General Hammond sat down with a sigh. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”


         “Try me,” Davis said.


         “There should be least some secrets around here,” General Hammond said, sighing inwardly.


         “If anything should affect the President, I need to know,” said Davis, frowning.


         “If any thing should,” the General agreed. “I am a loyal American; I know where my bread is buttered.”


         “And that girl, woman, whatever,” said Major Davis. “It took several people to hold her down. What is going on?” he asked with a speculative glance.


         “When I find out, then you’ll know,” said the General in a dismissive tone.


         “Yes sir,” said Davis chagrined.




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