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Of Faith and Stars

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Summary: Faith is making a stop at Stars hollow, undercover for the Council. She meets Jess. Post season seven. Spike/Faith.

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Television > Gilmore GirlsnotmydestinyFR1318,521131,39914 Nov 0514 Nov 05No
Disclaimer: I do not own anything at all. gilmore girls belong to the wb, and buffy the vampire slayer beling to Joss, and not me. I own nothing.

A/N: Wrote this a while ago, and forgot to post it. Here it is...

Faith eyed the man like he was crazy. She couldn’t park in this particular area because it was the spot where an old lady stopped at after the street which had gotten it’s first traffic light, and finished. The man was short, bald, chubby, and had a goatee. If he wasn’t seemingly so sissy, and prissy, Faith would have thought he was one of those wanna-be evil people.

He was now asking her questions. Pointless ones to her. It was eight at night, and no one seemed to be around. Why the hell was he here, she thought. His name was Taylor, because of his nametag. Another factor to the whole ‘I’m not evil’ category was the red and white stripped suit he wore, with a stupid bolder hat, which he had taken off. She rolled her eyes as he began to tell her the dangers of motorcycles, and she shouldn’t be speeding through towns so late at night. Instead of choosing to stay around, possibly get annoyed, and just left hook the guy into unconsciousness, she turned her back to him, much to his sputtering, and walked into the diner she had parked I front of. Luke’s, is what it said on the sign. She stepped into the dimly lit place to get a bite to eat. There were a few people here, an old couple, some teens, probably coming from some big football game since they were all jocks, and two or three people who seemed to live an anonymous existence in this diner.

Her presence did not go unnoticed. The jocks leered at her, and she offered them a sly wink before sitting on a bar stool. In her usual leather pants, it was easy to attract attention, and with the added tattoo on her arm, just something about her that tempted all the boys, and she flaunted it. Of course, now days she didn’t play around as much. Since the fall of sunny dale, she had gotten to know Spike a little better. Buffy was to preoccupied with Angel when they arrived at LA to even notice Spike. And there she had finally found her match.

A guy at the counter interrupted her thoughts when he asked her a question. “What will it be?” He said gruffly, and she smirked. One of those prematurely grouchy, like some of those potential wannabe slayer gals. The ones they now had all over the world.

“Any beer?” He eyed her skeptically.

“You don’t look exactly at that age yet.”

Faith shrugged indifferently. “I don’t look like a lot of things.” He just gave her one last look and left. Then returned with a beer.

“Hey, does that prissy guy always randomly attack people on the streets?” She asked, pointing to a furious Taylor who was staring at a motorcycle parked in front of the diner. Counter boy, whom she assumed must be the Luke, gave a small laugh.

“Only when he’s happy.” Faith gave him an impressed look. “It gets a lot worse when he starts planning town things.” Faith gave a shudder. She wasn’t one for community projects, or any of that stuff. She didn’t even like doing family stuff, not that her family did anything. Her real family was Buffy, Dawn, Angel, Spike, Willow, Xander, even Oz. They never actually did family stuff, either. Except hunt and kill things, and at moments divert apocalypses. That was one of the main reasons she called them family, she thought jokingly.

“So, is this town really… you know…”

“Step ford, Martha stuart, everyone knows everybody else?” He filled in for her. She nodded curtly.

“For the most part, yeah. Lot’s of homey goodness and town cheering for football games, and you have the local everything.” He gave a small smile to her. “It’s hell, but I grew up here, you get used to it.” She took a swig of her beer, then gave a small laugh.

“So are you passing through?” He asked, cleaning the counter as the old couple left, and some smaller groups started to finish for the night.

“Something like that. Really, I’m meeting a friend here who’s doing something in another town. We chose it randomly, and didn’t know it would be hell.” She stated deadpan.

“Most never realize it.” He said, still looking down as he wiped the counter. He went into one of the back rooms to put some of the plates and jugs away to wash.

A noise sounding like steps descending stairs was heard in the diner. This time only the jocks and her remained. A boy who looked maybe seventeen or eighteen came down, leather jacket, jeans, a ragged white t shirt, and a rebellious look in his eyes. Faith raised an eyebrow but said nothing as he speechlessly went to storm out of the diner.

“Jess! Where are you going?” One of the jocks said. Blonde, tall, built, Faith felt the need to snort.

“None of your business Cartman.” The kid called Jess said, not meeting his eyes, as he attempted to sidestep the now directly standing in front of him jock. Some of the other jocks, there were six entirely, started to surround the Jess kid. He didn’t seem intimidated, and Faith respected that.

“Really? Well, I don’t remember seeing you at the game today. What happened? Weren’t you off work?” The blonde one continued to talk. It occurred to her that the jocks were a bit drunk. Post game booze, she thought, remembering Sunny dale high. This Jess kid was probably the outcast, and Jocks were jerks. Classic Sunny Dale. What that small town taught her before it caved.

The blonde, Cartman, shoved the kid, who still avoided his gaze. “I don’t want to fight you.” He told Cartman. However, one of the other boys was behind him, and suddenly grabbed Jess’s arms, putting them behind him in a strong grip. By the look on Jess’s face, he seemed to come to the same conclusion as Faith, and struggled. While he was strong, they seemed a bit more energized for it. Faith knew if it came to a fight, both sides would be sloppy. While Jess was sober, they had an unfair advantage in number. Plus, drunks were willing to go ways sober people didn’t go. She came to a conclusion, and quicker than a flash, punched the brunette one that had jess in the face, and had the kid behind her, her recent prey on the floor, sputtering, blood on his lip.

The blonde raised an eyebrow. “Oh, so you got a new girlfriend, huh? Is she just as badass as you?” He leered at her once more, wobbly hand touching her arm. She quickly pushed it off.

“What’s wrong? Don’t wanna share, baby?” He asked with a smirk. “That’s allright, we’re more of the take what we want types.” He reached to grab her by the legs, but she swiftly kicked him with her slayer strength, and he was on the floor aswell. “Sorry, your not my type.”

The Jess kid didn’t seem to grateful though. “This isn’t any of your business.” He said, moving to step in front of her. She put a hand on his chest, and gently shoved him back. She kept her eyes on the remaining group.

Ignoring the kids words, she eyed the rest of them. “You all seem a little too young, doesn’t look like you can take your booze.” She shook her head in mock disappointment. “When I was your age, I was already on my way to becoming a fine fighter,” she looked the drunken idiots up and down, and tutted. “Already an accomplished assassin. Doesn’t look to good for you.” She looked down at the blonde ringleader. “Cartman, is it? Stick to the punch, honey, only real man can take their whiskey.” His eyes narrowed.

“Please, like he’s a man. Hiding behind a girl’s skirt.” He slurred, pointing at Jess. Faith was almost disgusted by his state.

“The fight doesn’t make the man, hon. By the looks of it, he’s doing better than you are at the moment.” Jess was choosing to stay behind her mostly because she seemed to be mocking them the way he never could. It was almost funny. “Besides, a real man fights with good odds. Now, six to one doesn’t look to good. At least I even it up just a bit. Now why don’t you leave before you have to play with the big boys. One of the other boys attemted to jump her, but she grabbed his arm, and twisted it behind his back. “I’m a murderer, are you?” she whispered cruelly. With that, the boy’s eyes widened a bit in fear, and they all left. She turned to the boy, who still had a furious gaze in his eyes, but they were peaked with curiosity.

“That didn’t have anything to do with you. Why’d you help?” He said it in an angry voice, but it was mixed with questioning.

She shrugged. “Like I said. I didn’t like the odds.”

“Did you really murder someone?” He asked quietly, looking at her.

“Well, kid, not a lot to say about that.” She said, shrugging, and moving to the counter, where Luke was standing, awestruck.

“I’m not a kid.” He said, before storming out the door.

“Thanks.” Luke said quietly.



Faith understood. “Ah, don’t know what that must be like.” He snorted, before sending her a grateful look.

“Where are you staying?” He asked as she finished her beer.

“I’ll find a motel, stay here for a few days. Wait for the guy to come, stay a few more days, then we leave to England” She said, smiling at the memory of Spike.

“England?” he seemed puzzled.

“Yeah, we’re helping rebuild a big organization over there, then we’re going to be scouting places, and interviewing people for certain… prospects.” Amazing how she could make reforming the watchers council sound so… normal.

“Huh, you didn’t seem like the business type.”

“Not. I’m more of the backup.” She said with a secretive smile. Luke nodded, but he had no idea what she was talking about.

A bell rang as two girls, a woman in her thirties, and a younger one about seventeen stumbled in. Luke rolled his eys.

“Two Grande sized coffees, aspirin, and a large slice pie.” The taller and older brunette said.

“I’ll have a regular coffee, and a donut please.” The smaller one said, both plopping on the chairs of the bar.

Luke raised an eyebrow. “Coffee at night? What’s the occasion?”

“A gathering at my mother’s.” the older one says in a breathy, fake grand voice.

Luke just gave a short nod in understanding, and began to get the cups. The older one finally noticed Faith, and turned on her. “Hi, I’m Lorelei Gilmore, this is my daughter, Rory.” Said girl gave a small wave and shy smile. “You must be new here, if you see me coming in and asking for large amounts of caffeine and complaining about my parents, it’s perfectly normal. And you are…?”

Faith was taken aback by her openness, and stared at her wide-eyed and a guarded expression, unconsciously leaning back. Violence she was used to. People yelling at her she was used to. People waving knives in the air, and trying to shoot her she had adapted to. People who smiled, introduced, and told their habits in a town she was not used to. After a moment, she tentatively shook the offered hand, wondering if one of the lawyers from Wolfram and Hart were after her. They could do fake cheery. “Faith.” She offered as a name. Luke had returned.

“Don’t scare the girl. She’s new. Not used to people who consume caffeine through an IV yet.”

Faith had recovered from shock, and had her normal impassive face on. “Nah, it’s cool. Back home there’s this redhead, well, when she’s high on coffee, some of the people I know tend to worry for the world.” The two brunette females next to her chuckled slightly. They thought she was kidding. Memories of a Willow who had thought it would be fun to have the vampires dance around like a ballet, and tried to make them do the ‘Snoopy Dance’ whatever that was, assaulted her mind, and she gave her own chuckle. Then a glint outside caught her eye. Taylor guy was backing up a toe truck. For her motor cycle! This guy had serious issues. But she guessed he had had problems moving it. She sent a silent thank you to Red, who had put an essence spell which made the motor cycle move only if she touched it with something that had her essence on it. Like a glove, or her hand. Spike had her essence all over her, she thought, grinning wickedly. They wouldn’t be able to move it from that spot until she unlocked the locking spell with her essence. Sure, the key worked, but only her key. No other.

She stood, put her money on the counter, and turned. “Nice meeting you guys.” She said as she headed toward the door.

“You too!” Lorelei called, then turned to Luke. “She made you laugh, didn’t she…?” She smiled slyly. Luke rolled his eyes, and turned away, cleaning the rest of the counter areas. “Oh my gosh! Luke laughed. Did you hear that Rory?”

“Sure did.” She piped up, taking another sip from her coffee. They continued to tease and taunt him as Faith made her way to the guy that was trying to move HER motorcycle.

“Hey, man, what’s your beef?” She said as she made her way over. He turned, startled by her appearance. Then recovered.

“My ‘beef’,” he said this word with air quotations. “as you say in your kid slang, is that you have to much disrespect for this town. You ignored my warnings, and you expressed complete disrespect for your elder, better, and town chairman.” Faith snorted at his pompousness, and his ideals he thought she should adopt.

“Listen old man, you can’t move my bike. I’ll just get out of your way, and find my motel. But get this straight, your not my better, even if you are older. You haven’t earned my respect yet, and unless and until you do, this,” she gestured to between them, “will probably continue. Just don’t get in my way, and I won’t get in yours.” She finished that, and turned her back, touching her motorcycle, and starting it up with her key. She reved it up, and sped away from the Diner, leaving a fuming town chairman, and a confused, yet almost appraising tow truck man.


She had found a motel in the town, though it was a bit distanced from the main part of it. It was what she was used to, though. Crappy sheets, non working cable TV, brown water, dirty bathrooms, the only thing wrong was the very… cheery head desk man. Instead of an unshaven, drunk, fat owner trying to leer at her, there was a skinny, impassive faced man, maybe thirty, with a nametag saying ‘Kirk’ who was polite, but unemotional. Also seemed to have the need to explain things in detail, like by a manual. Faith had just walked away after getting her room key. While the council had unused bank accounts that would take centuries to use, and she could afford a lot more better places, she preferred her usual setting. Dirty rat holes-in-the-wall. She but her used duffle bags on the bed, and went to take a hot shower before patrolling. Old habits never died.

She was pissed. Really pissed. How many cemeteries can you go to, and not find a single vampire. There was a karayika demon in one, but it was the basic ritual to raise another demon. He didn’t even put up much of a fight. This town was seriously scaring her. It was hell. It had to be.

When she hit the local dance club, it was mostly some teens, minus the jocks she had beaten up that night. One or two vampires, one that actually gave her a little bit of a fight, but after finding out she was a slayer, tried to run. She had dusted him. After coming to the conclusion that there didn’t seem to be a threat of your local supernatural, she went back to the dance club, which was mostly made of people who considered themselves rockers. It was to no amount of shock she found Jess there, sitting at the bar, drinking a beer.

“Hey kid, you don’t look at that age to be drinking that stuff.” She said as a way of acknowledgement. He didn’t look at her, just stared ahead.

“I don’t look like a lot of stuff.” He passed the familiar line, and she realized he must have listened to her conversation with Luke.

“Nice to know this town isn’t completely good and wholesome.”

“This is an asylum from the hell.” He agreed.

“Your funny, kid.” She said with a nod.

“I’m not a kid.”

“If you had only met the last person I called that.” She said wistfully, thinking of Connor, who was now living with Angel and Buffy, and last she had seen, becoming very good friends with Dawn.

“Want to dance?” he asked after a minute.

“Sorry, kid, not my type.”

“What, to young?” He asked with a bittersweet smile.

“Nah, I just meant not my type.”

“You were just dancing with five guys, you don’t have a type for dancing.” He pointed out. It was true. She had.

“Yeah, but that was people. They don’t have faces or names to be. I do dances like that a lot. If you had happened to be in that group, I wouldn’t have noticed. Your asking me to dance with you. Just you. That has a meaning, and your just not my type. I only do that with close friends, and… others.” She said, thinking of Spike. Jess put his money down and stood. He began to leave, but Faith held him back. “Hey, where are you going?”

“Walk.” He said without meeting her eyes. He began to head towards the door, and Faith followed him.

“I’ll come with.” She said, heading out the door. He didn’t’ pay her any attention until they were half a block away from the club.

“You didn’t have too.” He said, looking down.

“You don’t know what could be out here. Lots of stuff out there in the dark.

“Yeah, no place for a girl.” Jess said.

“Well, I’m not a regular girl.” Faith promised, and then there was a silence.

“What is your type, then?” He broke it.

“Well, it’s really specific. Strong, lean, able to take me. Bad boy, and knows exactly what I am. Animal, oh, and really pale, dead, or just really cold. Cockney accent, with blue eyes which stalk you, can feel on your back. Knows what makes me tick.” She finished, thinking of Spike. “Other than that, I could screw anything that moves, and it’s just screwing.

“Your already taken.” Jess stated simply.

“Yep.” He nodded. Before they could continue any conversation, however, hand shot out and punched faith. She landed on her back, then looked up. Some blonde chick in a red halter and black leather.

“You killed my brothers!” The chick screamed at her. Faith was confused by the accusation, but then her slayer senses kicked in, and she realized it was a vamp, and her brothers must have been one of the few vamps she took out. The blonde took a shocked Jess, and morphed, which he soon became fearful of. Though he did not panic, he stayed very still.

“Do you care for this one slayer? Good, I will turn him so you may kill him as well.” Faith’s eyes grew wide, but she calmly put a hand out.

“Put the kid down. It’s me you want. Come on, why not fight me. Slayer blood, mmm, good. Besides, a slayer notch on the belt is never useless. Come on, the great slayer.” She just cackled, throwing her head back. It was all Faith needed. She threw the knife she had drawn, and with slayer aiming, and speed, she swiftly beheaded the blonde, who turned to ash. Jess fell back coughing, staring wide eyed at Faith.

“What the hell?” He half shouted.

“Mutated clone?” She offered in a questioning voice. He looked skeptical. “Vampire.” She said, deadpan, and continued walking.

Jess immediately got up, and followed. “Right, and Santa Clause is real.”

“Well, actually, we killed him after he started running over the elderly people. He was a demon.”

Jess recovered from shock. “And you are…”

“A vampire slayer. One girl in all the world gifted with the strength and skill to fight the demons, and stuff, yada yada. One of my old watchers could tell you all of it. It’s like they live to talk about it. Only now, there’s two, because the first one died once, was revived, activated another slayer when dying, then the second one died, and from her I was called. So that’s my story. Now you know. If you never want to see me again, it’s understood. But if you tell anyone, I will have to hunt you down, and kill you. Understood” He nodded once. Faith smiled. She could get along with him.


After three days in the infamous Stars Hollow, she was about ready to kill Spike for choosing said location. Sure, they hadn’t exactly known it would be such a cheery little town. One where people tried to give you pies, and when you were just walking by the post office, old women came up t you, and shook hands, complete random strangers. Unbeknownst to the slayer, Taylor had told most about his encounter, warning them, and when hearing where it had taken place, had immediately hounded Luke, who gave no details except that he thought she seemed like a good kid.

Willow had arranged for Faith to be a temporary teacher’s aid at the local Stars Hollow high. Teacher for P.E. that is. At least for a week, and so she was. The first day, the kids had just taken a test. The second it was raining, and the P.E. teacher was not coming. She had taken charge, and they had soon recognized authority. She put them to work in the gym. She had been itching to get a good workout, and with no real vamps, or even strong ones, and rarely a demon, plus the small about of private space in the motel room, she took it out here. When the kids did pushups, she did them much more swiftly. They didn’t notice, to wrapped up trying to do their own fifty. She had done two hundred by the time they were done. They did a series of other things, and then she let them play basketball. While they did that, she enlisted the help of one of the strongest boys to hold the punching bag. He had been thoroughly amazed at the strength of her blows. She just concentrated on tightening and loosening her muscles, flexing them, and letting them stretch out. Faith was anything but sloppy when it came to a fight, and she wasn’t about to go sloppy because she had been out of practice. When it was time for the kids to leave, they left. When the next class came, the teacher had also arrived, and since it was sunny, took them outside to play tag football.

On the third day, the rain was relentless, and the teacher took this day to teach self defense. He brought in the teacher who specialized in that, Coach Cartman. Faith saw the connection between his son, and him.

“Okay, class, your in pairs. Girl, boy. I’ll take the teacher’s aid here.” He winked at her. When the pairs were settled, Coach Cartman continued. “Okay, now, first, ladies, learn the most basic maneuver.” He bent Faith down, and he crouched over her. He told them a girl would usually flip the male over, and such. When the girls attempted, but couldn’t, he gave a loud laugh. “Looks like you ladies could use a few more pushups. How about you, little lady?” He discreetly brought a hand down to rest on one of her breast. She quickly slammed him down, forgetting she should act like a normal girl, and not knowing her sister slayer had done a similar thing a few years back. She ignored the Coach’s moans of pain, and turned to the wide eyed amazed class.

“Ok, listen up. That was a piece of crappy advice if you can’t shoulder the weight. Now this is what you do.” She pointed to the nearest guy, a black haired, blue eyed, medium built sixteen year old. “You kid, come over here. Okay, if a guy corners you, like this,” she put him in front of her, his arms outstretched. “you knee him,” she brought her knee up to his crotch, but never fully made contact. “Then you punch him around the neck, vulnerable area, then shove him off, and run. Now, if he comes up behind you…” and she continued to go on from there, to the awe of her students.

When classes ended, the coach came up to her. “I know we got off to a bad start…” Faith snorted, but ignored him. “But maybe we could go out for a good time. I know how you ladies like it.” He gave her a sly wink, which she was revolted by. Sure, she used to screw just for the hell of it, but now she was more… responsible? B, and her kinda family had changed her it seemed. She wouldn’t cheat on Spike, it wasn’t questioned.

So she said the line she had been using since she had gotten here. “Sorry, not my type.” She headed out to the deserted hallways into the rainy day. He grabbed her shoulder, and turned her around, a bit roughly.

“You told my son that, and scared him, making him say all sorts of crazy things, and now your telling me that?” He said disbelievingly. She looked him up and down. He was blonde, much like his jock son, bloodshot eyes, beefy face, had a beer gut, and his breath was rancid.

She shrugged, “Like I said, not my type.” She turned around, and met blue eyes. Attached to a pale face, and beached white hair. He was leaning against a fence, smirking at her. Some of the girls crowded around him, the supposed rockers and Goths. But he paid no attention to them. Amidst the many teens hanging out around the steps, she ran to him. He walked forward, and after he had just gone a few feet from the fence, she met him, and jumped as he grabbed her thighs which wrapped around him and kissed her thoroughly and passionately. When they came up so she could breathe, she whispered, “I love rainy days.” He just smirked to that. The girls who had crowded around him left, discouraged. The Coach stared in shock. Spike winked at him, and grinned wickedly, mouthing ‘Mine’ over Faith’s shoulder as she unwrapped herself, and hugged him. He had heard every word between Faith and the blonde man, and smelled that he had been touching a place he shouldn’t have touched. By the conversation, though, it looks like his Faith had taught him not to mess with her, and tightened his hold on her.


When they got to the motel, Spike was unsurprised that Faith had chosen the dingy room, and said nothing but placed his own duffle bag on the chair. “So, how’ve have been treating you, pet?” He asked, leaning back on the bed, duster discarded on the chair, left with just his leather pants, and white shirt.

“This is hell.” She said, deadpan, as she performed her usual exercises, doing the pushups.

“How so?” He sounded suspicious, and wary.

“Well, one person brought me home made brownies, this Taylor guy’s a total pompous ass who tried to tow my ride, and the vampires are scarce, I’ve slayed maybe six the entire time I was here, and only one demon, if you can believe it.”

Spike raised both eyebrows, impressed. “Wow, it must be hell for a slayer. How long do you plan on staying?”

“At least a week, some extra money for the trip to England, plus I get to run in a field every day if it’s sunny. How was London?”

“Well, the new watchers are just like little ponces and pansies. Little crowbars shoved far up there little collective arses. Me and the Xander whelp had a blast throwing the eggs at them when they were ‘meeting’ each other, and” At Faiths look, he immediately stopped sniggering, and sobered up, “Peaches and his little group came, and their watcher and our watcher conferred, and agreed that the potentials would be brought to train at the boarding school their forming, along with the watchers. And you and I are going to be posted in another country after they get that settled to form a new watcher’s council, which we will head along with peaches,” his face tool on a grimace, “and some other ones. I think we might get stuck with Andrew, though, because if watcher one and his slayer keep getting pissed at him, they may stick him with us to annoy me. And the Xander whelp will probably help.” He shrugged at Faith’s despaired look. “We’ll just throw him to the nearest village people. If he annoys them, they’ll just kill him outright. So how did your thing go in Boston?”

She shrugged. “Nothing to say. Stopped a demon rising, became a sacrifice for another demon rising, killed that demon, and the bastards who got me drunk, don’t worry, not fully human at all, shape shifters, then found I had one family member existing, they hate me anyways, and then I came here. So think I should have gone with you.”

“Ah, well, so crying over spilt milk. So is everyone deserving to be drained in this hell hole?”

“There’s this kid that’s all right, reminds me a lot of Connor a few years back. And this other grouch who seems less… cheery, he works a diner. Aside from that, everyone could be in Wolfram and Hart’s little hells.” Spike snorted, then came up behind her as she began to flex, signaling the end of her warm up.

He put his hands around her waist, and whispered in her ear. “Now pet, where are the good clubs here. Dirty places I know you find?” She grinned, breathing in his scent so close to her. She turned, looking at him. “On the corner of fifty second street there’s a small little warehouse, where the little self made rockers, and Goths go, dancing to your music.” She began to sway her hips sensually. “Little rooms and closets virgins are taken in and losing their little virginity. All sorts of food. Onion rings.” A cold hard mouth met hers. When pulling back, he was grinning.

“Why don’t you show me this place, love?” He purred in her ear. It wasn’t long until they were dancing in a slow and sensual way in the club. Faith didn’t see him, but knew Jess was also there, watching her, maybe with a bit of jealousy.


When they left, it was around one. Spike smelled someone following them, and Faith knew who it was, but they didn’t acknowledge it’s presence as they went into the cemetery.

In silence, they walked through, hardly patrolling, when five vampires came at them at once.

“Slayer.” One said when two were taking Spike. “We heard you were here, we didn’t believe it.” This one had an afro and dressed like he was from the eighties. Two others flanked him, looking similar. Faith had to be kept from laughing while she fought. She delivered a right kick, then ducked when one behind her tried to get her. Then the head one was delivering her a series of blows. Most which she blocked. But when he got one, a knife was shoved into her. It would have gotten her heart, but she had been going sideways, so it landed in her shoulder.

A little away from her, Spike was fairing a bit better. He had dusted one, and was now facing of with a vampire who looked to be a ninja of some sort in past life. He was far from Faith, but when he smelled her blood, he immediately turned, earning himself a clip to the jaw, landing him on the floor. He saw Faith on the ground, a dagger in her left shoulder. She pulled it out, and decapitated one of the vampires near her, then stood, using her new weapon since her stake was discarded so far away from her.

Faith dodged one blow from the head one, and backed up against a stone wall as she continued to fight, injured. She finally decapitated one of the lackeys, but not without yet another dagger this time in her thigh. Leaving only the head guy with the afro. As he descended upon her, he morphed. She was on the ground, unable to move to much. She was planning the angle to throw the second dagger at when he exploded into ash. She was still for a moment before taking in the sight of her savior. Jess. His hand held her discarded stake. He was smiling down at her, and offered a hand. She took it, and he helped her limp to Spike, who had just dusted his last one.

He turned and saw Faith being helped by a kid probably about seventeen or so. He eyed him suspiciously, but took Faith from him, and took her off her feat. She was a bit weak from the blows she had taken, and she had her blood running. “He knows.” Was all Faith said, and Spike then gave a short nod of recognition to the kid, then turned and made his way to the hotel. Jess followed. When Spike kicked the door open, Jess was taken aback by the strength. Vampire, he thought. That’s what Faith had meant by cold, pale, and dead.

Spike placed her gently on the bed, where she immediately fell asleep. When he made sure she was just sleeping, he turned to Jess.

“Thank you.” He said simply. “Why are you here?”

Jess shrugged, not really knowing why he had even followed them out of the club. “Wanted to make sure she was all right.” He offered. Spike nodded.

“Aren’t your parents wondering where you are this late at night?”

“I don’t live with my parents.” Jess stated, meeting his eyes. Spike looked at him for a long time, before nodding in understanding and smiling sympathetically.

“Get one of the towels from the bathroom, cleanest you can find, and wet it with some water.” Jess nodded, and left to do it. Spike brought a chair up to the bedside. He ripped the left sleeve of her shirt to get access to the wound. While slayer strength would heal it soon, it was deep, and would take at least a few days until it closed completely. Then he gently eased her leather pants down, knowing she would kill him if he tore those. He put a piece of the blanket over her so that she was a bit covered. That wound was pretty nasty as well. She had blood on her head where she had hit a gravestone, and her lip had been cut, though that would heal soon as well. Jess returned with the towel, and Spike began the gentle task of cleaning the wound. He would send Jess to rinse the towel every so often, or get a new one, and soon cleaned most of her wounds up well.

“She’s pretty strong.” Jess said from his chair after he was done.

“Yeah, she is. Power to even rival the great Angelus. Demons in other worlds. Countless powers.” Spike seemed to say more to himself than Jess. Jess took to studying one of the knives. He was just looking at it for a moment, remembering the fight, seeing Faith’s blood stained on it. Then he saw the symbols on the hilt. And some sort of inscription.

“Hey, does this mean anything?” Jess asked when he couldn’t make sense of it. Spike’s head snapped to him, coming out of his trance. He quickly took the dagger, and concentrated to where Jess had been studying.

After a few seconds, his eyes widened, and he mentally cursed at himself for not looking. “She’s poisoned. That’s Sumerian, boy, and this is a poisoned dagger. Where’s your nearest occult shop?” Jess recovered quickly and acted.

“Behind the grocery store.”

“In the center of town then?” Jess nodded. He grabbed Faith’s helmet, and gave it to Jess. “Come on, lad, your coming with me.” Spike grabbed his duster off his chair. Jess followed him out the door to Faith’s motorcycle. Spike simply touched it, and it immediately started to work.

“Don’t you need one?” Jess asked.

“Vampire, mate, not a lot can kill us.”

Jess nodded, confirmed. He sat behind him, putting on the helmet. “By the way, I’m Jess.”

“Spike.” Was all he said before going off. They went into the middle of town, fifteen minutes later. Jess quietly got off, taking the helmet off but keeping it, and Spike put it next to a fence as they began to walk.

“Aren’t you afraid it’ll get stolen?” Jess asked in a bit of a challenge.

Spike smirked. “No chance of that unless I’m stealing it, mate. ‘Sides, is there really anyone in this town who’d have the balls to take it?”

“If they were drunk.” Jess offered, shrugging. He led Spike behind the grocery store and showed him the small shop which held a sign reading closed on the door. Spike rolled his eyes, and busted it open, barely making a sound as it unlocked, and swung to the side. He waked in, Jess in tow. No one seemed to be in the shop.

Jess closed the door behind him as an old man came bundling down the stairs in a nighty, which Jess hadn’t thought existed except in movies.

“Yes, yes, what do you want?” He asked sleepily. Spike took a whiff of the air, and grinned evily. As the man came up to them, he punched him in the nose. Jess stayed out of it, but was slightly taken aback, hoping he didn’t kill the old man.

“That’s for helping in the poisoning of my girlfriend. Now, you’re a Sheklar demon, shape shifter as well. Do you recognize this?” He showed him the dagger. The man continued to look confused.

“I don’t know what your talking about. Who are you? I’ll call the authorities.” Spike punched him again. “Look, I don’t know who you think you” he was wheezing. Spike punched him again. Jess was about to yell at him to stop when the man began to shrivel. Or his skin did. It then proceeded to morph into a short, green thing, with two horns, and spiky skin. It had blue eyes that glowed yellow. “Allright! Enough1” Spike smirked in triumph at the gravelly demon voice.

“Do. You. Recognize. This.” Spike said carefully, fist poised to take another blow.

“I sold it to two vampires, out of towners. Why?”

“It poisoned my girlfriend. And if you don’t help heal her, or tell me what does, your going to have a very pissed of vampire, slayer, and another slayer who may get you soon as well, if you don’t help.” He said menacingly.

“Your girl’s the slayer? But you’re a vampire, no slayer would, unless, are you Angelus!?” Spike rolled his eyes.

“No, I am not that load of arse. Name’s Spike.” The demon was sent into panic mode.

“So sorry sir, I didn’t know she was yours. They came in, saying they would take out a slayer. I thought they meant one of the super beings roaming around. The potentials. Not one of THE slayers.”

“Are you going to give me the cure or not, grovel boy?” The demon stepped back.

“In this vial.” He said, extracting a small one with yellow and green liquid in it. “Is the cure you are looking for. However, while it will keep her soul intact, the other one must still be removed.” Spike’s eyes widened.

“She’s possessed?” He asked, outraged. The demon nodded quickly. “Fuck! Where’s the nearest exorcist then?” The demon shook his head. “There is none?” His eyes bulged, and he morphed, letting out a growl.

“We do have a book on it, however, on souls, and possession.” The demon amended.

“Fine, we’ll take it. Anything else we might need?”

“A talisman, and an orb of thesulah.” He said, bringing the items out from behind the counter. He began to punch numbers in the machine. “That will be,” Spike let out another roar. “Free! Free.” The demon said quickly. Spike took all the things in a bag, and him and Jess were off.

“I hate these things.” He said, handling the orb. “Where’s a gypsy when you need one?” He sighed wistfully.

“We do have one.” Jess said, mind working quickly. “She lives a block or two away from the motel.”

“Is she Romanian?” Spike asked suspiciously. Jess nodded. “Good, tell me where, and we’ll pay her a visit.


“Who is it, who is it? I’m coming, hold on!” Gypsy shouted at the front door, coming out of the room of her small house. She opened the door to see Jess, and some white hair guy were there. “What is it?” She asked a bit grouchy.

Spike was frank. “Well, we need a soul taken away, we have your supplies,” he gestured to the bag, bringing it up a bit. “You’re a gypsy, we need your help.”

Jess was surprised that gypsy knew what Spike was saying.

“Are you in the trade?” She asked suspiciously. Spike gave her a look, and she nodded.


“Motel a few blocks away.” Jess said, a bit surprised by the serious look on her face. She nodded.

“I can be there right now.” Spike nodded.

“Fine, take the cycle. I can get there faster on my legs. I’ll get it going for you.” He looked at Jess seriously. “Don’t you dare lose that thing, or I will kill you.” He studied Jess’s eyes for a moment before nodding, and went to get it going. In less than a minuit, Spike was running off while Jess and Gypsy got settled on the seats.

“He’s a vampire.”

“Your not surprised.” Jess said evenly.

“He has a soul.” Was all she said, before Jess sped off.


Spike got to the motel in a matter of a few seconds. Faith was pale when he burst through the door. Her breath was shallow, but he still heard the weak, but steady beat of her heart. She was still unconscious, but she was also sweating. He walked over to her, laid down on the bed next to her, and lifted her shoulders so half of her was on him, as he embraced her, and whispered nothings in her ear.


“So, gypsy, how long have you known?” Jess asked with a little sarcasm in his voice. He was beginning to get pissed so many people were ahead of him already in this little secret. Well, four, but still, two in his own town.

“Since I was little, now keep going.” Gypsy ordered. Jess kept going, but he still was at it.

“Oh, really, so you knew about this entire other world, and you never told anyone? Did you know about the shopkeeper?”

She sighed wearily. “Yes, I did. I couldn’t tell anyone. I was sworn to an oath by my people. Of course, we all got into shop keeping, and money, and you don’t actually see many demons around here. The only reason I truly know anything is because of Angelus. He killed my cousin, Janna, a few years ago. But he fed on the daughter of the head of our people a long time ago. Since then, the gypsies cursed him with soul, and we all have to learn the spells involving souls. Janna didn’t know because she didn’t stay with her people, she became accustomed to how city people lived, with technology. Okay? Good enough?” Jess didn’t say anything, but it was enough… for now.


When Jess and Gypsy arrived, they walked quickly to the door, and turned the knob as quickly as possible. They arrived to the site of Faith’s figure in a bed, screaming hoarsely, Spike’s arms wrapped around her securely, tightly, so she didn’t hurt herself as she writhed in pain.

The gypsy didn’t hesitate, reaching for the bag, and taking out several of the things she needed.

Candles were set around her in a circle. Spike had already smeared faith’s face with the herbs. Jess was waving the funny smelling sticks, reading the Latin, because he knew how, and Spike was part of the plan with the extra soul of Faith’s.

“Te implore amplus evoco." Jess said reading from one of the books. I implore the great spirits help.

“Abigo anima insatiabilis adulterinus aliens” Gypsy said, eyes closed. Remove the soul which does not belong.

Gypsy’s eyes opened. “We ask you great father, eliminate that which does not belong.” Jess said after her. Her black depths showed a glint of fire. Spike did not seem worried, Jess however was becoming increasingly wary,as her voice took on a monotone.

“Acum!” Now. “Acum!” Now. A blue light shot through out the room from Faith’s chest. It threw everyone back, though Gypsy seemed to have developed a force field, however, she still landed on her back. When she opened her eyes again, they were normal. Spike stood as a blue-black spirit emerged out of his lover’s weary body. It went into Spike, who wreathed for a moment, falling on his hands and knees, then came back up again. His eyes glinted with a black and blue fire, and he held a smirk on his face. He morphed, then came to Faith’s bed, smelling her aroma. He almost bit her, but then his smirk dropped. He backed away, looking on in horror at Faith’s sleeping face.

“No!” H e yelled, one again on his knees. His eyes once again glinted, then the spirit emerged, and exploded, falling into the earth, never to be seen again. Spike panted out of habit, as Faith’s eyes shot open, and Gypsy and Jess came out of their unconscious state.

“Wow.” Faith breathed, smiling at her lover, still lying down. Spike grinned back up at her.

“What happened?” Jess asked, wondering where the Possessive thing had gone.

“Spirit went out of the Girl, into the vampire, vampire is dead anyway, and his soul is permanent by the decree of old spirits. That spirit had no right there by there order, and immediately died as soon as Vampire’s soul recovered, and emerged.” Gypsy said, surprising everyone. She shrugged. “Gypsy conventions. Where do you thing I go every other month. Now I leave because I have an order of tools coming in at six, and I want to sleep before the delivery man comes. Besides, this is really exhausting.” She was out the door in ten seconds. Then they looked at Jess gratefully.

“I guess I’ll just, uh, leave.” He said turning to go.

“Wait!” Faith said, sitting up. Spike rushed over to help.

Jess turned. “You seem cool kid, thanks. Come back after school tomorrow, k? I have a feeling I won’t be going back.” Jess nodded, in understanding. Spike and him looked at each other for a moment, then Spike smiled gratefully.

“See you tomorrow, mate.” He said, and Jess nodded, then left.


“Where have you been all night?” Luke asked, half yelling. It was almost five in the morning.

“Out.” Jess said noncommittally, going up the stairs, Luke tailing him as usual.

“Really? Out? Want to say where?”

“Look, I’m tired, and I could really use some rest right now. So I’m going to sleep, and then in the morning, I’m going to school. Then in the afternoon, I’m going to make a visit, then I will be back here, and you can yell as much as you want, but I’m going to sleep now.” And without another word, Jess was up the stairs, amazed at how much had happened the past night.


Jess had gone to school, which was unusual for him, but did it for Faith and Spike. When the bell had rung, he ran to the motel practically, until he stood at the door, and knocked. Spike answered. Without a word, he stepped aside, to let him in. Faith was in bed, wrapped in certain areas, watching tv. When she saw him, she put the remote down.

“Sucky thing about possession. They leave you really drained.” She said as way of explanation for her weak state. He nodded, understanding. “Sit down, kid, we got an offer to make you.”

He sat in one of the chairs. Spike sat in the one near the bed.

“Now listen here, boy, we get you don’t like this town. I couldn’t agree more. The other night in the graveyard, we never properly thanked you for the help, and this is the only way we might. Now keep in mind, ‘snot easy. There’s daily training, and lots of books, and dead languages, and it’s a lot of traveling.”

“But it’s also lots of good people who don’t actually live in the ‘regular’ world. We want you to tag along with us, kid. Me and Spike will watch out for you. Trust me, there’s not a place safer than in the arms of a slayer and her demon sex toy.” Faith grinned wickedly at Spike, who smirked. Then they sobered and turned back to him.

“We’ll contact the watchers council, they’ll take care of money problems, legal documents, all that other shit. All you got to do is say yes."

Jess looked at them while they talked. He heard them, but he was really looking for sincerity. But the answer was already there. He knew he trusted these people with his life. Not like his mother, who left him after he became 'a problem' and not Luke, who expected him to be something he wasn't. He had found a home.

After a moment where Spike and Faith were watching for his reaction, he nodded. "I'm going." He said, sure. He wanted to do this. Mybe one day, he could come back to this town, and be accepted by Rory, and maybe they would see him for him, not who they wanted him to become. But for now, he saw that these two knew him, and respected him, and that was all he needed.

The End?

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