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Little Liaison Lost

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Summary: Eve learns what happens to those who oppose the senior partners.

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Television > Lost(Past Donor)DanKnightFR1816,944051,10514 Nov 0514 Nov 05Yes
Title: Little Liaison Lost

Rating: R (probably more PG-13 but a scene with Lindsey and Eve post lovemaking led me to air on the side of caution.)

Pairing: Some Eve/Lindsey but this isn't a shipper fic.

Spoilers: Spoilers for everything up to and including the final episode of Angel as well as Lost all the way to the season 2 premiere.

Synopsis: Eve learns what happens to those who oppose the senior partners.


“I am telling you guys, waiting to launch the raft today is a huge mistake!” Eve listened to Arzt rattle off once again. Eve was sitting with her new almost friend Tracey, another one of the 44 castaways still left from the crash. For Eve to call Tracey her friend might be too much of an exaggeration, but she had become as close to a friend as Eve ever could have. Even cast out from Wolfram and Hart the brunette still had it in her head that she was somehow above the common folk. Even on this forsaken place where common people didn’t exist.

“You keep saying that smarty pants…” Eve answered in her usual veiled condescending tone, “Why won’t you tell the people building it. I already said the whole thing was a waste of time anyway.”

“You think they will even listen to me?” Arzt replied, “I’m not in the cool group after all.”

“Don’t start on that again.” Tracey shot back.

“You two can deny it all you want…”

”Well technically I don’t deny it…” Eve interrupted, “I just don’t actually care to begin with.” Truer words had never been spoken. Since losing Lindsey there was little the former liaison cared about, the least of which being whether or not a group of self-important people she didn’t even care about thought of her.

“Fine, sit aside and let other people decide our fate. I’m going to go tell them about the mistake they are making. Some of us want out of here.” The former teacher shot back.

“I want out of here. Believe me sweetie I want out of here more than you could ever begin to understand.” Eve answered, scowled at Arzt.

“We all want out of here.” Tracey interrupted, attempting to stop yet another argument between the two. Eve never got along with the former teacher since the day they crashed on the island. Truth was Eve never got along with much of anyone. Tracey had easily become her closest friend among the castaways but even she sensed Eve considered her the best of 43 bad options rather than an actual friend.

Still, Arzt was always initiating conversations with her. He seemed to have some kind of a crush on Eve despite her thinly veiled annoyance at him. Or maybe his crush was because of it.

“If it isn’t safe for them to go you should tell them. They’ll listen to you.” The blonde haired Tracey finished.

“Of course they will Arzty, you’re hard to ignore.” Eve wasn’t lying either. No matter how hard she tried to ignore him, the bolstering jerk was always buzzing around.

“You think you’re so superior to me don’t you.” Arzt snapped.

“I don’t think it precious.” Eve answered simply. “I know I am.”

“Is that a fact?” Arzt shot back, “Well let me remind you of something Eve. You may have been a big shot in that law firm you said you worked at. And I may be a lowly teacher, but out here you’re just another body. No matter how much you try to keep those designer clothes from wearing down no one thinks your anything special out here.

“You wound me so much.” Eve said making a big show of not being offended. Even though a part of her knew he was right.

“Can’t you two go through one day without fighting?” Tracey asked annoyed. The two of them really gave her a headache most days.

“All we need to do is have a day where he doesn’t talk to me and we can accomplish that.” Eve answered, her smile contrasting her clear dig at the man.

“Fine. I’m tired of this anyway.” The heavy set man declared, “I’m going to tell them, if we ever want to be saved they need to listen. Even if some of you don’t think it’s worthwhile to do so.” Arzt then picked up his makeshift flag that he was using to gauge the wind’s direction and headed over to the castaways working on the raft.

“Thought he would never leave.” The former liaison muttered to her companion.

“It wouldn’t kill you to try and be nicer to him.” The blonde woman told her. “He’s harmless, he just wants to help, we all do. He might be right.”

“He’s not.” Eve said matter of factly.

“How can you be so sure?” She said.

“Trust me. I am.” Was her only answer as she began to stand up, “I’m going for a walk.” Just as the brunette woman was about to leave she turned back to Tracey, “By the way Tracy, No offense but you might want to think about rummaging through the clothes for another shirt. That one you have on is really in need of airing out. Besides, those blue and white stripes really don’t look good on you.”

“I like this shirt.” Tracy muttered as the other woman walked away.

Eve walked down the beach. Everyone thought she was being negative with her attitude towards rescue. Well, not everyone did, Sawyer called her a realist. Even Charlie seemed to respect her opinion that they were stuck on the island. Of course, he would have believed the thing in the jungle was a pissed off platypus if he thought doing so would get his grimy, washed up, rock star parts into her pants.

But Eve knew she wasn’t a realist. Realists project what they believe to be the truth, positive or not. Eve didn’t believe they were stuck on this island, she knew it.


“And just sign here also Miss Brenmen…” Holland Manners said as he pointed to the spot in her contract.

It was 1962 at Wolfram and Hart’s Chicago office. Inside the meeting room Eve Brenmen was sitting across the table from the lawyer. Holland Manners was on the verge of power and prestige in all encompassing the law firm. Neither of them knew it but their careers with the company would eventually lead both of them on a collision course with Angel, the ensouled vampire who, despite his pathetic life in this year would one day become the firms worst enemy, then their most powerful employee, and eventually the L.A. branches destroyer.

Holland Manners looked much younger than the seasoned lawyer he would eventually become by the time he and Angel would cross paths. Eve, however, was still the same youthful and fresh faced woman who Angel would meat decades later, And who would eventually find herself on the island she now called home with over forty other doomed passengers.

“I sign this and it’s a done deal right?” Eve asked.

“Immortality for complete service to the senior partners.” Holland clarified. “It’s quite an honor they are bestowing. But the powers have definitely had their eye on you. You’re our first female employee to receive such an honor. We know you will do good things for us.”

“I would do anything if it would keep me young.” Eve replied. “I can’t imagine what wouldn’t be worth it. I mean look at me, it would be a crime to let this face get old, wither away, then Die.” She said singing the contract.

“It most certainly would be.” Holland agreed.

“And it isn’t just the looks that I want to keep, it’s the freedom. Imagine what I can do now that I don’t have to fear death. I knew when I enrolled into law school it would take me great places.”

“Oh it most definitely will miss Brenmen.”

“Yeah about that, it’s just Eve if you don’t mind.” She told the lawyer. “After all, it’s a new beginning now. The least I should do is drop my horrible name.”

“Eve it is.” Holland said as he finished putting the contract away in his briefcase, “Welcome to Wolfram and Hart, Eve.” The lawyer then stood up and reached out to shake her hand. “Trust me, now that you are with us you will definitely be going places.”


It was the next day on the island as Eve waded into the ocean, staring out as she remembered Holland’s words. He didn’t lie, Wolfram and Hart had taken her places.

For a long time it was places she had wanted to go. Places that brought her power, prestige, and the senior partners’ favor. Unfortunately, the last few months were nowhere she had wanted to go.

“Eve!” She heard a voice call out as she stood wading in the water, having gotten what she thought was far enough for some semblance of privacy. Much like most good things in her life that seemed to be gone now.

The brunette looked towards the voice and saw Jack. The good doctor was running towards her. He must have needed something, he never made small talk with Eve and clearly wasn’t fond of her. Thankfully, unlike Arzt he managed to show it by leaving her alone. “All the cute boys just run up to me today don’t they?” Eve snarked to herself as she remembered a time when she could say that as something besides sarcasm.


“Oh wow that was amazing!” Eve said as she laid her head back onto the pillow catching her breath. Her and Lindsey were once again having one of their romantic nights, after Eve snuck to his magically concealed apartment.

Eve had grown bored being the senior partners’ lap dog. She had learned for all that Wolfram and Hart could offer her, upper management didn’t seem to be it. So she had found an alternative, or rather it had found her.

Lindsey McDonald had approached her in a bar one late night after work. He had thought that he was passing himself off well as a stranger when meeting her. But part of Eve’s job was to be up on who’s who. Especially when the “who” in question was their former renegade lawyer.

Eve blew his cover immediately. She knew that she should tell the senior partners what she had seen. They had been looking like crazy, more worried that they couldn’t find him then what he was doing specifically. Yet there he was, right in front of her.

But for some reason Eve couldn’t. Maybe it was the fact he was handsome, maybe it was his charm, or maybe she sensed he had a way to break her from the senior partners’ grasp. But whatever it was that kept her there, the liaison stayed and talked with him. Soon after the two became lovers and allies in a plan against the partners, if only Eve had known back then that it was doomed to failure.

“So I did good, huh baby?” Lindsey asked as he rested on his side caressing his lover’s face.

“Amazing as always.” Eve agreed in a slightly dreamy voice, Lindsey was the best lover she had had even in the much longer timeframe than her youthful body would lead one to believe. Then her face turned serious as she thought about her and her lover’s plan.

“You’re not nervous are you?” He asked, sensing her concern for what the two partners in crime were about to do.

“Not nervous per-se…” Eve replied thinking, “It’s just. Taking on the partners, that’s a tall order.”

“It’s one we can handle Eve.” Lindsey answered with all the conviction in the world. “The partners have become cowards, letting people like me fight and die for their work. And Angel, he lost sight of the picture. Got blinded by the promise of power and fancy toys. Became stupid enough to think he could actually make a difference within. This is what should have been done a long time ago baby.”

”I know you’re right.” Eve said as she rolled over on top of her muscular lover. “I guess I just need… some kind of distraction.”

The brunette then smiled with her usual smile full of mischief and sexiness as she ran her hands across his muscular chest. “Think you can come up with a distraction baby.”

“Oh… I think I can come up with something.” Lindsey answered with a smile as he reached for his lover.


“One… Two… Three.” Michael shouted as Eve and the rest of the castaways pulled on the ropes dragging the raft along the logs set in place towards the shore. A system not unlike the ones used by the ancient Egyptians to build their pyramids. It had been the chore Jack had asked her, along with everyone else to help with. Eve had wanted to say no, but everyone else had agreed to help. Even she wasn’t interested in becoming that big of a pariah.

Michael had gotten what Eve could only describe as an insane plan, even if things actually were as they seemed. He and Jin had crafted together a raft out of wreckage from the plane and wood gathered from around the island. The raft was a sight to behold, big enough to hold four people with a sail and a design as good as anything a factory would come up with. Michael was good, she would give him that.

When he first talked about building a raft everyone had looked at him like he was talking crazy. But once he got the raft built it had become obvious he had the means and the supplies to do it. Even after his first attempt at a raft had been burned by the others, or so everyone believed, he and Jin had rallied and built another raft even better than the first one.

The initial plan was to wait a little while and make sure the raft was secure before launching it into what they thought was a chance for rescue. But amazingly Arzt managed to convince them what he had been torturing her and Tracey about with his ramblings, and suddenly the plan was in place to launch the boat by the end of the day.

Eve had no interest in any raft launching. She knew how fruitless it truly was. But Jack had a way of persuading people, or maybe being stuck in this hell for so long with Arzt never far away from her for very long had made her more susceptible to the handsome doctor’s influence. Whatever the reason he had convinced her and everyone else to work towards moving the boat closer to shore to get it ready for launch.

It actually was a sight to behold. 44 people, almost all of whom were strangers only six weeks ago, were now all working together for the chance of getting home. Or they were, until the boat slipped from the logs and hit the sand.

“Damnit!” Michael shouted before he and Sawyer began their inevitable argument.

Eve watched on with everyone else as Tracey moved next to her, the castaways already wandering form their spots from moving the boat upon the conflict. A fight always seemed to drag them close together.

“Great, here they go again.” Tracey muttered. The site of the two men arguing was not an unusual one to anyone by this point. Although to be fair, no one else could get along with Sawyer either. Eve did kind of like him though, at least he helped insure she wasn’t the least popular person around camp. Plus he was nice to look at.

“Maybe they’ll start punching each other.” Eve answered back to her friend, “At least guys fighting is kind of hot.”

The blonde stared at Eve, a little surprised by her friend’s off handed comment, “I never know when you’re kidding.”

Eve started to assure the other woman that she wasn’t kidding at all, then she heard someone shout for everyone’s attention. The two girls looked in the same direction that everyone else was staring at intently. It was then that they saw it the black smoke. The others, just like the crazy French woman had told them.

“This can’t be good. Not good at all.” Sullivan, their fellow castaway said behind the two women, but to no one in particular.


In Eve’s apartment her denial of her involvement with Fred’s illness was interrupted by an out of nowhere punch from Lorne. Eve was suddenly knocked back onto her bed, her lip bleeding before Spike, Angel or even she realized what had happened.

“Ooh! ooh, oh, I'm sorry, that was a knuckle-buster.” Lorne replied, smiling eerily as if making small talk about the woman he just sucker punched. “I’m Jake La Motta over here, it’s pathetic.”

The green demon sighed before turning back towards her, suddenly looking dead serious. “Here's the thing, Eve. You're going to sing for me, and I'm going to read you right now…”

Lorne then paused before continuing, “And here's one more thing. Winifred Burkle once told me, after a sinful amount of Chinese food and in lieu of absolutely nothing, ‘I think a lot of people would choose to be green. your shade, if they had the choice.’ If I hear one note, one quarter-note, that tells me you had any involvement, these two won't even have time to kill you.”

Eve looked on stunned and certain that the normally pacifist demon meant every word of what he said.

“Oh, and anything by Diane Warren will also result in your death. Well, except ‘Rhythm of the Night.’”

“I want to help, I swear to you. I’ve got nothing against Fred.” Eve protested. She meant it too. Her plan to destroy Angel, to overthrow the senior partners had failed. Lindsey, the love of her life was gone. Her life as a liaison was gone. And if the senior partners ever found her, her immortality would be gone as well. Fred was one of the good guys, but she was kind and gave her a chance when no one else did. Even if Eve herself even knew Fred was wrong to think she deserved it. The brunette had no desire, not even any interest, to want to hurt Winifred Burkle.

“Say it, with a song in your heart.” Angel answered.

The former liaison looked on before realizing her word rightfully wasn’t good enough. Resigned, she looked down and began singing a few notes from the song ‘L.A.’. It was Lindsey’s favorite.

“She’s clean.” Lorne exclaimed interrupting her.

“You’ve been wrong before.” Angel answered back.

“Yeah, and I might be now. But she reads clean.” He answered solemnly. The three heroes were clearly disappointed their suspicion against Eve was a dead end. “Her future’s not too bright but…”

“What do you mean?” Eve asked, her mood going from sorrow at the memories her song had brought back to fear from Lorne’s words.

“Well, nothing’s written in stone, lately. But, uh, if I was about to face your future… I’d make like Carmen Miranda and die.” He shot back clearly hoping his words hurt as much as they did.

Sometimes she wished she had listened to him. For his prediction was right, maybe even more than he could have known.


“They won’t even tell us what’s going on!” Arzt shouted in frustration as the others packed.

Eve, Tracey and Steve had begun packing their belongings. Not that they had much, Sawyer made damn sure to find anything of any real value. He even took those Playboys that Eve was certain belonged to Steve, even though he wouldn’t admit it.

“Just pack your bags and get ready to move, that’s all they say.”

“Can you can it for awhile?” Steve shouted, frustrated.

“I’ve been trying to get him to do that since we found ourselves here sweetie.” Eve told the young man.

“So it doesn’t bother you that they make all the decisions without us then? That they never tell us anything? That they treat us like my students treat kids who aren’t in the cool clique?”

“Maybe it’s our association with you that keeps us out of the cool parties.” Eve muttered looking over and noticing another disapproving look from Tracey. The poor girl really did get tired of constantly being their referee.

“I’m just saying that if they would include everyone in their little decision making process and tell us what was going on, then we might…”

“We’ve heard it all before Arzt.” Steve said tossing his bag to the ground in anger. “Over, and over and over again. We hear it at night, we hear it in the morning, and we hear it when we’re sleeping. Can’t you stop singing the same tune to us for one damn day. Haven’t we suffered enough crap in the last six weeks than to listen to your broken record all the fucking time?” He finished shouting.

“Amen brother.” Eve whispered to Steve as he angrily grabbed his suitcase to finish gathering his stuff.

In truth it was the former teacher’s own fault not stopping when asked to. Steve had been kind when they first landed, almost upbeat. In fact his cheerfulness used to annoy Eve sometimes. Who could be happy in their situation?

But after Ethan had killed his brother he had become distant, even cold. Part of what kept Steve so sane, so positive was that at least even in this situation he had his twin brother, his best friend was there with him. The Steve that had been around the camp since that nightmare of a morning was not the same man that the three castaways he was now talking to once knew. First came the distancing himself from everyone, then the nightmares. Tracey had more then once curled up with him at night trying to help ward off the bad dreams. An action that had been misinterpreted by many.

“Hurley!” Tracey shouted, breaking some of the tension in the air. The large man noticed the four castaways standing nearby, the blonde waived him over towards them.

“What’s up?” Hurley asked once he had come over to them.

“Any chance you could tell us what’s going on?” She asked. “We saw you head into the jungle with the French lady and the others.

“Pretty please.” Eve asked sweetly, “It will shut Arzt up.” She finished as the teacher huffed at her comment.

“Um, we really don’t want to tell just yet. It may not even work.” The curly haired man answered.

“Come on Hurley. We know you guys have a plan. We just want to know what’s going on.” Arzt said.

“It is our lives as well.” Tracey contributed. Truth was she did partially agree with Arzt point about them being left out of the plan.

“Allow me.” Eve whispered to the other woman as she stepped towards Hurley.

The brunette then began to stroke Hurley’s arm, putting on her best bedroom eyes. Although she had a feeling half her best effort would have worked in this case. It wasn’t like this was Jack she was talking to. “We just want to know the plan Sweetie.” She told him in a flirty tone, “and everyone knows you’re the man to ask when you want to know something. So how about just telling us what you big strong leaders are up to.” She asked and then donned a coy look on her face, “pretty please?” She asked.

“Well…” Hurley fought the urge not to tell them but Eve could already see it was no use. She had seduced more out of stronger men in her days. Not to mention much better looking.

“There’s a hatch Locke found in the jungle.” He resigned.

“A hatch?” Tracey repeated confused.

“Yeah some metal door.”

“What’s in it?” Steve inquired.

“We don’t know. We’re hoping it’s big enough underneath it that we can hide everyone in there. Problem is, door’s locked.”

“Then, um, how are we supposed to hide in it?” Eve asked.

“Roseau knows where we can find some dynamite. We’re going to use it to blow the door open and hopefully we can all fit inside of it.” The castaway finished.

“So, let me see if I have this straight.” Eve interjected, “You guys are going to follow a crazy French woman into the jungle to find some explosives. You’re then going to use those explosives to blow open a hatch, which you have no idea what it contains. And then hope there is enough room inside of it to hide all 4o plus of us?”

“Umm… yeah.” Hurley answered uncertainly.

“Genius.” Eve said in a tone that was such none of the other castaways could tell if she was being sincere or sarcastic. Much like a lot of what she said around people. It was part of the reason so few people on the island made much effort to get to know her.

“Um… I… gotta… go now.” Hurley said looking around, clearly realizing he might have told everyone too much. He then turned and left.

“Somehow that doesn’t make me feel much safer.” Steve commented to the others.

“You don’t know the half of it. Do you know how long any dynamite on this island would have to have been here. Not to mention the odds any of those guys would actually know how to handle it.” Arzt injected.

“Thanks for the pep talk chief.” Eve replied as she went to get her bags. Truth is she had little faith such a plan would work. Since losing Lindsey she quit caring about much of anything much less fools hopes they could fight this place. She had just wanted Hurley to spill it to shut Arzt up, and even that didn’t work.

“I’m going with them.” Arzt said before running towards the small group that Jack was now giving the same pep talk he had just given them.

“Hurry back!” Eve shouted as he ran off. “Hope you get blown up looking for it.” Eve muttered to herself, having no idea how prophetic her words would become.

“Come on Eve.” Tracey commented, as she and Steve grabbed their bags “Let’s get to the caves already.”


Eve sat down as the castaways slowly piled into the caves. They were gathering in hopes that Jack’s plan would work and they would find everyone someplace safe. Eve was wondering if they weren’t just coming there to die.

“I got you some water while I was at the spring.” Tracey said as she held out a water bottle to her companion.

Eve took the bottle. Tracey would have thought a thank you would be nice but that just wasn’t Eve’s way. Even a fall from grace couldn’t change that about her. The blonde continued talking as Eve took a drink.

“I heard Sun talking to Shannon on the way back.” The girl continued, “She thinks we’re here because fate is punishing us. For what we did before.”

”Fascinating theory. What did Shannon say?” Eve asked, only mildly interested.

“Nothing, but Claire thinks there’s no such thing as fate.” The blonde answered.

“She’s right.” Was all the brunette replied with.


Eve grabbed her bag from the luggage carriage in the Australian airport as she headed towards her next flight. She had spent the last two days on planes but if she made her destination it would be worth it. She remembered what Lindsey had said, about the where he got the tattoos that kept him off Wolfram and Hart’s radar.

She had hoped if she could get there in time she could somehow get them herself. It was her only hope of escaping Wolfram and Hart. After all, she had tried to overthrow them, then she had joined with Lindsey and Angel to take out the Black Thorn. She knew just taking her immortality wouldn’t be enough this time. Wolfram and Hart would make her wish that was all they did if they found her again.

She only hoped if she stayed moving she could keep out of their sight long enough to find the people she needed to.

Her flight had 30 minutes before boarding as the young woman leaned down to the drinking fountain for a drink. People who had known Eve only a month ago, in what now felt like another lifetime, would have barely recognized her now. The young woman once so confident and poised now looked like nothing but a scared girl running from her past. For in essence that is what she was, if not more literally then most.

“Australian water. Always tastes so much fresher then the polluted stuff back home doesn’t it?” A male voice called behind her.

A look of annoyance came over the brunette’s face as she turned to what she assumed was yet another traveler trying to pick her up. As Eve spun to face him she jumped back and let out a small scream at the man standing before her. For right there in front of her very eyes was Holland Manners.

It wasn’t the same Holland Manners she had signed onto Wolfram and Hart with decades before. A time anyone who would look at Eve would swear the woman couldn’t have even been born during. This was an older Holland, his face ragged with age despite an air of sophistication still on him. It was the Holland Manners Angel had killed only a few years ago, during the war the ensouled vampire had raged that had bought more loss to the firm then anyone or anything in their history.

“Surprised to see an old friend Eve?” Holland smiled as if nothing was unusual about the former liaison seeing a dead man standing before her. Of course in the world they both lived in, there wasn’t. For just like everyone else with Wolfram and Hart Holland was an employee for life, and death.

“You really shouldn’t scream in here. Airports are so unsafe these days, people might think something is going on.” Holland warned the woman. Sure enough, some people had stared as they walked by, walking warily but in true human fashion wanting more to stay out of trouble then find out what was going on.

“What do you want?” Eve asked, the concern clear in her voice.

“Relax.” Holland said calmly. “I come with good news.”

“I doubt it.” Was all Eve could reply.

“Don’t look so suspicious Eve. I come with a proposition from the senior partners. It seems Hamilton didn’t quite cut it as the new liaison.” The older lawyer explained. “And as such there is a new opening.”

”What are you saying?” Eve asked, still not sure where he was going.

“I’m saying that the partners want you back Eve.” He answered enthusiastically.


“Oh don’t look so surprised. Sure you crossed Wolfram and Hart once, but that’s in the past. Besides, you lost Lindsey, hell it even led to Angel and his band of mischief makers’ death. And at the end of the day you were the best liaison they ever had.” He explained, “And we all think you learned your lesson.”

“I… I have.” Eve agreed, seeing a chance at actually getting out of all of this alive. “I swear I won’t cross the partners again. I was corrupted, I can go back to being what I was for them before.” She pleaded.

“Of course you can, that’s what we all thought. Which is why you’re going to abandon this foolish quest you’re on and come back to L.A. The branch is already rebuilt. Just like before…” Holland explained, referring to it’s last overnight remodeling at the hands of The Beast. “All it needs now is you.”

With that the older lawyer handed Eve a plane ticket, “Now come back home. Where you belong, the plane leaves in an hour.”

“Thank you.” Eve said gratefully grabbing the ticket and looking it over, “They won’t regret this I swear. I will…” Eve stopped as she looked over the ticket, her face suddenly dropping from the look of relief to one of dread.

“Wait a minute, this is flight 815.” She observed. The brunette remembered something she heard about it before, “This is THE flight.” She trailed off.

“Darn you caught us.” Holland said amused, “They were hoping you had forgot about that little project, what with Angel coming along and putting it on hold.

“You’re putting me on that flight? But I thought you said I was getting a second chance?” She asked, the fear from the start of their conversation coming back. This time mixed in with despair.

“What can I say, I lied. The partners thought it would be easier if you got on the plane with hope. Crushing it would be so much better. I told them you were too smart of a cookie to fall for it. I always said I knew you well.”

“I’m not getting on that flight!” Eve exclaimed.

The scared liaison looked around. She was sure if she could find security or even some appropriately strapping young hero wannabe she could have a chance at crying for help. After all, what red blooded male wouldn’t come to a petite young damsel’s aid against a creepy older man like Holland. Just one cry of rape should do it.

“I wouldn’t do anything foolish Eve.” He warned, his tone slightly more serious. “As I said, airports aren’t always safe places. Do you know for example with the right ingenuity some truly dangerous men could manage to make it past security with their weapons intact?”

Eve looked around and sure enough she noticed two intimidating men standing nearby, whose look screamed Wolfram and Hart thug. One of them moved his jacket just enough to reveal the gun that had managed to get by the Airport metal detector, most likely due to magic. She then looked the other way and saw two other such men with their eyes firmly on her. The brunette’s heart dropped.

“Don’t get me wrong. No one is stupid enough to believe you care if any of the innocents in here get in the way should my friends do something rash. But I think you know they wouldn’t all miss should they start aiming at you.”

“You can’t do this.” Eve protested weakly.

“Oh I think you know we can.” Holland said firmly, “But relax, you’ll survive the flight, just like the others scheduled too. Oh you’ll be one of the lucky ones.”

“But then I will be stuck in that… in that place.” Eve said looking ready to cry. It was over, all of it was. This was where she finally paid for all she did to her former employers.

“Well, maybe you should have thought of that before you let some pretty boy convince you that you were better than the partners. Wouldn’t you say so?” Holland shot back, anger showing slightly in his voice. Eve just dropped her head looking truly defeated.

“Was it worth it Eve? Was love worth it? What have you got to show for it now? Your true love is dead at the orders of Angel, also dead. Oh wait, wasn’t he the one who had Lindsey killed? Isn’t that what trusting him got you? And now look at you, to think you were once so confident, so proud. Now you’re just a broken wreck of your former self. Boy did the partners ever bet on the wrong horse with you.”

“Stop it!” Eve whispered, clearly about ready to burst into tears.

“Just tell me one thing Eve…” Holland continued, his look making it clear he was enjoying seeing Eve broken down. “Was true love really worth it?”

Before Eve could answer a man looking to be in his late 30’s interrupted them. Fine time for Eve’s hero to show up now.

“What’s going on here!” He asked.

“Something that doesn’t concern you, I believe.” Holland answered annoyed.

The man reached into his jacket in response to Holland’s curt reply, “It might sir.” He responded, his badge showing him to be a U.S. Marshall. Eve looked over and saw a sad looking brunette woman standing near him. At a glance it would look like she was with him, maybe his wife, family, or even a business associate. But the jacket covering her hands gave Eve the feeling she was probably his prisoner.

“Is this man bothering you?” He asked Eve.

“No.” She said somberly. She thought about telling him something, anything. But she knew if she tried the men watching them all so intently would open up fire. Holland was right; Eve could have cared less if he died in the firefight, the only person beside herself that Eve ever cared about was dead. But Wolfram and Hart hired the best; no matter who else died Eve knew she would go down with them.

“My daughter and I were having a bit of an argument, but I can assure you she’s fine.” Holland explained to him.

“I would rather hear it from her.” The Marshall answered.

“Always trying to play the cowboy aren’t you?” The marshal’s brunette companion interjected.

“Zip it Kate.” He shot back to her. He then looked at Eve, “Is that true ma’am? Is everything all right?” He asked her again.

“Everything’s fine officer.” She said faking cheerfulness, “I just get a little emotional sometimes.”

The man looked over Eve and Holland one last time. He clearly wasn’t buying it but with Eve denying everything there wasn’t much he could do. The truth was they technically weren’t even in his jurisdiction anyway. “All right then.” He said before moving back to Kate. “Come on, lets go.”

“You two have a nice flight now.” Holland said to them with a smile, his comment leading Eve to believe that they must be two more of the doomed souls on Eve’s flight.

“Smart move girl.” Holland said once the marshal was out of sight. “Now you be good and get on that plane.”

”And if I refuse?” Eve asked, her voice still making it clear she didn’t actually think she could get out of her situation.

“Let’s just say if you refuse my friends might be guarantying this airport a spot on the evening news.” Holland stopped for a minute to let Eve’s hopelessness sink in one last time. “Hey, don’t look so glum Eve. At least you will get to live this way. Sure it won’t be much of a life anymore. And it might end sooner then you want. But at least you will stay alive. And we both know that is an option you have always taken over everything else.”


And Holland was right. Eve boarded flight 815 even though she knew it would take her where she now called home. Because the alternative was death, and she wasn’t brave enough to face it.

So she boarded, and just like she knew would happen the turbulence came, then the crash. Holland was true to his word, she survived, just like everyone else now in the cave. Most of them thought that they were on this nightmare of an island because they were lucky; others thought it was punishment, or even divine fate.

But Eve knew the truth. Every one of them were on that plane for the same reason that Eve was.

Eve knew about Jack, and about the deal he made with her former employers to save the woman he ended up marrying. And she knew how after getting the reward his conscience conveniently stepped in and made him go back on the terms.

At least he was paying for it himself, not like Charlie who took the hit for his brother’s little chart topping record deal with the Wolfram and Hart entertainment division.

She knew about Joanna and the monster she had been when she worked for Wolfram and Hart. They were lucky that she died, that Boone and Jack failed to save her before they knew what she was capable of.

She knew about Kate’s past, the one she thought she had hidden from everyone.

She knew about the recent business disaster Boone and Shannon’s mother had survived. She didn’t know if it was good luck or bad that her precious children didn’t know they were the payment for Wolfram and Hart’s finest bailing her out.

And she knew that Michael and Walt were unfortunate casualties in his former flame and her husband’s victory over their firm. It never pays to be too good at your job.

Eve didn’t know all of them, she didn’t know what Hurley, or Steve, or Tracey, or poor Scott did to land themselves here. What happened with them or someone they loved to make them Wolfram and Hart’s guinea pigs in this awful place? Or where the other 23 that should have been here with them had ended up.

But she knew no one on this island survived the crash by accident. Just like that French lunatic wasn’t here by accident. Just like that poor sap inside the hatch that Arzt and the others will soon have the pleasure of meeting if they actually succeed in their little quest.

No one living or dead ever made it to this island by accident, and Eve knew that no matter what any of them did, or how much they tried to survive and hoped for rescue. One way or another, they were all going to die on this island.

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The End

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