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Where She Went From There

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Summary: After her departure in Fear, Elizabeth Corday returns to England where she meets up with Rupert Giles who would like her to work as part of the medical team for the new Watcher's Council.

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Where She Went From There

Where She Went From There

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, mythology, whatever from Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor do I own Elizabeth Corday or Ella from ER.

Elizabeth Corday looked around once more in shock at the London airport. She had always known it to be large, but this amount of chaos going on around her was just insanity. Clutching tightly to her young daughter's hand, Elizabeth rushed down to the baggage claim to get her two suitcases.

"Mommy, what are we doing here?" Ella asked curiously as she held on tightly to her doll. She looked up at her mother with wide eyes as she struggled to stay with the woman through the chaos of all the fight's passengers reaching over her head for their bags.

Elizabeth sighed as she reached for the larger of her suitcases, holding it in her Ella-less hand. "I told you,honey. Mommy's getting another job in England."

"Why?" Ella asked in the same eager voice as she had before.

"Because we need to have a way to get money so we can have a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear…" Elizabeth answered exhaustedly. She loved her daughter very much, but she could not help but getting annoyed with the child at times.

"Why here?" Ella asked as her mother grabbed the other suitcase and began dragging her away from the baggage claim. The airport was beginning to freak her out, especially with the fact that it was already dark and it was very crowded.

"Because this is Mommy's home."

Ella giggled. "You're silly," she began. "This is where the *airplanes* live," she said confidently. "And you're a doctor," she reminded Elizabeth.

"I was a doctor," Elizabeth corrected. "Now I don't know what I am," she whispered sadly to herself. She knew at heart it was her fault. Carter might have influenced her decision to perform that surgery, but in the end it was her choice. Granted she would not have made that choice if she knew it would have these outcomes, but it was her choice nonetheless.

"You're the bestest mommy," Ella offered as she wrapped her arms around her mother's waist.

"Now you just want candy," Elizabeth said with a sigh as she walked out of the airport, searching frantically for a taxi or something. Something that would get her away from the airport. Too many people, she decided. Too much chaos like back at County.

The next couple minutes reminded Elizabeth even more of County. A woman was screaming and screaming quite loudly at that. She was close by too, Elizabeth noted. For no sane reason she could think of, Elizabeth began searching the sidewalk outside the airport to find where the screaming was coming from. Upon spotting it, she grabbed closer to Ella as she began rushing over to the woman.

"What's going on?" she asked frantically as she bent down to the victim. Two, deep holes penetrated the young woman's- Elizabeth placed her age at no more than twenty- skin near the base of her neck. Blood was still dripping out from the wound and the woman's face was turning paler.

Elizabeth quickly tore a small bit of fabric from her shirt off and applied it firmly to the woman's neck. "Did someone call a hospital?" she asked the older man in front of her who was watching desperately as Elizabeth continued applying pressure to the woman's neck. "She needs some medical help. Blood's having a hard time clotting and she may need a rabies treatment depending on what bit her."

The man nodded as he removed his glasses from his face and began cleaning them with his shirt. "Are you a doctor?" he asked curiously.

Ella nodded enthusiastically. "My mommy's the bestest doctor at County," she spoke up. "Until she caught it on fire or something like that."

"Beg pardon?" the man asked.

"Keep applying pressure to her neck until the EMTs arrive here," Elizabeth commanded as she stood up, grabbing her two suitcases. "Come on, Ella, we're out of here," she said briskly as she began walking, her daughter following close behind.

"Do as she said," the man said to another female standing next to him. That female nodded and did as commanded while the man began chasing after Elizabeth. "Miss?" he called as he caught up to her, tapping her shoulder once.

Elizabeth gave a mental groan as she turned around coming face to face with the man. The man's glasses were back on his face, she noted. "Yes?" she asked.

"Are you a doctor?" the man repeated his earlier question.

Elizabeth laughed slightly. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "Did the government send you here?"

"No, I'd rather think not," the man answered honestly. "Answer the question."

"Why do you want to know?" Elizabeth asked as she placed the suitcases down against the sidewalk.

"I'm with an organization and its quite large and going to be powerful if it gets started. But it would require someone with more medical experience than I can offer," the man explained.

Elizabeth looked at the man with a newfound respect as she thought his words over. "Are you offering me a job?" she asked doubtfully.

"From what you demonstrated back there, you're someone we could use," the man began. "You are a doctor, right?" he asked. "Or did you just spend too much time watching doctor shows on that idiot box?"

"Surgeon, actually," Elizabeth finally answered as she wrapped a protective arm around Ella and pulled her daughter in closer to her. "But I should warn you that I've been stripped of my license."

The man's eyebrows raised slightly at her last statement and he looked at her with a questioning glance.

"One of my co-workers talked me into doing this operation that was closer to the illegal side of things. Unjustly illegal, but still illegal," she said with slight embarrassment.

The man nodded understandingly as he pulled out a piece of paper from the inside pocket of his coat. "Well, if you're interested, call this number," he said finally as he handed the card over to her.

Elizabeth nodded as she studied the card. Her mystery man was named Rupert Giles and this "organization" he worked for/ was hoping to start was called the Watcher's Council. Elizabeth hardly could make sense of those words, certainly she had never heard of them but it was a job relating to something she had experience in. She smiled as she pocketed the card. "I'll think it over," she said with a positive face as a taxi finally pulled up. "I'll give you a call," she added as she allowed Ella to climb into the taxi before her. Once her daughter was inside, Elizabeth shoved the suitcases in then crawled in herself while the man went back to his victim.
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