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Psychology 101

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Summary: Following the death of Dr. Maggie Walsh, UCSD decided to replace her with Dr. Lilith Sternin.

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Television > CheersSeeJaneWriteFR1331,539031,70415 Nov 0518 Nov 05No

Psychology 101

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine.

Author's Note: Yes, I know it's random, but that's why I'm writing it!

Sunnydale, CA

The dean of academics and his two assistants met late that night. They had just been informed of the death of Dr. Maggie Walsh, the psychology professor for the university. Now the three of them had to pick a new one, or at the very least, a temporary one until the next school year. Someone had to finish the semester.

"Should we be looking through this?" one of the assistants asked as he flipped through one of Maggie's old address books. This one in particular was old and contained names of people she had met at school. "It seems a bit morbid."

"Maggie Walsh was one of the best psych teachers this school ever had. She's world-known," the dean pointed out. "Whoever replaces her should be someone with similar talents."

The assistant shrugged as he kept looking through the book. He had to be careful seeing as the pages were worn and could fall out soon. "Hey, how about this one?" he asked as he looked up.

"Which one?" the dean asked. "What is he like?"

"He's a she by the name of Lilith Sternin," the assistant pointed out. "There are five stars next to her name," he added. "And she's listed under 'grad school geniuses'," he added to try and win the dean over. "We could at least give her a call."

The dean shrugged. "Fine, what’s her number?" he asked as he reached for the phone.
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