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Slayer From New York

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Summary: After Faith dies, Rachel Green is Chosen to take her place.

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Television > FriendsSeeJaneWriteFR1379,560074,16915 Nov 054 Sep 06No

The One With the Flirting

"Beg pardon?" Buffy asked as she glanced over at Joey. The actor had successfully opened one of the bags of chips and was beginning to eat them. "Me?"

Joey nodded slightly as he pulled a small piece of paper out and handed it to Buffy with his non-chip-eating hand. "This is for you," he began seductively.

"Thanks," Buffy began in slight confusion. "What exactly is it?" she asked as she analyzed both sides of it, finding it to be blank except for one hand-drawn heart on one side. A poorly drawn heart at that, Buffy noted.

Joey's mouth dropped open in shock as if he could not believe that Buffy was actually saying those words. "It's a coupon for some hours of Joey love!" he exclaimed as if the answer were obvious.

"Oh god, Joey," Rachel put in with a roll of her eyes. "She's the age Elizabeth was when Ross dated her!" She sighed, shrugging her comment off as she reminded herself that it was Joey she was dealing with. Joey who could get away with dating college aged girls.

"Wait, was that Ross's second wife?" Buffy asked with slight confusion.

Rachel shook her head. "No. That girl was Emily," she informed the other Slayer, speaking the name with a bitter tongue. "But, I admit, it is hard to keep all of Ross's wives straight."

"So, do you want to redeem your Joey love?" Joey asked as he returned his focus to Buffy.

"Joey, please, she barely knows you!" Rachel pointed out for Buffy's sake.

"So?" Joey asked. "That never stopped any of the other girls from redeeming their Joey love!" he argued back. "And Buffy, how you doin'?"

Buffy smiled politely at Joey. "Look," she began. "As much as I'd really like to be with a guy, especially now, I just don't know you well enough for the whole 'Joey love' concept. I made that mistake already and I'm not about to do it again," she pointed out, frowning at the thought of her insane stupidity when she had slept with Parker.

Joey rolled his eyes. "Fine, do whatever you like!" he said as he headed into the family room with the two chip bags. "But that coupon won't be good forever."

Buffy sighed as she began heading over towards the stairs. Rachel smiled and began following Buffy. "Hey," she began as she caught Buffy's attention. "Do you think we can talk? I'm not exactly tired yet, but I'd like to know some things about you, both as a Slayer and as a person."

"Sure," Buffy said with a smile as she walked up and into her mother's old room. She held the door open as a signal for Rachel to follow her inside.

"Wow," Rachel said in amazement. "This is your room?" she asked.

Buffy shook her head. "Not exactly. Technically, it's no one's room right now. But I'd really prefer not to get into all that."

"That's fair," Rachel said as she joined Buffy in sitting on the bed. "So, any boyfriends?" she asked eagerly.

Buffy shook her head back and forth emphatically. "Believe me when I say 'No way'," she told Rachel with a heavy sigh. "I've had exactly two and they both ended up leaving town."

"Ouch," Rachel began sympathetically. "Where'd they go?"

"Angel went to Los Angeles, which isn't exactly far but he's made it pretty clear that it's his city. And Riley's in Belize as far as I know," Buffy explained with a painful sigh. "What about you?"

Rachel shook her head. "On again, off again with Ross. Right now it's a serious off phase, but I still actually have hope that we'll get together one day."

Buffy smiled slightly. "If it's meant to be, then it'll happen for you," she assured the other Slayer. "But about that Joey guy"

"I knew this was coming sooner or later," Rachel interrupted. "What about him?"

"Does he hit on girls a lot?"

Rachel nodded slowly as she said, "Oh yes. A lot. There's always a different girl in his apartment."

"And I'm guessing they're not just there for milk and cookies."

Rachel nodded. "That'd be a good guess."

Buffy smiled slightly as she pictured Joey's face in her mind. "He is kind of cute though," she began.

"So you're saying that we are going to meet here even though we were attacked here last night?" Monica asked in disbelief as she and Chandler followed Anya and Xander into the Magic Box.

Anya nodded. "It's pretty safe. At least in the daytime hours, anyway. And do not let the high prices of the merchandise dissuade you from exchanging your money for them," she said cheerfully as she walked back behind the cash register.

"Nice to see you, Anya," Giles said without even looking up. "All we're waiting for is Buffy and Dawn," he announced.

"Where are they?" Chandler asked curiously.

"Out buying donuts and coffee for everyone," the Watcher explained calmly.

Xander's mouth dropped open in shock and as he once again felt as if he had nothing useful to contribute to the group. "What am I supposed to do then?" he asked.

"Tell jokes and lighten the mood," Anya informed her boyfriend.

Chandler's face then fell at the comment. "Well than what am I going to do?" he asked with a frown. "Being funny is all I have!"

Anya shrugged. "Well, you could put heavy emphasis on the word be all the time," she suggested as she began dusting off the merchandise near the counter.

Phoebe laughed. "She's right, you know," she said as she turned to Chandler.

Chandler frowned as he turned to Monica. "They're saying mean things. Make it stop."

Before Monica had a chance to answer, the bell jingled, signaling Buffy and Dawn's entrance. The Slayer was carrying several cups of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate while her younger sister was occupying herself with various large bags of donuts.

"Giles," Dawn began as she looked up at the English man. "If all we're going to be doing is training and catching the non-Sunnydale people up, would it be ok if I invited Janice to hang out? She doesn't have to train or anything."

At that moment all the 'non-Sunnydale people' as Dawn had referred to them mentally groaned as their eyes widened at the mention of Janice. True, chances were very slim that it was the same Janice. But on the other hand, Janice was always appearing whenever they least expected it. Finally, Chandler spoke. "Janice?" he asked as he turned to Dawn.

Dawn nodded. "She's practically my best friend. We do everything together, including fail--I mean, acing history," she said with a short smile at Buffy.

"So Janice is in high school?" Chandler asked.

Dawn nodded. "Yea. Why?"

"Just this annoying woman he used to date," Rachel explained for the Scoobies benefit. "Really annoying and her name was Janice."

"So, Giles, would it be ok?" Dawn asked.

Giles shrugged. "I suppose it would."

"Yay," Dawn squealed as she rushed outside.

Seconds later she reappeared with Janice. Her friend's hair was now light brown in color. "Hey everyone," she said with a smile. She then turned to Dawn. "You have to come to the Espresso Pump. This new guy's working there. He's a little older but he has bleached blonde hair and is just so hot."

Dawn squealed once again with excitement. "See you," she said as she and Janice rushed out the door.

Rachel fought back the urge to groan as she turned to Monica. "Mon, is it just me or did that description sound a lot like--"

Monica nodded. "Gunther," she stated.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Slayer From New York" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Sep 06.

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