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Slayer From New York

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Summary: After Faith dies, Rachel Green is Chosen to take her place.

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The One With the Dream

Slayer from New York

Disclaimer: The characters from both Buffy and Friends are not mine. They do not belong to me in any way, shape, or form just so you know. They belong to the people who made up the shows and stuff, which obviously isn't me because if it was then I would be doing something else with my time right now.

Author's Note: Yea, I know it's ridiculous, but the mind wonders strange things. And I know Monica is the more likely Slayer, but it's funnier with Rachel.

The Sunnydale Mall was unusually empty, especially considering the fact that it was a Saturday afternoon, one of its busiest days. Buffy had a small bag from CVS with make-up slung over her slender shoulder. She gave a small smile before turning and facing her shopping partner.

Faith smiled and waved at the blond Slayer as the two of them continued walking. Every so often Faith would take another sip of her root beer. "So what's up with this?" Faith asked curiously. "Seems like everyone just wants to get out of this town, which is five by five for me, but it still is odd."

Buffy shrugged. "Maybe they finally caught on to the weirdness of the Hellmouth," she suggested with a small smile.

"Doubtful," Faith giggled back. "But they'll be back."

"How do you know?"

"July thirtieth," Faith responded. "The big party, wouldn't want to miss it. It's gonna be huge. Life changing event."

"In Sunnydale?" Buffy asked as she raised a doubtful eyebrow.

"Why not?"

"Well, Sunnydale's know...Sunnydale-ish. Boring."

"True," Faith began.

At that moment Faith fell down through a hole in the middle of the mall. "Faith!" Buffy yelled as she tried to reach her partner, but found she could not.

"Don't worry about me, B," the younger Slayer called up. "Things are five by five here. You're free and for once in your life you can be happy. I can't talk anymore. The light will swallow me up. Just promise me one thing!"

"What's that?"

"Don't eat rotten tomatoes," Faith said before she disappeared.

Buffy frowned in confusion as she bolted up from her sleep. "Giles," she muttered to herself. "Remember to tell Giles about this."

Magic Box

Sunnydale, California

"Yo G-man!" Xander Harris called out loudly, welcoming the owner of the Magic Box into his store. He held his arms out in front of him, a box filled with assorted flavors of donuts in his hands. "Take one," he said happily.

Rupert Giles carefully picked up a jelly- flavored donut before turning to look at Xander with a stern look on his face. "How many times have I told you not to call me that?" he asked irritably as he walked further into the store, standing next to the table.

"Not enough," Xander answered. He sighed, thinking it over again. "Or possibly too much, as in the effect has worn off and I just don't care." He shrugged, returning his attention to the donut box.

"Hi Giles!" Anya Emerson greeted the Watcher happily. "That's a very nice suit you have on today," she told him, her eyes filled with a hope as she looked at her boss from behind the cash register.

Giles glanced over at his employee. "Thank you," he said, sounding a little afraid. "You still cannot have a raise," he told her flatly as her face fell. "Sorry," he added.

Before the ex-demon could say anything, the bell to the shop rang as the door opened. Buffy Summers ran inside with a blank look on her face. Her younger sister Dawn was right behind her with the same look on her face. Neither one of them was particularly sad, but not exactly happy either. There was the feeling of something lingering on them. No one could quite put their finger on it, but that feeling was there.

"What is it?" Giles asked, sounding concerned.

"Buffy had a dream," Dawn began.

"Ah, the less famous 'My-sister-had-a-dream' speech," Xander joked as he sat down on the table.

"Quit it, Xander," Buffy began before turning back to Giles. "Faith...I think it was one of those dreams we share."

"What happened?" Giles asked curiously.

Buffy frowned as she tried to remember the exact details. "It was weird. Everyone had left Sunnydale while Faith and I went shopping. She wasn't making a whole lot of sense then she fell down and began babbling on about how she was going to be happy and how I shouldn't eat rotten tomatoes."

"Hmm," Giles began. Well, it's probably nothing. Not all of your dreams come true." With that being said, Giles began looking through the mail to for the Magic Box. Most of it was just the basic junk mail or bills. And there was the Council notice. Giles tended to avoid these things, but he did feel that this one was important. He sat down at the table and opened it. He began reading it. "Oh goodness," he said.

"What?" Buffy asked, peering over Giles's shoulder.

"Faith has...has died," Giles announced. "New Slayer's on her way over here," he said. "Right now.

"So it did mean something!" Buffy blurted out before she began to feel bad. Although she and Faith were never best of friends, the two of them had their moments.

"Hmm," Dawn said. "Wonder who she is.

"I wonder if she's hot!" Xander added with too much enthusiasm for Anya's liking. She responded by slapping him hard on the arm. "What?" he added a moment later. "No one could ever be as hot as you."

"Watch it Xander or you will find yourself sleeping on our couch tonight," Anya replied coldly. "Alone," she added before walking down to the basement to get more sage for the shelves next to the window on the left.

Central Perk

New York City, NY

"Rach, your mail's here," Monica Gellar called as she walked into her favorite coffee house in the city, quickly joining her friend Rachel Green as well as her brother Ross on the sofa. She smiled as she tossed Rachel the mail.

Rachel smiled up at Monica before she began flipping through it. Her VISA bill, her American Express bill, a letter from her grandmother, her paycheck from Ralph Lauren, and a small manila envelope from a place called the Watcher's Council over in England. "Oh, Ross, think this one's for you," she exclaimed as she tossed it over to Ross, who struggled to catch it.

"Actually, I think it's for you," Ross pointed out after skimming it briefly.

"No, it's from a smart sounding place, must be for you," Rachel said with a huge sigh,

Monica quickly snatched the letter from Ross's hands. "Addressed to a Miss Rachel Green, Apartment 19" she began.

"Ok! Ok!" Rachel said as she grabbed it out of Monica's hands. She sighed as she carefully opened the envelope, wondering what was so important that these people could not just call her. She and Joey had a phone. The two of them paid their bills and the phone line worked fine.

"What's it say?" Ross asked curiously.

Rachel raised an eyebrow. "It must be some sort of joke," Rachel declared. "Some sort of prank. Ben! This must be Ben's work!"

"And need I remind you who taught Ben all those practical jokes?" Ross asked with a slight smile.

"You put him up to this, didn't you!" Rachel hollered at her ex-boyfriend. "You forged some weird address and sent this to me!"

"I did no such thing," Ross declared strongly as he walked up to the counter and ordered himself some more coffee.

"Why Rach?" Monica asked. "What's it say?"

"Vampires, demons, and werewolves and such are all real and it is now my destiny to stop them," Rachel said as she summarized the letter she assumed was prank. "Then it has a contact number."

"What's the number?" Ross asked as Rachel tossed him the letter. The woman's former husband walked over to the payphone, rolling his eyes slightly as he placed coins inside and began dialing.

Magic Box

"Hello, Magic Box. This is Anya, what would you like to buy?" the cheerful ex-demon asked. She had put her mind off of Xander trying to imagine the new slayer and into selling merchandise. So far, her plan was working. She was not angered with Xander and she was bringing in a good amount of business for thee company.

She listened intently before handing the phone over to Giles. "It's for you," she said dryly. "Not a customer so be as rude to him as you wish."

Giles rolled his eyes at Anya before speaking. "Rupert Giles, how may I help you?" he asked. "Yes, I am aware of that fact...No, it is not a prank...Yes, I can have someone do that...Alright. Thank you and good day," he said before hanging the phone back up.

"What was that all about?" Buffy asked curiously, looking up from one of her college books.

"The Slayer," Giles answered. "The new one," he added, immediately snapping Xander's inappropriate attention.

"What about her?" Buffy asked curiously as she closed the book and put it down.

Giles smiled in spite of himself. "She thought it was a prank," he said, fighting back a chuckle. "Her boyfriend requested that we send someone to meet her at the airport."

"I'll go!" Xander volunteered as he stuck his hand up in the air before receiving a slap from Anya. "You're still the only woman in my life," he reassured her.

"That's what you say. Then you do things like this. For all I still know you still love Cordelia or something!" she pouted before crossing her arms and walking back over to the cash register, sitting on her usual stool behind it

"Ahn, what's with you?" he asked, standing up before wisely deciding to sit back down and let her go through this her own way.

Giles sighed once more before turning to Buffy. "Do you think you could go to the airport?" he asked with a sigh.

"Depends," Buffy began. "When's her flight getting in 'cause Giles it's getting darker earlier," she pointed out. "Meaning vampire kill fest that I am destined to stop, remember?"

Giles nodded considering her point. "I suppose I could send Willow or Tara after her."

"After who?" Willow asked, walking into the Magic Box with Tara directly behind her.

"One Rachel Green," Giles said, recalling the phone call.

Sunnydale Airport

Rachel Green looked around in confusion at the big airport. For a small tow without a large mall even, this is a pretty big airport, she thought to herself as she kept a watchful green eye out for her greeters. According to Ross, they would be two women, a redhead in a blue shirt along with a smaller but more womanized dirty blond.

If Joey knew about them, he'd be loosing his head, she continued her thoughts with a slight smile. Joey. She missed him. Sure, she missed everyone else. Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, and obviously Monica, but she missed Joey the much. After all, they had been roommates for quite a while.

"Rachel?" came the self-conscious voice from behind her.

"Yes," Rachel asked, quickly turning around on the heel of her Prada boot. "Are you the friends of Buffy's?" she asked curiously.

"Yes," Willow began with a smile. "I'm Willow and this is my friend, Tara," she introduced as she stuck out her hand, which Rachel shook.

Rachel sighed heavily as the three of them began walking out of the vast airport. "So vampires, demons, and whatnot are really real?" she asked with a frown.

Instead of answering the question as she normally would have, Willow opened the door from the airport finding a group of three or four vampires standing there. "Here's your answer," she began fearfully as she turned over to Rachel. "And here's your weapon," she said, tossing Rachel a stake.

"What am I supposed to do with it?" Rachel asked, her face filling with panic.

Willow gulped as she reached for a stake. "Put it through their heart."
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