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Enter JLA

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This story is No. 1 in the series "JLA and the Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When things with the Scoobies go wrong after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander gets a job offer in a different universe, one filled with comic book heroes.

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DC Universe > Justice League(Past Donor)NycorsonFR151341,422114427234,08416 Nov 0511 Apr 09Yes
CoA Winner

Enter JLA

Author: Nycorson

Rating: at least 15 or so

Crossover: Justice League of America

Disclaimer: This is owned by so many people, and none of them are me.

Authors Notes: I am ignoring Day of Vengeance #2, and any specific issues that might contradict the appearance of certain beings. Trying to follow the general world of JLA, not adhere to every issue. Madame Xandu is the younger version listed in Pre-Crisis comics, or you can assume she can look like what ever she wants. Also I am going off of the comic book versions for the most part, NOT the cartoon series.


Imagine a book, next to a whole bunch of other books. Each book is an individual dimension, and each page in that book, is an individual reality. These books can grow or shrink as the realities in the dimension expand, or collapse. Occasionally aspects of one dimension can be picked up by beings in another dimension, which can then affect their realities. Usually these aspects appear as stories or legends, though occasionally there are people who can walk between these realities, and even more rarely these dimensions.

Buffy Universe:

Sunnydale, California May 2003

Willow starts to chant, calling on her Goddess. They scythe glowing white in her hands. You hear Buffy’s voice talking reverberating through time and space.

“From now on, every girl in the world who might be a slayer... will be a slayer. Every girl who could have the power... will have the power... can stand up, will stand up. Slayers... every one of us. Make your choice. Are you ready to be strong?

Casting the spell, white light spilling from her. Willow’s hair is completely white, and she's still glowing with white light from the spell. Willow's facial expression is one of divine ecstasy as she looks heaven-ward. Willow pants as the power runs through her. When the scythe stops glowing, so does Willow.

The spell spreads out, covering the Earth and keeps going, through the realities, awakening Slayers calling them out, through dimensions, finding the mystical marker in young girls, and waking them up.

DC Universe

Madame Xanadu sits straight up in bed, gasping as a wave of power like she has never felt before flows over her, leaving her shaking at the immenseness of a power that spans universes, crossing dimensions flows over her.

Zatanna falters in the middle of her act, the rabbit hopping away as she stands there shaking as power, at a level she had never dared let loose, flows over her. She watches it go, flowing over everyone, no one notices but her, they are all watching her stand like a frozen statue on stage as she watches it fade in the distance and wonders what it portends.

Etrigan rages and roars trapped in the body of Jason Blood, causing nightmares that have Jason waking up with a scream on his lips.

Five Months Later

Time passes and slowly new stories filtered up to the Justice League, causing discussion and amusement in regards to women now qualifying for men’s teams, and beating the men easily. Diana took a lot of teasing about letting her Amazons out into the real world, but some stories were not so funny. Abusive fathers being killed when their daughters turned on them. Female drug addicts going crazy and cops having to shoot them before they could be stopped. Walking through the Watchtower she frowned, this was strange, why so many meta-humans, all girls in early puberty in such a short time, she wondered headed towards a briefing with Bruce and Clark.

Once she was there, the meeting began briskly, Bruce never wasting time.

“We have reports of the Joker and Lex possibly getting together to do something as well as a growing number of reports about people found lacking blood, and a few reports of what I would describe as demonic beings.” As Bruce was speaking a figure appeared in the middle of the room.

“Excuse me Gentleman, Lady, Batman.” remarked the Phantom Stranger, sketching a bow to Wonder Woman.

Batman sighed and sat down, getting mad at the Phantom was usually a waste of energy. Diana flashed the Phantom a smile and Superman just kinda sighed. “What do you want?” Clark asked in a very world weary voice.

A shrug, still mostly hidden in the shadows “Just thought you might like some information about the sudden increase in young girls with meta level powers… but if not… “ He started to step back into the shadows again, but Diana interrupted him.

“Wait! What do you know about this?” She was worried and curious; something was nagging at the back of her brain.

“They aren’t meta-humans… exactly. Some one has awakened all the Slayers. I would advise you to find someone who knows them, and can help them become a force of good otherwise, they might destroy you all.” With that the Phantom Stranger stepped back into the shadows and disappeared.

Diana frowned, turning over in her mind what he had called them, and then something sprang to her memory. “Dear Hera… the Slayers are awake?” Shock, horror, and worry were present in her voice, and both Batman and Superman turned to her, confused.

“Wonder Woman, what is going on, what are slayers and why would a bunch of meta-human girls be of a concern to us?” Inquired Batman, rather annoyed at any one who could walk through his security measures without even causing a single alarm to go off.

She looked at both of them, chewing on her lip a bit. “Well, I remember reading in the Great Library an old tale, older than the creation of the amazons; we are talking about before the births of the gods. Demons, like Etrigan walked the earth, this was their world, and humans were a very small part and often they were prey. In desperation a girl was chosen and she was empowered with strength and speed great enough to defeat these demons. There was a great battle that lasted many years and each time this girl, the Slayer died, another was called in her place. Eventually at great cost the Slayer was victorious, she banished all the demons to another dimension, and sealed the path back here. No more Slayers were needed, and she died old and revered. It was said there would always be girls waiting to be called, but we no longer needed them as all demons had been banished.”

Batman and Superman both looked at her taking in what she had said. “If you are right then, someone did something to wake up all these slayers?

“That is what it would seem like; imagine being a 13 or so old girl, who suddenly can almost match me in strength, speed, stamina, and reflexes. That is why we are having so many issues. But... remember your comment about possible demonic activity; they were made to fight demons.” Diana pointed out, still a bit worried.

The room was quiet for a moment then Batman spoke “Well this is obviously mystical in nature, not any of our areas of expertise; I would suggest we contact Madame Xanadu or possibly Etrigan.”

“Let’s send messages to both, and see who appears first?” Suggested Superman. “Meanwhile, Bruce, if you deal with the Joker, and I check up on Lex, Diana can you focus on these weird sightings that seem demonic?”

“Of course Clark. I will send the messages to Madame Xanadu and Jason Blood, and let them know we are hoping to speak to them.” As she spoke Diana got up and walked over to a computer and sent out two email messages, then returned to her seat.

“Is there anything else going on?” Asked Superman looking at Batman.

Batman sighed looking behind Superman. “This is obviously not my day. Madame Xanadu is here to see us.” Jerking his head to where a striking woman of indeterminate age was standing, a half smile on her lips.

With a graceful shrug she took a seat. “I was waiting for your message, so I figured I would come now. You want to know about the Slayers. Princess I believe you at least know of them, so I will keep this short and sweet, you need to find The Defender of Mankind in a dimension where the demons were not sealed away forever. He will be known by his experience with Slayers and loss of perception because of his choices to stay with them. Ask, explain, he might help, demand and you will lose all chance. That is all I can tell you.” She flashed a smile of pure sex that even had Batman swallowing, and then she was gone.

“I really, really hate magic users.” Batman muttered, arms crossed against his chest. “But now it looks like we need Zatanna also, as she is the only person who might be able to find this person based on the information we were given and not charge us more than we want to pay. Add in the fact she looks good, and it might help convince an old warrior to come to us.”

The intercom beeped, and Flash’s voice came across “Supes, Jason Blood is here to see, you, he said you asked if he could come see you?”

The three of them looked at each other and finally Wonder Woman muttered “It normally takes us days to get people to respond to us, and this time the two we ask are here within minutes, I think I am starting to get worried.

“Um… guys… can I send him up or what?” Came Flash’s voice again and the three of them started a little.

“Please do Flash and thank you.” Superman’s voice responded as they all looked at each other. He spoke again, once the intercom snapped off. “Perhaps this is more serious than we previously supposed. Jason is leery of us on the best days, and Madame Xanadu will rarely help us at all. And now he is here in Watchtower, she offered information for free, and the Stranger even pointed us in the right direction. I dislike having so many out of character things happen at once.”

“Indeed.” Growled Batman. “Something is going on, and I suspect that we are not going to like the answers we find.” He was not happy with this situation, and was growing even more unhappy with all the magic that was being brought to play.

The door slide open with a soft “whoosh” sound, and Jason walked in, smiling a little bit at Batman, nodding to Wonder Woman and Superman. ‘You wanted to see me?”

Batman turned looking at him; eyes narrowed “Why did you reply so fast?” The interrogation beginning.

Jason sat down and shrugged “Because Etrigan told me days ago the second you asked to see me, to drop everything and come, and he has been extremely agitated of late, more so every night after the news. The kicker was when he asked nicely, so that was enough to get me up here. He rarely says please.” Jason commented wryly. “And anything that gets him that upset makes me more than a bit nervous. I assume it is he you wish to speak with.”

“If you would not mind Jason, we do have some questions for him.” Superman asked, his blue eyes, on Jason, trying to see if he knew anything.

“I kinda what I had figured you were asking for.” Jason stood, slipping off his coat.

“Change, change the form of man.

Free the prince forever damned.

Free the might from fleshy mire.

Boil the blood in heart of fire.

Gone, gone the form of man,

and rise the demon Etrigan!”

Suddenly, where Jason had stood was the demon Etrigan.

“You took so long,

I thought the reason gone.

I speak to you,

of Slayers new.”

Batman stood walking towards him, “Then you know why we asked you here, you know about these Slayers?”

Walking, Etrigan thought then turned to the three watching him.

“Slayers risen from mists of time

For unknown reason or rhyme

Along with them come my kin

Death they bring with them.

Here now demons walk the land

Along with Slayers they now stand

Search for one who sees with love

Uses his heart as his glove.

Dimensions far away he does sit

Bemoaning the reality that has hit

Beware those who are tied to him

Love has been twisted violently in them.

Vampires walk once more on earth

Slayers born to kill all demon birth.”

The rhyming speak of Etrigan took a minute for them to understand, but when they did Diana gasped. “Vampires are real? They are here?”

Etrigan nodded watching them closely.

“Slayers made to fight the dark

Not to heal or make their mark.

Blood is spilled, blood is drank

More are made added to their rank.”

“Can we kill them, do we need the slayers?” Batman demanded.

A bittersweet smile crossed Etrigan’s lips.

“Wood pierces the heart of vamp

dust floats in the light of a lamp.

Slayers must kill those of demon kind

Else wise they fester and burn in the mind.

Strength will triumph against all my kin

But Slayers are built for this battle to win.”

He looked at them carefully to make sure they understood what he said. Diana spoke up slowly. “So we can kill them, but if the Slayers do not have battles to fight they will go insane?”

A low growl of agreement came from him.

“Princess true you see the light

Slayers are made to win the fight

Fight they will until they die

As long as there are demons under the sky.”

All three of them sat at the table looking at Etrigan. “So we have to let them fight, or they will find others to fight. This might explain the rise in weird crimes we have seen, they need something to fight against, but why are the Vampires here?”

Arms crossed behind his back Etrigan spoke

“Batman you again see truth

Mystic might that set them loose

Broke open that which was sealed

Those who come will be revealed

Evil high rank low, Chaos, power

Their goal, make earth their bower.

My domain, my right they invade

Breaking ties, plans I have made!”

Anger growling out the last bits of his rhyme.

“Fear I not, these little girls

others here they act like churls

Want this fixed, they must go

Back to hell, the chaos they sow.”

A sharp bitter laugh from Batman. “So you could care less about the slayers, you just want your competition put away.

Sharp growl of anger, from Etrigan as he flashed teeth at Batman.

“Their blood is sweet, so innocent

Seal the door, stop the vent

Or blood I will taste, from many veins

They will fall like drops of rain.”

“Enough!” Wonder Woman stood and spoke out. “Gone, gone O Etrigan! Rise once more the form of man!"

With an angry growl Etrigan was gone, and Jason was standing there looking exhausted. “He is rather annoyed. It has been centuries, since I have seen him this angry. I am not sure what he said, but the rage was coating every thought. Hope he was of some help, but I am not letting him out for a long while if I can help it.” Jason stood, put on his coat and was gone before they could ask him any more questions.

Finally Batman sighed. “Let’s give Zatanna what we have and see if she can find him, this Protector. Otherwise I have a bad feeling crime is going to be on the rise, and normal cops are not going to stand a chance.” Pointing to one of the screens showing the local news, with more reports of young women doing violent acts, and the cops being unable to stop them.

Three days later Diana was sitting at the table in Zatanna’s apartment, with all the information lain out in front of her. “Batman pulled all the tapes from the meeting, and we transcribed both what Etrigan and Madame Xanadu said. You are our best hope, we are hoping with this you can find this man and see if he will come here and help us. I have a bad feeling that otherwise we might lose these girls.”

Zatanna read the information over and over, making notes back and forth. “Yes I think I can do this, but let me warn you, walking through dimensions is a few orders higher than walking through realities, I pull this off I am going to be good for nothing for a while. How do I convince him to come with?”

Diana nodded “Not a problem, we will back you up if you need anything while you recuperate. Wayne Enterprises is offering him a salary and a job, with training and a place for these girls, so that should help to know he won’t be out in the cold trying to do this. Thank you Zatanna, I know Batman and Superman don’t think this is as big of a problem as I do, but the level of power these girls are gaining with no understanding of the consequences worries me greatly.”

A wry smile from Zatanna, “I can understand that worry. I will do what I can, but no guarantees. How would you like me to contact you when I am back?”

Diana handed her a small communicator. “Use this, will bring one of the three of us here quickly.”

“Okay, I will let you know.” Zatanna remarked absently still looking at the dearth of information she did not have.

After a half hour of scribbling Zatanna thought she had a spell down that would work. She changed into her normal heroing outfit, hoping for ‘impression’ value, packed a few essentials, and took a deep breath and started the spell.

“Ekat em ot eht Rednefed fo dniknam,

ni rehtona noisnemid raf morf ereh

eno ohw sah tsol nointpecrep ni eht elttab.

Sreyals eh swonk, sih traeh si sih ediug,

ekat em ot eht eno I kees, eht Redndfed fo Dniknam!”

Buffy Universe:

Sunnydale collapsing, had been six months ago and Xander was ready to kill people with his bare hands. All the hopes he had for things getting better, for them all fitting together again had fallen apart completely. Willow was more hooked on magic than ever, even if she kept from sinking into black and Kennedy was there constantly stroking her ego about how powerful she was. Buffy was in her “I am god” mode, and all the little slayers just followed right along. Faith had disappeared as soon as Robin was well, which told Xander at least it was choice that she left, and looking around him he could not blame her. Giles was the only one he could stand anymore, and he was so busy trying to keep the house of cards he was trying to build, from falling; he did not have time for anyone or anything else, letting Buffy rule everything. Dawn was the only bright point, but she was away at school, away from this hell hole.

He had been regulated to everyone’s do-bitch. Buffy told him what she wanted him to do, Giles left him lists of things to fix, Andrew left him lists of groceries to buy, Willow left him lists of all magical stuff he shouldn’t touch, Robin left him lists of errands to do, and the newly called slayers were picking up on it. Buffy always sending one with him, with the instructions “Don’t let him get hurt, he is only human remember.” It was to the point that he was surprised he was allowed to go to the bathroom by himself.

Today had been the final straw, he and one of his ‘watchers’ Cecily, had run down to the convenience store for some milk, when they had been jumped by a couple of fledgling vampires. Xander had grabbed a stake and efficiently killed two of them, while the young slayer had taken care of the other two. She then turned around and chewed him out.

“You are suppose to stand out of the way and let me do my job, are you trying to get hurt? You don’t know how to do this, I was born to it.” Arrogance and pride was in every word she spoke.

Xander looked at the 14 year old Cecily and his temper snapped. He turned and walked way headed right back to the house, Cecily yammering the entire time. “Don’t you walk away from me, I am here because you can’t take care of yourself, you know that, so you have to listen me.”

Ruthlessly Xander kept his temper down until they walked through the door of the house, and she made one more comment. “Just look at your eye, you lost that, so I am here to make sure you don’t lose anything else.”

That was the final straw; Xander turned and looked at the young girl, his eye blazing with anger. “Listen to me and listen well, I have been doing this since before you were born, I have saved slayers from death and fought at their side, even if they choose to ignore it. I am not a pet, I am not helpless and I will not tolerate this anymore.” He dropped the groceries and turned to head out the door. “I am going out for a drink.” Cecily made to follow him. “Alone!”

“You can’t go alone, you might get hurt.” Was her reply looking at Xander, having ignored everything he said. She missed all the warning signs that Xander had been pushed past his limit.

Before she knew it a hand was at her throat “Listen to me little girl, you will leave me the fuck alone or I will gut you and take out your heart. Not even a slayer can heal from that. Do you understand me?” There was nothing soft or tender about him, muscles built from hard labor were clear, and Cecily suddenly wondered why anyone thought this man needed to be protected. Fear ran through her and she did not even think about fighting just nodding numbly as Xander dropped her and walked out the door.

She sat there on the floor for a moment then got up and ran to find Buffy.

Xander stormed out of the house. “Fucking bitches, I am done, I am not going to keep trying to help when all I get is walked on and spit on because I am ‘only’ human. Well screw them.” Xander was madder than he had been in a long time and most of the love he felt for the Scoobies was gone except for Dawn, but she was better off away from these maniacs.

He found himself at a local bar, and ordered a bottle of whiskey. He was not really planning on getting falling down drunk, but at least a soft buzz sounded very good.


There was a flash of light and she felt herself being pulled through something, like thick sticky cobwebs, grasping and pulling, but still she moved until with a soft pop, she was standing on the sidewalk in front of a bar, head spinning, and feeling sticky all over.

“Okay not something I am going to look forward to doing again, but… “She turned and looked around. “You know a picture or description would be nice. Makes people a little easier to find.” She stood there waiting for a bit, for her energy to return, this was not fun or anything she wanted to make happen on a regular basis. Taking another deep breath she muttered softly. “Thgil pu ni ym sdnim eye eht eno I kees!” Then turned and started looking for someone to light up with a glow when she looked at him.

After looking around outside, she glanced up at the bar sign and shrugged walking in. Most of the men turned and looked at her; the skin tight outfit was attracting a lot of attention here, a mental shrug to bring jeans next time. She looked over the people in the bar, and there in the back a figure lit up brightly in her vision, and with a half smile she walked towards him, stumbling to a halt a bit when she got closer.

~Definitely not what I was expecting, too young by about 40 years, but he glows, so I hope he is it~ Taking a deep breath and a mental swallow she walked over to the table, stopping besides it. “Hello, is this seat taken?” Flashing her best smile.

The young man looked up, a single dark eye looking at her, a patch covering the other one. “Depends, did Buffy or Willow send you?” Completely unimpressed by her smile, though his eye did a quick run down her outfit and back up, but she got the feeling he was scanning her for weapons, not for her form. “Though in that outfit I somehow doubt it.”

Zatanna blinked, this was not the normal reaction she got. “Who? Umm.. no they did not send me.” Waiting a bit awkwardly, not sure how to deal with this young man, not the aged warrior she had thought she was coming for.

“Well then sit, last time I checked it was still a free country. So what do you want?” He nursed his drink, wanting to get blitzed, but a lifetime of living on Hellmouths’ advising against it.

She sat slowly, quickly revising everything, and remembering what the tape had shown Madame Landau saying “Ask, explain, he might help, demand and you will lose all chance”, so she took a breath and dumped all plans of sweet flirting, and went for straight talk. “My name's Zatanna.” She had to stop because he started laughing.

“Really? And where are your fishnets and top hat?” A half grin lighting his face.

Zatanna was surprised by how much younger and handsome the smile made him, and she wondered about the battles he had seen, but answered a little confused. “I left them at home, I did not think they were appropriate.”

A soft snort came from the man as he poured another glass of whiskey. “So go on, you want one?” Waving the bottle towards her.

“Please?” Was her response, wondering how to put all this, and finally just going with outright blurting and hoping she could get through ~now why didn’t Diana or Batman come with me to do this, they are SO much better at explaining things.~

The waitress dropped off another glass, earning a flash of a smile from the young man. He poured her a glass full and pushed it her way, then went back to sipping on his drink looking at her. “So, what did you want?”

Zatanna took a mouthful, letting it burn its way down, then looked hard at the young man with the old eye gazing at her hard. “I was sent to ask you to help us. About 6 months or so a wave of mystical energy swept through us, and in its wake seemed to have created or awoken what a friend said her oldest stories call Slayers. We don’t know what to do with them, and are worried about other things that seem to be coming through also. We were told you might be willing to help us? Will you please?” Hoping she did not sound like she was begging, but Zatanna really did not know what else to do. As she talked, the young man went white.

At the end of her speech he muttered “dammit Willow!” and took a big gulp of his whiskey. He then looked up at Zatanna. “I take it that you are not from this Earth?”

She blinked; most people did not realize there were other earths that quickly. “No, not from this one, but Earth yes.”

“Are there shrimp there?” He asked?

Zatanna blinked, confused by the non-sequiter, but answered. “Yes, we have shrimp.”

“Hmm… that is a start. So why me and what do you want me to do?” Still looking at her with a piercing look.

“We were hoping that you might be willing to come to our Earth and help find and train these girls. And teach them how to fight the creatures that seem to have awakened with them. We have not had them around in our recorded history.” She took another drink of whiskey. ~well this is going better than I thought, no screaming disbelief, maybe we will succeed.~

A wry smile crossed his face “you know just for a chance to start over, I might be willing to go, but I don’t think I will be able to leave.” A commotion drew his attention to the door and he sighed. “And there is the number one reason, get ready to meet a Slayer with a god-complex, and that is never good.”

Buffy stormed into the bar, glancing around once then homing right in on Xander. “Xander what are you doing out here alone, you know you can’t take care of yourself, you might get hurt, come back with us now before you do. Willow will have to do something so you quit putting yourself at risk.”

Zatanna watched this little blonde thing, the words she said could have been kind and loving, but instead arrogance, disdain, and contempt, turned the words into a belittling harsh statement, that shoved nails into the mans self-esteem.

“Buffy go away. I am not your dog, I don’t need protection and I want to be left alone.” Xander ground out, trying to keep his temper.

“Xander, Willow and I know what is best for you and we can’t let you get hurt, so you have to come with us.” Buffy replied with a superior smile on her face.

Taking a breath and pasting a smile on his face he glanced at Zatanna. “And this is what happens when slayers let their powers go to their heads. Pretty isn’t it?” Sarcasm and frustration dripping off of his voice, hand wrapped so tightly around the glass she was afraid it was going to crack.

Buffy glanced at Zatanna contemptuously then back at Xander. “Picking up whores now, please you know there are a bunch of girls more than willing to service your needs if we told them to.”

Xander when white “They are teenagers, and unlike Willow I don’t seduce or fuck children placed in our care.” Rage seething through him at Buffy’s callous remark.

Zatanna was stunned, not even Batman at his most rude had ever been so callous or uncaring of the people that worked with him, and who was this blonde calling a whore? “Excuse me; I thought he was a friend of yours?”

Buffy spared a glance at Zatanna “Oh, you slut can speak, really Xander don’t you know you have a good thing when you have it, come on you are going home.” Buffy reached toward Xander planning on dragging him out, and knowing he would not fight her, because he would of course lose.

“Ezeerf!” Came a voice and suddenly Buffy could not move. Zatanna turned to Xander. “Are all Slayers like that?”

Stunned by the frozen Buffy, Xander answered absently “Only those who have been told how wonderful they are, and don’t have to face consequences for their actions, and that the end justifies the means. How did you do that?”

Zatanna looked at the young woman raging inside the body. “I have a few talents. Would you please come help us? We have a whole generation of these slayers and I would prefer they not all become like her or worse.”

Xander sighed turning his attention to Zatanna. “Hmph… your parents name you that, or you choose that name because of your talents? Eh… never mind, I would go but Willow would stop me.”

“Willow? Is she the one who caused this effect? Zatanna asked, remembering his muttered comment during her story.

“Yes, she is a very powerful witch, and she won’t let me go.” Xander looked torn between crying and screaming. “The sad part is that even if I killed myself or died, she would bring me back. So see I am trapped in a hell I created by loving them.”

Zatanna looked at him, and saw the sorrow and grief in his eyes, ~he is indeed guided by his heart, we need him~ “I think I can help that.”

“Willow is very powerful, and even more arrogant than Buffy.” Xander stopped and looked at her and took a breath. “I need out, I need a chance to start again, but I don’t know how to walk away from this fight, so if you can get me to your world, I will pick up the fight there, and try to keep your Slayers on the side of light, with a heart to care about those around them.” Hope battled with fear as he said these words. “In all reality I have nothing to lose.”

“Okay, give me a minute.” Zatanna grabbed a napkin, and sketched out some words and stuff quickly, then nodded. “Okay I think I am ready for this.”

Xander shrugged, “So let’s go get my stuff, and blow this pop stand.” He slugged down what was left in the glass and walked out past Buffy who was still frozen in motion.

Zatanna stood, sighing again at all the looks her outfit was getting. ~swear jeans and t-shirt if I EVER go dimension traveling again.~

“Wollof.” She said at Buffy concentrate, then smiled a bit when Buffy turned and walked out after Xander. She followed both of them, looking at this world as they headed to the house.

Xander stopped at the steps of the house and Buffy did also. Xander turned to Zatanna, “You know this is not going to be pretty right?”

A wry smile “Yeah I know, but just go in pack your stuff and I will deal with the rest… I hope.” She shrugged, and snickered a little at his wry smile.

“Well let’s see what happens.” Xander took a breath and walked into the house, Buffy following him, and Zatanna following her.

There was a babble of voices as they walked in, that slowly faded as Buffy just stood there, nothing but her eyes showing her fury. Willow came walking down the stairs, “Good Buffy found you, we don’t want you to get hurt Xander.” But instead of true caring there was a strange possessiveness that Zatanna did not like.

“Xander go get your stuff, I will deal with them.” Zatanna requested standing there calmly, looking at the power the witch radiated.

“Who are you? Some hooker Xander was desperate enough to pick up? Really Xander and here I thought Faith and Anya were bad, now you are sinking to paying for sex. Don’t you know someone would have serviced you if you just asked.” Came that voice so sure of what she needed and that Xander was hers.

Xander flinched and her jaws muscles locked tight, but he walked past her saying nothing, unable to even more the friend he once knew.

Willow looked around and saw Buffy. “Buffy, why did you allow that whore to come with him?” She frowned when Buffy did not answer. “Buffy?”

“She can’t move at the moment.” Zatanna answered her spells at the ready but wanting to wait and see.

“Magic? Xander will never learn, he just shouldn’t mess with magic, I am the magic one.” She lifted up her hand and began to speak, but Zatanna was quicker.

“Dnib reh ydob, Dnib reh htuom.” Instantly Willow’s hands were bound to her side and her mouth was silenced. The various slayers in the room instantly turned to attack her. “Lla sreylas eb dnuob.” Every slayer in the room was instantly bound, their forms falling to the ground as they over balanced.

“Willow I have offered Xander a job, he has accepted mainly because he could not be here any more. I pray you someday realize what you have lost.”

Xander came down the stair, a backpack over his shoulder. He stopped looking around at the frozen slayers and witch. “Umm… you didn’t hurt them did you?” Unable to stop caring, especially for the young slayers being corrupted.

Zatanna smiled at caring, it was a good sign. “No, they are just bound; the spell will end a few minutes after we leave. I have one question for you though; do you want her able to find you? It would take her a while, but she is powerful enough to do it, or I can block your existence from her.”

Xander stood there for a long time looking at Willow, his best friend. “I shared my crayon with you, now you treat me like a possession. I don’t know what happened to my Willow friend, the one I loved, the one who loved me. But I don’t see her any more. Can you.. if she changes she can find me?” He asked turning a dark eye on Zatanna.

Zatanna thought for a moment. “Yes I can do that.” She took a breath and focused “Rednax uoy yam ton dnif litnu ruoy traeh dna lous era ecno erom dnik.”

Rage filled Willows eyes, but she still could not move or speak. Zatanna turned “Are you sure, I did not really get a chance to tell you anything.”

Xander shrugged, “It is not here, and I get a chance to help. Right now that is good enough for me.”

“Let’s go.” Zatanna turned and walked out of the house, Xander following her and shutting the door behind him.

“So where are we going?”

“Right now just down the street, so I can take us back to my home, then to meet the people really employing you, you get a salary and everything.” Zatanna asked, looking at the young man.

“Hey sounds good to me.” A sad smile on his face as he followed her.

“By the way… your name? They called you Xander?” Curious, still not quite sure why he was the Defender of Mankind.

“Oh.. sorry.. Alexander Harris at your service milady.” Dipping a half bow in jest.

Zatanna stopped startled “Your name, Alexander.. it means Defender of Mankind.”

“Yeah.. funny huh? And all I have ever done is be a beat boy for others.” Xander replied rolling his eye. “My parents really misnamed me.”

“I would not be so sure of that.” She looked around. “This is quiet enough. You ready?”

“As I will ever be.” Xander swallowed and held onto his backpack tightly.

“Ekat Rednax dna I kcab ot ym emoh.” Came her voice crisp and clear, and suddenly Xander was being pulled, cold wet sticky things like cobwebs hitting him over and over in the face, suddenly a burst of hard metallic light went through him and he screamed in pain. The next thing he knew Zatanna was bending over him. “Xander, Xander can you hear me, you okay?” Worry was clear in her voice, and he slowly opened his eye.

“Yeah.. damn that hurt, remind me I don’t ever want to do that again.” He replied shakily as he sat up slowly.

“I don’t understand… it did not hurt me going there or back, are you sure you are okay.” Zatanna looked at him worriedly.

“Yeah.. figures.. me and magic just don’t mix.” Xander took a deep breath looking around and was vaguely disappointed. It all looked so normal and just like any other house. Oh well at least there was shrimp.

“Okay.. if you are sure.” A bit relieved as he stood up and looked around backpack in his hand.

“Yeah.. okay.. guess.. I need to meet my employers?” Looking down at his clothes and shrugging. “Not really like I have a suit or anything.”

Zatanna laughed “I don’t think that will matter. I called them while you were out; they asked us to come there, so when you are ready, we need to go to the airport.”

Xander shrugged, “Ready now I guess.”

“Okay.” She picked up the communicator and spoke into it. “Take us up now please.” A flash of light and the next thing Xander knew they were standing on a silver disk in a large room.

“Fucking awesome, you have transporters. Too cool.” Xander was in heaven, they had transporters.

Zatanna smiled at him a little unsure. “Well yeah, not very many but we got the technology a few years ago.”

“Rocking.” Xander grinned. “So where to?”

“Come on.” Zatanna led him down two passage ways to the general meeting room. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman were going to meet them there. They reached the room, and it was still empty. “Hmm.. figures. Tell you what I am going to go grab something to eat, you haven’t eaten since I found at the bar, and dimension traveling takes energy.”

Xander nodded. “That would be great, I eat almost anything.”

A quck smile and she was gone, Xander sat down looking around the large room. A noise at the door caught his attention and he turned to see someone in a Batman suit walk in, followed by a guy in a Superman get up, and a very beautiful woman in a Wonder Woman costume. Xander sighed “Great, it was all a joke. Fine you got me, very funny, ha ha. Just send me home now.” He wanted to cry, all of this for a set up, why?

Batman looked at the young man confused. “What set up? Are you the person Zatanna brought back?”

Xander rolled his eye, sitting up straight. “Oh very funny Bruce. I suppose next you and Clark here, or should I say Kal-el is going to tell me that I am in the JLA watchtower and Diana here just wanted to meet your ‘Defender of Mankind’ so she could tell her mother the Queen what he was like.” Xander would have gone on, but was struck by the frozen body language of the guy in the Bat suit, and the pale look on the guy dressed up as Superman. “What?” Exasperated and tired.

“How the HELL do you know our names?” Batman growled out, moving quickly across the room to pull Xander up in an iron grip, anger seething through him.

Zatanna walked in on this. “HEY what are you doing?” Quickly setting the food down and moving towards them. “I just brought him back, no terrorizing so soon.”

“What did you tell him?” Demanded Batman “He knows who we are.”

“What are you talking about? I barely told him anything, never even got to my last name, and since I don’t know who you are how could I tell him?”

“Zatanna Zatara?” Xander asked weakly, barely paying attention. “Kal-el of Krypton, son of Jor-el, raised by Johnathan and Martha Kent in Smallville, Kansas? Diana, Princess of the Amazons, created out of clay by Hippolyta and breathed life into? Bruce Wayne, parents Thomas and Martha murdered in front of you as a child, you devoted your life to avenging their deaths becoming a vigilante known as Batman, known to the people at large as Bruce Wayne millionaire playboy?”

Everyone in the room paled looking at the man Bruce was trying desperately to not strangle. Superman was almost stammering at a stranger knowing who his Earth and Kryptonian parents were, was terrifying. “How the hell do you know all this?” If a voice could kill Batman’s voice would have sliced Xander up into small pieces.

Xander looked into the eyes behind the mask, his single eye round and wide. “Because you are all comic book characters…. And I am a geek.” With that Xander passed out.
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