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Xanbo II: Friends in Odd Places

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Summary: 'Alex Rambo' partners up with a Man About the Galaxy.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredtohonomikeFR1558,77943626,80216 Nov 053 Dec 05Yes

Xanbo II: Friends in Odd Places

Xanbo II: Friends in Odd Places (1/5?)

Sequel to Xanbo: First Halloween

Author: Tohonomike

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters but any other characters aren’t mine either and any real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine.

Jack still hadn’t let up on Daniel in over a week; the Harris Incident had been a little embarrassing. Now they had a call about some woman up top asking about the Chappa’ai. ‘I hope Jack doesn’t just shoot her…’


Alex had noted a slackening of attention in the wake of the woman talking to the general and Jackson’s friend the colonel as he snuck across to the personnel entrance and entered pushing a cart onto which he’d tossed his pack. Dressed in a lieutenant’s uniform, he was a bit confused at the foggy expression on the guards’ faces as he approached the elevator.

“Airmen, I’m supposed to take her luggage below?” he asserted quietly, and the men nodded, one of them using a keycard to open the elevator. Carefully avoiding a direct camera shot as much as possible, he hit the button for the second to lowest floor. He’d remembered a few oddities when he’d searched Jackson and strayed into conversation with the man, and needed to know why anyone from this base would be after a guy with glowy eyes.


Strange goings-on seemed to afflict the base, and after downloading from Jackson’s wide-open terminal, and ducking out of the way several times to avoid armed details, he’d followed Captain Carter into her office, rendered her unconscious using an inhalant, and accessed her data as well.

Other planets and evil parasites; too good of an opportunity to miss. He quietly loaded up, triaging weapons, securing twenty small blocks of explosive, and made his way down to the ‘Control Room’ with Carter’s codes in Rambo’s uniform once more.


Alex dialed out, the staff of the control room easily overcome by the determined man. Racing down toward the Gate, he’d noticed on the monitors of a security room that the SG-1 folks were in trouble. Realizing he’d set the Gate to hold for ten minutes, he raced

to the center of activity, simply opening fire after disabling the guards to this Hathor’s suite. Alex opened up, putting three rounds into her chest, cold-cocked a general and then shot the woman in the back of the neck where the parasites seemed to lodge.

Grabbing jewelry from her, he ducked back out before anyone except a semi-conscious O’Neill could recognize him. The Gate beckoned, and he leapt through, pack and all before it could be closed by the approaching staff.


And on his tenth world in as many days, Alex saved the life of a man named Aris Boch…
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