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Xtarman's Son

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Summary: Turns out that the son of a Starman and Jenny Hayden grew up on the Hellmouth. Dad drops by to say Hi

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Xtarman’s Son (Finis)

Xtarman’s Son (Finis)

Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters but also the Starman characters aren’t mine either and any real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine.

October 31st, 1999 – 6:00 PM – Los Angeles – Wolfram & Hart

Holland Manners didn’t really smile as he addressed a meeting of the lead personnel of the firm’s LA branch, especially as the news wasn’t particularly happy.

“It is confirmed; the Hellmouth is no longer in Sunnydale, and no increase in activity had picked up in Cleveland. Due to the intermediate-term complications of plans you don’t need to now about, we’ll be transferring seventy-percent of our special projects, plus fifteen percent of our regular legal and professional services personnel to the Chicago and New York affiliates. Now, that was the bad news. The good news is, no one is being terminated or, well, terminated. So go out there and make this the best Halloween Party ever!”

October 31st, 1999 – 6:10 PM – Los Angeles – Angel’s Place.

The Sunnydale refugees walked into Angel Investigations, which turned out not to be a dank basement, but a place well-enough it by secondary light most of the time. Xander on entering the door had waved a small wave at the group at large as he made a beeline for Faith and their little one.

“You two okay?” he asked Faith as he gently place his hand on his daughter’s head then scooted the blanket around the yawning bay again.

“Yeah, but you’re the ones who…” she shrugged in disbelief.

“…closed the Hellmouth?”

“What?!” everyone but Joyce, Giles and Oz exclaimed, but Xander gave them all a frown as little Linda Joyce stirred.

“Shhhh!” he responded and pointed at the cutie in Faith’s arms, “Inside voices…”

Joyce smiled at the reference from a child-raising book she’d given the couple two weeks ago, and that he’d gotten away with using it on Buffy. Buffy, who’d become the baby’s biggest fan, promptly and dutifully looked abashed. Willow rolled her eyes and addressed her oldest friend.

“We did what, Xander?”

“Well, remember that the blood of an innocent in a ritual sacrifice is powerful?” he asked, Giles, Willow and Angel nodding. “Well innocent in question seems to have been the vessel for Glorificus, a hell goddess. So, as he died, her power went into the spell, and that seal-thing instead of opening the Hellmouth, blew it up, or rather, detached it. And my flame spells kinda made sure there wasn’t anything stable on this side for it to immediately attach to.”

“YOU use magic?” Cordelia asked, “Since when?”

He ignored her, and continued, “So basically we were lucky, so at least that one peeled away from our space-time. Giles? Do you think it is a branch of the one in Cleveland, or a separate one?”

“While we’d have to research it to be sure, I seem to recall them as being separate though from the same dimension.”

“Hmm, the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, seasonal weather, and lots of roller coasters within two days’ drive…”

Buffy frowned, “What’s that, Xander?”

“Oh, just trying to remember what little I remember of Cleveland and Ohio. They also have some good colleges in the area we could transfer to.”

Giles intruded on the wandering line of thought, “Well, we need to consider the immediate future.”

“Calling the Council and rubbing it in the we wiped out a Hell Goddess and detached a Hellmouth on Halloween?”

Ripper smiled back at the thought, “Quite.”

A throat cleared, Joyce’s. She made sure to get everyone’s attention.

“Dinner and getting back to the hotel are the first things we need to consider, perhaps stopping somewhere for a change of clothes for the boys and Willow.”

“That’s right,” Xander smiled, “After all, we have a birthday to celebrate…Faith.”


“Numero eighteen,” he smirked as he reached into a pocket and pulled out a picture frame with a goofy picture of Oz, Willow, Giles and Xander in it. “We got this hurried through at LAX after we called. Just so you’d have something from us.”

She looked at it, then snorted, causing others and eventually Willow to look and gasp in horror: Thereon each side and just behind her were Oz and Xander each holding up a thumb to her ear and open fingers to make her look like she had antlers. Given the last year it was a good sign that things were good again between the two males. Giles was smirking and looking pained at the same time right behind them as she looked innocent.

“Hey! No fair! No one’s gonna remember closing the hell mouth, just Willow has funny ears!”


A short part, I know…that’s why I posted it at the same time as part nine. I’m just glad it ends the story on a humorous note

The End

You have reached the end of "Xtarman's Son". This story is complete.

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