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Xtarman's Son

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Summary: Turns out that the son of a Starman and Jenny Hayden grew up on the Hellmouth. Dad drops by to say Hi

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Xtarman's Son

Xtarman’s Son (1/10)

Author: Tohonomike

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters but also the Starman characters aren’t mine either and any real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine.

June 24th, 1999

It all started when his car conked out near Meteor Crater in Arizona. It was almost closing time, and everyone else had left, so it looked like he’d be spending the night until a ranger or someone could give him some help.

It got old quick when he realized that for some reason ALL of his electronics were kaput. Bundling up and getting some shut eye. And that’s when out of the southeast, a large shape, bigger than anything he’d seen on the documentary channels, simply floated down and landed in the crater. It filled the crater.

‘Ah crap, now what?’ the Sunnydale native thought to himself, bracing for whatever might beat on him next. He let the displaced air finish rocking his car, then got out as what looked to be a large version of an airlock opened only fifty feet away and directly in front of him. ‘I hope Giles doesn’t mind visitors if these guys ask to meet my leader,’ he smiled to himself at the thought of an extremely flustered G-Man.

What seemed to be a man stepped onto terra firma and approached him. He seemed friendly enough, and said something to him before raising his hand to cause a beam to painlessly link to Xander’s mind. A great deal of information seemed to flash before Xander’s ‘mental eyes.’

‘Alexander,’ the being smiled mentally at the young man, who raised an eyebrow in surprise at the communication, ‘A good name your mother chose for you.’

‘Um, thanks, space guy, and this is really bunches of the cool, but …’

‘Anthony Harris isn’t your genetic father, Alexander; and Jessica Lavelle Harris is not your genetic mother.’

‘So I’m adopted? How does a space dude know that?’

‘Because I knew your mother, and we said our good-byes here.’

‘Um, heck, I’m guessin’ your next words are …Lex, I am your father.’

‘I was only able to detect you when you left the interference of that dark place. A cloaked probe in orbit messaged me when it was able to scan you. I’m sorry for your childhood.’

‘How do you know about it if you didn’t know about me until I took a trip?’

“In order to communicate with you, I exchanged information, Alexander,” the man replied with a slight Austrian accent, “As my people are mostly energy, now.”


“Like that Next Generation episode where the humanoids evolved into light-shaped guys.”

“Oh yeah…so, uh, you know everything?’

“Yes, but don’t be embarrassed, as I immediately deleted your moments with Faith and Cordelia from my memories, and that of the time I experienced reproduction with your mother, from yours.”

“Oh, in that case, thanks. Um, now what?”

“As I believe your mother is no longer in existence, I hope to spend time with you before I continue my patrol of this sector of space.”

“Patrol? Are we in danger?”

“More of a follow-up survey, approximately once every twenty years or so we check the few life-bearing worlds we’ve detected and update our information. No danger that I am aware of.”

“Okay, good. So let’s say I agree and such, and I have these memories that aren’t quite settling in, and they’re mixed with the others I have…now what?”

“Are you more comfortable going with me and our people for three months, or me on yours for three weeks?”

“What would we do on the ship?”

“Survey your stellar system, all eleven major objects and the lesser satellites.”

“Eleven planets?”

“No, ten planets and the little yellow star.”

“Okay, do I get to walk around on any of them?”

“If you want…”

“Okay, um, what about my car?”

“We’ll store it on board.”

“Um, what should I call you?”

“What do you want to call me? I took the form of a man named Scott Hayden when I was last here.”

Xander thought about it for a minute, “Star Father. It’s the first thing that popped into my mind.”

“Alright Alexander, son…let’s show you your star system.”
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