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The Xander, The Watch and Everything

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Summary: As Angelus arises, Xander's Uncle leaves Xander a legacy. Now Completed.

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The Xander, The Watch and Everything

The Xander, The Watch and Everything

Author: Tohonomike

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters but any other characters aren’t mine either and any real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine. Inspired by The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything. A 1980 flic starring Robert Hays.

January 21st, 1998

His Uncle Kirby’s lawyer had called and asked the boy to head immediately over to his uncle’s house, as the man was not really expected to live through the next night. It came as a surprise to the young man, as the man was only in his thirties, so he’d headed over.

With the Judge about to start ending the world, Xander felt that seeing the only rich member in the family to talk to him, and then only when the folks weren’t around, meant something. When he reached the place, he saw the cars of the other members of his mom’s family, as well as his folks walking up to the door. Before they could say something nasty to him, the butler let them in, and escorted them to where Kirby and some official looking folks waited with the family members seated close so they’d here him. He WAS surprised to see Jenny Calendar and an old guy sitting two rows in front of him, not looking up as he entered with his parents.

Kirby cleared his throat, “Well, I’m not going to get into the particulars, but I’m not expected to last much longer. So I decided to get everything out of the way before any of you can legally bitch. Since I’m alive, when you sign acceptance papers for what I’m giving you…that’s it. No more. Okay, there are eight sections of the family represented here. I have eleven million dollars after all my affairs are in order and charities given their share. Each family gets a million, but on three conditions: You sign over everything you have in Sunnydale you can’t carry with you out of town before sundown tonight, to my designated heir that gets the rest; the second clause, is that you leave California and never return without written consent or you owe my designated heir one million dollars. Three you sign all papers regarding this without complaint, before you leave this house. Next, to my Kalderash in-laws, my late wife would have wanted me to provide for you as well. You are granted one million dollars, but without the three conditions. I do ask that of you stay and advise my heir until the age at which he would have achieved his majority. To my staff of five, I leave one million to be divided evenly. I ask you to stay through the end of the month at least, to make things easier on my heir.

To my heir, after paying off the debts of the eight families and the staff, you get their stuff, this property and its contents, about twenty thousand clear and emancipation from your parents. That heir is Alexander Lavelle Harris, who as condition on his folks must be emancipated, and must then take the last name of ‘Winter’ so at least the name continues.


To say Jenny was a bit shocked would be an understatement, but after the others, including a pair of Harrises who left without saying anything to their son, departed, Kirby, Ejos, Jenny and Xander were staring at each other for a long minute before the silence broke.

Enjos sat at the small table, “Kirby, I’m sad to hear you’re leaving us. This is Alexander, eh?”

“Yeah, this is Xander,” the man said, tossing his blanket and hospital-looking robes off a body with a Hawaiian shirt and clashing swim trunks, he reached into a bag, put on a Panama hat, and slipped his feet into a pair of sandals. “He’s the only one in the family that is decent; the rest are a total waste.”

Jenny looked at Mr. Winter, “You don’t look like a man planning to die…”

“Me? Hell no. The wife and I got tired of all these leaches, so we came up with the death story. Her and I are moving up to a nice big ranch and vineyard we have up near Yosemite.”

“You’re gonna live, Unc?”

“Yes I am, Xander, and I have one more thing, something that has special value for the men of our family these last hundred and fifty years. This gold pocket watch. I had help from a certain Kalderash gentleman and his family; once I give the command word and pass it to you, it will only work for you. Also, no vampires can touch it as it is blessed, and I had it touched up with paint containing gold from some damaged crosses. Enjos?”

“Your Uncle used the power of this watch to help save several of our families and get across the Iron Curtain before they could be murdered by Communists. So we owe a blood debt of assistance, given freely, until the last of those saved passes to the next life. So in addition to her other obligations, my niece will serve as your advisor until you turn eighteen, which I believe is in November of this year. After this, we hope you will continue to accept our friendship. Jana?”

“We’ll talk more later, Xander. I’ll explain things.”

Kirby smiled, “Now, the magic of the watch. And I’ve been watching you, so I know what you’ve been up to since Miss Summers came to town. I’m sorry about Jesse. Anyway, Xander, when you pull out the gear at the top of the watch to set it, and either think or say the command word, time will completely stop.”

“You’re kidding…”

“For only a maximum of ten days, that’s 14,400 minutes. After that, it’s just a watch until the next male heir, I’m old fashioned so that’s how the magic works, is at least seventeen and you pass it on.”

“What happens if I die before that?”

“Then it automatically passes, only needing to be handled by the heir to activate. If there is no heir, the watch itself ceases to exist.”

“Why me?”

“You’re the only male that’s worth a damn in our family, I used up my time, want to retire. You’re it.”

“So now what?”

“I left a list of stupid don’ts, a list of maybe that’d works, that sort of thing, in the envelop on the table there. Any questions or ideas off the top of your head?”

“What’s the area of this thing?”

“It stops all time in this universe as far as I can tell. Also, anyone and anything you touch that you want *animate and active* like a person or a car, you can, but have to be in contact with them when you activate the watch.”

Xander looked at Jenny, “Want to go dust all the vamps we can find, blow the Judge into pieces to save the world, and figure out how to make us rich without hurting anybody?”


“You’re smarter at this than I am, so you get ten percent of whatever you make us.”

“Okay. But half goes to my family to show I’m honoring our commitment to you.”



Two hours later, the sun had set, and Xander and Jenny headed into the school to pick up her laptop computer before planning to join the others in the library. As they approached the doors of that building, they noticed Angel skulking around watching Willow. Xander was about to say something as Angel smiled, his game face showing as he moved silently toward the girl. Xander took the watch out and immediately thought the command word, ‘Twinkies,’ and time stopped except for himself and Miss Calendar.

She realized what he’d done, and they’d walked over to the red head just being grabbed by the vampire.

“What are we going to do?” the boy asked, “It looks like Dead Boy is evil again.”

“It means he’s Angelus, the soul must have experienced one true moment of happiness, so the curse is gone.”

“What would have done—oh.”

“I’m sorry Xander.”

“It’s okay. I knew she’d never return my feelings…but for a vampire…ya know?”


“I guess we need to either dust him or chain him up until we figure if there’s anything else we can do.”

“You’re willing to try to find a way to restore his soul?”

“The soul IS the person; the demon is the bad guy right?”

“Yes it is…”

“So we’re not restoring Angelus’ soul. Though in this case if you’re family can’t recurse him, I’ll dust him to protect the others. Even though it will end my friendship with Buffy.”


Ten minutes later they had Angelus bound in heavy chains and left in the weapons cage. Jenny turned to the young man next to her, still surprised he’d shown such restraint.

“Are you going to restart time now?”

“No, I have a better idea. “Emptying his pockets gave me an idea. What if we basically robbed all the vamps and stuff before dusting them? Do you have some kind of a detection spell we could use to find nests of vamps or gold or money?”

“Maybe, but Rupert would be better to ask.”

“Okay, ‘cause I’m thinking right now we take care of Spike, Drusilla, and the Judge first, then worry about Angelus here.”

“Okay, let’s go.”


This idea wouldn’t leave, so I wrote this part of it. I’ll write the second part some time in the next week.
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