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The Strength Behind an Enemy

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This story is No. 3 in the series "My Sylum Stories". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg have been Buffy's hidden weapons for years, that has changed. Slash and Dark,

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other SlashCaliadragonFR212870,53882754,01717 Nov 0527 Aug 08No

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The Strength Behind an Enemy

A Image to go along with Strength.

This is not very original, the Sylum clan was done by someone else and I took the other pic off the internet.


Title: The Strength behind an Enemy

Author: CaliaDragon

Rating: FRAO

Disclaimer: I don't own them

Summary: Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg had been Buffy’s hidden weapons for years. That has changed and Sylum has new members.

Type: Slash

Author’s Notes: This takes place in the Sylum universe. In it Buffy is a human woman at war with vampires. Xander and Willow are real, something that no one, vampires included, knows. Xander and Willow are the total opposite of the characters on the show. Xander is a quiet, emotionally damaged teenager who is borderline agoraphobic and only talks to Willow. For years they have worked as Buffy’s weapon crafters and researchers never knowing she was lying to them about the vampires’ true nature.

Elliot Stabler was turned three years earlier by Munch, but had to transfer to the New Orleans police force and lives at the Manor. Spike is a rogue who rarely works with anyone but the main council his sire Angel, and Riddick.

Warnings: Slash, violence, het, AU

Fandom: All the CSI's, SVU , 24, Buffy, NCIS, Riddick, Xena, American Psycho, Matrix, Romeo Must Die, Tru Calling, Veritas: The Quest, Underworld, Gundam Wing, Inuyasha, Anita Blake, and many more through the Sylum universe.

Beta: Thanks to LynnDoc


Archive: Sylum Clan and Beyond Canon once it is finished.

Part: 1/?

Xander clutched his ribs and took a slow, even breath before turning back to the computer to continue his search for the real Rupert Giles. There must be something on the vampire somewhere. Xander knew through Buffy that he was real and that Angel was real, but he wasn’t sure going to Angel would be a good idea since he had been designing weapons that had been used against the man’s people. Then again, going to any vampire might be dangerous, but it was worth it.

He knew that the blood he was feeding Willow wasn’t helping her; he didn’t know if it was because they weren’t giving her enough or if it was because it was animal blood. Neither Willow nor Xander were willing to take the chance of her accidentally killing a human and Xander had no way of getting human blood, so they were stuck with the animal blood. Xander shook his head and let his mind wander to what had brought both himself and Willow to this point.


Xander came awake in an instant, looking around him in confusion. He knew something was wrong, what it was he was unsure. Sitting up he reached over to turn on the light only to be tackled before he could. He felt tears against his chest where his attacker was laying against him. Gasping, he tried to figure out what was happening. “What?” he asked, unable to think of anything else to do. The person against him was crying, but other than the initial attack had not tried to harm him.

“Xander, oh God Xander! I’m a vampire!” The person against him had exclaimed it was then that he realized that it was Willow he was holding. His Willow, the only person in the world that cared for him, was a vampire.

Xander had groped past her and finally located the lamp, turning it on he could see his friend clearly. What he saw enraged and frightened him. Willow had gone on a trip to pick up supplies in San Francisco and wasn’t due back for four days. Now though, she was dirty, pale and terrified. “What happened?” he asked, ignoring for a moment that Willow still felt like Willow to him, not like the evil creature that Buffy claimed all vampires were.

“I was attacked the night after I got to San Fran. I was on my way home from a club. I was alone, and yes I know it was stupid! The next thing I know I’m a freaking vampire! I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid to tell Buffy. I don’t feel evil. I don’t want to kill anyone but the asshole who turned me and your parents, but that’s nothing new. What are we going to do?” Willow babbled out nervously.

“We’re going to find another vampire and get you help.” Xander said, already beginning to plan a way to protect his Willow and keep Buffy from killing her. It also confirmed what they were both beginning to fear for a while: Buffy had lied to them.

Xander had begun to fear that Willow and he were being lied to not long after Buffy came out with the show. Everything about them on it was practically a lie. Even though the people they had gotten to play them on the show looked like them, Xander was still disappointed in how Buffy had had them portrayed. That and the fact that Willow and Xander had been best friends since Willow had hidden Xander from his own parents when they were six. Since that day the pair had been inseparable. Willow had met Buffy through the other woman’s younger sister. When Dawn was killed, Buffy convinced them that vampires were real and that they had killed her family.

It was then that Xander and Willow, still only thirteen at the time, began to do what they could to help Buffy fight vampires. Not long before his fifteenth birthday, Xander had begun to create weapons for the older girl and experiment in more long-distance range weapons that Buffy could use. Buffy had told Willow that there were benefits to having a pair of kiddie geniuses helping her and with the show no one believed that they were real so they were safe from vampires.

Now though, with Willow being turned, there was no way that he could believe that Buffy was telling the truth, which meant that Xander was responsible for helping Buffy commit murder on innocent creatures that had done nothing to deserve it. This made Xander want to throw up, but Willow needed him to be strong, so he would be.

//End of Flashback//

Everything had been going fine, until Buffy had come looking for more weapons and found the blood packs in the lab’s refrigerator the night before. Willow was off getting pieces that Xander needed for a weapon he was forging to give to the first vampire they found that would help Willow. It was one of the few things that Buffy had told them that they believed.

When confronted about the blood, Xander became nervous, and Buffy began to hound him until she forced the truth out of him. She then proceeded to try and beat Willow’s location out of him. When he lied and told her where Willow was supposed to be, she left him there wounded and barely conscious. It was how Willow found him when she returned.

Neither wasted any time. They packed the bare essentials and a few of Xander’s more unique weapons – ones they had never showed Buffy – and locked Buffy out of the lab. Only someone with the proper codes could get into it now. They had then fled to the nearest town and a hotel, paying with cash and waiting to see if they could find the vampire that was Willow’s best chance at survival. Xander sighed and stood; he wanted to check on Willow, who was resting in the bedroom of their suite. He was tired and his stomach hurt, but after he checked on her he would go back to searching.

As he started into their room, he sensed something wrong. Xander spun around, swaying dizzily, and focused his eyes on the three men standing in front of him. Alarm filled him and he backed away, lunging for the bag just inside the door. He yanked out one of the cross-blades and pointed it at the intruders, and at the same time he kicked the doorjamb, alerting Willow to trouble.

Willow was instantly at his side and gasped as she saw the three men, though she recognized the smaller blond man. “What do you want?” Willow asked worriedly.

“To help you and your Chosen luv,” the blond said honestly.

Xander looked at them, and then slowly lowered the weapon looking down at Willow. “Yes, he knows me. He killed the vampire that Turned me.” Willow told him.

Xander leaned down and pulled out another weapon. He casually threw it to the blonde, who caught it with a raised brow. “What’s this for luv?”

“Are you Spike? And that’s for killing the bastard that Turned me.” Willow told him calmly.

“Yes, he’s Spike. Who are you? You don’t seem freaked about vampires, your own situation not withstanding.” Jack said calmly.

“We are the real Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg and we’ve been helping Buffy fight you so-called evil beings.” Willow said bitterly.

“Holy shit! You’re real?” Riddick said speaking for the first time.

“Holy shit! Spike’s real?” Willow said sarcastically, making the three men smirk.

“What’s the kid’s deal? Why hasn’t he spoken yet?” Riddick asked.

“Xander doesn’t talk to anyone but me, and then only if he knows no one is around. Except for that bitch Buffy. She forced him to tell her that I had been Turned and then where I was supposed to be. We ran after I came back and found him.” Willow said with bitter rage. Xander crooned to her, placing a gentle hand on her arm. She looked up at him and smiled softly. The love and devotion between the pair was obvious.

“Why would Buffy hurt him?” Jack asked.

“She hates vampires, she really hates vampires. She lied to me for years and I was stupid enough to believe her and to get Xander to help me help her.” Willow said angrily.

“What have you been feeding on, you seem really weak.” Jack said.

“Pig’s blood,” Willow said with a grimace. “We were afraid for me to even try feeding on a human.”

“Animal blood is really bad for you. You need human, soon as possible. We can help you with your feeding, walk you through it and make sure you’re safe.” Riddick growled out.

Xander immediately bared his throat. “No Xander!” Willow cried. Xander looked at her hard, then at the three vampires. Willow’s shoulders slumped.

“Turned with your own Chosen already in the wings,” Spike said with a chuckle. He walked over and started to touch Xander, Willow stepped in front of him. “I wasn’t going to hurt him,” Spike said with a growl.

“I didn’t think you were, but Xander would panic if you tried to touch him.” Willow said soothingly.

“Because I’m a vamp?” Spike asked.

“No because you are a person. Xander doesn’t like anyone but me to touch him.” Willow said softly, looking over and Xander, who was looking at his feet.

“In that case, I’ll tell you what to do and when to stop,” Spike said coming closer to them, but not touching the boy. They both looked at him gratefully.

The next few minutes were spent feeding Willow. When she pulled away, Xander fainted. Willow panicked. Riddick pushed his way past them and scowled. “He was too ill to give blood. We need to get them to the Manor. I’ll call Nick and let him know we’re on the way. Jack, call the airport.” Riddick ordered.

As Riddick began to call, Willow and Spike settled Xander onto the bed. Once she was sure he was safe she began to gather up their possessions. She then turned to look at Spike. “How did you find us?”

“Jack started tracking you after you and the boy started hacking into databases looking for Giles. I was following you after you ran away and Riddick had been hunting the rogue that I killed, we decided to find you together. We all have connections everywhere and I was able to track you using them. Though I didn’t know about you really being who you are, just thought it was a coincidence.” Spike told her honestly.


Nick looked away from Warrick and answered his phone. “Riddick?”

“We found the new vampire. She and her Chosen are ill; we’re bringing them with us. They were the ones looking for Giles.” Riddick said shortly.

“Why were they looking for Giles, did the rogue tell them about him?” Nick asked coolly.

“No. You’re not going to believe this, but they are the real Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris and they are nothing like the show. Rosenberg is the one that was Turned.” Riddick told him with manic delight.

“What?!” Nick asked stunned. “Did you just say that Willow Rosenberg is real and has been Turned and that Xander Harris is her Chosen?” Everyone in the room turned to look at Nick, a stunned look on their faces.

“Yes, and Buffy beat the shit out of the boy.” Riddick answered amused by Nick’s reaction. “We’re on our way to you. See ya in a few.” Riddick said before hanging up the phone.

“You enjoyed that didn’t you?” Jack asked amused.

“Of course,” Riddick answered just as amused.

Riddick moved over to where Willow was finishing gathering up their belongings. She had reached for the cross-blades and stopped as Riddick picked it up. It was fashioned in the same manner as a crossbow, but instead of shooting arrows, it shot elongated blades. Riddick had seen a weapon similar to it the last time the Clan had run across Buffy. She had used it to kill several vampires at once before fleeing.

“Where did you get this?” Riddick asked as he lifted it.

“It’s Xander’s newest model, he’s just finished it. Buffy had the prototype. I’m think it will probably be the last weapon Xander ever makes.” Willow told him honestly. Riddick looked at her. The boy had been making Buffy’s weapons.

“Why?” Spike asked; he really wanted one of those cross-blades.

“Xander and I didn’t know that Buffy was lying to us. When he realized that she had lied and that we had been helping her commit murder it really hit him hard. Xander thought he was saving people, not hurting innocents.” Willow said sadly, looking back over to her gentle friend.

“You really are nothing like the show,” Jack said, thinking of the show they watched just to make fun of Giles.

“Not even. Xander would freak if anyone tried to touch him and the thought of him and a girl is giggle worthy. Me, I love both sexes, so that was at least right, the blond was a hottie, but then so was the werewolf.” Willow said with a wicked grin. All three men snickered; they liked her.

“Okay, we ready to go?” Spike asked as he looked around the room, still trying to think of a way to get the weapon. Willow smirked, noticing the looks at it.

“As soon as you’re done lusting after the cross-blade,” Willow said slyly. They all gaped at her and Riddick snickered. Spike rolled his eyes and walked back over to get the boy, with Riddick trailing after to help.


“Nick? What was that about Willow and Xander?” Greg asked wide-eyed.

“They’re real, Willow’s been Turned, Xander is her Chosen, they’re ill and on their way here and they were the ones looking for Giles. Xander is hurt, Buffy beat the shit out of him. They are nothing like the show and Riddick is highly amused.” Nick said before grinning.

“He would be,” Speed said with a smirk of his own. “This is going to be amusing.”
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