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Can Somebody Help Her?

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Summary: A year after the Sunnydale collapse, Davis takes Tru down there for some reason (mainly just so I can write this...) where Anya's body asks for help.

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Television > Tru CallingSeeJaneWriteFR1356,660073,90318 Nov 0518 Jul 06No

Chapter Five

"They're all bunnies, they're all bunnies," Anya told herself again and again as she fought against the Bringers. She was watching as many of them as she possibly could because they were carrying rather long swords. From what Tru had told her, Anya knew she would be dying from a long diagonal wound down her torso, probably from a sword since this was the battle that had killed her. She gasped, reminding herself that all the Bringers were bunnies as she swung her sword across one of the Bringer's necks. The impact caused the Bringer to drop its weapon of choice and clutch its neck in agony. While it was doing that, Anya sliced it horizontally above his waist, killing it.

Tru kept monitoring Anya's every motion. There obviously must be some reason that someone out there wants this woman to live if they were to rewind the whole year to get it done. While Tru could not argue with their reasoning, she could protect Anya and keep her from dying. The only hard part about that would be not getting herself killed in the process. She had a sword clutched tightly in her hand, but for the most part she was afraid to use it. If the opportunity arose where she would have to use it, then she would, but for now it was only her security object.

"I have swimmer's ear!" Andrew yelled as the Bringers moved closer towards him. He had his own sword with him, but he was not very good at using it. Mainly he was just watching to see what Anya was doing with hers. Whatever she did, he would mimic. It was his guaranteed way of knowing he would not die in this battle. He watched as Anya swung her sword across a Bringer's belly. He shrugged, doing the same to the Bringer in front of him.

Unknown to Andrew, one of the Bringers was behind him. It held its sword high above its head, ready to come down. Anya placed her sword in the middle of the Bringer's sword and Andrew's head. "Get out of here, Andrew," she called loudly.

Andrew nodded, dropping his sword and rushing towards the other hallway. He stopped, realizing there was only more violence in the hallway. He had to watch and make sure that Anya did not die. He turned around cautiously, staring at Anya and the Bringers.

Anya had successfully killed the Bringer who had attempted to kill Andrew. She beamed proudly. In her celebration, she failed to notice another Bringer sneaking up from behind her. Its sword was held out and he was above to stab Anya from behind.

Although Anya was oblivious to all of this, Tru was taking notice. As quickly as she could she intercepted. The sword cut through her shoulder. It was forceful and the wound was deep. As Tru knelt to the ground in pain, Anya turned around and started hacking away at the Bringer.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Can Somebody Help Her?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Jul 06.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking